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Biking as a recreational activity has been getting more fame and attention than ever. With more cyclists, comes greater demand for maintenance and repair shops which obviously cost you money, time and the discomfort of going to one. All this can be avoided by a little handy gadget known as the bike stand.

Bike stands are your very own personalized parking and repairing units, designed especially for a comfortable and efficient home repair-experience.  Bike stands come in a range of sizes, shapes and features and can add great value to a regular biker’s overall experience. So, it’s time that cyclists start understanding the inner workings of their bike at home, with minimum effort and care.

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Best Bicycle Stands


Park Tool PRS-25 Portable Team Issue Repair Stand

Brought to you by Park tool, the PRS- 25 is a portable, light weight and one the most stylish repair and parking stands in the market. The highlights of the product are the micro adjustable clamp grips couple with the 360-degree clamp rotation. This feature enables you to perfectly grip nearly any tube and the added infinite adjustments provide you the comfort you crave. The stand packs hex-shaped aluminum tubing and leg straps to ensure the smooth movement of all parts with minimum flex. The stand can also be easily folded down to 47 inches making it an irresistible product for those who look for convenience.


  • Strong Aluminum build
  • Micro-Adjust Clamps
  • 360-degree clamp rotation
  • Weighs just 6 kg


  • Expensive

Latest deal: Park Tool PRS-25 Portable Team Issue Repair Stand


Feedback Sports Sprint Repair Stand

For all those sports bike enthusiasts, Feedback brings the all new sports sprint repair and parking stand in the iconic red color. The stand is one of the most compact and durable on the market, capable of handling any cycle frame on its stable platform. The sports sprint includes a wide and stable tripod design that can manage weight up to 38 kg without any issues and the adjustable 360-degree rotating platform offers multiple functions for ease and usability. Overall the stand is a robust product packing an anodized aluminum frame which can easily be folded into a compact unit ideal for travel.


  • Both front and rear mounting option available
  • Ships with adapters
  • Anodized durable Aluminum construction
  • Wider platform


  • Does not support all axle options

Latest deal: Feedback Sports Sprint Repair Stand


LifeLine X-Tools Metal Bike Display Stand

The Lifeline X-Tools metal bike stand is perfect for consumers searching for an affordable, easy to use, reliable frame for their bikes. The stand acts as a lifeline for all those owning a bike with 26 to 29 inch tires and are low on budget. The steel stand has a stable construction with soft rubber tips to display, store or maintain your bike without worrying about any scratches.  Furthermore, the mere 31 dollar stand features a wide base for stability making it a significantly handy product. The durable construction coupled with rubber coated fingers are suitable for both disc and non-disc frames offering great value.


  • Easy to use
  • Durable and safe for bikes
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Extremely affordable


  • Limited functionality

Latest deal: LifeLine X-Tools Metal Bike Display Stand


Topeak Dual Touch Bike Stand Bracket

The dual touch bike stand bracket by Topeak is a unique and highly recommended product for consumers with multiple bikes. The stand is a versatile, light weight product with multiple high quality clamps which can hold up to 4 bikes at once. The frame is highly durable with a premium build quality and the bike rims fit perfectly in the adjustable clamps. The multiple bike option is unique in nature and the stand saves you space while lowering the collective cost significantly offering premium value for money.


  • Premium Build
  • Amazing Fit
  • Can hold multiple bikes
  • Affordable


  • Difficult to carry

Latest deal: Topeak Dual Touch Bike Stand Bracket


Cycloc Solo Wall Mounted Bike Holder

The Cycloc solo wall mounted holder can store your bike safely, elegantly and in the most effortless manner. The wall mounted holder hosts a 3 point concealed wall fixing and rotates to fit frames of all kinds. This makes the frame highly customizable and can store your bike horizontally as well as vertically at your place of choice. The holder is made of highly robust Polypropylene material with rubber inserts to protect your bikes paint frame. This holder saves space in style and the optional spacer can accommodate the widest of bars without any hassle. The Cycloc solo offers great value while comfortably locking your bike along all its accessories in place.


  • Stylish and attractive with robust build
  • Secure 3 point concealed fixing
  • Optional spacer included for accessories
  • Easy to use


  • Costly

Latest deal: Cycloc Solo Wall Mounted Bike Holder


Topeak Lineup Bike Stand

Brought to you by Topeak, Lineup bike stand is one of its kind. Made with a mixture of metal and plastic, the lineup can hold any bike firmly. The Lineup can be used with a wide range of models as it can hold tires with size ranging from 20 to 29 inches. The additional few inches can be extra useful to consumers with custom tires. Furthermore, the lineup is extremely easy to set up and the automatic adjustments to the wheel size offer a delightful experience. In addition to all this, the Lineup can be easily transported as the wide-spread frame can be folded into the body making it a joy to handle.


  • Works with 20 to 29 inch wheels
  • Automatic adjustments
  • Foldable Frame
  • Attractive build


  • Takes up space

Latest deal: Topeak Lineup Bike Stand


Elite Race Pro Workstand

Upgrade your biking experience to the pro level with Elite Race pro workstand. The professional workstand is currently being used by pro tour teams and is designed to meet your needs perfectly. The race pro packs a light aluminum and steel build to provide strength and versatility across all platforms. It’s the ideal product for both on and off-road usage with its automatic support arm lock system and reliable compact build. Furthermore, the race pro has a corrosion resistant easy to transport build, making it an essential tool for all pro mechanics wanting to take care of their bike.


  • Aluminum and steel build
  • Easy to use and intuitive
  • Compatible with both road and mountain bikes
  • Robust and corrosion resistant


  • Additional adapter required for thru-axle bikes

Latest deal: Elite Race Pro Workstand


Topeak Two Up Bike Stand

Topeak Two up bike stand is a state of the art multi bike storage system, designed especially to provide maximum benefit to our consumers. The Two up is constructed of aluminum tubing for strength and a wide tripod base for stability. Two up is an extremely handy, portable stand and can hold up to four bikes at once with ease. The stand offers multiple customization options with its 360-degree adjustment and the QR height adjustment so that it fits all bike models. Furthermore, the Two up includes T6 tubes and QR folding system to enable comfortable folding options and be transported with ease.


  • Solid aluminum build
  • Weighs only 6 kg
  • Multiple adjustment options available
  • Handle stabilizer included


  • Ships with two hangers only

Latest deal: Topeak Two Up Bike Stand


Feedback Sports RAKK Bicycle Storage Stand

Introduced by Feedback, the Sports Rakk bicycle storage is the ideal device for shops, garages, offices and household usage. The sports Rakk packs a versatile steel design with a spring loaded storage slot to work automatically when the bike is rolled in. The innovative slot design can fit in the front and rear wheel of any bike by arranging the modular attachments and all this while making sure that the rims are not scratched. The overall build of the Rakk is premium, with durable power coated steel finish and multiple adjustment options to make sure that it brings nothing but comfort to all its consumers.


  • Versatile and durable steel body
  • Compact and can be transported easily
  • Spring loaded hands free design
  • Affordable


  • Only ships in the US

Latest deal: Feedback Sports RAKK Bicycle Storage Stand


Bikehand Bike Repair Stand

Bikehand Bike repair is a light weight and strong bicycle mechanics work stand for all those bike enthusiasts out there. The stand is made of light alloy aluminum with premium plastic head and clamps. This stand has a wide range of functionality as the height, tilt and angle all have speedy skewers to get the bike in the position you want. The Bikehand stand hosts a 360-degree rotating clamp along a magnetic tool plate to offer smoother rotation and ease of use while working. Once you’re done working, the Bikestand can be easily and conveniently folded with loch handle mechanism offering greater comfort and value to consumers.


  • 360-degree rotating clamp
  • Magnetic tool plate included
  • Foldable and portable
  • 5-year warranty


  • Little tricky to set up

Latest deal: Bikehand Bike Repair Stand

Best Bicycle Stand Buyers Guide

What to look for when buying a bicycle stand?

Price: One of the most important features of a bicycle stand for consumers is the cost. Consumers after spending a good amount on a good quality bike, tend to also look for a quality stand and repairing unit to compliment the earlier purchase. Quality bike stands can cost somewhere between 50 to 400 dollars depending on the material, specifications and size of the stand.

Quality: Another major concern for all rational consumers is the quality of the bike stand. The quality is dependent primarily on the material used, the specifications offered and the durability of the stand. Good quality stands are normally constructed with aluminum and steel alloys, plastic clamps and rubber edges to protect the bike. Major specifications include multiple size customizations, rotating clamps, sturdy frame and a superior folding mechanism. All of these collectively ensure durability and thus quality.

Ratings: Before making a purchase decision, study the market thoroughly and go through product ratings. Product ratings are generally good indicators of quality as majority of the consumers derive satisfaction from similar features and products with higher rating do generally offer greater value.

Frequently asked Questions

Do I need a bike repair stand?
As a beginner you might not feel the need to own a bicycle stand, but with time and experience cyclists do feel the need to fix the bike on a stand before lubing its chain, swapping its tire or indulging in other basic maintenance activities.

What should I look for in a bicycle repair stand?
There are five basic things that you should be looking for in a bicycle stand. First of all, the stability and the shape of the frame, secondly the weight limit should suit your needs, thirdly the portability of the stand as you might need to carry it along. The other two are height adjustment options and the clamp design and durability.

How does a bike stand work?
Bike stands are generally used for parking and storing of the bikes in a safe and efficient manner as bikes can be fixed on the stand. They’re also used for maintenance purposes as they can elevate your bikes to a reasonable height so that parts can be comfortably changed and repaired.


All cyclists struggle with bike storage and repair related issues on a regular basis. These issues need to be dealt with at home as frequently visiting a repair shop is both costly and time consuming. This problem can be easily and conveniently solved by owning a bicycle repair and parking stand.

Various stand models have been discussed above and each of them offers great value for your money. The models above included ones with multiple specifications and functionality at higher costs and also simpler ones with basic parking features only. Consumers can choose from these models based on their needs and usage and can enjoy their biking experience to the fullest.

Bike repair stands act as home based mini workshops and provide the opportunity of learning the inner workings of your bicycle at a deeper level. They not only help you repair the bikes, they also tend to enrich the overall experience of bike ownership and must be bought along all kind of bicycles.

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