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As cycling becomes more than exercise and a mode of commute, people increasingly cycle with different purposes and so at different times of the day. One of the most essential accessories for the safety of both the cyclist and the people/animals around the cyclist are the lights as they help you in seeing and being seen. This is seen by the fact that some countries require at least two lights on cycles- on the front and rear. Depending on your usage, lights vary in brightness, battery life, battery charge, methods of mounting, and beam patterns.

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Best Bike Lights


Moon Meteor Storm Pro Light

The Moon Meteor Storm Pro comes with a Lumen system which you can vary for output levels from 200 to 1700 lumens and a boost mode which emits up to 2000 lumens which makes this suitable for any time and place. It is rechargeable with a type C cable for convenience and has indicators for low battery, fully charged and charging. For additional safety it also has a flash mode so you are visible on the road, an over heat protection method, and is completely waterproof.  Its mount is a quick release one so you can take it off quickly if there is a fear of theft.


  • Waterproof up to IPX 5
  • 5 modes of lumen output
  • Side visibility
  • Mode memory


  • Most power focused directly in front

Latest deal: Moon Meteor Storm Pro Light


Light And Motion Urban 1000 Light Trooper + Vis 180 Pro

Light and Motion bring you a front and rear light combination in which both lights have met FL-1 standard certifications. It has 3 lumen modes which are 250, 500 and 1000 and have a respectable battery time depending on each mode. One of the best features is the pulse modes on the side lights which work as great indicators and keep you safe at intersections. It is rechargeable with a micro USB port and the battery also has a status indicator. It also has a tool free mount which makes attachment quick and easy and is also waterproof to a depth of 1 meter.


  • Front and rear combo
  • Rechargeable battery with indicator
  • Side visibility
  • Pulse mode


  • Highest output is 1000 lumens

Latest deal: Light And Motion Urban 1000 Light Trooper + Vis 180 Pro


Cateye Ampp 800 Front Light

The AMPP 800 is another great option for rides during the day as well as the night. This is thanks to its OptiCube lens technology which widens the reach of the beams. This is especially useful when you are on a road which doesn’t have other light sources at night. It also has a battery rechargeable using a Micro USB, and a three-light indicator for current battery level. It also has 5 light modes which you can easily switch between depending on the situation and a very reliable mount which is quick and easy to use.


  • Wide beam reach
  • Rechargeable battery with three indicators
  • Very reliable bracket
  • 5 light modes


  • Reviews say its battery time is relatively low

Latest deal: Cateye Ampp 800 Front Light


Bontrager Ion Pro RT Front Bike Light

The Bontrager Ion Pro RT is one of the most reliable lights in the market as shown by its one-month unconditional guarantee. It has 5 light modes which can be adjusted for any lighting and the light is wide enough to cover any trail that you choose to take. You will also be able to see and be seen from afar thanks to its 2 kilometres range. It can output light as high as 1300 lumen and guarantees consistent lighting despite battery charge. This battery is rechargeable via Micro USB and it has an adjustable mount compatible with helmets as well.


  • Waterproof
  • Great daylight mode flash
  • Consistent Brightness
  • Unconditional guarantee


  • Bluetooth Transmitter creates issues

Latest deal: Bontrager Ion Pro RT Front Bike Light


Bontrager ion 120 front bike light

While the Bontrager ion 120 comes cheaper it does make some sacrifices such as the light battery which works by replacing the cells/batteries rather than recharging it. Similarly, its maximum output is 120 lumens. However, the light is still reasonable strong and for the cheap price has three modes including a flash for daytime. For mounting, it has a sync bracket which is quick and easy especially thanks to it extremely low weight. It also comes with an unconditional Bontrager guarantee for a month in case you are unsatisfied by the product.


  • Cheap
  • Extremely light and compact
  • Compatible with Blendr
  • Unconditional guarantee


  • Lower lumen output

Latest deal: Bontrager ion 120 front bike light


Vont 'Scope' Bike Light

One of the toughest lights you will find, Vont brings a front as well as a free taillight made of military grade materials. Due to this it is also completely waterproof and very stable when mounted which is great for mountain bikers as well as easy to install or remove. Along with the light having three modes, you can also change its focus which can reach up to a thousand feet. While it has a AAA battery, it can last up to six hours and you can keep extra cells with you. It also comes with a one-year warrantee.


  • Comes with a free rear light
  • Can change focus
  • Cheap
  • One-year guarantee


  • Lumens unknown but reviewers say it’s not very bright

Latest deal: Vont ‘Scope’ Bike Light


Blitzu Bike Light

The Blitzu Bike light is a sure bargain. It is USB rechargeable and charges in only two hours and lasts for much longer than that. Plus, it comes with a free taillight, as well as a 360 degrees swivel ability giving you all around visibility even when you are riding in the dark. It has four modes with a maximum 320 lumen output. It is easy to attach and remove with its quick release button and is super durable and water resistant all over. It is perfect for all weather conditions and provides consistent brightness. It also comes with a one-year hassle-free warranty making it a very reliable option.


  • One-year warranty
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Front and rear lights combo
  • Quick release button


  • Maximum 320 Lumens

Latest deal: Blitzu Bike Light


Ascher Ultra Bright USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set

Ascher gives us a relatively cheaper option for a rechargeable lithium battery. This light has some of the best ratings among reviews thanks to multiple reasons. It comes with a rear light as well and both front and rear lights are rechargeable, with battery capacities of 1800 mAh and 330 mAH respectively. It has four light modes including great flash modes for different environments. It features a very adjustable silicon mount strap which makes mounting quick and easy without tools. The maximum lumen capacity is a little lower at 300 lumens but the beams are wide enough to cover any trail.


  • Comes with a free rear light
  • Great flash modes
  • Cheap for rechargeable lights
  • Completely weather-proof


  • Low Maximum Lumen Capacity

Latest deal: Ascher Ultra Bright USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set


BrightRoad Auto On/Off Bike Light Set

These lights are especially for those who want to be seen- by cars or any passengers you may cross. This is because this set of lights also work as reflectors so can reflect car headlights back at them, especially the rear light. One of the best features of these are the motion sensors which turn the lights off if you have not cycled for two minutes and turn on immediately when you start cycling. They have rechargeable batteries which are extremely efficient and are IPX6 waterproof which makes them great for any weather. Their reliability is showcased by a one-year warranty.


  • Motion Sensors
  • Act as reflectors
  • One-year warranty
  • Completely weather-proof


  • Low Maximum Lumen Capacity

Latest deal: BrightRoad Auto On/Off Bike Light Set

Best Bike Lights Buyers Guide

What to look for when buying a Bike Light?

Price: Bike lights price vary a lot especially depending on whether they have rechargeable lithium batteries or not. While cheaper bike light options are plenty in the market, but they are very vulnerable and scams are plenty which is why we recommend spending some extra to buy from a reliable company. 

Lumens: A lot of debate goes around lumen output and how much is enough. This completely depends on where and when you are riding. For the day, to be seen you need around a hundred lumens, and up to two hundred lumens if you are driving in the city at night. However, if you go to a place with no or few light sources you need at least 500 lumens or higher to be safe.

Battery: Whether you go with a light with a lithium rechargeable battery or a cheaper replaceable battery is up to you. Rechargeable batteries are often safer since you can recharge them anywhere with an electric output whereas if you chose a replaceable battery you should always keep an extra pair of cells/batteries on hand.

Ratings: Ratings or reviews are extremely important here to avoid getting lights that might fuse up, have lower battery times or have inconsistent brightness as opposed to how they have been advertised.

Frequently asked Questions

When should I use my flash mode?
The flash mode is extremely useful at daytime since a steady light may not stand out. However, at night-time, a lower lumen and rear light should be put on flash but not the brighter front light as it may disrupt traffic. However, in really foggy situations the flash should definitely be on.

How do I place my bike lights?
Bike lights should be positioned as far away from each other as possible. This is so that they are easy to distinguish and drivers of all kinds of vehicles can notice you.

Can I attach rear lights to my aero seatpost?
While buying lights in case you have an aero seatpost, you need to be careful since not all rear lights are designed for them. However, there are some you will find specifically designed for aero seatposts.

Are there laws for the maximum lumen output of my bike?
While most places do not, you can check with authorities. However, similar to car lights you would not want to blind drivers on roads for their as well as your own safety.


We have explored a vast range of bike lights today. We need to remember that bike lights are extremely crucial for safe journeys and a small cost may save you from a much larger cost later on. With all lights, it is important that they indicate how much battery is left so you never have to ride without the option of a light. The modes of lights are also extremely significant as you want to see your path and let vehicle drivers see you as well.

While cycling accidents are not as common, they still happen and are riskier and lights play a crucial part in reducing this risk especially if you travel to places with no other light sources which is why it is illegal to bike without lights in quite a few areas.

Safe riding everyone!

Alex Bristol

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