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Do you want to go out cycling no matter the weather but don’t know how to find the best waterproof cycling jackets?

Well, you’re in luck because there are many of us out there with the same problem. But fortunately, I’ve decided to help you in your search by creating a list of the best waterproof cycling jackets for you to browse.

I’ve looked at over two dozen of the best waterproof cycling jackets, looking at what others have said and using my own knowledge, and narrowed them down into a concise list so you can easily find one that suits you best.

With many manufacturers using cheap materials that aren’t all that good at being waterproof it’s important to know exactly what to look for when you’re searching for a rain jacket to keep you dry.

Now, here’s the good news,

To really help you out I’ve analyzed everything on these jackets from the tightness of the seams to how high the collar is so you can choose a product based on what it is you value most in your water-resistant jacket.

As a side note here’s a tip to help your search – it’s worth looking out for rain jackets with lots of zips, especially under the arms as these provide ventilation and breathability which is going to help you stay cool while cycling.

Now if you’re feeling bold and want to stand out I recommend having a look at my second pick.

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The Complete Selection of Best Waterproof Cycling Jacket


BALEAF Men's Cycling Jacket

Are you looking for the best waterproof cycling jacket?

Well, the BALEAF men’s bike jacket is here for you, this 100% Polyester rain jacket is water-resistant and windproof. It’s made of super-light fabric with great wind protection and the ventilation system in the back keeps you cool and dry. 

This jacket is fully waterproof and is sure to keep you bone dry during wet weather, making it perfect for those keen cyclists who don’t want to wait around for the weather to tell them it’s okay to cycle.

But wait, it only gets better from here, 

The fluorescent color is very bright with high visibility and some reflective elements on the front and back keep you visible in low light. The cycling windbreaker for men also has one large back pocket and two hand pockets with zippers, which can securely store your items like a mobile phone. 

My favorite feature of this waterproof cycling jacket, however, is the zip-off sleeves and shoulder yoke that easily convert the jacket into a vest for extra exhaust. It can transform into a biking vest in summer resulting in you getting good use out of it all year round.

This is by far one of the best waterproof cycling jackets and a must-buy for any serious bike rider. So go take a look, you won’t be disappointed.

Converts into a vest
Waterproof and Windproof
Pockets store small items
Zip can be stiff

Latest deal: Baleaf Men’s Cycling Jacket


Pearl Izumi Quest AmFIB Waterproof Jacket

Are you looking for high performance, cold-weather bicycle jacket?

Then this next one is worth considering. This bike jacket has a relaxed fit to allow for multiple layers of insulation as well as a full-length internal draft flap with a zipper that seals in the warmth. Plus a single zippered back pocket to stash away any essentials.

This jacket is brilliant for when you’re riding your mountain bike in the cold and wet as it’s going to allow room to wear other layers comfortably while keeping you dry and warm so you don’t have to get soaked through while riding your bike.

Hold on a second, there’s more,

As with any bike jacket, you’re going to want to be safe and luckily for you, this jacket is designed with BioViz high visibility colors and reflective elements for safety in low light.

But my favorite part is the 100% satisfaction guarantee. This jacket is made from the highest quality materials and should you still be dissatisfied you can return for a full refund!

Don’t believe me on just how good this one is? the Pearl Izumi AmFIB currently stands at a 4.5-star rating on Amazon. You’re missing out!

High visibility, reflective materials
Waterproof and cold resistant
100% Satisfaction guarantee
Slightly pricier

Latest deal: Pearl Izumi AmFIB Cycling Jacket


INBIKE Winter Men's Windproof Thermal Cycling Running Jacket

Are you maybe looking for something a little more stylish that’s still going to keep you warm and dry?

Well, I think I’ve found just the thing for you. this waterproof, breathable shell jacket has built-in high permeability film that contributes significantly to water resistance, wind resistance, and breathability. Water just rolls off of this jacket so there’s no chance of you getting drenched in the rain.

The thermal lining of the jacket adopts a two-sided polar fleece. its smooth touch and great warm-lock performance will offer you a wearing experience that’s rivaled by few other jackets.

Now, what does this mean for you?

This jacket is a comfortable fit for easy and free movement. With a 3D cut according to human body lines and curves, this warm jacket is suitable for any outdoor sports activities and can be used as a cycling jacket, running jacket, or athletic jacket making this a one-time purchase for all of your outdoor needs.

What I love about this bike jacket is just how good it is at keeping you warm as well as dry. Many reviews on Amazon commented on how warm it was with one reviewer saying they were ready to buy another one for the “brutal Wisconsin winters”.

Add this bike jacket to your kit and you won’t have to wait for the snow or showers to pass before you can go for a bike ride.

Windproof and Waterproof
Brilliant thermal lining
Pockets make the jacket breathable
Can get too hot in warmer weather

Latest deal: INBIKE


Santic Men's Windproof UV Protection Cycling Jacket Long Sleeve Wind Coat

Are you looking to save a few dollars while still retaining that quality seen in the best waterproof jackets?

Well of course you are! We all want a good deal and this jacket is going to keep the rain off of you without burning a hole in your wallet. This is a lightweight jacket that’s UV resistant, windproof, and dries quickly if it gets wet so it’s perfect for riding in any weather.

There’s a front zipper backed by a wind flap so there isn’t any wind penetration especially on descents as well as one back pocket and two hand pockets with zippers that securely store your items. 


The highlight of this jacket is the UV shield technology provides the highest level of sunscreen protection of up to UPF50+. This specially treated fabric is excellent and effective in blocking UVA and UVB rays during outdoor sports activities to prevent over-exposure to harmful sun-rays.

My favorite feature of this though is how compact it is. This lightweight packable jacket has an elastic wrapped cuff and hem so it can be wrapped up into a tiny packet ready to be taken anywhere or put away when there isn’t any wet weather.

This is easily one of the best waterproof cycling jackets and an essential piece of gear for even the most seasoned cyclists so hurry and add this bargain bike jacket to your basket.

UV ray repellent protects against sun
Lots of pockets
May need the size above as can be too small

Latest deal: Santic


BERGRISAR Men's Winter Softshell Cycling Jacket

Are you still not sure which bike jacket to buy?

Maybe the BERGRISAR jacket will be the best waterproof rain jacket for you and persuade you to take the plunge. It has a polyester and spandex three-layer design that keeps you warm and dry, an outer rugged windbreaker surface that beads up moisture and prevents stains, a middle waterproof breathable membrane film, and an inner soft, warm fleece layer that keeps you warm in winter.

This is perfect for those who want to battle the elements while cycling and with this on you’ll be able to stay dry while mountain biking. And when it comes to safety this jacket has reflective elements on the front, back pockets, and hem for 360-degree visibility, keeping you safe at night.

Better yet,

you can lengthen the back so the jacket fits your body perfectly and longer elasticity cuffs prevent cold air from getting to your arms. 

My favorite thing about this bike jacket though is the inner fleece that traps warmth efficiently. The soft texture also offers great comfort and it’s safe to say this is the best waterproof cycling jacket when it comes to comfort. You’ll be so comfy that when you come home from a rainy bike ride you’ll be able to fall asleep while wearing your jacket.

So if you want a comfortable jacket that keeps you warm and dry then this is the way to go especially when it only costs $39.99.

Reflective elements provide 360 degree visibility
3 open back pockets and 1 chest pocket
Elastic back and sleeves
Might be too tight for larger people

Latest deal: BERGRISAR Cycling Jacket


Beroy Men's Riding Jacket

Now, if you’re looking for a steal then I have just the thing for you,

The Beroy is a 112% polyester quick-dry lightweight fabric, durable, water repellent jacket, and is priced at just under $30 on Amazon making this one of the cheapest options out there and for the quality, you’re getting. It’s almost too low a price.

 This cycling rain jacket is breathable and features an attached, adjustable funnel hood as well as a drawcord adjustable hem. And I can’t forget the two pockets at each side with coated zippers for storage to protect your essentials from the rain.

Now, I’m sure you know by now, there’s more!

This jacket is water repellent coated, has a comfortable lining, and durable fabric that guarantees the best heat retention. Keep your body dry when you are outside, and combat light rain or misty weather.

I love this coat because it’s versatile and ideal for many things such as hiking, climbing, camping, mountaineering, and any other outdoor activities you enjoy.

So, if you still want to have fun in bad weather then go and buy this coat. It’s all you’ll need.

Attached, adjustable funnel hood
Great heat retention
Not ideal for heavy rain

Latest deal: Beroy Men’s Jacket


Showers Pass Men's Jacket

Looking for a jacket that’s a little more specialist?

This is a “do-it-all” jacket, the Refuge is designed for versatile outdoor use, making it an ideal high-end commuter jacket for rides to work, while also being a great option for mountain biking and other outdoor sports such as mountaineering.

The Refuge jacket features elite 3-layer performance fabric and is fully seam-taped for ultimate rain protection. Waterproof and breathable, the Refuge also includes practical detailing such as extra-long core vents to prevent overheating, reinforced shoulders providing backpack strap protection, water-resistant Aquaguard Vision zippers, and even 360-degree 3M Scotchlite reflective trim and two light loops.

And as if that wasn’t enough,

The Refuge also offers smart design features for maximum versatility. The removable, adjustable hood is large enough to cover any helmet but stows easily in a jacket pocket during better weather. While a drop-down waterproof tail protects against tire and road spray but also keeps outdoor enthusiasts dry on chairlifts.

The jacket also includes two front hand-warmer pockets, a back pocket, and a chest pocket complete with, my favorite feature, an audio port.

So as you can see, this jacket is the real deal and comes with a higher but fair price to match. This is a must-have for any bike riders out there who live and breathe cycling. So if you think you fit that resume then go and join all the other happy customers that bought this jacket!

Audio port
"Do-it-all" jacket (Multi-purpose)
Fully waterproof and windproof
Quite expensive

Latest deal: Showers Pass Men’s Jacket


Souke Sports Cycling Jacket

Have you not been swayed by the previous choices on the list? Well, hold on because this one may just convince you.

The Souke winter bike jacket consists of two layers, the top layer on the exterior is made of 100% polyester, which provides excellent wind protection in windy weather. Moreover, the inner layer of the riding jacket has a soft thermal fleece that makes you feel comfortable and warm under the most extreme types of cold.

The Souke’s warm comfortable jacket has adopted the water-resistant surface treatment to keep you dry so you can ride through light rain and snow. Breathable material on the chest of the thermal jacket provides fantastic ventilation and wicking moisture to keep any sweats away. It holds your body heat while still creating the feeling of the wind flowing through you.

Think about it, 

Souke’s jacket offers great features you would have thought were only present in the highest quality cycling jackets. A long-tail protects your back from road slop. A high collar keeps the wind and chills out, the full-length SBS zipper is durable and smooth, and the sleeves are long enough to protect your wrists from the cold weather. On top of this, the flatlock seams are skin-friendly and prevent any irritation.

And something I always praise in bike jackets, the Souke comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can get a full refund or replacement should anything be amiss.

There’s no excuse not to try this jacket so hurry now because I have a feeling this hidden gem won’t stay hidden for long!

Tons of extra features
Ideal for cold weather
Brilliant ventilation
Doesn't perform well in heavy rain

Latest deal: Souke Sports Men’s Winter Cycling Jacket

Best Waterproof Cycling Jackets Buyers Guide

Now, a waterproof cycling jacket is an essential piece of gear that protects you and keeps you warm or cool while riding. However, finding the best waterproof cycling jacket that’ll fit your situation can be difficult for even the most experienced bike riders. So here is a list of all the essential features of a bike jacket and what they add to your experience.

Waterproof – Now, this is by far the most essential feature of a bike jacket, there are variations in how waterproof a jacket is so be sure to read reviews and double-check that the jacket can withstand heavy rain as some have lower quality material that can only keep you dry when there is light rain. Few jackets are completely waterproof so if you can find those it’s worth paying a little extra.

Windproof – This is another feature that’ll really come in handy when riding. Most bicycle jackets are both windproof and waterproof however, there are always anomalies so be sure to check for this as you’re bound to face heavy winds when you’re cycling fast and in rougher weather.

Thermals – Even though you’ll have a waterproof and windproof jacket it is inevitable that you’ll feel the bitter cold. Thermal layers in the coat will protect your core and your arms. You can get a three or even four-layer jacket that will protect you from the cold and prevent you from getting ill.

Zip-off – Some jackets have zips that detach the long sleeve on the coat turning it into a vest. This feature is great because you avoid the need to have a summer jacket and a winter jacket. This two in one feature is very handy and you’ll be thankful you spent those extra few dollars in the long run.

Visibility – Safety first as they say and this is ever true with cycling and more so jackets. You want to look for reflective material and bright colors that will easily be seen by drivers.

Pockets – Pockets are always useful but on bike jackets as your bike is unlikely to have the capacity to carry things you need. Bike jackets usually have three or more pockets big enough to hold your phone or snacks. You can’t ride seriously without anywhere to put your things.

Ventilation – This is another vital feature as ventilating heat and moisture build-up will stop your rides from becoming uncomfortable. Underarm ventilation is the one to look out for as this is the most likely area to get a build-up of heat and moisture.

Are Waterproof Cycling Jackets Worth It?

When cycling in rainy conditions or during winter, you need to have a waterproof coat. Unlike ordinary waterproof cycling jackets, these do not allow water to pass through which means that you can enjoy cycling even when there is a heavy downpour. Most of them have safety features like reflective parts that enhance visibility to prevent collisions.

The other benefit of why you need a waterproof jacket is that most of them are well insulated to keep you warm. Keeping warm as well as dry is very important as this is going to encourage you to ride for longer periods of time especially if you live in an area with frequent bad weather.

And when you look at most bike jacket prices they really are a worthwhile investment with most costing around the 50 dollar price range. If you want to take cycling seriously and not wait around for the weather to brighten up then getting a waterproof cycle jacket is worth it.

How To Pick The Right Waterproof Jacket For Cycling

Below are some of the most important features you should check when searching for the best waterproof cycling jacket

Waterproofing – Before you invest your money in the jacket, you need to ensure that it is indeed waterproof. The best way to confirm this is by checking the materials used to ensure that it is made of a fabric that won’t allow water to pass through. You should also note that there is a difference between water repellent, waterproof and water-resistant jackets.

  • Waterproof jackets are the best when there’s heavy rain. They are made of a long-lasting water repellent finish and they have sealed or taped seams.
  • Water-resistant cycling jackets are made of a waterproof membrane but they do not have sealed or taped seams. This means that they are only able to withstand light showers.
  • Water repellent jackets have a coating and a hydrophobic treatment at the base which reduces the absorbent properties of the fabric. They are the least effective at keeping you dry out of the three.

Breathability – When cycling for a long time or with a high intensity you’re going to sweat and generate heat. Therefore, the material should have proper ventilation to keep your body dry Having ventilation pockets will also help with this, for example, underarm vents will allow this area to breathe more and reduce sweating or overheating.

Visibility – Your safety is very important when cycling and should influence your decision more than anything else. This means that you need to ensure that the jacket is highly visible even at night. It should have reflective strips at the back, on the sleeves, and around the shoulders.

Size – Again, the jacket should not be too small or too big for you. Before buying, you need to compare the available sizes to ensure that the one you have selected will fit you perfectly. It’s handy to look at the reviews too as some product sizing is different and so your usual size may be too small or too large for you.

Insulation – The jacket should also be well insulated to keep you warm during the cold season. The last thing you want is to get ill or potentially put yourself in danger from being too cold and unable to focus on your riding.

Some Other Things To Look Out For

  • A high collar to protect yourself from windchill.
  • Taped seams to prevent water ingress.
  • A hood. Generally, you’ll only find this on MTB and commuter jackets for protection off the bike.
  • Longer sleeves – some will have longer sleeves than others to accommodate a more aggressive position
  • Dropped tail to reduce splashing from the rear wheel.

What Are you Going To Use Your Waterproof Cycling Jacket For?


When looking for the best waterproof cycling jacket for commuting, you’ll want a slightly looser fit to allow for work clothes underneath and freedom of movement off the bike. Because it’s likely that you’ll be stopping and starting in traffic as well as not traveling long distances, weight, packability, and wicking properties aren’t as vital. Therefore, commuter jackets are generally available in a wider range of bright colors with retro-reflective panels and even built-in lights on some models. If you are commuting look for fabrics that only light up under direct headlights and streetlights as this is obviously where you’re going to spend a lot of your time.


The best waterproof cycling jacket for performance will have longer arms and a tighter cut to reduce loose material when you’re in a more aggressive road racing position.  These jackets are designed to keep you dry and have minimum impact on performance. They’re normally made from high-quality fabrics that wick sweat away and allow you to stay at a good temperature even if you’re riding at maximum effort. These top of the range fabrics are often difficult to produce in a full-color range so don’t be surprised if you can only find darker colors. As a compromise, most brands add reflective flashes at points where other road users are likely to see them.

Mountain Bikers

Road cyclists and mountain bikers have different needs from their kit. Road cycling jackets are close-fitting, often with high visibility detailing, and long arms. They’re designed for faster riding in traffic and cut for a more stretched position on your bike.

Mountain bike jackets however are designed to be able to deal with both the rain from the sky and the mud from below. They are also made to be comfortable off the bike when you’re going up an incline or down a decline. As a result, they are made of more robust materials. You’ll probably find pockets and a hood to protect your head from the rain when you take your helmet off. Mountain bike jackets also tend to have a more relaxed fit, with a focus on comfort rather than streamlining.

These differences are important to take into consideration as you’ll find yourself having a disappointing experience if you buy the wrong kind of jacket. You’ll also feel the weather a lot more which can be dangerous depending on the severity of it and the quality of your jacket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay to cycle in the rain?

Cycling in the rain can be dangerous as the ground can become slippery and if you’re not equipped then you may end up in a serious accident. However, this doesn’t mean you should never cycle in the rain. Sometimes it’s inevitable that it will rain while you’re cycling or if you’re in a safe environment you may prefer cycling in the rain. It’s important that you stay warm and dry while cycling though as the rain can cause you to become ill and when you’re cold your reactions are slower. Finding a suitable waterproof jacket with a high waterproof rating should make it ok for you to go out in the rain.

Are waterproof cycling jackets the same?

No, they vary a surprising amount in both design and purpose. Some are built for stronger weather such as heavy rain or even snow while others would best be suited to light rain. Some have thick thermal lining while others may not keep you warm at all. It’s important to know what you’ll need to fit your situation otherwise you may end up with a coat that’s going to get soaked through and make you freeze while cycling.

Do I need a waterproof coat?

While not a necessity the answer depends on where you are. If rain or snow is common, or perhaps even just cold weather then it’s worth considering because a waterproof jacket is going to keep you warm as well as dry. They’re very popular amongst all fitness levels and cyclists because they’re often cheap and come in very handy. Some are so good that it’ll be as if you never left the house because the material has a high waterproof rating and so any rain droplets just roll off. I would highly recommend a waterproof bike coat if you cycle often.


So now you know what to look for when you’re searching for the best waterproof cycling jackets. Remember to always look over what others are saying about products because waterproof jackets aren’t always as waterproof as the seller is advertising.

It’s also important to remember that cycling in the rain is not always a good idea, it can be dangerous due to low visibility and less grip on the pavement or road. Bike jackets will help you stay visible to others while it is raining both in the day and at night but always be extra careful when there is heavy rain, snow, or mist.

My top pick for the best waterproof cycling jackets was the BALEAF men’s cycling jacket which was slightly pricier than some of the other choices but provided high visibility, a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and most importantly was waterproof and cold resistant so you could cycle in even the harshest weather.

The best waterproof cycling jacket for those who are really passionate about cycling and want the top of the range gear is the  Showers Pass waterproof cycling jacket. While it is pricey it’s fully windproof and waterproof, versatile in that it can be used for mountain biking or commuting, and it comes with lots of other quality of life features such as a built-in audio port.

Waterproof jackets are key pieces of kit when it comes to riding and you’ll rarely see a cyclist without one. They make your life easier and for a low price so while it may not rain often or it’s the summer while you’re reading this it’s still worth having a glance at a few waterproof jackets, especially if they can be packed away because you can never be too careful.

When you find the best waterproof cycling jacket make sure that above all else you stay dry, keep warm, and have fun!

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