About Us at Pedallers

Some may say it’s just an excuse to spend more time riding. Or thinking about riding. Or even buying more kit.

But, we say Cycling is more than a hobby; it’s a pursuit that pedals to the heartbeat of adventure. Every turn of the crank is a testament to our philosophy: cycling isn’t an activity, it’s a lifestyle.

Welcome to Pedallers, where the journey of cycling meets the rigor of science, and where every ride is a step towards achieving your personal best.

Three road cyclists smiling having cycled to the top of Sa Calobra Mallorca

Who Pedallers is for

Passionate cyclists and adventure seekers, Pedallers is your haven. We cater specifically to those who yearn to enhance their cycling prowess and explore new horizons on two wheels.

Whether you’re aiming to elevate your training regime or seeking the thrill of cycling travel, our content is crafted to guide you. Embrace our experience of training techniques and captivating travel destinations to transform your rides into extraordinary experiences.

Join our community and let Pedallers be the compass on your cycling journey.

Who creates Pedallers content

At Pedallers, our content springs from the well-worn saddles and winding roads traversed by our team of dedicated writers.

Each piece is a distillation of practical insights and rich experiences gained through years of riding, training, and journeying across the globe.

Our contributors are not just enthusiasts; they are seasoned veterans and accredited coaches who live and breathe cycling. They bring authentic stories and tested wisdom to every article, enriching your reading with the depth of their personal cycling odysseys.

Delve into the experience of the Pedallers team and discover content that propels your passion for cycling to new heights.

History of Pedallers

Pedallers was originally the name of an old school bike shop in Rochester, New York State, where you could about smell the Campagnolo. The shop was opened in 1973 and then taken over in 1981 by the long-term owner Bob DeRoo.

At this point, Bob shifted the shop’s focus and concentrated on high-end racing bikes before expanding the shop and even creating regular community rides – a novel concept at the time. In 1999, the store joined the dotcom boom and created an online presence, seen by many as quite an accomplishment for a small business in that era. 

original pedallers store inside storefront

Here’s the Pedallers shop’s mission statement posted on the original website:

The Pedallers Bicycle Shop, Ltd. exists to promote cycling and cycling related activities as a life style. The staff should enjoy being with our customers and provide them with a memorable and enjoyable shopping experience while giving them truthful and knowledgeable information to help resolve their cycling problems which will allow them to better achieve their personal cycling goals.

It is important for us to remember that we should always put the customer’s needs and desires ahead of our own personal biases or specific needs of the store. We want to treat each customer as we would want to be treated under similar circumstances and then we believe God will give us the increase.

In 20 years, the Pedallers Bike Shop continued to serve a unique racer niche in New York. Upon Bob’s retirement and subsequent shop closure in 2019, the website was acquired to become an online-only presence, and in 2022 finally taken over by a cycling YouTuber, thus unifying the Pedallers brand and solidifying it for history. 

Pedallers, as you see it today, creates unique cycling-specific content created by our team of experts, where we focus on cycling gear, fitness, health, and experiences. Curated by us for you, we hope you enjoy and get value out of your Pedallers experience. We aim to stick to that original mission statement from the shop days … just as Bob would have wanted.

Pedallers Video

The beauty of biking is difficult to describe in words. With that, the Pedallers YouTube channel was born. And while it’s clear that beautiful cycling videos are nice and informative videos are educational, we aim to provide a blend of the best of both worlds: beautiful, informative videos.

From amazing cycling trips to the French Alps to our ever-popular (and growing) “best of” series, there’s sure to be something for you – check it out and if you got some value out of it, please subscribe to our channel, it’s free and helps our growth and reach more cyclists.

How to get the most out of Pedallers

We feature articles on training, nutrition, gear reviews, and tips for beginner riders, with information on how to get started and tips for safety. Find what you’re looking for today, take it in, and apply what you’ve learned. Here are some great starting points:

  • Pedallers Buyer Guides: Cycling is equipment-intensive, and finding the best gear for you the first time is critical in enjoying your biking.
  • Pedallers Travel: Share the journey with the Pedallers team as we experience cycling from all corners of the globe because traveling is much more beautiful on a bike.
  • Pedallers Fitness: Becoming a fitter and stronger biker takes effort, and the Pedallers crew created our fitness series to ensure you’re putting your efforts into the right areas. Efficient fitness with a focus on biking results.
  • Pedallers Health: It’s no good being fit and unhealthy. Our Health series looks at complimenting your fitness in a healthy, sustainable way. Our health experts have a strong biking background and know what it takes to avoid health issues and reach peak biking fitness.
  • Pedallers Nutrition: “You get out what you put in!” It may be a famous catchphrase, but only because it’s true. With Pedallers, we’ll assist you with nutrition input to maximize your biking output.
  • Pedallers Indoor: Indoor biking has come a long way in recent years with the advent of online platforms such as Peloton and Zwift. Let us maximize your indoor training success with expert tips and hints.
  • Pedallers Clothing: We examine what apparel works, what doesn’t, and why. If you’re going to spend time in the saddle, being comfortable makes it enjoyable.

Check out a full list of our site content right here.

How you can support Pedallers

The best thing you can do is take in our content, learn something from it, and put it into practice – becoming a better cyclist is at the heart of the Pedallers movement, which is the core of this website. If you want to take your biking to the next level, join our email newsletter list and subscribe to our YouTube channel here

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And with that – we’ll see you on the road!