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A Look Into Time Trialists And What They Do

By: Alex Bristol

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What is time trial?

Let’s start with some of the most basic questions, first before we look into time trialists and what they do. A time trial is something every athlete knows and is not something always in favor of many athletes. Well, in sporting events, or races an individual athlete, or their team race against the clock.

They try to compete against time, in order to secure the quickest and least amount of time to finish the obstacle course. These races are usually known as head races. This type of format is most common among cycling events with many competitors in the same course, competing.

What is a time trialist and what they do?

This is something interesting to call a road bicycle racer. Yes, you heard us right! These bicycle enthusiasts are known to use their defined calve and thigh muscles to maintain high speeds for quite a lengthy time period, while not effecting their individual time trials.

They maintain this speed for long to achieve the ultimate speed and keep it constant. Moreover, another interesting term surfaced while we were reading up on time trialists is chronoman. This too is holding the same meaning as time trialist.

ITT is the individual time trial that the cyclist does against time, alone, which in French is known as contre la montre. On the other hand, if these time trials are done as a team, then they are known as team time trials.

How to be a successful time trialist?

Any successful time trialist, like David Millar, Tony Martin, or Fabian Cancellara all have taught us the importance of a high resistance to lactate threshold. This lactate threshold is achieved with years of experience and hard work.

Apart from high resistance to lactic acid produced in the muscles, one needs to demonstrate an exceptional aerodynamic posture. This allows the time trialist to zoom their way through the air due to a streamlined position.

Moreover, they should train themselves to be able to take plenty of oxygen in. Research shows how skin fit suits and streamline helmets all add up to minimize the drag coefficient of the time trialist. This will ensure the rider is quicker than the laps he, or she timed before.

Not only are men famous time trialists, but many women from around the world have joined them in the limelight. They would include Lisa Brennauer from Germany, Hayley Simmonds from the UK. And many more.

How to get faster at time trialing?

For any time trialist, they require some of the most important aspects, such as strength, specific technique, hard work and preparation (pre and post); a healthy mental attitude and determination, and lastly quality equipment.

Apart from these crucial points, one needs to be an apt judge of their daily performance in order to judge their hard work and progress along the way by timing each time. Competing with others is the most important thing.


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