Bicycle Sale Checklist

Customer Name _________________           Bicycle _________________

CONGRATULATIONS! You have just purchased a quality bicycle that has been expertly assembled and thoroughly tested. Your bicycle has been fitted to you and your style of riding.

This purchase entitles you to the following:

o One FREE tune-up any time before__________________ or after __________________ miles/hours of use. Another FREE tune-up any time before _______________. *
o 10% discount off most accessory, clothing, and parts purchases any time before ______________________.
o FREE Pedallers Bike Shop water bottle.
o All applicable manufacturers warranties. (See Owners Manual)
o Pedallers Bike Shop Extended Warranty: We will replace or repair at no charge any defective part for as long as you own this bicycle. Normal wear and tear, abuse, neglect, or accident are not covered. Labor to replace a defective frame is not covered.

* Failure to follow this maintenance schedule may void your warranty. Future maintenance is also necessary and will vary considerably depending upon the rider, the bike, and usage. In general, a tune-up every 1 to 3 years will be needed.

Are you aware of the safe and proper operation of all of the following:

o Gear shifting system. (Including cable adjustment, chain alignment, and chain maintenance)
o Braking system. (Including cable adjustment and wet weather use)
o Quick release features. (Including wheels, seat posts, and brakes)
o Tire valves and tire pressure. (Be sure to check tire pressure frequently)
o Any optional accessories. (Including computers, pumps, lights, aerobars, locks, car racks)
o Pedal/Shoe system.

Please be sure that you:

o Read the Owner’s Manual for your bicycle.
o Always wear a certified bicycle helmet when riding – It’s the law for children under 14.
o Always obey the New York State traffic laws.
o Always check that your bicycle is safe to use before every ride.
o Always use front and rear lights and reflectors when riding at dusk or at night.
o Always ride appropriately for conditions whether on the road, the trail, or the bike path.

I am already aware of, or have had explained to my satisfaction all of the following:

1. The safe and proper operation of my bicycle and any accessory items purchased.
2. Maintenance schedules and warranties.
3. Importance of reading and understanding my Owner’s Manual.
4. Importance of always wearing a certified bicycle helmet.
5. Importance of always obeying the New York State traffic laws.
6. Importance of using lights and reflectors when riding at dusk or at night.
7. Importance of the proper fit of my bicycle.
8. Importance of riding appropriately for conditions. Date____________________

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