Best BMX Bike For A 12 Year Old Boy

By: Mason Arnold

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Subrosa Altus 16″ BMX Bike
Mongoose Legion L80 Freestyle BMX Bike

Looking to buy a BMX for your 12-year-old boy so he can enter the world of BMXing, but not sure where to start? 

Not to worry, you’re not the only one that finds this task difficult.  

I’ve done all the research looking into everything there is to know about the beginner BMX’s and studied 32 top available to buy, that’ll start any 12-year-olds journey, into the world of BMXing

With so many companies using cheap parts it can be tricky, but it’s so important to find a BMX bike that can handle a bit of daily abuse and that’ll last throughout. Areas such as frames can be an issue if you’re unsure what to look for. 

But what if finding all this information out isn’t enough?

Not to panic, I’ve done all the research for you, factoring in all the confusing features such as weight, height, gearing, brakes, material, and much more. 

Here’s something that could help you: keep an eye out for bikes that use lightweight materials, they’re always good for doing stunts and tricks safely.

As a side note, if you want something super sleek and cool for your kid, check out number 1 on the list.

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Subrosa Altus 16″ BMX Bike

best bmx bikes for kids

Now Altus seals the number one spot purely because it’s perfect for new riders making it perfect for a young budding cyclist.

If your child wants to wow the crowd down the skatepark but not quite ready for the larger 20″ wheel freestyle BMX bikes this may be the one for you. 

Not only is this bike ideal for skateparks it is also great for dirt jumps and riding while being reliable so you, as a parent, don’t have to worry about as many cuts and bruises from a cheap bike that failed. 

But wait let me tell you more,

This will give your child the control and confidence to push the boundaries in the world of freestyle BMX riding down the parks with friends.

It is also super lightweight but strong. 

This bike is not only a quality entry-level BMX but it won’t break your bank. With the 16″ wheels this bike designed for smaller riders but it also bears in mind growth, especially in their teen years. 

Let your child grow and take their first steps into the world of BMX riding, Altus was built to handle daily abuse while still giving a super enjoyable and reliable riding experience. 

You’ll definitely want to check out this sleek bike as it is perfect for a 12-year-old boy looking to grow in the BMX world.

  • Compartments
  • Comfortable
  • Padding
  • Easy to carry
  • Lack of extra pockets for passport
Latest deal: Subrosa Altus 16″ BMX Bike


Royalbaby brings you a bike with many color options. You get blue, green, orange, pink, and even a fiery red. It is always nice to have options when it comes to BMX bikes as they can be adjusted to the way you want them.

The bike comes with training wheels for a better learning experience, and also has a sturdy steel frame for better durability. The package comes equipped with a bottle and an attached bell.

Royal baby specializes in children’s bikes with growth in mind, especially as they get older.

But wait you’ll wanna hear about this.

The chain covering, covers the entire chain and protects it under harsh conditions. You have many options for wheel size and the tires are also good with traction.

This is a good buy for a young, budding biker.

  • Durable design
  • Comfortable stabilization
  • Storage
  • Hydration
  • Poor temperature isolation
Latest deal: Royalbaby

Mongoose Legion L80 Freestyle BMX Bike

Mongoose is a well-known company in the space of bicycles, and it brings you an amazing looking bike with an extra sleek look to it. You can’t deny this beautiful design that comes in multiple color choices, your son will love this look.

The micro-drive chain with a cassette driver makes the ride super smooth, and the alloy u brakes make for quick and easy stops. The chrome handlebar and fork are joined together with a 40mm stem for maximum steering performance- perfect for stunts.

But wait there’s more.

The bike has an even distribution of weight and has amazing traction due to the great tire grip, it also has Aluminum U-brakes and levers so they can get up to speed with precision and control.

Overall, a great option for your son.

  • Large main compartment
  • Padded
  • Polyester Construction
  • Many pockets
  • Some customers reported small size issues
Latest deal: Mongoose legion freestyle sidewalk

Diamondback Bicycles Nitrus

Are you looking for a super cool freestyle bike for your kid? This may be the one for your kid.

The amazing 20-inch wheelset and another option with 12 inches make this bike perfect for ages of around 6 to teenagers.

It gives safety and fun like no other with the linear-pull brake and coaster brake. It’ll also save you a lot of stained clothes with the built-in mudguard which prevents any unnecessary splatters. It also comes with knobbly tires for off-road use.

I bet your kid will love this bike and want to show it off to all his friends.

All this and it’s super easy assembly with all the parts in the box that can be quickly be put together in a flash.

For the price, this bike is a steal

  • Helmet Carry System
  • Comfortable
  • Optimize performance
  • Lightweight
  • None
Latest deal: Diamondback Bicycles Nitrus

Looking for more of the best boys kids bikes?

We’ve put an in-depth guide together for that.

We have looked over 20 boys’ bikes to make sure you’re getting the best for your money. We looked at frames, safety, weight, and wheel size to make sure we’ve found the greatest products available to buy – you can see the full guide here which will be more relevant than the one you’re reading now.

What to look for when buying a BMX bike for a 12 year old?

Quality – Whenever budget is not a problem for you, always make sure you get the best quality in terms of everything. If you want a good frame, make sure it is high tensile steel or an aluminium frame. They will see you through many many years. Also make sure the tyres have a good grip and will not lose structural integrity in slightly difficult environmental conditions. It is easy to go for a bike that is cheap when it comes to price, but those are the ones that skimp on quality.

Customer satisfaction – Nothing is perfect. Hence, mistakes by any company are bound to happen. Not that it is a problem, but not being able to get a good and timely response from the company definitely is. Make sure you spend on a well-known and reputable company that gets in touch with you at the earliest whenever something goes south with the bike.

Saddle and Handlebars – These are the two very important aspects of a BMX bike since they are the two interfaces of interaction with the bike. You grip the handle all the time and the saddle is what you rest yourself on. Have a look out for good quality adjustable saddle that is comfortable to ride on, and good strong handlebars that are tall for the right posture. 


How is a BMX different from a regular bike?
The primary differences between a regular bike and a BMX are in terms of design. A BMX is built for sprint around a short track with bumps.

Do BMX bikes have shocks?
The only shocks found on a BMX bike are the legs and arms of the rider. Hence, you should be careful wile riding.

Does BMX build muscle?
Of course, it does! All exercises build muscles. And BMX is not only great for muscle building, but also helps in improving a good cardio-vascular flow and a strong immune system.

What is a BMX bike good for?
A BMX bike is great for racing and basically thrashing around. They are lightweight which makes them easy to transport and life to do tricks on.


The companies we looked at today knocked it out of the park with their products. A lot of them had very little to almost no cons at all. All of them had a tensile steel frame or an aluminium frame so durability was not an issue.

The bikes had adjustable saddles which were comfortable to ride on for hours, and the tyres also had great grip for better traction on the road.

BMX is a lovely sport loved by everyone. It brings the thrill from adrenaline and good muscle formation. It is a great way to get your 12-year-old started in the amazing world of cycling.

No matter which bike you choose from the list we looked at today, you will not be disappointed.