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Cycling is a beautiful sport. One that does not require you to necessarily treat it as a sport, as you can adopt it as a hobby as well. One of the liveliest and most uplifting branches of cycling is BMX. What started as a casual racing of bikes in the dirt quickly grew into a mainstream hobby, gaining inspiration from motocross superstars at the time. Grip on your BMX bike is a crucial part of the whole experience. Grips provide a good surface for your hands to hold onto even in sweaty and humid conditions. They have shock absorbing abilities as well. Let’s take a look at some of the best BMX grips you can buy.

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Best BMX Grips For Pro BMX Riders


Odi Vans lock on grips

Top Choice Item

Made from ODI proprietary grip compound, Vans bring you a solid grip for your BMX ride. It has a unique purple color going throughout which looks stylish and modern. The style and grip pattern resemble a waffle but it’s not only the looks as it has functionality to it as well. The cross pattern on the grip allows for a strong and complete hold on the handle, allowing you to take proper control of the bike when most needed. The grip also has a lock on feature which holds onto the bike handles and prevents any slippage that might happen otherwise. It is 130mm in length and has a round shape. It is a good buy for the price, especially in a competitive market.

Cross grip for better handling
Lock on features to prevent slippage
Smooth and grippy texture
Not grip-shift specific

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RockBros handlebar grips

Prime Picked Item

RockBros bring you a very beautiful looking grip for your BMX. The grip has a very delightful pattern going on with bold colors. The grip comes in blue or green color options and looks amazing on the handlebars. It has a double lock on feature which allows for the grip to stay in place, ensuring a smooth and safe ride. The grip also has a unique texture for you to hold onto while riding. The high strength aluminium alloy on the handles improve the durability and longevity of the product so you don’t have to spend more to get a new one.  It is made from lightweight TPR rubber that helps keep the weight low and the grips are very easy to install as well.

Universal fit for most bikes especially BMX
Double lock on feature
Aluminium alloy for strength
Easy to install
Not soft

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25NINE ronin grip

Best Value Item

25NINE comes at you with one of the widest range of colors to choose from when it comes to BMX grips. You will find all sorts of colors like brown, black, blue, grey and army, and even color combinations like green/black or red/black to add another layer of customization. The grips are made with durable kraton rubber that allows for a comfortable grippy experience, and at the same time improves the durability and longevity of the product. The grips also have a flanged end which allows you to position your hands well while griping, and the anti-slip ability allows the grip to stay in place while you ride aggressively. The company offers a 90-day money back guarantee as well. Overall, an amazing choice for you.

Ribbed grip for better control
Durable and strong
Wide color range
90-day money back guarantee
A little big for kids

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Eastern bikes grips

Eastern bikes bicycle grip riblet has an angled ribbed rubber pattern. More on that in a little bit. First, the company provides you with a wide array of colors to choose from like black, red, trans red, trans blue and even clear. This makes it easier to choose the exact color you want. The angled ribbed pattern is a slant ribbed pattern on the grip that allows for a strong and against the grain type feel to the grip which makes it easier to hold and handle. It is made out of soft compound rubber and has free nylon end plugs included. Overall, a good product for the price you pay.

Weighs 3.0 oz; lightweight
Free nylon end plugs
Soft compound rubber
Angled ribbed pattern for good grip
Not super comfortable

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Black ops circle grips

Black ops brings you a well-built circular BMX grip that fits on most bikes easily. It has a lot of colors to choose from like green, yellow, orange, red and light green. You have options when it comes to a flange as well. You can either pick one with a flange or one without it. The flange helps you position your hands better while holding the grip. Speaking of holding, handling the bike is also made easier with the grippy texture of the rubber. Kraton rubber is durable and long lasting. Overall, an amazing product, good for most BMX bikes out there.

Kraton rubber; durable
Ribbed grip pattern for better handling
Multiple color options
Flange and flange-free option
Might get sticky after a wash

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What to look for when buying BMX grips:

Quality: This obviously does not come as a surprise that quality is the first and foremost thing to check off the list. Having a well-built grip is very important because it will see you through a long time of rough riding which is very important. Buying a grip is like an investment and you need to make the right decision when it comes to it. Most grips are made out of rubber which usually is the best option to go for, unless you find a better quality in gel grips or cork and foam. What matters is whatever material you go for, make sure the quality is top notch.

Handling: The whole purpose a grip for your BMX is to have a quality handling experience. Without a good grip, you might not be able to control the ride properly. General problem faced by many is slippage when the weather is humid. In order to have a good handling experience, make sure the grip is not rough to feel and also has some sort of grippy pattern for you to hold onto.

Price: There are many manufacturers out there who charge a lot for their grips. You need to find the one that fits best to your needs and also saves your pockets at the same time. But beware at the same time as you will find some crazy cheap grips and they might seem attention grabbing at first, but you will be heavily compromised on quality. The grips we took a look at today will be some of the best options for you when it comes to price.



How do you put on bike grips?
First you need to safely slide or cut off the old grip with a razor blade. Once that is done, clean the bar with soap to remove gunk. This makes it easy for the new grip to be installed. Use 3 to 4 plastic ties that you will wrap on the handlebars so that the grip slides on easily. This will help get the grips on easily and will also protect the metallic handlebar underneath. Now you can slide the new grip on but be careful not to get a rubber burn on your hands. Once the grip is on, you can cut off extra tape that might be there.

How to keep rips from getting slippery
Best option is to go for a material that is weather resistant so your grip is impervious to water and sweat. 

How to make grips last long?
This mainly depends on the quality of the grip you buy. But there are other options like grip covers that you can buy and put on in order to protect the bike and hopefully improve its longevity.


Grips for a BMX are designed to provide you more control and protection as BMX rides are tough and usually on rough uneven terrains. These grips are longer than mountain bike grips as you require more surface area to grip them properly. Some grips have flanges while others do not. Flanges help you position your hands better and also provide protection from catching the brake lever unintentionally.

The products we looked at today were each unique in their own way. However, the most recurring feature was the pattern of the grips. Some had ribbed style while others had it slant or waffle style. All of them had good quality and some provided lock on features that prevent slippage. The grips were durable and strong. Some had flanges while other did not, and some even gave you option for keeping the flange or not. Overall, the products were amazing. You can go for any of them and will not be disappointed.

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