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Bike saddlebags are one of the most important considerations for bike riders. No one compromises with it and the best bike saddlebags are what keep bike riders happy and motivated.

Don’t you just hate it when you have a flat tire you left your emergency pump in the garage at home- we’ve all been there. 

Well with these saddlebags you won’t need to panic about those little things, they’ll give you that extra space to store all that emergency kit that we’re all constantly forgetting.

There are so many options available in the market to be chosen from. However, it is still a tedious job to choose among many awesome bike saddlebags. 

To make things easier for you, here I have listed down the 10 best saddlebags looking at capacity, material, design, and whether it’ll be waterproof.

But I’m sure you’re rearing to get going back on your next adventure so let’s jump straight into my list.

We’ve spent the time so you don’t have to:

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Our List of Best Bike Saddle Bags


BV Bicycle Strap-On Bike Saddle Bag / Seat Bag / Cycling Bag

Top Choice Item

For those looking for a quick and easy mount and dismount to store all your essential things then BV is my number one pick on the list. You won’t even need to worry about the dark with the 3M Scotch lite reflective trim and the taillight hanger.

You can be sure to keep safe with this bag on your saddle. With a Mesh pocket and key clips, it makes a perfect size for all your essential items.

Not only will you be visible in the dark, but you will also have that space incase of unexpected tire deflation. If you’re someone that commutes in the dark then this is definitely the one for you. 

But here’s the kicker:

Its even got a big zippered opening design easy accessibility making this a perfect place for your tire tools, mini pump, bike lock, phone, wallet, and anything else you may need on your ride. 

With great property performance, the BV saddle bag is made of impact-resistant mesh to keep all your favorite items safe. 

This is an overall excellent saddle bag that’ll keep you out of trouble on any ride. 

The right size for a spare tube
Build quality is excellent
The strapping system is secure. It doesn't wobble
Strap on the back holds a standard rear light
The rear opening is easy and well-positioned
Fit only thin seats, not bigger ones

Latest deal: BV Bicycle Strap-On Bike Saddle Bag


RockBros Bike Seat Bag Waterproof, Bicycle Saddle Bag

best road bike saddle bag

Best Value Item

Are you looking for a saddle bag that’ll keep your favorite belongings safe on the roughest and most pot-hole filled roads? The Rockbros can tackle it.

The 3D shell with wave cushion provides inside shock-resistant protection absorbing the shocks even on the bumpiest of roads

You can even upgrade straps to make up for the deflective old ones and support a lifetime warranty.

But that’s not all.

The waterproof fabric with a taped zipper ready to take on the rain, so if you find yourself getting caught out in the pesky storm on your commute home, this bag can handle it.

The Reflective strap around the seat bag with a taillight hook increases night visibility if you’re cycling at night. Additionally, the 2 stickup straps and a rubber buckle simplify the mounting system getting you going in no-time.

This is such a good saddle bag that’s ready to tackle whatever the weather throws at you- making it the best saddlebag for road bikes.

Great saddle bag
Perfect size and build well
Good space to hold tight
Not for mountain biking

Latest deal: RockBros Bike Seat Bag


BV Bicycle Y-Series Strap-On Bike Saddle Bag

Prime Picked Item

This extra small saddle bag makes the third spot on my list for being designed and built to help riders enjoy cycling with more comfort, convenience, and some extra style.

It can store items such as keys, snacks, smaller listening devices, money, and more. With great property performance, the BV saddle bag is made with impact-resistant mesh so it’ll keep your more fragile items safe even over the bumps.

This saddle bag will give you room for all the essentials a must-have for all your tire tools & personal belonging. With the additional taillight hanger and 3M ScotchliteTM reflective trim.

This makes the third saddlebag on my list so far that adds the reflective safety feature to keep you safe in the dark.

This makes such a good addition if you’re looking for just a little extra space without weighing you down- go have a look.

Perfect size
Plenty of room
Large BV Bicycle Y-Series Strap-On Bike Saddle Bag
Extra Small AKA Race Pack
No longevity

Latest deal: BV Bicycle Y-Series Strap-On Bike Saddle Bag


Lumintrail Strap-on Bike Saddle Bag Bicycle Cycling Under Seat Pack Medium or Large

If you’re looking for a compact saddle bag that’ll fit neatly under any bikes seat while still remaining roomy then the Lumintrail may be your best fit.

With one large main compartment and key clips and mesh pocket along with 2 smaller side compartments, this saddlebag will conveniently store any essentials.

This bag is made out of 100% polyester weather resistant material keeping contents safe, constructed to make it durable.

Lumitrail will get you going in a matter of minutes with the ‘strap-on’ design with two adjustable Velcro straps that attach to the saddle and seat.

If you want more, there are reflective strips on three sides and a tail-light loop so you can be seen during the night.

Quality bag, very practical
Weather resistant
When you want to carry stuff, this is your saddlebag.
Durable and long-lasting
Cheap straps

Latest deal: Lumintrail Strap-on Bike Saddle Bag


VKYSINKO Bike Saddle Bag

best waterproof bike saddle bag

This waterproof saddlebag is the next level and a must-have on your bike. The VKYSINKO is well known for its multi-reflective surface- are you sensing a theme here?

Made out of 600D oxford cloth, a laminated waterproof zipper, keeping the inside items dry even in heavy rain. It is also fitted with 3 large reflective areas around the bike bag, meaning lights from any direction will reflect on this bike bag. 

You heard me- you won’t need to worry about soggy belongings even in the heaviest of storms or being missed by cars in the dark.

With 1.5L capacity, it is easy to fill with your essential bike tools like a repair kit, mini pumps along 3 mesh pouches to help store small items like credit cards, cash, and other essential gadgets.

There is also a hook for keys. 

Here’s the best bit- it includes not only the bag itself but a repair tool kit,  and a riding face mask to keep you warm. This will add a simple but beautiful addition to your bike- go check it out

Large capacity
Completely waterproof
3 large reflective areas
Durable and long-lasting
None so far

Latest deal: VKYSINKO Bike Seat Bag


Lone Peak Mini-Wedge Bicycle Seat Pack Bag

best mountain bike saddle bag

This is the product for you mountain bike lovers, the one you’ve all been waiting for. Lone Peak has been a favorite in the USA since 1979.

Lone Peak’s saddle bag is super-durable and water-resistant with 1000 Denier Textured Nylon is used making it perfect for any mountain trail.

With 3 attachment points and molded polyethylene stiffener is placed internally for added ruggedness and supreme stability.  The light tarp cover used on top of the pack for abrasion resistance, rear light hangar, 3M reflective stripe makes this saddle bag one of the best.

But that’s not all

The YKK Zipper for Heavy-duty YKK zippers, nylon is coated for extreme lifetime guarantee and weather resistance.

This is such a great find for you mountain lovers. 

Contours nicely to the seat
Lots of room for stuff
Very well made.
Great dimensions
The zipper is not water-resistant

Latest deal: Lone Peak Mini-Wedge Bicycle Seat Pack Bag


MM Waterproof Bicycle Saddle Bag

Now if you’re looking for a saddlebag that has easy installation and suitable on most bicycles then MM’s saddlebag may be worth looking into.

Its waterproof design makes this bag super durable. With a reflecting lamp to ensure you will be seen whether you’re riding in the fog or even the dark. 

The package of these bags includes the 1bicycle saddle.

With delicate details, mesh pockets, structured inside can hold cash,  keys, snack bars, and other small repair tools- anything you may need on your next adventure. 

This is a great saddle bag if you’re a casual rider looking for a little extra space.

YANHO wrote on the back
Anti-tear material
Decent bags
Safety at night with reflector lamp
Some people stated problems regarding the material

Latest deal: Waterproof Bicycle Saddle Bags


Ibera Bicycle Water Resistant Bike Saddle Bag

Get yourself going in a quick sweep with Ibera’s easy strap-on mountain design so you can secure then get going. Along with most of the bike bags on my list, the taillight hanger enables the cyclist to attach the bike light to the back and it also ensures the night ride is safe.

The saddlebag is made of high-quality water-resistant material that keeps your personal belongings safe and secure.

This product is capacious for your tire tools & personal belonging with multiple color options are present to help you stand out from the crowd. Whether you fancy a hint of blue, red, orange, pink, grey or green  Ibera gives you the option.

This is a small saddlebag in terms of size but large in terms of convenience, it’ll be able to hold all those key essentials that you just can’t store in your pockets.

Have a quick peek now, go on, what you doing instead?

Great construction
Large in terms of convenience.
Love the design of this bag
Water resistance
Small in terms of size

Latest deal: Ibera Bicycle Water Resistant Bike Saddle Bag


Roswheel Rainproof Bicycle Saddle Bag

It’s not really fair that I made you wait this long for this product but they always say leave the best til last. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty, water-resistant, durable, and sturdy saddle bag then Roswheel is one of the best.

Made of high duty tear-resistant waxed nylon material and a completely rainproof zipper that’s easy to clean.

This such a well-designed bag reducing air resistance to the minimum, keeping you at a high-speed. 

With 1.4L capacity, this bag is spacious enough for all essentials such as repair tools, keys, wallet, and cellphone up to 7 inches, etc. Small pockets inside the bag make the product easy to put in and prevent falling together inside.

But this is the best bit

There is an additional double taped zipper set up to expand a larger space to 1.6 L so you can be sure that your stuff will fit- this will give you a premium look and feel.

Outstanding quality!
Well made
It is perfect and not overwhelming
Tailored with clean aerodynamics.
Not very durable

Latest deal: Roswheel Rainproof Bicycle Saddle Bag

Best Bike Saddle Bag Buyer Guide

All the bike riders consider having a great saddlebag as important as food and sleep. Bike riding is great; however, a high-quality saddle bag can make your experience even better. Nobody can deny the importance of having a saddle bad during your bike riding occasions.

These saddlebags are amazing when it comes to providing comfort and relaxed bike riding to everyone. All the saddlebags mentioned above are liked by most of the people who have used them.

There is a great support and online reviews are available to show the product qualities as well as their experiences with these saddlebags. There are so many options still available and choosing from those is not an easy task.

However, this review is just right for you to decide which one is perfect for you.

We have tried to present the best saddlebags in 2020 by keeping in mind the quality, reliability, and other such factors.

We have looked at price comparisons and user reviews and ratings while deciding to include different saddlebags in this list. So, it is always important to compare different features and prices according to your priorities and requirements.

The rule of thumb is to go through this list, check out the features, and then select the one which perfectly fits your needs.

Why should you invest in a bike saddle bag?

A bike saddlebag is one of the most convenient bike accessories you should have. These bags allow you to store important items you may need when cycling.

You can use them to store glucose, energy bars, water, drinks, or any other thing you may require. They are also designed in a unique way which makes them useful for hiking, trekking, or traveling. Most of them are made of sturdy materials which enables them to withstand harsh conditions.

As a result, they are very important for every cyclist.

Factors to consider when buying a bike saddle bag

Capacity – The first thing that will help you to determine the best saddlebag is the number of items you need to carry. Doing this will allow you to pick the one that will accommodate all your items. If you will be using it for outdoor activities, you should look for a spacious one. Again, it should not be too bulky.

Design – Another thing you need to be aware of is that bike saddlebags are available in different designs. Some are easier to install than others which means that you need to ensure that the one you have picked will be easy to install. It is also important to consider a saddle bag with safety features such as reflective parts. Besides that, it should have an extra hook to enhance safety.

Waterproof – Since at times you will be cycling in unfavorable weather conditions, you need to ensure that the bag is waterproof and tear-proof.

Material – The type of materials used in the production of the bag also matters a lot. You should look for a bag that is made if top quality and durable materials. It should also have the capability to withstand harsh conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are bike saddle bags worth it?

Bike saddlebags are very important because they provide convenient storage for your items. You can use them to carry cycling gears, energy drinks, repair kits, glucose, and other important items you may need when cycling.

Which is the best size to consider when buying a saddle bag?

What you need to know is that these bags are available in different sizes which include small, medium, and large. You should pick a saddlebag that can fit all tour items. Large saddlebags are great but sometimes they might affect the pedaling. Therefore, medium-sized saddlebags are the best if you are not planning to carry many items.

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