When you bring your bike to The Pedallers Bike Shop for a Deluxe Tune-Up we will do the following:

1. Prepare as complete and accurate an estimate as possible.
2. Check frame, wheels, and components for damage and unsafe wear.
3. Wipe down and clean frame, wheels, and most components as well as possible.
4. Check chain wear. Remove chain, clean in parts bath and lubricate, or replace if needed.
5. Remove rear derailleur. Clean in parts bath and lubricate. Check alignment.
6. Remove crankset. Clean in parts bath. Tighten bottom bracket cups.
7. Remove rear sprockets. Clean in parts bath. For freewheels, grease threads.
8. Remove and grease seat post. Check seat tube for corrosion. Tighten seat and seat post.
9. Remove and grease quill stem. Check fork for corrosion. Tighten handlebar and stem.
10. Check and adjust headset.
11. Check and adjust bottom bracket.
12. Check and adjust hubs - front and rear.
13. True wheels in truing stand. Check for proper spoke tension.
14. Check and adjust gear shifters – front and rear.
15. Check and adjust brakes—front and rear.
16. Check tire-pressure and wear. Inflate to recommended pressure.
17. Install tune-up parts as needed (cables, brake pads, etc.).
18. Check accessories for tightness (remove unsafe accessories).
19. Test ride bicycle after Deluxe Tune-Up.

The Tune-Up fee includes labor only. Parts if needed are extra.

Internal cables or disc brakes may add to the tune-up charge.

Installation of tires or tubes if needed is extra but at a reduced rate.
Installation of handlebar grips or tape if needed is extra but at a reduced rate.
Installation of major components if needed is extra but at a reduced rate.
Installation of accessories is extra but at a reduced rate.



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