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BangLong Polarized Sports Sunglasses
Oakley Men’s OO9208 Radar EV Path Shield Sunglasses
Bertoni Wraparound Sport Sunglasses

Are you looking for the best cycling sunglasses?

Well, if you ride a lot, you’re going to need specific cycling sunglasses. Besides being a fashion accessory, they are an essential item for most riders throughout the year.

And with so many types and brands on the market, there are bound to be varying degrees of quality when it comes to cycling sunglasses. It’s important to have an idea of what to look for otherwise you may end up with a cheap pair that snap in two after only a few uses.

But wait, don’t let that put you off.

To make things simpler for everyone we decided to compile a list of the best cycling sunglasses so you can easily find the best fit for you. We compared the cost, lenses, frames, and extra features to deduce the better cycling sunglasses on the market.

This list consists of products that value quality and are going to give you a great riding experience. Buying online always means there’s an element of risk so we chose sunglasses that are well-made and highly rated.

So, now you know what you’re in for, let’s get started with the list.

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Best Bike Sunglasses Reviews and Buyers Guide

BangLong Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Here’s our top pick, the BangLong cycling glasses.

BangLong Polarized Sunglasses come with 5 interchangeable lenses and each lens has 100% UV protection. BangLong polarized cycling glasses use the Grilamid frames. Grilamid frames are well known for their astounding strength, lightweight comfort, shape integrity, and impact resistance. So these won’t be breaking anytime soon.

We especially loved the stylish design of these glasses, with a ton of rich color combinations of frames and lenses. The lightweight design of BangLong cycling glasses is ideal for motorcycle and bicycle riding as well as driving, running, fishing, racing, skiing, climbing, trekking, or other outdoor activities. This versatility means you’re really getting your $30 worth.

But wait, we’ve only just scratched the surface.

These polarized sunglasses are specially designed for Myopic sports enthusiasts, the smooth surface makes you feel comfortable, letting you enjoy your ride and the nose piece keeps them firmly on your face while you whizz down trails or along roads.

As an added bonus, you get access to a 1-year warranty with the Polarized Sunglasses. So if any problems arise you can easily return the faulty pair and get refunded.

But what did others have to say about them? 

Well, these cycling glasses have a 4.5-star rating on Amazon with almost 2000 reviews for you to read through. And here’s an example of the kinds of comments you’ll see while scrolling. One customer said “These are just about perfect. I rarely give 5 stars, because I don’t think people take them as seriously as a well-written review. It’s like getting 5 pairs of sunglasses for the price of one. The price is also amazing, about what you would spend at Walmart.”

Now, that’s hard to argue with. So give them a shot.

  • Protection from UV rays
  • Impact-resistant lenses
  • Scratch resistant
  • 5 interchangeable lenses
  • Some found lens changing difficult
Latest deal: BangLong Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Oakley Men’s OO9208 Radar EV Path Shield Sunglasses

Coming in at number 2 are the Oakley Radar EV cycle glasses.

Oakley is a well-known sunglasses brand with decades of experience. So purchasing one of their models can be quite expensive, but their frame and lens materials are sophisticated and top quality so you’re getting a level of quality that’s pretty much unrivaled by other brands.

Both frames and lenses are available in many color options. The non-polarized Plutonite lenses are stress-resistant and can eliminate and 100% of U.V. rays offering total protection from the sun.

But what did others have to say about the Oakley Radar EV?

As it currently stands, these cycle glasses have a 4.5-star rating and just under 500 reviews which says a lot about how good they are considering the much higher price point compared to other cycling glasses on this list.

One happy customer had this to say: “Great product, no issues, fast delivery, and really happy with my purchase. Highly recommend.” While another was slightly more critical with their feedback, “Have to purchase different lenses because they aren’t mirrored. Need mirrored lenses when Summer comes. Otherwise, feel great and look great.”

On the whole, we think the Oakley Radar EV is worth the steeper price, especially if you take cycling seriously and want to ensure a smooth ride without worrying about glare from the sun or any dust particles that are prone to getting in your eye.

So, check them out now!

  • Top-quality lenses
  • Ultralight frame
  • 100% U.V. protection
  • Durable
  • Higher price
Latest deal: Oakley Radar EV

Bertoni Wraparound Sport Sunglasses

Next up at number 3 is a close contender for the best cycling sunglasses.

Bertoni is a well-known Italian brand of cycling sunglasses coming from over 30 years of experience, and this is one of their cheapest models. It’s flown under the radar though and is something of a hidden gem that we found while comparing products.

The design and materials are sophisticated, their lenses are neither polarized nor photochromic, but still top quality. They’re polycarbonate impact-resistant lenses that provide 100% U.V. protection. They are also decentered in order to avoid any optical distortion.

Better yet.

They’re flexible and lightweight with floating capabilities and a grip at the tip of the arm. On top of all this, there’s a nosepad that keeps the cycling sunglasses from slipping. The Bertoni wraparound is a sturdy little pair of sunglasses that won’t fall off while you ride. And at only $60 you can’t go wrong.

As for customer feedback, there’s nowhere near as much as our previous two entries but what you will see is still overwhelmingly positive. One customer said “Absolutely awesome !!!!! there was a problem with FedEx lost the glasses on the first shipment, but it was worth the wait for a second shipment, excellent product” 

That’s not all though here are another happy customer’s comments: “It’s high quality with good price.” As well as this person who complimented how “they fit snugly without cutting into cheekbones”.

We loved this and think they’re a real hidden gem. So help them come out of hiding and add them to your basket.

  • Ultralight wraparound design
  • 100% UV protection
  • “High-quality and good price”
  • Italian design
  • Non-photochromic and non-polarized lenses
Latest deal: Bertoni Wraparound

Bertoni Sport Polarized Sunglasses Photochromic Antifog Lens

Last but not least on our list we have another model from Bertoni but at a higher price.

These sunglasses are top quality just like the Bertoni wraparound we just discussed. They are suitable for all types of faces, from the narrowest to the largest, with their wraparound design.

Their adjustable nose piece also offers an exceptional fit for any shape of the face and can also be used to adjust the cycle glasses’ height and distance from the face. The grips at the tip of the arms keep them from slipping off.

But of course, you know that’s not all.

The lenses react consistently to light and UV rays. They darken from category 0 transparent to category 3 sun tint so you’ll always be riding with 100% UV protection. The best part about this is that the lens adapts itself to changes in light so you can wear your tech sunglasses all day and don’t need to change your lenses according to light conditions.

This is what customers had to say about these cycling sunglasses. “Really good photochromic glasses, really well made and easy to take apart to clean, it wraps around really nice with good fitment.” While another said this: “My vision is actually improved with these sunglasses! Adjust well to the changes in weather and light. I use them for bicycling and love how they fit and feel on my face, even while sweating heavily.”

So what are you waiting for? Buy them now, they’re easily one of the best cycling sunglasses available right now!

  • Pull-out lenses
  • Polarized and photochromic lenses
  • Ultralight
  • Adjustable nose piece
  • Not cheap
Latest deal: Bertoni Sport

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Best Bike Sunglasses Buyers Guide

If you ride a bike, sooner or later you’re going to end up buying a pair of cycling sunglasses. They are almost essential: not only do they protect you from the bright sun and ensure clear vision while facing the sun, but they also shield you from wind, dust, bugs and whatever may end up in your eyes while you’re cycling.

If you know what you need and what’s on the market, purchasing the right sunglasses for you won’t be a hard task but if not then our list above will give you some pretty great suggestions.

The most important part of any pair of cycling sunglasses is their lenses; choose something that fits your riding habits and, not less important, your budget. You don’t have to spend a huge amount of money to get a pair of good cycling glasses, but, if you have large pockets, you’ll find some models on the market that are worth their high price.

In this list, we have included good-value sunglasses that come at different price ranges; whatever your needs and budget are, you’ll be able to find the right sunglasses to make your ride more enjoyable and safer.

Why Should You Wear Sunglasses When Cycling?

Cycling glasses are very important due to the following reasons;

Protects your eyes – When cycling, dirt, bugs, and flying insects are likely to get into your eyes which can be very dangerous especially on busy roads. To ensure that you are well protected, sunglasses provide the best eye protection. They also protect your eyes from UV light.

Rain – Sunglasses also prevents raindrops from getting into your eyes when cycling in the rain. However, you should only use those with clear lenses when cycling during the rainy season or winter.

Wind – It is not easy to enjoy cycling without sunglasses especially when cycling in the wind. They give you excellent clarity in such conditions.

How To Choose The Best Cycling Sunglasses

Fit – Even if you purchase high-quality and very expensive sunglasses, they will not be of any value if they don’t fit you correctly. If they are too wide or too big, they are likely to fall off especially when riding on rough terrains. On the other hand, very small sunglasses won’t provide the required eye coverage. Before you make a choice on which one you should buy, it is important to confirm that they will fit you perfectly.

Lenses – The lenses should be big enough to protect your face from dust and debris. Bigger lenses will also give you a better vision than small ones. During the summer, you should look for tinted lenses that will protect your eyes from direct sunlight. On the other hand, clear lenses are the best during winter.

Frame – You also need to ensure that the frame is lightweight but long-lasting. It should also be resistant to scratches. Avoid sunglasses with a heavy frame because they are very uncomfortable. The frame should also be flexible which means that it should not be too tight.

Adjustability – The best sunglasses for cycling should be easy to adjust. You should be able to adjust them according to the bone structure, shape of your head, and nose. Sunglasses with adjustable nosepieces are the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are photochromic lenses?

These lenses are usually made of plastic, polycarbonate, or glass. The most outstanding thing about them is that they are able to transition in different light conditions. This makes them the best when cycling in areas where you will get in and out of darker areas for example when cycling in the woods. They are very versatile and reliable.

What are polarized lenses?

These lenses are designed in a unique way that enables them to block reflected light from road signboards, car hoods, or road surfaces. They help to reduce glare and as a result, they are very comfortable.

Can I wear normal sunglasses for cycling?

You should wear your cycling sunglasses in any weather and in any light. If it’s dark choose a clear or low light lens. Fashion sunglasses or lifestyle sunglasses like Ray-Ban, offer very little protection as the lenses are thin and may not be made from polycarbonate.

Why do cyclists wear yellow glasses?

Yellow lenses filter out more of the blue wavelengths of light, allowing us to see contrast better. This tint guarantees cyclists better vision with less light, in other words, in darker light conditions with less sunshine.

What color lens is best for bright days?

Brown and copper lens colors are not only great for bright days, they naturally protect against blue light as well. Yellow and amber lenses also naturally handle blue light, but they don’t block enough light for bright days.


There you have it, the best cycling sunglasses.

Our list was made up of the best cycling sunglasses available on the market. Remember while they may seem like a trivial accessory, sunglasses are a vital part of your kit and will keep you safer on your rides.

You’ll want to look for features such as UV protection, a good field of vision, and preferably scratch resistance as it’s easy to get your gear a little beaten up when cycling.

Cycling sunglasses will shield your eyes from the sun and also make you look that extra bit stylish while riding. Any of the products we’ve spoken about today are all viable choices and we wholeheartedly recommend each and every one of them.

However, our top pick, the BangLong cycling sunglasses are probably your best bet. They’re cheap, have interchangeable lenses, and are lightweight with a sturdy frame. You can’t go wrong with these. They really are some of the best cycling sunglasses money can buy.

Whichever shades you opt for though make sure they work for you and make you look good while you cycle as well as help you in all light conditions.

So, good luck with your search and…

Keep pedaling!

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