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A cycle is a simple yet elegant machine, a true piece of artwork. And just like any other artwork, deserves to be displayed on the wall. It’s a hobby loved by people all around the world. A wall mount for your bike can be very helpful. It showcases your ride with grace and can be very handy to just mount and unmount your ride when you please.

Sturdiness and build quality play an important role in making a good wall bike mount. It is crucial that it balances the bike on the wall well because that is the entire point of it. If it looks good while doing its job, then that is an added bonus. Let’s take a look at some of the best option available for you that will do all of that and more!

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Best Bike Wall Mount


Ibera horizontal bike wall mount

Ibera brings to you their sleek and modern looking wall bike mount that has a very minimal and elegant design. The matt finish on the metal with cool black paint makes it look classy and premium. That is exactly the kind of performance you also get out of this mount. You get a sturdy and durable aluminium construction that holds up well through the test of time. The 45-degree wall hanger’s angle can be adjusted to keep your ride level. Mount saves you a lot of floor space that would otherwise be taken by your ride. The padded arms on the hanger keep your bike secure to the wall with protection so no paint chips off. The mount is stable for most conventional bike frames and the beam length is also adjustable as per convenience. The company takes care of you by offering a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. Overall, you will be pleased with your purchase.


  • Aluminium build
  • Adjustable beam length
  • Padded arm
  • Weight limit around 40 pounds


  • Could use an o-ring with the Velcro strap

Latest deal: Ibera horizontal bike wall mount


PRO BIKE TOOL swivel bike wall hanger

PRO BIKE TOOL is back at it again with yet another amazing offering, this time in the bike wall mount space. They are known for delivering quality and this swivel bike wall mount is no exception. The black and red colorway with minimal branding looks elegant and beautiful. The vertical design is a new approach to mounting bikes on the wall. The build quality of the mount is also top-notch. You can hang your bike without a single worry. It frees up a lot of space on the ground for you as well. The mount is made to store bikes in a congested area which makes it easy for you to fit bikes with minimal space to spare. The 5-minute installation makes it easy and that much more accessible to you. The company is super confident in their quality that they are ready to provide replacements and refunds if you don’t like the product.


  • Vertical mount saves up space
  • Good build quality
  • Works well in congested areas
  • Easy to install


  • The opening of the bottom holder could be narrower

Latest deal: PRO BIKE TOOL swivel bike wall hanger


Dirza bike hanger

Dirza brings you a black and red bike hanger that looks cool with the color combination it presents. The wall piece is black while the hanger is red. Space saving is the name of the game with this one as you save up on a lot of space on the ground. Another factor that further aids the idea of saving space is the folding ability of the hanger. It can be easily folded over when not in use and saves up a ton of space. The arm of the hanger has padded areas for your bike to hang from. This provides grip for better attachment to the wall and also protects the paint at the same time. The rack itself weighs only 3 pounds and can hold up to 38 pounds with no problems at all. Display your bike in elegance on the wall with this hanger. You will love the product and it will see you through some good time.


  • Folding design
  • Black and red colorway
  • 38-pound support
  • Anti-scratch pads


  • Could use a better metal tab

Latest deal: Dirza bike hanger


StoreYourBoard bike wall mount

StoreYourBoard has an all-black sleek looking wall bike mount for you that you will love. The low-profile look of the bracket is eye catching for sure and looks elegant. If stealth is what you like along with minimal design, you have come to the right place. The floating nature of the bike mount makes your bike look cool while displayed on the wall. It holds up well also as it is super sturdy and durable. You get plenty of strength, so you don’t have to worry while hanging your ride. Rubber coated arms help provide grip while the bike hangs and also protects the paint from chipping off. The heavy-duty solid metal can easily support up to 50 pounds without any issues at all. That is a lot of weight for the price you pay. Overall, this is a great product built to last and showcase your ride in the best possible ways.


  • 50-pound support
  • Durable and strong
  • All-black design
  • Rubber pads


  • The optional wheel strap can be longer

Latest deal: StoreYourBoard bike wall mount


StoreYourBoard storage shelf and bike mount

StoreYourBoard is back at it again with their storage shelf which doubles as a wall bike mount. The looks on this one are amazing with the all-black design again which looks sleek and clean. Minimalist approach with extended functionality is the name of the game here. The sturdy and durable build quality holds up well and presents your bike on the wall like the artwork that it is. Saves you a ton of storage and also makes more space as it has a top shelf as well where you can put things. The heavy-duty rack can easily support up to 200 pounds which is a major improvement from all the other mounts we have looked at. The easy installation makes it very easy to install the mount onto the wall. The stand is built to last and will easily see you through a long time before feeling the need to change. Overall, this is a great product.


  • Durable and strong
  • Supports 200 pounds
  • Extra space to put things
  • Holds well on the wall


  • Could use better hooks

Latest deal: StoreYourBoard storage shelf and bike mount


HOMEE bike hanger

HOMEE bike hanger is an all-black bike hanger that goes on the wall with minimal to no issues at all. It also looks sleek and does not stand out. You can display your ride on the wall easily and it looks great at the same time also. The heavy-duty steel build makes it super sturdy and durable. It can easily support 60 pounds without breaking. It saves up a lot of space on the ground for you as well. Sponge cover on the hook protects the wheel from scratching and the safety engineer locking system makes sure the bike is secure to the wall. The bike’s paint is also protected while it hangs from the mount. The stand is suitable for all types of bikes and the weight distribution is great as well. If you want a mount that does not become an eye sore, you have arrived at the right place. This is a great option for you.


  • All-black sleek design
  • Heavy-duty supports 60 pounds
  • Saves up space
  • Sponge cover to protect the wheel


  • Could use narrow hook covers

Latest deal: HOMEE bike hanger


CLUG bike clip

The CLUG bike clip is a small installment to your wall that works like a champ when it comes to hanging bikes. The black and white two-tone contrasting finish is amazing and looks absolutely stunning. The sheer tiny footprint of the hanger makes it dissolve with the wall in such a way that you will not notice it there. You get different sizes, each appropriate for a different style of bike. May it be roadie, hybrid or MTB, you can get the right fit for your specific ride. You have other color options to choose from as well like orange and all-black. The build quality is also great, so the hanger remains secure with the wall and holds your bike well. The way it displays your bike looks stunning. The polished look gives it even more class. If you care about the looks, this is a great option for you to consider.


  • Minimal and small
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Holds up well with a bike
  • Polished look and color options


  • Could use a deeper hook

Latest deal: CLUG bike clip


FastRack bike hanger

FastRack brings you their vertical hanger to support your bike and present it like the artwork it is. Every bike is a beautiful machine and deserves to be presented in a way that makes it look great and is easy to access as well. And this hanger does exactly that. The build quality is great as you get a sturdy hanger that will support the weight of your bike easily. It fits secure with the wall and does not look weird at all. The hanger can support up to 65 pounds and frees up a lot of space on the ground for other things and vehicles. It is also safe to access and installs rather easily. This user-friendly nature is what wins over many hearts. You get a rubber coated padded hook that will protect the paint of your bike and prevent it from chipping off. You have real peace of mind with this one and will absolutely love your purchase.


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Supports 65 pounds
  • Easy to install
  • Rubber coated pads


  • Could use better screws

Latest deal: FastRack bike hanger

Best Bike Wall Mounts Buyers Guide

What to look for when buying a bike wall mount?

Build quality: This is a crucial aspect as the hanger needs to support the weight of your bike well in order for it to hang securely. If you do not have a good build quality, you can do damage to your wall as well as the bike.

Weight distribution: Another important aspect is the weight distribution. Every bike wall mount has a proper balance which allows the bike to stay put and does not swing while it hangs. If the distribution of weight is off, it wouldn’t let the bike remain in a steady position.

Weight support: Some of the good wall mounts can carry up to 200 pounds of weight easily and can even accommodate more than one bike on them. Those are the ones to go with but even for a single bike carry, it should more than cover the weight range your bike lies in.


We looked at some of the best options you can buy for yourself when it comes to wall bike mounts. Some had a great design while others had more space. Some even offered additional space to hold things on top. Some were tiny and looked sleek while others let their presence known and carried multiple bikes at once also. Color options were seen as well. You have to decide which one suits you best. But whichever one it may be, you will get top-notch quality.

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