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Are Electric Bikes Worth it? Why Electric Bikes are Perfect For Commuting

By: Alex Bristol

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Sick of the morning rush hour and being stuck in traffic for what feels like hours on your way to work? Well, then you may be wondering whether there is an alternative?

This is when electric commuter bikes come in handy. But are electric bikes worth it?

They may be pretty new to the cycling industry, but they have taken the world by storm. Electric commuter bikes are a brilliant eco-friendly alternative for commuting to work.

They can be used on cycle lanes and work wonders for skipping through the traffic; e-bike users tend to have a much more stress-free morning when commuting to work.

Now, wait, let me tell you something.

If you’re wondering whether electric bikes are worth it, then look at the price comparison. On average, we spend an arm and leg on gas each month, but just by switching to an electric bike, you can save hundreds of bucks.

Each battery charge usually costs you around 12 cents, depending on your area, and each battery will last 50-100 miles on average, so if you use it every day, it costs less than a dollar a week to use!

I’m here to share with you all the reasons why electric bikes are perfect for commuting and why you should make the switch!

What Is An Electric Bike For Commuting?

So we’ve probably all heard of road bikes and commuter bikes but have you ever considering purchasing an electric bike for commuting?

They offer all the traffic-avoiding benefits of a road bike but take the sweaty bike ride factors out of it. Electric bikes provide motor power and pedal assistance so you can get where you need to be quickly.

The electrical energy is transferred to the motor or the commuter bike, which is transformed into mechanical energy, which gives you the extra boost with every pedal stroke.

So to put it simply, the pedal assistance helps ease the pedaling harshly to create speed as it offers speed already. Electric commuter bikes give you a more relaxed cycling experience, so you’re not sweating profusely.

The electric motor is designed to help you pedal rather than provide power on its own; you need to pedal to engage the motor and get the assistance.

Electric bikes come with several modes to choose from to balance the amount of power you need for that given time. Also, lower modes extend the range and battery life of the electric bike.

Electric bikes were designed to replace fossil-fuel mo-peds and offer an environmentally friendly way to get around; e-bikes are battery-powered by either being recharged or replacing the battery.

Some e-bikes even come with a throttle that engages the motor with the press of a button, these are pretty fun to ride, but they tend to be illegal in some states. So if you’re looking for an electric bike, I recommend checking your state regulations before you buy.

If you pedal a little bit, the motor will engage and boost you; they take the hassle out of climbing up hills; you also control your speed with your feet, just like with a regular bike.

There are many laws and regulations around e-bikes, but as they become more common, the laws have changed and adapted, making them easier to use than ever.

You may be asking do you need to pedal with an electric bike?

Yes, you do; even for e-bikes that have a throttle, you will still need to pedal when going up long, steep hills; you won’t need to pedal as hard as you would on a regular pedal bike but to extend your battery range and extend the life of your motor.

Plus, once you reach a maximum speed of 20-28mph, the throttle will stay at this speed, so you cannot go any faster.

Benefits Of Using An Electric Bike For Commuting:

So why get commuter e-bikes over a traditional bike? They do the same thing, but an electric bike has a motor, right? Well, yes, technically, but there’s so much more to a pedal-assisted bike than we realize.

The commute to work is already stressful in the morning, whether you’re riding a regular bike or traveling by car. But especially if you’re using a normal cycle, you feel all sweaty, hot, and flustered once you get to work.

Many of us have to shower once we get to work, which adds time to our morning, which we don’t need, so using an e-commuter bike over a standard bike prevents this.

A few things beat regular road bikes over electric bikes because electric bikes offer assisted cycling, and they can be used on cycle paths.

You can get to work much quicker than driving, too, as these cycle lanes skip the traffic jams, and riding an electric bike can help you keep up with the average speed of heavy traffic.

But here are a few other benefits of using electric bikes for commuting:

 Electric Bikes make pedaling easier:

One of the significant benefits of e-bikes is that they make pedaling much easier on your legs. Since electric bikes come with a battery-powered ‘assist’ electric power motor that engages when you pedal, it makes pedaling easier.

It gives you a little boost when you’re going up a steep hill or just when you’re traveling long distances, such as commuting to work and back; the electric assist mode helps make these rides a breeze.

Some electric mountain bikes can even be used to cruise across rugged terrain without losing energy, no more huffing and puffing trying to make it up the steep climb.

Even though you’re going much faster, you’re less likely to break a sweat making pedal-assist electric bikes a dream for commuters; they don’t need to worry about getting to work early to shower or clean themselves up from the commute.

This beats regular bikes.

E-Bikes Are Eco-Friendly:

If you drive to work every day, you’re bound to get caught up in traffic, especially if you live in a concrete jungle, this lets off a lot of carbon emissions which is really damaging to our environment.

One of the best ways to combat the severe effects of climate change and global warming is to switch to eco-friendly modes of transport. Now while regular bikes are brilliant, they’re not always the best option for commuting.

For starters, you might feel all hot and sweaty by the time you get to your destination, and with commuting to work, this isn’t ideal. Electric bikes still offer good exercise without the sweaty aftermath.

Electric bikes are considered zero-emission vehicles as they do not emit any carbon gas, so every e-bike saves 500 pounds of carbon emissions.

Plus, with more e-bikes, there are fewer cars on the road, so the more people that start riding on e-bikes or even a regular bike contribute to helping combat climate change.

Electric bicycles are super fun while being environmentally responsible, especially if it means riding long distances, electric bikes make longer commutes that much easier.

Not everyone has time to bike to work and with many newer e-bikes, they are much faster, safer, and can be used on bike paths making the commute to work just as easy as driving, if not easier as no traffic!

They Still Offer Regular Exercise:

Some people seem to think that since the bike is electric, you’re not exercising as you would with a regular bike.

Many of us have the mindset that if you’re using an e-bike over a regular bike you’re cheating, which is totally not the case– you’re still getting in your exercise, don’t worry.

Some researchers found that e-biking can massively improve cardiovascular fitness and blog sugar levels even after just one month. You’re still getting a significant amount of exercise, but it’s much easier as it’s less intense than riding regular bikes.

After all, you’re still pedaling, but you don’t feel the strain as much as you’re getting that little boost from the motor to help keep you going for longer over riding traditional bikes.

Riding an e-bike is brilliant for all age groups and all kinds of riding; while yes, they do help with commuting, they are super fun to ride down the beaten trail track.

Why Electric Bikes Are A Brilliant Alternative For Commuting:

E-bikes will not only help you get fitter and healthier, but they’ll also save you a lot of time queuing in traffic on the highways on the way to work.

In the US and most countries, e-bikes are allowed to use bike lanes, which helps reduce bike accidents and helps encourage people to see what electric bicycles offer for the environment.

Since ebikes can use cycling lanes, it saves even a few vital seconds than traveling by car. You won’t get stuck in a traffic jam, and it adds convenience to your commute.

Ebikes could potentially replace cars altogether in urban cities, as most commuters are less than 10 miles away from their destination, so you can get to your destination quickly and even save money in the process.

There are three classes of ebikes in the US, classes 1, 2, and 3, so make sure your e-bike meets the criteria of the laws around e-bikes before riding since class 3 e-bikes cannot use a bike path.

Saves Money In The Long Run:

Now I know what you’re thinking electric bikes do come at quite a hefty price tag, with having to spend at least $1000 for suitable quality components and a high-quality e-bike.

But if you think about it, spending between $1000-$5000 on an e-bike will save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the future– mainly if you sell your car.

If you live in a built-up city, there’s no point owning a car nowadays; you get caught in traffic, which isn’t worth your time. Owning an e-bike will save you hundreds on petrol and gives you an alternative.

Typically to charge an e-bike battery, will cost you around 12 cents, depending on your electricity bill rate in your area. So that’s about 0.3-0.4 cents per mile– crazy, right??

Plus, in most e-bikes, this battery will last you between 50-100 miles! This beats spending 50-100 dollars on gas.

Most people fill up their tank maybe once every 1-2 weeks, so already, you have saved near enough 200-300 bucks after the first month.

So while purchasing an electric bike is quite an investment, it will save you thousands in the long run, especially if you commute to work every day.

That being said, there are some still pretty amazing cheap electric bikes on the market that won’t put you out more than $2000, ideal if you’re on a budget!

Just a piece of advice makes sure you don’t spend much under $1000 on an e-bike. It won’t last you more than a year and will come with poor quality components, so invest in better brands.

They’ll save you a hell of a lot of upkeep costs that you will have to pay out on a car.

Electric Bikes Are Super Safe:

While electric bikes are far faster than your traditional bike, they cannot keep up with the average car speed. Legally e-bikes can go around 20-28mph, depending on your state.

Not all highways have designated bike lanes which is why electric bikes can ride along streets smoothly with the right amount of speed to keep up with the speed of cars.

Plus, using bike lanes means you’re safe against motorized vehicle accidents, and you can ride with confidence that you have your lane.

You also need to be pedaling for some time before the motor kicks in, so you won’t be rushed with speed as soon as your foot hits the pedal; this makes it much safer and more accessible, especially for beginners.

Good For Mental Health:

Just getting a bit of fresh air each day has some serious benefits on your mental health. Plus doing regular exercise produces endorphins which is the happy hormone.

Cycling can also provide mental stimulation and refreshment, leaving you feeling alert, energized, and refreshed at the end of the ride.

Starting your workday with a refreshing and convenient ride on a conventional bike can work wonders for energy levels and improving overall mood.

So Are Electric Bikes Worth it?

Absolutely!! They seriously take the stress out of riding to work daily, so if you haven’t thought of buying an e-bike, I would recommend looking into it.

They still offer a good level of exercise, but they take the intensity away from it, so you’re still reaping the benefits but without getting all hot and sweaty when you get to your destination.

Many big urban cities have even delved deep into the idea of e-bikes, and if you’re not too sure whether to buy one, you can hire some for $0.20 a minute! Many brands like Citi Bikes are accessible all over big cities like NYC.

They can help you skip through the traffic as well as improve your cardiovascular fitness along the way. If everyone switched to electric bikes over cars, this would massively help combat climate change.

You can reap all the benefits of a regular bicycle and keep up with the traffic without much physical effort and with no running costs. It also saves money on public transport.

Whether you’re running errands, commuting to work, or going on a recreational ride, then electric bikes, in general, are brilliant; you can even get hold of an electric mountain bike if you want to hit the trails.

There are even some e-bike conversion kits that you can get hold of to transform your regular commuter bike into an electric commuter bike.


So there you have it, the benefits of commuting work riding an e-bike. Whether you’re looking for an alternative to help combat the rush hour traffic or want more speed when riding, or even looking for ways to be more eco-conscious, then an e-bike is a brilliant step.

These pedal-assist bikes with their electric motor can make riding to work and commuting around town running errands that much easier and more enjoyable.

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