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Roam Universal
Bike U Lock with Cable

Are you looking for a sturdy, reliable mount to hold your precious phone so you can capture your favorite moments down the trails? Well, don’t worry I’ve got you covered.

Phone mounts help hold the phone in place while on a bike to capture moments or track your progress while doing what you love. As much as having a phone mount is important, buying a phone mount that suits your type of phone and would last is more important.

Whether you’re an android or iPhone lover, I’ve looked into them all. I’ve researched 27 different bike phone mounts looking into quality and design in order to make my top list today.

I’ve researched how these bike phone mounts can tackle dust, rain, while still being durable, as we all know that us bikers love to get a little dirty on our rides.

Everyone knows the importance of setting up their phones correctly but remember the risk of theft can sometimes increase with a phone on display.

Each mount below is reviewed based on security incase the worst was to happen when riding your bike. But that’s enough on this, for now, let’s get onto my list

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Best Bike Phone Mounts For Cycling

Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount

best bike phone mount

For my top pick I had to go for the Roam Univeral Premium Bike Phone Mount, an excellent fit no matter what phone you have.

Using two points of contact, The Co-Pilot will securely mount your device to your handlebars using a premium hard plastic grip with a silicone net, securing each part of your phone to the mount. 

Whether you’re using your phone to show off your cool tricks on Instagram or using it to discover new rides using maps. 

The Co-Pilot has the largest handlebar clamp on the market. The premium hard plastic clamp has a grip so strong and large that its security is not in doubt.

Even on the bumpiest of rides, even on the jumps, I can guarantee this mount will keep your phone secure and safe. 

For the price this product is unbeatable- don’t just take it from me go have a look at the outstanding reviews.

  • Super durable and strong
  • 12mm of harden steel and 10mm of harden steel shackle
  • Offers lifetime guarantee
  • Can be adjusted to your waist for extreme convenience
  • Quite heavy
Latest deal: Roam Universal

Bike Mount, IPOW Universal Cell Phone Bicycle Rack Handlebar & Motorcycle Holder

The IPOW Universal Phone Mount is renowned for its indisputable quality. It has the ability to hold phones in different directions with 360-degree rotation.

While gripping and protecting your phone in all directions it also prevents your device from falling. 

The bands holding the phone are made of silicone making it very strong and elastic. The phone mount is a universal fit meaning it can be used on any phone

Are you sensing a pattern so far?

The clamps have rubber lines that help prevent scratches on the surface of the phone. I’ve with my phone on the mount for over 4 hours over potholes and speedbumps and it stuck securely in place.

This mount checks out and works great- go have a look 

  • It has a very elastic silicone net
  • It has various handlebar compatibility
  • It fits all phone sizes
  • It is affordable
  • The clamp is metal while mount is brittle plastic.
Latest deal: IPOW Universal

WILD MAN Waterproof Bike Phone Mount Bag with Touch Screen Holder Case

Looking for a waterproof bike mount that can help you get through the rainest or rides, while still remaining fully functional? WILDMAN’s phone mount is one of the best.

The TPU transparent touch screen case is great to keep your phone stable and allow you to see the screen clearly and operate your smartphone without taking it out while riding.

Whether you need to check your map, answer a call, or change the song this phone mount can do it all. It even has a hidden earphone hole if you don’t have wireless earphones to allow you to enjoy music freely while cycling. It is compatible with any phone below 6.5 inches.

Heres the best bit.

The bike top tube bag is made out of the top waterproof PU material with sealed double zippers closure, ensuring that the water stays out, even on the rainiest days or in the extremest environments. 

This dynamic, stylish, durable, shake-proof, and pressure-proof mount is a deserving winner, therefore making it number 3 on my list.

This is my go-to for durability and to keep your phone dry on any ride.

  • It is a universal fit
  • It contains silicon bands that hold the clamp in place even for bumpy rides
  • It can hold the phone in different directions
  • It can be used on the handlebars and also on the seat.
  • It is not waterproof
Latest deal: WILD MAN Waterproof Bike Phone Mount

Visnfa Bike Phone Mount 360º Rotation for Any Smartphones

If you’re looking for a phone mount that’s sturdy and secure keeping your phone safe even on the bumpiest of rides, then this is the one for you.

Visnfa’s Phone Holder uses super durable and hyperelastic clockwork to the automatic contraction clamp arms. One-switch to lock or unlock the clockwork ensuring safety and stability getting you going in a quick sweep.

Let me tell you that similar to the IPOW, this phone mount can rotate 360 degrees, so you can place your phone in any position that takes your fancy. It can be mounted to either the bike stem or the handlebars, whatever suits you. 

With universal compatibility, it is suited for any phone so you don’t need to find a specific phone mount for your phone, it will even fit the newest 6.7inch iPhone 12, Pro Max. 

This is an excellent and affordable option for a sturdy and well thought out phone holder.

  • Water-proof
  • Extremely durable
  • Universal fit up to 6.5 inches
  • Stylish
  • May be too wide if you have a small phone
Latest deal: Visnfa Bike Phone Mount 360º Rotation for Any Smartphone

Lamicall Bike Phone Holder

If you’re looking for a bike phone mount that is able to tackle and absorb the shock of the mountainous terrains then the Lamicall is one of the best.

The special shape of this phone holder grips each corner of your phone snugly. It ensures the safety of your cell phone attached to the bike handlebar even on the bumpiest of roads or trails.

The Lamicall has silicone pads that prevent your phone from scratches and vibration, absorbing the shock around the edges.

Here’s the deal.

The universal bike cell phone holder bike for 4.7 and 6.8 inches with thickness up to 15mm so you don’t have to worry about it fitting with a case, it will.

It’s so easy attached that you can do it with one hand while allowing 360º rotation so you can fit it at any angle you’d like. 

This is an all-around quality phone mount that you don’t need to spend a fortune on. 

  • Universal fit from 4-7 inches
  • 360º rotation
  • Easy installation
  • Durable
  • Quite bulky
Latest deal: Lamicall Bike Phone Holder

GUB Bike Phone Holder with 360° Rotation

This strong aluminium frame will be sure to get you out of trouble especially down the bumpy trails. Are you looking for a bike mount that’ll hold either your GPS or phone? The GUB can do it all.

With the width of the mount can extend 50mm to 100mm while the length can extend up to 7 inches, making this is a perfect universal bike mount. 

And it doesn’t stop there

The metal phone mount will hold your cell phone tightly on the bicycle,the Sponge also protects your mobile phone or even your GPS

Whether you’re exploring new trail routes or just casually riding on a sunny day it’s as simple as just adjusting and securing your phone and getting going. With the 360º this phone mount caters to all your needs.

This will definitely cater to whatever phone you are looking to get now or in the future. Go check it out. 

  • Universal fit from 4.7 to 6.8 inches
  • 360º rotation
  • Easy installation
  • Durable
  • Need to make sure you lock it.
Latest deal: GUB Bike Phone Holder with 360° Rotation

MaxMiles Aluminum Universal Adjustable Bike Phone Mount

This is the strongest, most reliable bike phone holder on the market. MaxMiles has a non-rotating fixed design for extra stability, keeping your phone secure.

This holder includes a powerful 3M adhesive Patch, so you never need to worry about your device getting lost. It is made out of a high-quality premium, lightweight CNC-machined aluminum alloy, ready for anything you throw at it. 

Sounds good right?

Fits snug as a rug on any phone up to 4inches width. This bike phone mount is perfect for those journeys you need that extra guidance, allowing you to see the map easily while riding.

I’ve personally had some bad experiences with bike phone mounts where either my phone slips out or the plastic snaps but I definitely feel more reassured having this bike mount- don’t just take it from me go have a look. 

  • Universal fit from 4 to 7 inch phones
  • 360º rotation
  • Very strong and durable
  • Sturdy and secure
  • Prongs aren’t very long
Latest deal: MaxMiles Aluminum Bike Phone Mount

Andobil, Universal Bike Phone Mount

best cell phone mounts for mountain bikes

Andobil’s phone holder is one of the very best, ready to attack any extremely harsh environments like the mountainous terrain while keeping your phone secure like a baby. Want to conquer all kinds of terrain and natural environment, this is my top pick for you.

Andobil’s bike phone mount has anti-slip rubber pads, to provide a stable support shelf and the improved rubber belt offers a secure grip for your phone so you can ride safely.

You can tackle any bump or hill knowing Andobill has you covered.

It even avoids the phone power or volume button being squeezed by the clamp arm and is universally compatible for all 4-7 inch phones. 

With quick and easy installation without tools making it very easy to attach or detach to handlebars of any size it also allows 360º rotation so you can have your phone in any direction.

Why not give it a go!

  • Universal fit from 2 to 4 inch width
  • Easy installation
  • Very strong and durable
  • Sturdy and secure
  • Can’t rotate so only fits horizontally
Latest deal: Andobil, Universal Bike Phone Mount

Opamoo Bike Waterproof Phone Front Frame Bag.

Now I thought I’d introduce another water-proof phone mount for all you extreme weather riders looking for a phone mount that you can still use your phone without it getting drenched. 

Opamoo’s high sensitive TPU film window on the bike phone front frame bag, allows you to easily play your cellphone or see your activity while using maps on a ride.  

Also, the hidden headphone hole allows you to plug your headphones in if you enjoy a music-filled ride.

And the best part?

The top tube bike bag is made out of waterproof polyester and has a seamless waterproof double zippers design that can perfectly shield your phone in rainy days and extreme environments

So you can keep going and keep pushing the boundaries.

This phone mount even has a bike bag big enough for long rides so you can hold a lot of stuff like your, charger, power bank, USB cable, bicycle repair tools, or even small tire pump. I’ve got you covered on this one. 

  • Anti-shake and super stable
  • Easy installation
  • 360º rotation
  • No.1 Adjustable Foot Design
  • If you have an anti-glare screen may be difficult to see
Opamoo Bike Waterproof Phone Holder

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Best Bike Phone Mounts FAQ’s and Buyers Guide

If you love cycling like me you’ll understand that finding a new trial or planning a new adventure is the best bit. Finding a sturdy phone mount is my top priority as it’ll keep you from getting lost or allowing you to get balls deep in your ride without the worry of how you’ll get home.

Most mounts nowadays are universal but it is always good to check, there’s nothing worse than getting a new mount then realizing it doesn’t fit. In my list, I have ensured that I’ve found quality bike mounts that can fit most phones, even the biggest iPhone yet.

If you find the right bike mount but decide in a couple of years’ time you want to upgrade your phone I can guarantee if you pick one of these phone mounts it’ll fit your phone even if it’s a whopping 7 inches.

Just double-check before you go full speed ahead with the purchase that it definitely fits.

The major reason why you should always have a phone mount is to keep your phone safe when cycling. Most of the phone mounts are very sturdy and are build in such a way that you can pick calls even when you are on your bike.

It also allows you to do other things on your phone without using your hands. In terms of price, bike phone mounts are very affordable and are also easy to install.

Key things to check when buying bike phone mounts

There are many factors to consider when buying a phone mount such as if it has 360º rotation, whether it can withstand harsh conditions, whether you’re looking for a waterproof option etc:

Size of the handlebar– Bike handlebars are available in different sizes. When searching for a good phone mount, you need to ensure that it is compatible with the size of your bike’s handlebar. This is very important because if the phone mount doesn’t fit on the handlebar people, your phone won’t be secure.

Waterproof- A waterproof phone mount will give you peace of mind even when cycling in harsh weather conditions. The good thing about waterproof phone mounts is that they are made of tough materials that do not allow water or mud to pass through.

Capacity– It is also important to confirm that the phone mount you have picked matches the size of your phone. You need to compare the dimensions of your phone and the mount before buying to ensure that it is not too small or too big.

Tough materials – The best phone mount should be made of tough materials that ensure that your phone is very safe. Again, the phone mount should have anti-vibration capabilities especially if you ride on rough terrains. You should consider those that feature rubber in their clamps.

Installation– Again, you don’t need a very complex phone mount that is hard to install. When buying, you need to check the mounting methods available to ensure that you can easily fix it and remove it from the bike.

Universality- Universal phone mounts are perfect for if you’re not the type of person to constantly be chasing to get the newest phone, or if you like changing your phone frequently. Universal phone mounts allow you to adjust the fit often from around 4 inches to 7 inches to ensure you have the perfect fit for your phone.

Instead of buying a specific phone mount for your phone buy one that can be adapted so if you decide to buy a new or different phone it won’t affect your cycling, you’ll just need to widen the mount.

360º rotation-  Looking for a 360º rotation phone holder is also very popular as it gives you the ideal viewing angle and allows quick switching between portrait and landscape view. If you want the option to change angle I would recommend finding a mount that has 360º rotation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best bike phone mount?

If you are searching for the most reliable phone mount, Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount will be a great choice. The good thing about it is that it is compatible with all phone sizes. It is also affordable and compatible with different handlebars.

Is it safe to carry your phone in your pockets?

Carrying your phone in your pockets when cycling is very risky because it can easily fall off and get damaged or lost. Again, it exposes your body to EMF waves which are very dangerous.

Are all bike mounts waterproof?

Not all bike mounts are waterproof, except the bike frame bags which you can place your phone you can inside a sealed, zipper bag. If you’re looking to cycle in all extreme conditions I would recommend investing in a zipper bag phone mount to keep your phone dry and protected from any water damage. 


Securing a good phone mount requires that you consider all the features that are desirable for your bike as well as your phone.

Take time to choose plastic mounts that would not dent your phone but are at the same time sturdy enough to hold your phone in place to prevent them from falling. Closely relate this to this is the issue of durability. Buying a mount that can last a while should be your goal.

It is important to buy a phone mount that is waterproof if you’re looking to cycle in any weather. Make sure you look at the manual that accompanies the mount. What is the need of buying a mount that you can’t use in all seasons?

Also, take the time to check for the compatibility of your phone with the mount. Can it accommodate your phone? The size of the phone the mount can hold really matters. There is no use buying a that cant hold large phones when your phone is a large one.

Know how the mount tightens the handlebar. You have to look at the diameter range of the mount. Consider how it fits in with the normal handlebar. The handlebar clamp should also be adjustable.

The ease of setup should also be a point of serious consideration. It should be a DIY product that requires little or no technical knowledge to be able to set it up.

Happy biking!

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