Best Aluminium Bikes [Review] in 2021

Last Updated on November 30, 2020

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Cycling is an amazing sport, great for fitness and building stamina. The material used for the bike is equally as important as the experience of riding it, if not more. Aluminium bikes date back to the 19th century, but they have exploded in popularity only recently. The significance of Aluminium comes mainly from how lightweight it is. It is three times more lightweight than steel. What adds to this is the resistance to rust and durability of the material. This makes the bike both rust free, which increases durability, and easy to handle since it can be carried where ever you want.

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Our Selection of Best Aluminium Bikes - Reviews and Buyer Guide


Murtisol Aluminium Comfort Bike

Murtisol brings a gender specific mountain bike, for women which has 26 inch wheels. The bike is in an all-black color scheme with yellow accents which highlight the bike in a subtle exciting way. It has a front and seat suspension with Shimano derailleur for precise, accurate and quick gear shifts. This coupled with a suspension fork makes the riding experience very comfortable especially over bumpy terrains. There is a red accented chain gear for aesthetics that gives an interesting contrast to the bike. The seat and handle bar both are adjustable which provides peace of mind in case of alterability.

Lightweight and durable riding experience
Both front and back wheels have disc-breaks
Minimized vibration with suspension fork
Supports weight up to 250lbs
The bike is not easy to assemble

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Schwinn Traxion

Schwinn mountain bike features a 29 inch wheel diameter. A little on the bigger side but helps with more surface area which equates to a better traction and grip on the road. It has a very cool matte black understated look which minimalists go for, along with red accents which complement the overall look of the bike. The bike ships ready to be assembled and has a 5 year limited warranty. The high profile double wall alloy rims reduce weight while adding durability as aluminium is a strong material. The pre-installed seat has a well-made ergonomic shape which allows for a comfortable experience in extended riding sessions.

Easy to shift gears
Front and rear wheel disc-breaks
Aluminium alloy cranks
Reach decent speeds without problem
The cassette wobbles a little

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Schwinn Traxion Mountain Bike

Traxion is a full dual-suspension mountain bike featuring an 18 inch medium aluminium frame and 29 inch wheels which allow for a compact overall bike and a good grip thanks to a wide surface area. The colors on this one give a very tron like vibe. Matte grey with neon accents gives a futuristic appeal to the bike. The bike handles have a stripe design which helps with better grip and therefore increases control over the bike. The overall durability of this bike provides less overall maintenance of the bike and sees you through many years before having to replace it. The seat is also ergonomic and comfortable. All of these features combined make up for an amazing bike riding experience.

Fire triggers make gear shifting easy
Schwinn suspension fork soaks up all bumps
Extra wide double wall alloy rims
Front and rear mechanical disc-breaks
The chain runs on the chain guard

Latest deal: Schwinn Traxion


Schwinn S29 Mountain Bike

S29 is an all-black mountain bike with a 29 inch wheel diameter, good for surface traction while riding. The all-black design with subtle orange and red branding, speaks to a wide range of audience, especially the young crowd. The seat is very comfortable and allows for extended sessions of riding. The aluminium alloy makes the bike incredibly lightweight and makes it easy to carry. Red branding on the wheel rim looks sleek and the whole bike gives a nice understated vibe. The bike has a 21 speed gear shifting mechanism and has an awe-inspiring handling with good breaks and grippy handles. The complete package allows for a durable and comfortable riding experience.

SRAM 21-speed triggers provide smooth gear shifting
Mechanical disc-breaks on the front and rear
Alloy cranks for smooth chain revolve
Extra wide double wall alloy rims
The derailleur goes against the outside of the box

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Mongoose Impasse Mountain Bike

Mongoose Impasse is a silver, all-aluminium dual suspension mountain bike featuring an 18 inch medium aluminium frame with 29 inch wheel diameter. The silver color allows for a bold look, making a statement while riding the bike. The broad diameter on the wheels enables good traction on the road as more surface area is in contact with the ground. The funky branding on the frame looks nice and the grips of the bike also have a grippy pattern to enable better handling. The seat is ergonomic and well thought out in terms of shape and usability. Aluminium is lightweight and durable. The bike can march through harsh conditions with no problems at all. The overall package provides a very splendid and thrilling experience.

Element suspension fork for smooth ride
Quick and smooth shifting
Allow wheels have a quick release feature
Disc-brakes on the front and rear
Tire quality is not great

Latest deal: Mongoose Impasse

Best Aluminum Bikes Buyers Guide

What are the benefits of aluminum bike frames?

Bicycle frames are made of different materials such as steel, aluminum, and carbon. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. However, aluminum bikes are the most common because they have the following benefits;

Lightweight – One of the major benefits of aluminum frames is that they are very lightweight as compared to other materials. If you are searching for a bike you can use for long-distance cycling, aluminum bikes are the best due to their lightweight design.

Durability – In terms of durability, steel frames are more durable than an aluminum frame. However, they are prone to rust which means that they are not the best. On the other hand, aluminum is normally rustproof and easy to maintain.

Cost – Another major reason why most people prefer aluminum bikes is due to their cheap price.

Stiffness – This affects the stability and feel of the bicycle especially when climbing and sprinting. As compared to other materials, aluminum bikes are stiffer which makes them ideal for tourists and racing cyclists.

How to pick the best aluminum road bikes

Material – The best thing about aluminum is that it is very lightweight, affordable, and strong, however, you need to know that the type of aluminum used in bikes is not the same which explains why some aluminum bikes are more expensive than others. Most aluminum bikes use a top-quality aluminum alloy throughout the frame. This means that even those people with large body size can also use these bikes without any problems.

Frame size – Due to their lightweight design, aluminum bikes are the fastest. However, you need to know that some aluminum bikes may be slower or faster according to the size of the frame. This means that the frame should be lightweight enough if you prefer high-speed bikes.

Wheels – Wheels are very important components of a bike because they get into contact with the ground. When buying, you need to ensure that the wheels are very sturdy and durable. Most of the aluminum bikes have narrow wheels which makes them suitable for speed. However, you need to ensure that the tires are able to provide the best traction and grip.

Size and fit – Another thing you need to note is that aluminum bikes are available in different sizes. When buying, you need to choose one that suits your height. Otherwise, you may struggle to reach the handlebars or pedals when you pick the wrong size. If you are a tall rider, you should consider a bike with a long frame.

Why do you need an aluminum Bike?

An aluminum bike frame will always reign superior over a steel frame. Aluminum bike frames are almost 3 times lighter than steel bike frames. Not only does this increase the relative degree of ease when it comes to carrying an aluminum bike as opposed to a steel bike, but it also allows the rider to reach higher speeds while riding quickly due to the massive reduction in weight.

Another amazing feature of aluminum is that it does not rust while iron does. This makes the bike effectively low maintenance and a prime choice for cyclists and tourists. The material is also stiff which aids in sprinting and climbing. And since varying degrees of thickness is important for the different type of riders, aluminum gives you the option to vary the thickness of your bike frame.

Due to this flexibility and the strength of this material is stiffer than other materials used for bikes. Aluminum bikes are also substantially less expensive than other bike frames, making it easy to access and available to a wide variety of customers.

What is aluminum and why it’s used in cycling

Aluminum has always been a widely used material in all kinds of house household/outdoor objects because of the strength it brings to the table.

The material is lightweight, durable and increases the longevity of the product it is used in. The material is also rust-resistant which gives it an edge over iron or an iron-based alloy like steel. This helps with long term exposure to water and air.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes aluminum bikes unique?

One of the best things about aluminum bikes is that they are corrosion resistant, lightweight, affordable and rustproof.

How long will the aluminum bike frame last?

These frames have a lifespan of 5-10 years but it also depends on how frequently you use the bike.

Does aluminum bike frames wear out?

Yes, these frames wear out when they are used heavily.


Manufacturers in the cycling industry have also brought aluminum into play by incorporating this material in the bikes they manufacture. And a lot of them have done an amazing job. We saw bikes with amazing gear shifting mechanisms and disc-break mechanisms which added to the features of the bikes.

While some bikes lacked in quality of certain components used, they made up for it in terms of the features they provided. Some of the brands knocked it out of the park with the quality and features they provided. All in all, an amazing set of bikes was presented by all manufacturers and is worth your consideration.

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