Benefits Of Using An Exercise Bike

Last Updated on May 11, 2021
written by Cycle expert Alex Bristol
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Benefits Of Using An Exercise Bike

Are you looking to get yourself into exercise biking and wondering what an exercise bike is good for anyway?

Well, you’re at the right place.

I’m here to break down the top benefits of exercise bikes and the top bike workouts to improve your fitness level. Choosing the right bike and the right exercise will make a world of difference to you and your body.

Exercises bikes provide an excellent cardio workout and have so many fitness benefits; they tone your muscles, build muscle mass, strengthen your legs, burn insane amounts of calories, and have major benefits on your heart and cardiovascular health.

But wait, let me tell you something:

There is a wide range of exercise machines on the market to choose from, so it’s important to choose the one that is right for you.

To make things easier, I will break down all the top benefits for both your health and your fitness, factoring in all the confusing features.

Let’s jump in!


Top exercise bike benefits on your body:

Here are the top benefits:

 Lower body toning:

The main benefit of stationary bikes is to tone your legs and tissues in your thighs and glutes. A stationary bike will not only help you lose weight, but it gently strengthens your leg muscles in your body.

Plus, in upright and spin bikes, your supportive muscles in your shins are pushing the pedals, providing a good workout.

Indoor cycling is brilliant for building up muscle as it puts less stress on your legs and joints than exercise like running would do; it helps build up your muscle gradually without causing injury. It is a low-impact exercise that is key to build muscle gradually.

As you increase your workouts’ intensity by increasing the resistance, pedaling after, or doing interval training, you will notice the difference in your results. The faster you pedal, the bigger the resistance and the more calories and muscles you will tone in the process.

Once you begin to turn up the heat and build the resistance on your stationary bike, your muscles will begin to grow; stationary bikes build arm, leg, and lower body muscles. They also have great benefits on weight loss and burning calories.

Allows upper body toning:

Using an exercise bike won’t just work your lower body but also your upper body, especially on spin bikes. This is because spin bikes allow you to stand while you ride during interval training.

Both an upright bike and spin bike use upper body muscle groups and lower body muscle groups; this is because these types of exercise bikes don’t come with any back support, and you need to stabilize your upper body by gripping onto the handlebars.

You can even add hand weights and resistance bands while you do your workout; this will further work your upper body muscles. Your core is also working; you don’t just use your hands to support yourself.

Your core muscles are also strengthened, especially in a spin and upright bike, as you have the chance to stand while you cycle. Balanced workouts can actually be better than a hundred crunches as they work out your entire core rather than just one muscle.

When you stand up out of the saddle, the muscles in your arms and your lower back muscles will begin to work more than the muscles in your thighs. So not only will it strengthen your legs but your upper body too!

Gentle on the joints:

Stationary bikes are brilliant because they are a great form of cardio and don’t put too much pressure on your joints. If you’ve suffered from a knee injury or torn a muscle in your leg, then cycling is a brilliant way to build your muscles back up again.

Unlike running, you don’t have your full body weight pounding on your joints as you cycle in cycling. This relieves stress and strain on your joints and gently builds the muscles to reduce the chance of injury.

If you’re recovering from surgery or badly torn a muscle, then I would recommend riding a recumbent bike as, unlike spin and upright bikes, the pedals are in front of you and don’t put your full body weight on your knees and ankles.

Low impact

There are many reasons to want a low-impact exercise bike workout. Whether you’re new to working out, you aren’t the fittest of people in the world; you’re on a rest day between intense workouts, you’re having a bad day, you’re pregnant, you’re suffering from illness.

Cycling is a brilliant way to build up muscle and build up your fitness level, it is low impact, and it will gently build muscles and prevent the chance of injury while you workout.

As you progress, you can get into the more intense workouts, but gentle cycling for an hour multiple times a week has been proven massively beneficial.

Weight loss

This is when we come in the great benefits stationary bikes have on weight loss. Exercise bikes are brilliant for losing weight, burning calories, and building your endurance.

An exercise bike brilliant for building muscle, cardio fitness, and burn calories will also help you achieve your fitness goals in terms of your weight.

As you become more fit, you can begin to turn up the heat and increase the intensity, and you will notice that you burn more and more calories. It is brilliant for building endurance by riding at a low intensity for longer periods of time.

The more calories you burn, the quicker you start to lose weight and feel happier in your body once again. Interval training is brilliant for burning body fat and calories.

Using a stationary bike, pedaling at a moderate intensity will burn 413kcal an hour; pedaling at a high intensity will burn 620kcal per hour. At a very high intensity, it will burn 738kcal. Even at a low intensity, that is still 206kcal for 30 minutes!

Check out my guide to the best workouts for weight loss; you will love the difference in your body.

Affordable workout:

The only price you really need to pay for is the stationary bike itself, but once you’ve got yourself an exercise bike, there is a whole world of workouts right at your fingertips.

If you don’t want to get yourself an exercise bike for home, you can always hop down the gym, and I can guarantee they will have a wide array of exercise bikes to choose from.

(Plus, you only need to pay for your gym membership, and the majority come preprogrammed with workouts.)

You don’t even need to pay for a membership to get some excellent stationary bike workouts; type in some videos on YouTube or check out my guide for some exercise bike workout suggestions here.

Anybody can do it:

Just as Nike said, ‘just do it’ exercise bikes are so accessible nowadays, with a wide range of workouts for a wide range of fitness levels, it has never been so easy.

You don’t have to be at the topmost highest fitness level to use an exercise bike; anyone can do it as it is the most versatile machine you will find on the market. Your whole family can use it!

Boost Cardio Fitness:

Cardio equipment like exercise bikes has been said to boost your cardio fitness. It not only boosts your heart capacity, reduces cholesterol, but it is a brilliant way to increase your body’s energy and burn fat.

After we do a workout, we feel much more refreshed, less stressed, and overall happier. This can also help improve your quality of sleep too.

Even training on an exercise bike for 30 minutes every day will massively improve your health, strengthen your muscles, improve lung capacity, lose weight and overall improve fitness.

Excellent team sport:

Cycling is one of the top team sports you can do with friends; you don’t have to work out alone. Riding a stationary bike with friends is a brilliant way to burn calories as you’re less likely to suffer from boredom.

You can even motivate each other along the way!

Exercise biking has hit the fitness industry like a storm, it has been around for so long and has so many benefits, and they’re so accessible nowadays.

Health benefits of using an exercise bike:

Using an exercise bike not only benefits your body and fitness but it has major benefits on your health.

Heart Benefits:

The heart is the most important muscle and organ in the body without a doubt, it is what keeps us alive and it is crucial for pumping oxygen around your body, especially to your brain.

It is so important to keep it in good shape because as you workout, your heart rate rises and pumps oxygen to your muscles. The benefit of regular cycling and regular activity is to achieve a lower resting heart rate.

The lower the heart rate, the better; a healthy resting heart rate should be between 60–100 beats a minute. While exercising, you get your heart pumping and your heart rate can rise between 130-150 beats per minute to pump your blood around your body.

Cycling can strengthen your heart and has major benefits on your heart’s health. Those who cycle are less likely to get heart attacks as their heart health is strong and in good shape.

Cycling on a stationary bike will put less strain on your heart, it will also reduce the chance of cardiovascular disease. If you have high blood pressure then using a stationary bike may be your new best friend as it can lower blood pressure and improve blood circulation overall.

Lungs and Breathing benefits:

Cycling on a stationary bike has massive benefits on your lung capacity, although it doesn’t increase your lung capacity as much as swimming or diving would, it has major benefits.

Regular exercise in general and physical activity will improve the performance of your lungs because your muscles won’t need so much oxygen or carbon dioxide during exercise.

Riding a stationary bike will also work to improve your respiratory capacity, it will improve your breathing intensity and strengthen your lungs.

Benefits for people with Type 2 Diabetes:

Cycling on a stationary bike has great benefits for those with diabetes. When you cycle on a stationary bike, your muscles start to use the glucose in your body, which will gradually decrease your blood sugar level.

This also has major benefits in reducing cholesterol levels in your blood, as cycling can promote good cholesterol and will lower any harmful cholesterol level in your body.

Any form of physical activity, not just cycling, will lower your blood sugar levels and blood glucose level to help with insulin secretion.

Can increase life expectancy:

Cycling on an exercise bike may actually increase your life expectancy, if you want to live longer people then get yourself an exercise bike!

Cycling reduces the risk of diseases as it stimulates the brain, lungs, and all key organs and muscles. It also helps us maintain a high energy level and reduce the risk of diseases.

It can also alleviate symptoms and improve your immune system too!

Reduces stress levels:

As we cycle, do an exercise program, or do any stationary bike workout our body produces endorphins (the happy hormone). This has major health benefits and many mental health benefits.

As we cycle on an exercise bike our body releases endorphins and serotonin to help regulate mood, relieve stress, anxiety and even has an anti-depressant effect on our mood.

Ever wondered why you always feel better after doing some exercise? Well, any form of exercise, not just indoor cycling is a great way to release endorphins and serotonin to improve your mood.


Exercise bike models have come so far in recent years, they’re not just for athletes anymore, they’re for any kind of rider and nowadays exercise bikes come with a built-in training system where you can take part in a wide range of training programs.

There are so many benefits of getting yourself an exercise bike in improving your fitness, toning your body reducing blood glucose levels, reducing cholesterol improving your heart and lung capacity, and stimulating your brain.

Give it a go today!

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