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A close-up of a Mongoose Freestyle BMX bike in all black with floral details
Mongoose Freestyle BMX Bike
A Diamondback Youth Nitrus BMX bicycle in blue and black
Diamondback Bicycles Nitrus BMX
A close-up photo of an orange Dynacraft BMX bike
Dynacraft Magna Throttle Boys BMX Street/Dirt Bike

Planning on buying your 8-year-old a BMX bike that is manufactured to ensure fun and safety? 

Good news my friend, you’re at the right place, I’ve answered everything you need to know about these awesome BMX’s. 

I’ve researched everything there is to know about the best BMX’s for your kid, studying the 37 top-rated BMX’s available to buy. 

It has always been a childhood dream of many kids to go on adventures and explore. The world is their oyster and cycling has always acted as a catalyst in helping them achieve that in the most exciting of ways possible.

But wait, let me tell you something…

Passion for BMX riding has been around for a very long time and the sport has some of the most hardcore fans in the world. But to make life easier, I’ve listed the very best BMX’s that will kickstart your kid’s adventures.

Here’s a tip: in order to introduce your child to the world of BMX riding, you need to pay close attention to the rides you drop your money on.

You won’t want to miss what I wrote about the top product on this list. 

Best BMX for 8 year old

Mongoose Freestyle BMX Bike

A close-up of a Mongoose Freestyle BMX bike in all black with floral details

Mongoose seals number one spot for its insane abilities on park, street, or even on the dirt. This freestyle bike is one that your 8-year-old will love and you won’t be able to get them off it! 

With the awesome colorful design for them to show off to their friends, it’s everything a new rider would want to bust their first tricks on. 

Its super-durable steel frame, removable brake mounts, and mid-BB shell mean it’s ready to take the abuse of the streets and will last your little one a long time. 

Now, there’s more… 

The wheelset has aluminum single way rims with 20-inch tires and the chain has a very smooth axle to rotate on and runs like a gem.  The bike is super lightweight, comfy and your kid will love it.

A good option for the price.

  • Black/Multicolored
  • Perfect for street, park and dirt
  • Perfect for 5’0 to 5’6 kids
  • Durable and strong
  • Only good for beginners
Latest deal: Mongoose Freestyle BMX Bike

Diamondback Bicycles Nitrus BMX

A Diamondback Youth Nitrus BMX bicycle in blue and black

This is perfect for if your kid is ready to make the jump from push-bike to ‘big kid’ bike, Jr Viper BMX is the one that will fit the bill. 

The bomber steel frame and fork, study wheels, and beefy tires are ready for your kid to tackle the park and street in style. It even has a chain guard to protect skin and clothing, a rear hand brake plus a coaster brake to help ease the transition, especially for newer riders. 

The super-short 140mm crank is just perfect for kids 4-9 years old! 

If you’re looking for freestyle for your young one you can’t beat Diamondback, it’s unbeatable for your 8-year-old, it even has a wide range of colors to choose from, you can’t beat this bad boy.  

  • Fit’s so well for 8 year olds and for a 20 inch bike
  • Stable and super easy to assemble
  • There is a chain guard to protect skin, especially in shorts
  • Smooth pedals and great performing brakes
  • Take your time to read assembly booklet, can be confusing
Latest deal: Diamondback Bicycles Nitrus BMX

Dynacraft Magna Throttle Boys BMX Street/Dirt Bike

A close-up photo of an orange Dynacraft BMX bike

If you’re looking for a quality, cheap BMX bike for your kid I think this will be your best bet. Dynacraft gives you such a high-quality bike for a reasonable price point that you won’t believe it!

The design looks so cool, your 8-year-old won’t be able to keep their eyes off it! This 20-inch bike has a black frame, black grips, black tires, and a black saddle so the touches of red and white make it super stylish that your kid will be dying to show off to his friends. 

Let’s talk about the best bit.

This bike is well built and functional with coaster brakes that will give you the smoothest ride possible- extra points for the finish being flawless. You cannot fault this stylish, sturdy bike that gives excellent performance at such a low price.

Your kid will love it. 

  • Gorgeous and stylish design
  • Coasting brakes for that extra control
  • Well built and functional
  • The seat can be adjusted making it perfect for growing
  • Assembly can be confusing
Latest deal: Dynacraft Magna Throttle Boys BMX 

Elite BMX Bicycle

best cheap bmx bikes for adults
A close-up photo of a sleek black Elite BMX bike

RoyalBaby brings a BMX-style all-gender bike to the table which has some quality to offer.

First of all, the bike comes in this shocking blue color which looks amazing and the kids will love it. But also comes in a red color more popular among girls.

The bike comes to you 95% assembled which means you only have to do little work to put it together. It even includes training wheels as well along with all the necessary tools required for assembly, so it is perfect for all levels.

But wait there’s more:

Not only the seat is adjustable but the handlebar as well which allows children of all height to ride the bike with ease. The bike has a sturdy and comfortable saddle and also comes with a bell and a water bottle.

This bike has a lot to offer and for the price, you can’t get better than this.

  • Steel frame sturdy and strong
  • Trainer wheels included
  • Bicycle accessories like water bottle and bell
  • Exciting color options
  • A little heavy
Latest deal: RoyalBaby

Dynacraft magna throttle boys

A Dynacraft Magna Throttle BMX Street Dirt bicycle for boys in black, red, and white

Dynacraft brings you a BMX bicycle that will be a major hit among girls. Hello Kitty is a huge girls’ brand and the bike has a Hello Kitty theme all around it.

The girls will absolutely love it and are worth it. Even the tires have a pink and white theme to them. The bike comes with a Hello Kitty-themed bag for the handlebar and pads and streamers as well.

Your little girl will love this.

The seat is comfortable and adjustable for ease of use, it also has training wheels to get your girl started on a fun adventure. The bike frame is also sturdy and strong and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Overall, an amazing choice.

  • Hello Kitty theme
  • Handlebar bag
  • Comfortable saddle
  • Sturdy and durable frame
  • The bottom bracket is too high off the ground
Latest deal: Dynacraft Hello Kitty girls

Schwinn Sting Pro and Predator Cruiser BMX

A photo of a silver, green, and yellow Schwinn BMX bike

Mongoose brings you a 20inch wheel bike that was built for durability and grip while doing tricks, making it perfect for your 8-year-old.

The bike has an all-black look which gives a very low profile minimalist feel. The wide wheelbase allows for a great grip on the road and also looks great.

The 20inch wheelbase might sound big but the frame is small which allows the kid to ride the bike with comfort and ease. It also provides that feeling of riding a big bike.

So here’s the magic…

The frame is durable and made out of high tensile steel. These steel linear-pull brakes provide insane precision and speed control while the Hi-Ten steel handlebar and fork stem give your kid unmatched steering performance.

The design is stylish and even comes in options for girls, not to mention the comfort on this bike is unreal. Overall, this is an amazing option for the price you pay.

  • 20inch wheel base
  • Wide range of color choices to choose from, including options for girls
  • Strong sturdy steel frame
  • Built for grip and durability
  • Brake available on only 1 wheel
Latest deal: Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike

Schwinn Sting Pro and Predator Cruiser BMX

A photo of a silver, green, and yellow Schwinn BMX bike

This Schwinn bike is perfect for getting your kid started in the BMX world, the 20-inch wheels are designed for children 6 and up, meaning this will be brilliant for your 8-year-old. 

It is perfect for riding around the park, sidewalk, and neighborhood. 

The lightweight frame, cranks, and pedals are positioned forward and the gearing is designed for easier starting. The narrow pedal positions and the smaller seat that can be adjusted for height is perfect for your growing kid. 

It even includes rear coaster brakes and front caliper brakes so the easing transition is much smoother and easier for kids. It even has the option for different wheel sets so Schwinn’s Koen BMX is the best bike for all kids.

But that’s not even the best bit.

This bike is built to grow as your kid grows, in skill and in size. It’s hard to buy a bike for a young one that’s constantly growing but trust me you won’t regret purchasing this beauty.

  • 20inch wheel base
  • Super adjustable so your kid won’t outgrow this bike quickly
  • Lightweight frame, cranks and pedals for smooth riding
  • Both front calliper brakes and rear coaster brakes
  • None
Latest deal: Schwinn Koen Boys BMX Bike

What to look for in a BMX for an 8-year-old?

Finding a gift for an 8-year-old boy can always prove to be considerably difficult. BMX’s would be your safest option when it comes down to purchasing something to make the little one happy.

With so much to look for in getting the perfect bike, we’ve hopefully made things easier to encourage your purchasing decision.

In all of the products we looked at today, we paid particular attention to the following points:

Size – This one is obvious but very important as many parents overlook it. Size matter a lot and if you do not get the right size for your kid, it can cause some problems. People like to get bigger bikes for kids when starting out. This may look like an investment in time at first, but the kid can have problems like back pain and ankle injuries. Hence, a small frame with a wheelbase around 18inches to 20 inches is the way to go.

Tires – Kids love to experiment with stuff. They will be driven to go into places that are not in the best shape in terms of terrains to ride on. Hence it is important that the bike tires are of good quality. No one would want their bike to have a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. It is crucial that proper attention is paid to the tire quality when buying BMX bikes for 8-year-olds.

Bike Dimension- Since your kid is still fairly new to biking and BMXing weight is something to consider, you don’t want your kid going biking in a heavy bike. Also, a flexible seat height and tire width are important for maximum comfort.

Saddle – Saddle is the main interface between you and the bike, other than the pedals and handlebar. It is what you rest on while riding. It is important that the quality of the seat is good. It needs to be soft and spacious. It needs to have a good grip while riding so you do not slip. It also needs to be adjustable, so it is easy for your kid to ride it.

Easy-To-Assemble- This is also a super important factor to consider, it’s not the easiest job to do for everyone. Luckily the majority of BMX is already partially assembled, all you’ll need to put on are the small parts like pedals or kickstand. 

You may find that some are completely set up so you don’t require any assembling, its a bonus if you find one like this. 


At what age should you start BMX?
This question is asked a lot. And the best answer is around the age of 3 to 4. Yes! That is correct. It is easy for your child to get a hold of it around that age.

Why are BMX bikes so small?
There is a popular saying, “The smaller the bike, the bigger the jump.” This actually is very true. Smaller bikes have a lighter weight hence it is easy to live them.

Does BMX frame size matter?
It matters a lot. Especially when buying a bike for someone young. BMX bikes come in multiple wheel sizes and the best size for an 8-year-old is 18inch wheels.


Today we looked at some of the best BMX bikes available for 8-year-old kids. The manufacturers we looked at today had a lot to offer. Some had unique color options while others had a strong axle for the chain.

All had high tensile steel for the frame which is a good thing. Some even offered u brakes which are very good. All in all, whichever bike you choose, your 8-year-old will love it.

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