Best Bike Cameras [Review] in 2021

Last Updated on November 19, 2020

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Cycling is fun and capturing fun moments while doing what you love is epic! Bike cameras are all the rave these days. You can easily mount them on your bike (Handlebars or bike seat) next to your phone mount or even on your body(helmet). The intention is always to get the best view possible. As fun as getting good videos and pictures taken might be, it would not be wise  to just pick any random camera for your biking adventures. You would have to make sure that you pick the best and to this end, we would be reviewing the best in the business to ensure that you get the best view on any hiking or biking trail. Pay close attention.

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Best action camera for cycling


Campark Action Camera

Campark Action Cam is a top-rated bike camera that comes with amazing features. It has the ability to record ultra HD 4K videos. It captures videos in 4K 30fps/2.7K 30fps/1080P 60fps/1080P 30fps video which is sharper and more lifelike than ever. It can carry out loop recordings which means you miss out on nothing. There is also the slow-motion component which enables you pick out whatever you missed while in motion. It has varying image resolutions of 16M; 12M; 8M; 5M; 2M.

It has a lightweight camera that is connected to almost all social media platforms. The camera has a time-lapse feature. The batteries are rechargeable and it has accessories for mounting the cameras.

It is waterproof
It is rechargeable
It is pocket-friendly
It can carry out loop recording
The battery life is not long

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iON Cool-iCam S3000 Waterproof Action Camcorder

The iON cool-iCam is a waterproof (up to 10Feet /3M) camera. It can take up to 32 GB memory card and it takes 5MP videos and still photos. It comes with a bike mouth that sits perfectly on the handlebars of the bike. With its picture quality, it makes it seamless to take pictures in all-weather without having a blur or haze.

It is cost-friendly
It is Waterproof
The memory can be increased using a memory card.
There is a bike mount
The battery life is short

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Mengshen Full HD

The menghen camera comes with a video resolution of FULL HD 1080P 1920×1080 30FPS/ 1280x720P 60FPS.1080p. It can support micro SD card of up to 32 GB. It can run for over two hours on its lithium-ion batteries. The angle is ultra-wide (120 degrees) and the resolution is very high. It is ultra-sensitive and it can capture clear photos even under dark conditions. It comes with in-built microphone and lithium light.

It is also water-resistant. However it does not have underwater features because it is not waterproof.

It has a high resolution
It has a long battery life
It is water-resistant
Its memory is expandable using a memory card
It is not waterproof

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Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Action Camera

This camera has amazing features like using GPS data overlays to capture 4K/30fps videos. There is an inbuilt voice regulation feature. It is waterproof and has an inbuilt microphone. It is also linked to the internet and social media. It has the slow-motion feature that functions at 720p/240fps. The video resolution is very clear with ultra HD videos of high resolution:  4K/30fps footage, 1080p/1 240fps. The touch screen is very sensitive both in and out of its waterproof coat.

It has a waterproof case
It has the ability to take still photos at high speeds
There is an inbuilt microphone
It is highly photosensitive
The waterproof feature is artificial, and not built on.

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Best Bike Cameras Buyers Guide

When making the choice of what bike cameras to use, features like the mount which saddles the keeps the camera on your bike is of utmost importance. It is pertinent to get cameras with good mounts to avoid having to pick up pieces of the camera after a few rides.

The battery life of your camera is also important. Some cameras have a battery life of ten hours others barely last an hour and thirty minutes. You need to stick to what suits you. There are so many cameras with rechargeable batteries but in the great outdoors, battery power still remains key.

When scouting for bike cameras, it goes without saying that you would want something not too heavy in order to make mounting it easier. The problem is that most lightweight cameras have short battery life. You need to look carefully for something that will tick both boxes: lightweight and substantial battery life at least.

The looping quality of your camera is also important so that you don’t miss out on important moments. Capturing moments doesn’t make sense when it’s done in a blur, hence having cameras with very good resolutions should be top of your list.

Also, cameras that can take still shots while in motion should be favored. You do not want to stop in the middle of enjoying the rush of adrenaline that comes with zooming past trees and down mountains just to take a shot of scenery or a passing animal.

What are the benefits of a bike camera?

For those who love traveling to various places using a bike, a camera will help you to capture all the interesting moments you may come across. This allows you to keep the memories of various places you had visited. Apart from that, you may also use a camera for safety purposes. Accidents are likely to occur at any time you are on the road or when cycling in challenging terrains. With a camera, it will be easy to tell exactly what happened in the case of an accident.

Where should you mount the bike camera?

You can mount the camera either on the handlebar, helmet or under the saddle.

Handlebar– If you want to have a clear view of what is happening in front of you, then you need to mount the camera on the handlebar. However, you will not be able to achieve the required stability when you have mounted the camera on the handlebar. As a result, the videos will be a bit blurry.

Helmet– Mounting the camera on the helmet will be a good idea if you want to have more clear videos. However, you will need to use a tight mount to achieve the best recordings. The images may also appear to be too high.

Under the saddle– This position allows you to capture what is happening behind you. It is the best position if you are cycling as a group and you want to take the recordings.

Key things to check when buying a bike camera

Design– The shape and design of your camera will determine how it will fit on the handlebar or helmet. If you are intending to be using it every day, you need to look for a compact one. Again, the shape will also determine how you will mount it on the bike. Some cameras work best when mounted on the handlebars while others are supposed to be mounted on the helmet. When buying, you should look for the most practical option that suits you.

Video quality– Whether you are intending to share the video clips with your audience or you need them for your own needs, you should look for a camera that is able to provide high quality recordings. You should also be ready to pay an extra price for such kind of a camera.

Battery– This one is another important feature you should not overlook. The best camera is one that has a long battery life especially if will be using it for several hours. You should also consider those cameras with removable batteries because you can carry an extra one for back up.

Connectivity– It is also important to ensure that it will be compatible with your laptop or smartphone. This means that you need to check the ports and features such as Bluetooth.

Memory– You should also check the storage capacity of the camera to ensure that it can store most of the recording. A good camera should have at least 32 GB of storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best bike camera?

You can never go wrong with any of those cycling cameras we have reviewed. The best camera is the one that has the most favorable features that suit your needs and budget.

Where do I attach the bike camera?

You can mount the camera either on your helmet, handlebar, or under the saddle depending on what you want to capture.


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