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Best Bike Phone Mounts [Review] in 2020

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With phone cameras replacing the traditional cameras, the need to produce mounts for phone cameras, even for outdoor sports arose. The phone mounts help hold the phone in place while on a bike to capture moments or track your progress while doing what you love. As much as having a phone mount is important, buying the mount that suits your type of phone and a mount that would last is more important. Therefore the need to acquire the right mount has necessitated that some of the top products in the market are reviewed for quality and design. Most cyclist know the importance of setting up thier phones correctly, but remember the risk of theft can sometimes increase with a phone on display. Each mount below is reviewed based on security incase the worst was to happen when riding your bike.

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Best Bike Phone Mounts


Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount for Motorcycle

Top Choice Item

The Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount comes along with a feature that allows it to hold any phone irrespective of the size. You can readily make changes to the handlebar depending on the size difference. The premium hard plastic clamp has a grip so strong and large that its security is not in doubt. The six points of grip of the clamp and the silicone net it comes attached with help keep your phone safe through the topsy-turvy ride.

It has a very elastic silicone net
It has various handlebar compatibility
It fits all phone sizes
It is affordable
The clamp is metal while mount is brittle plastic.

Latest deal: Roam Universal


Bike Mount, IPOW Universal Cell Phone Bicycle Rack Handlebar & Motorcycle Holder

Prime Picked Item

This is a phone mount of indisputable quality. It has the ability to hold phones in different directions – horizontal and vertical. It can be easily installed and there are stickers holding down the rubber pieces in the clamps. 

The bands holding the phone are made of silicon – which is very strong and elastic. The phone mount is a universal fit. It takes phones of sizes 4 – 6 inches. The clamps have rubber lines that help prevent scratches on the surface of the phone. It can also rotate 360 degrees.

It is a universal fit
It contains silicon bands that hold the clamp in place even for bumpy rides
It can hold the phone in different directions
It can be used on the handlebars and also on the seat.
It is not waterproof

Latest deal: IPOW Universal


Mongoora Bike Phone Mount for Any Smart Phone

Best Value Item

This phone mount is designed to hold your phone securely with a rigid and sturdy mount. The mount is made up of a combination of plastic and metal materials that help to keep the camera safe. The elastic silicone band and the firm metal clamp secure grips both the phone and the handlebar. The mount is capable of rotating 360 degrees and hence is very versatile. This enables you turn in all directions capturing views as you please in case you love taking videos and pictures while you ride. The elastic silicone bands come in different colors.

The silicone bands are resilient and it gives room to plug in phonemic and jacks for music on the go.
It can fit phones of all sizes
It is very versatile and can rotate to face any direction
It comes with resilient plastic and metallic clamps
Setting up the mount can be a bit difficult

Latest deal: Mongoora 


Securing a good phone mount requires that you consider all the features that are desirable for your bike as well as your phone. Take care to choose plastic mounts that would not dent your phone but are at the same time sturdy enough to hold your phone in place to prevent them from falling. Closely related to this is the issue of durability. Buying a mount that can last a while should be the goal.

It is important to buy a phone mount that is waterproof. You can use it in any weather. Make sure you look at the manual that accompanies the mount. What is the need of buying a mount that you can’t use in all seasons?

Also, take time to check for the compatibility of your phone with the mount. Can it accommodate your phone? The size of phone the mount can hold really matters. There is no use buying a that cant hold large phones when your phone is a large one.

Know how the mount tightens the handlebar. You have to look at the diameter range of the mount. Consider how it fits in with the normal handlebar. The handlebar clamp should also be adjustable.

The ease of setup should also be a point of serious consideration. It should be a DIY product that requires little or no technical knowledge to be able to set it up.

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