Best Bike For Exercise Riding

By: Mason Arnold

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ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike
VERZA Speed 20 Fitness Road Bike
Tommaso La Forma

Are you looking for a bike to start exercising with but don’t know where to start?

Well, don’t worry because there are countless others in your position and luckily for you, I can help you with everything you’ll need to know.

I’ve spent 5 hours looking at different bikes to find three of the best that’ll be perfect for exercise riding, so you can stop your search and know that whichever you pick will be top of the range.

Many bikes come with an exorbitant price tag so it’s important you know how to get your money’s worth by taking into account things such as height, weight, and even the frame material.

Now, what about the good news?

I’ve made your search a whole lot easier by highlighting the best features on my top picks for road bikes and mountain bikes that will be perfect for exercise riding.

Here’s a tip for your riding workout – changing your riding position on the saddle will emphasize different muscle groups. Moving forward accentuates the quadriceps while moving back exerts the hamstrings and glutes. This is great for long rides so you can rest certain muscles while you ride.

Be sure to check out my top pick, it’s perfect for commuting and exercise.

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Here’s Our List of Bikes For Exercise Riding

ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike

Are you someone who doesn’t like to limit what terrain they cover while exercising but would prefer just the one bicycle you can use for everything?

Well, the ANCHEER is going to give you just that, this bike adopts an ultra-lightweight yet strong frame, double shock absorption, a mechanical front, and rear disc-brake design, and a 21-speed professional transmission system.

This is great for those of you who want to explore and push yourself while your exercising. This bike will easily climb most hills and terrain so you can go off the bike path if you’re feeling adventurous during your workout.

But wait,

The terrain is even easier to handle than it already was with the ANCHEER’s 26-inch magnesium alloy integrated wheels with anti-slip resistant thick tires. But when you’re just using this bike to get to work or cruise around town then the 36V 8AH lithium-Ion front battery and 250W stable motor will help you reach speeds of up to 30mph,

My favorite thing about this bike though has to be the front and rear suspension, they do such a great job of absorbing bumps in fact that you can typically carry higher speeds through technical sections of trail than you would be able to with a hardtail.

This bike is everything you’ll ever need, perfect for exercise riding and numerous other things. It’s a steal for the price it’s at.

  • 21-speed professional transmission system.
  • 26-inch magnesium alloy anti-slip wheels
  • Excellent dual suspension
  • Gear set for both wheels can be complex at first
Latest deal: ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike

VERZA Speed 20 Fitness Road Bike

Looking for a high-quality bicycle that’s a comfortable, lightweight, and controlled ride?

The VERZA 20 road bike is just the thing you’re looking for. The VERZA 20’s Flat Mount disc brakes are ideal for all riding conditions. They provide more stopping power, greater modulation, and more consistent performance than rim brakes.

Complementing this road bikes’ disc brakes are 12mm thru-axles, which provide a more secure interface over traditional quick-release skewers. This is going to help with your acceleration, handling, and give you crisper shifting.

Better yet,

The reviews on this bike are brilliant, with all 4 and 5-star ratings complimenting how smooth a ride the VERZA road bikes are. With a comfortable upright riding position, flat bar handles, and lightweight aluminum frame you’ll have a great time exercise riding down bike paths.

What I love about the VERZA 20 road bike, however, is the high-visibility aesthetic accents throughout the design. Sleek and modern reflectors on the pedals and other components offer added visibility so you can go out exercising at any time of day, great for those days where you’re schedule isn’t going according to plan.

You’re really going to want to get this road bike to get the best road cycling experience money can buy.

  • Tubeless-ready wheels
  • Shimano Tiagra 10-speed shifting
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Slightly more expensive
Latest deal: VERZA Speed 20 Fitness Road Bike

Tommaso La Forma

Have you been looking at fitness bikes for the past hour and just want something simple that provides a comfortable and effective exercising experience?

Well, I have good news, the Tommaso La Forma is a hybrid bike that’s at home on the street or a dirt bike path. The high quality 6061 frame is ready to handle even the most demanding commutes and fitness rides.

The La Forma isn’t just your ordinary fitness bike though, as it comes outfitted with Shimano Acera derailleurs, shifters, and a premium WTB gel saddle, all components that you normally only find on bikes costing significantly more, so it’s a really great bang for your buck.

You should know by now though that that’s not all,

The wide tires give you great stability in all conditions and the high modulus carbon fiber fork dampens any road imperfections resulting in smooth ride quality. This means there’s no need to worry about the ground your cycling on so instead you can focus on your pedaling motion and losing those pounds all while having fun on your bicycle.

The best part about the La Forma for me though is the ‘ready to ride’ build, not everyone is a bike technical or has a bike shop nearby so this build means you’ll receive a 99% assembled bike that can go from the road to the trails in just 10 minutes.

Hybrid bikes like this are perfect for all fitness levels. You’ll want to take out this bike and go cycling all over as much as you can when you feel how user friendly it is. So don’t hesitate and take a look for yourself!

  • Wider Tires
  • ‘Ready to Ride’ build
  • high modulus carbon fiber fork
  • Handlebar rise may cause pain on longer rides
Latest deal: Tommaso La Forma

What Is The Best Type Of Bike For Exercise?

Not everyone is the same so it’s hard to pin down a definitive bike that’s the best for exercise so here are the primary types of bicycles and what’s good about them.

Recumbent Bikes

Recumbent bikes are a ton of fun to ride, they’re in a reclined position so you’re low to the ground while riding. These bikes are designed for a good workout as they’re easier on your joints so you’re less likely to feel pain after your cycling session. These bikes tend to be a little more specialist than your regular upright bike so you may want to read into them a little more and go for one with three wheels first

Mountain Bikes

A mountain bike is in your traditional upright riding position and is always a good choice for your trails and exercise. Mountain bikes often have wide tires so riding on rougher terrain is much smoother. A mountain bike tends to activate more of your muscle groups since you’ll be dealing with inclines and declines so you’ll really work up a sweat. When buying a mountain bike be sure to look for a great frame with considerable front suspension components to smooth out the bumps.

Road Bikes

Road bicycles are ideal for exercise because they encourage performance. Most are light in weight and have thin tires so you’ll be gliding around in style all while having fun. The gearing of road bikes is a big help when exercising: with some sporting upwards of 30 gears, you’ll always have room to push yourself that little bit more. Adjusting your gearing when cycling on road bikes can make even a simple ride on flat roads a fun and challenging experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How good is riding a bike for exercise?

A bike is a great way to exercise, pedaling with the right gears can really help you push yourself as it works a lot of your lower body muscles. These muscles include the quadriceps, hamstring, gastrocnemius, and soleus in the calf. This makes it one of the best ways to exercise your lower body and the intensity of your workout only gets better when you use mountain bikes and ride up hilly terrain as this requires more powerful pedaling.

What is the best type of bike for everyday use?

The best kind of bike for everyday use is a road bike as these are better suited to flat terrains such as roads and paths. Unless you live in a rural area with dirt tracks and hills a road bike is the way to go. However, if you want one bike that does it all then hybrid bikes are the way to go. My recommendation for a good hybrid bike that’ll help you with commutes and any rough terrain you find yourself on is the Tommaso La Forma, this does it all and promotes performance as well as fun, so go and get yourself one right now!

What is the best women’s bike for exercise?

My recommendation for a great women’s bike for exercise is the ANCHEER Folding Electric Commuting Bike, this is a hybrid bike that allows you to go cycling down all sorts of trails or just have a simple ride to work. This bicycle will help you get fit and get to where you want to go, or if you prefer you can traverse hills and really challenge yourself out in the wilderness.


So there are my picks for the best bicycles when it comes to exercise. Remember you want to look at the tires, fork, back, and front suspension, as well as the brakes. These all contribute to your ride making it more comfortable and smooth.

Before you buy your bicycle be sure to consider where you’re going to use it and how often. Choosing the right kind of bicycle can make or break how good your workout is. Hybrid bikes are a brilliant workaround to this problem as they’re usually tailored to be taken across multiple types of terrain.

My top pick for hybrid bikes is the ANCHEER folding electric commuting bicycle. This is going to take you all over the place be it on the road or through the woods and over fallen trees. So scroll up and take a look at that, it may be just what you require.

Whatever bicycle you decide on though it’s important to make sure you enjoy using it as this is what will motivate you to keep going out there and start cycling. A bicycle is a great form of exercise so it’s essential you pick the right bicycle that you enjoy riding as this is going to keep you motivated.

Good luck with your hunt for bikes and happy pedaling!