Best Bike Chain Lock [Review] in 2022

Last Updated on March 21, 2022

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We all love cycling. It’s a beautiful hobby that lets us indulge into the environment around us. May it be riding along the countryside or a mountain, the cool wind hitting our face along with the ability to explore excites us in the best of ways possible.

But a major problem almost all of us have been a victim to is bike theft. You can literally go inside a store for 5 minutes and the next thing you know, your ride is stolen. That’s where bike locks come in handy. Not only do they secure your ride but also give a peace of mind while you are way from it. Let’s look at some of the best bike chain locks you can find online.

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Best Bike Chain Lock


KILAKILA security chain lock

KILAKILA brings you their sturdy offering in the name of bike chain locks. The black covering on the chain with white branding looks sleek and very cool. If riding in style is your jam, you have come to the right place. The chain is made with high tensile manganese steel that provides plenty of strength and durability. It has abilities like anti-saw and anti-shear that enables a whole new level of security you have seen before. The 16mm thick U-lock provides powerful locking and gives you confidence in your ride. The chain lock is not only restricted to bikes as you can use it on motorcycles and electric bikes as well. The diversity makes it an even better option. The nylon sleeve covering protects your bike from scratching against the chain and chipping paint off. There are 4 different lengths the chain comes in that you can choose from. You get 2 keys with the lock and this is a great option for you.


  • Manganese steel chain
  • Nylon covering protection
  • Strong U-lock
  • Different length options


  • Could use a stealthier color option

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Kryptonite new york

Kryptonite is known for their products when it comes to providing security. The new york bike chain lock is no exception to that rule. The chain looks sleek and heavy-duty, and the lock also has a funky yellow tone to it. As far as the build quality is concerned, you get a hardened manganese steel for the ultimate protection you come to expect from the chain. The protective nylon cover is great to keep the bike from getting its paint chipped as the chain can ruin it otherwise. The hardened double deadbolt along with high security disc-style cylinder on the U-lock provides great security and trust in the product. You even get a sliding dustcover to protect the cylinder and preserve its life. You will have an amazing experience with this one and will not get disappointed.


  • Manganese steel
  • Deadbolt U-lock
  • Nylon covering
  • Dustcover


  • Could use better protection and a stronger build

Latest deal: Kryptonite new york


Sportneer bike lock

Sportneer takes a different approach to chain bike locks, offering you a 5-digit resettable combination on the lock that allows you to have a better option at unlocking the bike. The all-black design with the cool white branding on the nylon covering looks sleek and stands out for sure. The build quality is also great as the chain is made with extra thick manganese steel that can do the job well. Durability is not an issue and you can rely on the strength of this lock. The keyless secure input on the lock is a blessing as with key locks, you often lose the key which is one of the worst feelings in the world. The 5-digit lock is also resettable which makes it that much more convenient and customizable. The nylon covering protects the paint of your bike from chipping off. The cable is also long and flexible, making it easy for you to work around with it as you have more room to move. The waterproof and dustproof covering protects the lock from being scratched and sawed. Overall, this is a great option for you.


  • Manganese steel
  • 5-digit resettable combination
  • Nylon covering for protection
  • Long cable for flexibility


  • Could user a hefty lock

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Kryptonite keeper 785

Kryptonite is back at it again, this time bringing you an all-black look that features a glossy finished lock and a yellow chain with black covering. This chain lock gets a lot of style points from looking sleek alone. As far as build quality is concerned, you get a hard manganese steel build that is plenty durable and strong. The lock is also great as it eliminates the vulnerability as a deadbolt design is present. The lock secures fit and tightly that allows for great protection against theft. The disc-style cylinder is pick and drill resistance which means it can take a lot of beating. You will not feel the need to change the lock for a very long time as it holds up pretty well. The nylon sleeve is weather resistance and also provides protection from the chain that can chip off some paint from the ride. Overall, this is a great product that you will love.


  • All black sleek design
  • Manganese steel
  • Nylon protected sleeve
  • Strong U-lock


  • Could use a better smoother key

Latest deal: Kryptonite keeper 785


Etronic bike lock

ETRONIC, as the name suggests, brings you a funky looking design when it comes to bike chain locks. This all-black and yellow vibe on the chain lock gives it a very cool feeling and it definitely stands out from the rest. Your bike will look great with this one on. The preset 5-digit resettable lock has a colorful number design which looks fun and also removes the need for a key that you will end up losing anyway. The cable features a hard steel chain that will do a great job at providing durability and strength where required. It offers great resistance to cutting and sawing. The soft nylon protective cover helps in preventing the bike from getting scratched. Overall, this is a great option for you.


  • Steel cable
  • 5-digit resettable lock
  • Nylon covering
  • Funky design


  • Could use a better quality on the lock

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Dsteng bike lock

Dsteng brings you a two-tone low-profile bike chain lock that offers a 5-digit resettable number lock. The lock comes in 2 different colors that are black and blue. You get choice to pick your color which is a great add on, and the lock looks sleek and stylish. The build quality on this one is also great as the chain is made with steel that provides strong cut resistance. This helps you have faith in the product as you can forget about it and relax afterwards. The lock has a versatile use as you can use it for scooters and electric bikes as well. This is always useful as you never know what you may want to secure at what time. The chain is enclosed in a waterproof and dustproof cover that also prevents the bike from getting scratched. The 5-digit code on the lock is better than keys as you can lose keys easily. Overall, this is a great option for you.


  • 5-digit resettable lock
  • Steel chain
  • Chain covering
  • Color options


  • Could be easier to reset

Latest deal: Dsteng bike lock

Best Bike Chain Lock Buyers Guide

What to look for when buying a bike chain lock?

Build quality: This is an obvious one. We are talking about security here and the lock needs to nail the build quality in order to provide that. Many locks don’t have a great build and the bikes end up getting stolen. Make sure you get a lock that is well made.

Lock: You will find mostly two types of locks. A key lock and a keyless entry lock. The keyless lock uses a number combination which is better than the key design as you may end up losing the keys. The key locks also work great but there is a better option available here.

Nylon covering: This one is essential although not completely necessary. If you care about your bike’s paint, then you will want a lock that has its chain covered in some cloth. Nylon coverings prevent the bikes from getting nicked.


Bike chain locks are a crucial thing to have especially in a world where theft is so common. Many bikers lose their bikes to thieves all around the globe. And to prevent that from happening, we looked at some of the best bike chain locks available to you online. Some had a key entry while others provided a 5-digit resettable number lock which is a great option. Speaking of options, some even gave you different colors to pick from. The chains were made with strong manganese steel which is plenty durable, and the locks were also heavy-duty. Lastly, nylon covers were also seen that protect the bike paint from chipping off.

Cycling is a breathtakingly beautiful hobby and many around the world love it. The sport demands the rightful respect it gets, and the bike itself is a beautiful artwork. You will need a lock to protect your prized possession, and with the ones we looked at today, you will love what you get.

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