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Bottle Holders are not one of the most crucial components of bicycles, but they are a must-have for any bicycle enthusiast. A lot of you who have taken up cycling as a hobby or exercise know how important it is to bring your water bottle along on those long routes to view the most magnificent sunset. But securely placing the water bottle in place is a lot of hassle. Well, not anymore!

We have gathered the best custom-designed water bottle holders that are not hefty on the pocket. Any cyclist would be happy to own a water bottle cage that is practical and unique at the same time. The design has many differences, as manufacturers tend to use different materials from aluminum to plastic or carbon to titanium. It all depends on the budget and whether they prefer performance over style.

The hunt for the best bike water bottle holder is over. Get your handy and trusted holder that is not only durable but in your price range, so what are you waiting for? Here are our top favorites.

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Best Bike Water Bottle Holder


XLab Delta 105 Rear Carrier

 Innovative solutions have been proposed in the design of a classic water bottle holder but the manufacturers of Xlab Delta have recognized the needs of the cycling enthusiast. All one wants is speed while lowering their track time, hence Xlab’s aerospace designer, Craig Turner, who specializes in designing a streamlined bike, has done it again. Thus, his obsession and passion for speed have made him pay special attention to aerodynamic bicycle gear, such as the low budget Italian bottle holder that has a greater grip in comparison to other holders. Xlab Delta 105 Rear Carrier has been manufactured from Xenon Nylon, which can be mounted low on the bike frame, so you have no hindrance while cycling. The design is quite interesting, as it firmly attaches to the seat and fits the saddle like a glove, which allows easy access to the water bottle. Moreover, the most beneficial feature of owning a Delta system water bottle carrier is having the capacity to hold an extra bottle.


  • Ability to carry an extra water bottle
  • Sturdy and trendy design
  • Easy installation
  • Easy access of water bottle in the holder under the saddle


  • Expensive

Latest deal: XLab Delta 105 Rear Carrier


SKS Topcage Bottle Cage

SKS Topcage Bottle Cage is available in matt black that looks super chic on any bicycle. The bonus of owning an SKS water bottle holder is the high-performance level due to the similar technology used in the SlideCage. The technology has a bottle size adjustment nose feature which ensures all known bottle sizes fit. Moreover, it has a front bottle insertion that caters to all kinds of plastic water bottles. Topcage has been made from premium polyamide material that too is strengthened with additional fiberglass particles to make the design sturdy. It would not break during adjusting to different bottles. Also, SKS TopCage is lightweight, just 53g and it comes with stainless screws along with thick rubber washers. These rubber washers prevent the bottle from rubbing against the elevated screw heads.


  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy design
  • Caters to all plastic water bottles
  • Inexpensive water bottle holder


  • Topcage has a major drawback of the cyclist not being able to easily slide in and out

Latest deal: SKS Topcage Bottle Cage


Ibera Bicycle Lightweight Aluminum Water Bottle Cage

Ibera has come back yet again with another amazing lightweight aluminum water bottle cage. Wondering what is so special about it? Well, to begin with, high-quality 6061-T5 heat treated aluminum plates have been used in the design. Moreover, there is an additional strengthening factor, the ovalized design to help make the chic build sturdier and be with you on your cycling adventures for years to come. Good news! Ibera has ensured that the design caters to a wide range of standard-sized bottles along with those over-sized bottles for longer trips. This aluminum water bottle cage has an aesthetic appeal to many, as there are 4 colors to nitpick from. Not a lot of water bottle cage manufacturers take the aesthetic appeal into account, but Ibera has a matte finish available in Silver and Black, while the glossy finish in white and carbon pattern. Lastly, if you are on a tight budget, this is the water bottle cage you need in your life, as it lines up among the top and is not expensive.


  • Inexpensive
  • 4 colors to pick from
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Easy installation


  • Paint rubs off onto hands and bottle

Latest deal: Ibera Bicycle Lightweight Aluminum Water Bottle Cage


Cube HPP Bottle Cage

Cube has been widely known for its ultra-colorful and interesting design that is not only attractive to the aesthetic appeal of the cyclist but is super practical. Wondering how Cube has optimized the construction of HPP Bottle Cage? They have ensured that in this design the cyclist has some capacity of loading from the side, whereas the classic loading of the water bottle from the top is also available. The design has been perfected to fit all different size bottles to ensure they fit securely on the frame attachment of your bicycle. White, blue, red, grey, black, and a few others to choose from this lightweight carbon holder design. Moreover, one of the bonuses of purchasing this brilliant geometric, inexpensive design is the toxicant-free from BPA, which ensures you will not be indirectly ingesting any chemicals. Lastly, Cube is applauded for its easy return policy along with refund and exchange policy.


  • Inexpensive
  • Robust design
  • Variety of colors available
  • High performance


  • No bolts

Latest deal: Cube HPP Bottle Cage


Pro Bike Tool Water Bottle Holder

Pro Bike Tool Company moto “love what you do, do what you love” is shown in the commitment of their designers to create exemplary water bottle holders and other mountain bike tools. If you want the ultimate experience on your mountain bike, get yourself acquainted with the quick and easy access water bottle holder. The attention to detail on the Pro Bike Tool bottle holder has been outstanding, as the bottle is slid in with ease in a secure and sturdy build. Moreover, the retention system allows the bottle to remain in place on different terrains. The benefit of owning this model is the diverse water bottle sizes it can cater from standard to oversized, as the band size is adjustable. Insulated bottles fit like a glove in the durable, yet stunning powder-coated finish on the lightweight holder. The easy installation of the oval mounting frame is quick and easy that can be mounted on the bike frame. Pro Bike Tool are confident in their products; thus, have a great refundable and replacement policy for its customers.


  • Refund and return policy
  • Easy installation
  • Sturdy design
  • Lightweight


  • Could deform with time

Latest deal: Pro Bike Tool Water Bottle Holder


USHAKE Water Bottle Holder

USHAKE is the infamous brand that caters to sports enthusiasts and they come up with the most interesting premium quality products. USHAKE water bottle holder stands out from other holders, as it has a specific requirement of drilled holes. Washers allow the precise tight fitting of the holder to ensure security. Moreover, it has been manufactured from 6061-T6 heat treated aluminum alloy which is ultra-lightweight while having high tensile strength. Installation can take place in bikes with thread holes already present which are there in most mountain bikes. No more worrying about holding your bottle or morning coffee containers, as the USHAKE water bottle holder is secure. This is among the most loved water bottle holders because the company thinks of a long-term investment when you purchase their products.


  • High tensile strength
  • Wide range of bottles fit
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Anodic oxidation ensures durability and prevents scratches


  • Drill holes required

Latest deal: USHAKE Water Bottle Holder


Accmor Bike Water Bottle Holder

If you have an old bike that does not have threaded holes for the water bottle holder stand to be installed, then Accmor Biker Water Bottle Holder is one to get your hands on. You heard us right! This product has been manufactured from high-quality steel and plastic parts. The holder is not your ordinary water bottle holder that does not cater to a wide range of drinking containers, such as coffee cups, travel mugs, tumblers, etc. Keep your bottle safe and prevent spills and unusual leaks, so you do not run out of the water on a long trip. The best part of the Accmor water bottle holder is the flexibility, which allows you to adjust the clamps according to your preference. Moreover, the benefit of owning this product over other water bottle holders is how it can be placed on other motor vehicles, such as scooters, trolleys, strollers, etc.


  • Wide application
  • High quality and well-constructed design
  • No clamps required
  • Easily adjustable


  • Maximum holding capacity is around 27 ounces

Latest deal: Accmor Bike Water Bottle Holder

Looking for the best cycling water bottles instead?

We’ve put an in-depth guide together for that.

We have looked over 24 water bottles to make sure you’re getting the best for your money. We looked at capacity, insulation, material, and ease of cleaning to make sure we’ve found the greatest products available to buy – you can see the full guide here which will be more relevant than the one you’re reading now.

Best Bike Water Bottles Buyers Guide

What to look for in a bike water bottle holder?

Price: This is among the key determinants when it comes to choosing a water bottle holder for your bike, as many inexpensive models outshine the expensive ones. However, comparing the quality and features of the models help make the final decision according to your budget. 

Quality: Durability is the top priority of a bicycle enthusiast who loves to travel on the trickiest terrains, so having a high-quality water bottle holder is a must. It should be lightweight and have a high tensile strength to endure the insulated bottles.

 Adjustability: This is another crucial thing to note, as to whether the holder is flexible or not. This makes the life of any cyclist better because there is no hindrance while they cycle, and their water bottle is secure.

Installation: A water bottle holder should be easy and quick to install. This is important because if it is hard to handle, then bicyclists would have a hard time and would get stuck at some point. Moreover, having an instructions manual helps.


We have taken into consideration many factors to give you the best water bottle holders that are currently available. There were some unique features of some having clamps to adjust the holder anywhere, while others had screws to fasten on the existing threaded holes of the bike. All were super easy and quick to install that were highly lightweight, so would not affect the aerodynamics of the cyclist. Moreover, many were cheaper models that had high tensile strength. Also, they catered to a variety of bottle sizes and types which makes it a dream come true for all cyclists.

No more worrying about spilling your morning coffee on yourself. Carrying your travel mug has never been easier with your very own water bottle holder. You deserve the best, something that is perfect for all kinds of drinking containers. And this is your one-stop-shop.

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