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Best BMX Pegs

By: Mason Arnold

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Blank Compound BMX Stunt Peg
Novatec Steel Pegs

So you’re looking to upgrade your BMX?

Then you’ll love this.

I’ve searched through the web to find only the best pegs for BMX on the market, different colors and designs made from the best quality so you can install pegs on a BMX right away.

If you love to do stunts, a good pair of pegs can be essential. Many BMX bikes come with cheaply made pegs that make you want to remove BMX stunt pegs straight away. Plus, half the fun of owning your very own BMX bike is customizing it so it’s truly yours, but where do you start looking for good pegs?

Here comes the best part.

I’ve put in the work for you, and spent hours sorting through BMX pegs to bring you my list of the best BMX pegs available, in terms of design, anti slip qualities, grip and metal as well as plastic. You’ll want to know how to put pegs on a BMX bike after reading this.

You’re going to find it difficult to decide between these amazing grips, but if you love having color options, then let me tell you right now that number 6 is worth a look at.

Word of advice- If you want lighter BMX accessories, go for plastic, but if you’re into a more sturdy, sleek look that can take anything, then metal pegs are your go to.

Ready for the fun stuff?

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A Review Of The Best Pegs For BMX

Blank Compound BMX Stunt Peg

The BLANK stunt pegs are my number 1 go to for BMX pegs.

The Blank BMX pegs are designed to take on abuse and continuous use without disappointment. It’s a Compound peg that is very strong and durable, to help you reach your potential and try new stunts on your BMX bike.

Blank pegs are made from hi-ten steel so that they can take on punishment and the shock from landings or stunt tricks. This is the best bmx pegs for street, perfect if you’re looking to upgrade your BMX bike and take on a new set of pegs that can do more for you.

These pegs have been designed so they won’t fall off with a strong, lightweight core and a chrome black look. You’ll have sleek looking pegs that do the trick well.

But that’s not all.

If you’re looking for the best value for your money, Blank is it. The pegs will stay put and wont spin due to a locator nut that stops the peg from spinning. The result? A comfortable feel so you can ride for longer. Not only that, but the anti-slip properties mean it won’t slip and move around as you ride, and you can be confident that it will hold up no matter the weather conditions.

The Blank is perfect for all kinds of BMX, and will cover the whole handlebar for a sleek look. At an unbeatable price, this is my top recommendation for BMX bike pegs if you’re on a budget.

Check out the product on the link!

  • Strong Hi-ten steel
  • Very lightweight
  • Sleek chrome black color
  • Non slip
  • Sold as a single rather than pair
Latest deal: Blank Compound BMX Stunt Peg


You’re going to love this one.

Odyssey MPEG brings you a well-built circular BMX peg that fits on most bikes easily. Made to take on rough landings, it is a tough metal peg that can go through anything.

These things are pretty much indestructible and I love the black color, which looks great with pretty much any BMX bike color. Plus, Odyssey has been around forever and is a trusted BMX brand for ages.

Wait until you hear this

Odyssey pegs are also easier to install and click into place. with the grippy texture of the rubber. Made as a replacement for GI pegs, they have a smaller outer diameter and a good 14mm length.

With a heavy duty construction/feel they have the strength you need, but they may not be as light as others. It comes with two pegs, the 3/8 inserts/adapters (in a little baggy stuffed inside a peg when packaged), and an Odyssey sticker. Three holes allow you to turn the peg when needed for even wear. Plus, since there are three anti roll positions, you can get the most out of them. many reviews raving about them!

Overall, an amazing product, good for most BMX bikes out there.

  • Smaller outer diameter
  • Three anti roll positions
  • Cylinder shape
  • Solid construction
  • Could be lighter
Latest deal: ODYSSEY MPEG Pegs

Novatec Steel Pegs

Want sleek looking pegs for your BMX?

The Novatec steel pegs for BMX bikes have a cool pattern with a durable construction. Whether you want to use them for doing awesome stunts or getting your friends on the back of your bike. No matter what you know these pegs can withstand the abuse and you won’t be replacing them any time soon.

The Novatec steel pegs feature an alloy steel material; for extra durability. The high strength aluminum alloy on the handles improves the durability and longevity of the product so you don’t have to spend more to get a new one.

In case you were wondering…

The Novatec pegs very easy to install and they make a cool addition to any bike. They’re easy for other kids to stand on while they ride around, have nice textured surfaces for grip. They have a rough texture for a grippy surface. The grip has a unique texture for you to hold onto while doing stunts.

Whether you want pegs that look good or ones that stay in place all day, the Novatec have got you covered.

Click on the link and check out the reviews!

  • Steel construction
  • Grippy textured surface
  • Easy to install
  • Good for kids too
  • Could have other color options
Latest deal: Novatec Steel Pegs

Black Ops Lead Foot BMX Pegs

You’re not going to want to miss this next one.

The Black Ops comes at you with lead foot BMX pegs. These heavy duty pegs are built to be strong, whether it’s for your six year old or yourself, these pegs don’t disappoint. They provide high traction and easy installation.

The grips are made with durable steel for a heavy duty feel that will withstand anything and at the same time improve the durability and longevity of the pegs. You don’t have to be afraid of your kid wrecking it or trying new stunts, these pegs can deal with it.

Hear me out.

If you’re going to be doing stunts or standing on it, then you’re going to need traction. The Black ops pegs have a knurled and grooved design to make it easier to grip. The pegs still look sleek in an all black look, but the grooves wont scratch or rip your skin if you accidentally brush against them.

If you were looking for the ultimate stunt pegs for your BMX, then the Black Ops are perfect. A tried and tested brand that you know you’ll love.

Overall, an amazing choice for you.

  • Heavy duty steel
  • Grooved for traction
  • Easy to install
  • Gentle on shins
  • Slightly heavier
Latest deal: Black Ops Lead Foot BMX Pegs

KINSPORY Aluminum Alloy Bike Pegs

If you want a pair of bike pegs that are stylish, the Kinspory bike grips have it all.

Kinspory bike pegs are designed with some cool color options to upgrade your bike both aesthetically and practically. They are built to be a lightweight and fun addition to your bike. Whether you want a pair for your front or rear axles, these have got you covered.

The Kinspory are made in a 5 different color options to match your bike. You can choose from an electric blue, green, cool purple, bright red or a mustard orange. Not only that, but you can decide between a series of interesting patterns such as stripes, zigzags, criss-cross and others for a funky look

But there’s more.

The Kinspory pegs are suitable for both front and rear wheel axles, meaning you can have a whole matching set on your bike. They are also very lightweight so you can pick up some speed or do stunts in the air without it dragging down the bike.

The Kinspory bike pegs have a great grip, due to the nonslip design. These metal pegs have good grip and traction for better handling and to keep things secure. With the tacky grip pattern and a cool aesthetic you’ll love at an affordable price point, you can be confident you’re getting the real deal.

What could be better than this?

  • Color options
  • Suitable to front and back wheel axles
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Non slip design
  • Not as hard wearing as others
Latest deal: KINSPORY Aluminum Alloy Bike Pegs

25NINE BMX Bike Pegs

If you’re looking for some BMX pegs that are the gateway to bigger and bolder rides, this is it.

If you’re serious about getting unto the world of BMX then you might want to have a look at the 25NINE pegs. It’s got a super light design and lots of color options. Easy to set up and use with a smooth sleek feel, you’ll be taking these on every adventure.

Made with the classic smooth design, the 25NINE pegs come with some bold color choices including light blue, black, copper, gold, green, light green, purple, pink and red to give you the ultimate confidence when out cycling. They all feature a plain, sleek design without patterns on for a cool finish.

That’s not all.

Perfect to use out in the streets or skate park, the 25NINE is designed with a strong aluminum core, and a plastic sleeve. Not only does this make it more durable than all plastic pehs, but it’s ideal for all types of riding including metal coping or rails, concrete curbs and street so the skies are your limit.

Let’s be honest, when we’re looking for BMX pegs, we don’t only want something practical but also aesthetic. With the 25NINE Hex, you can have both. A cool design and strong lightweight core combined with durability and quality, you just can’t go wrong.

You won’t want to miss out on these.

  • Color options
  • Metal inner shell and plastic sleeve
  • Lightweight
  • Great for street griding
  • Could have more grip
Latest deal: 25NINE BMX Bike Pegs

Amotor Aluminum Alloy Lead Foot BMX Pegs

Hear me out on this one.

The Amotor metal pegs are one of my all-time favorites on here. They’re lightweight performance pegs that are just perfect for BMX bikes. Made from aluminum and available in a large range of color options, these bicycle pegs are great for all types of riders and give you the best support while out practicing your favorite tricks at the skateboard park.

This model comes in 6 color combinations including black, light blue, goldm green, red and navy blue. That way you can have your range of choice and select the color that matches your bikes aesthetic. They are also super easy to install, so why not buy several and mix and match?

You won’t believe what else it has to offer.

The Amotor pegs have a diamond twill design for increased friction and grip. They also feature sleek metallic stripes across the body and are compatible with BMX, mountain bikes, and regular bikes on both the front and back wheel axles. BMX riders will have the freedom to make the most of their BMX bike and it will not disappoint.

Most BMX pegs are bulky and heavy, but not these ones. Featuring lightweight aluminum, it offers high strength but not at the expense of being lightweight. They are a great choice for people who want to upgrade their first BMX bike, it provides a perfect balance of weight, strength, and compliance, that you will love.

This one is worth having a look at.

  • Increased friction
  • Will fit 3/8 inch axles
  • Quality steel
  • Color options
  • Could be stronger
Latest deal: Amotor Aluminum Alloy Lead Foot BMX Pegs

25NINE Anodized Aluminum BMX Bike Pegs

You’re not going to want to miss this next one.

The 25NINE comes at you with one of the widest range of colors to choose from when it comes to BMX pegs. You will find all sorts of colors like red, black, blue, orange and light blue, and even gold to add another layer of customization.

The pegs are made with durable Anodized aluminum that allows for a buttery smooth experience when it comes to doing stunts. Whether you’re a flatland rider or love to grind on a ledge or coping, they’ll not perform perfectly but also make a great grinding sound.

There’s more.

As with all 25NINE pegs, you’ll find that they come with anti rotation pins to keep your pegs from spinning and getting loose while doing stunts. You can focus on riding without the worry of adjusting your pegs or tightening them. Plus, they are pretty much a guaranteed fit since these pegs are compatible with both 14mm and 3/8inch axles. The pegs are ready to go straight from the box and onto a 14mm axle, but you can use the included adaptor for the rest.

If you were looking for the ultimate strength for these pegs combined with weightlessness, then you’ll love these pegs. Made from adonized aluminum they are very durable and can take a rough beating, but won’t add any extra weight to your bike. the 25NINE is perfect.

Add these to your basket, you won’t regret it.

  • Variety of colors
  • Anti rotation pins
  • Compatible with 14mm and 3/8in.
  • Aluminum pegs
  • Didn’t include adaptors
Latest deal: 25NINE Anodized Aluminum BMX Bike Pegs

The Best BMX Pegs – A Buyer’s Guide

In this BMX pegs buying guide, I’m going to take you through which BMX peg is right for you. From chromoly pegs to plastic slides, well find what’s best for your riding style and BMX tricks so you can do peg grinds and stunts on street bikes.

Most BMX riders want high quality pegs for street riding so they can do stunts like ledge grinds. Unfortunately, with many low quality pegs that get stripped or break after a month or so, or add so much weight to the bike that is kind of seems pointless.

Don’t worry.

As a street rider, whether you’re part of the experienced riders or an average rider, your first pair of new pegs can really be the push you need to do tricks and stunts.

Which peg was your favorite from the list?

How to choose the best BMX peg for you

With so many options available for bike pegs, it can be difficult for riders to decide whether they want steel, alloy, aluminum or plastic pegs. It will all depend on your riding style and compatibility with your own bike.


The age old question – Plastic or Metal pegs?

If you’re struggling to decide how you can go for durability and performance, I’ve got you.

Metal pegs

You’ll usually find alloy aluminum or steel pegs. Of course, durability is a big pro for metal pegs and they often have good slip which is preferred for experienced riders. If you know you use your bike often or are a bit rough with the stunts, this is a good option.

Plastic pegs

You can get two types of plastic pegs, either full plastic or pegs with a metal inner core, and a proprietary plastic sleeve. This way you still get durability and prevent breakage. Plastic pegs are good in that they avoid picking up too much weight and can easily be replaced when they wear out.

Slip or tread

If you like to get more slip, go for a metal peg as they will have a good slippery surface. Slip is good if you’re an experienced rider that likes to do grinds.

If you have less experience or simply prefer more grip, for instance if you’re using your pegs to carry a friend on the bike or to help you do stunts, then plastic sleeved pegs will offer less slip for BMX riders than a metal one. With a strong inner core, they are light weight but can often come with a thread pattern for better grip.

BMX peg length

When shopping for pegs, you’ll notice that there are different lengths available. You’ll come across micro pegs and standard size 4″ universal pegs.

Micro pegs

These are 1.1″-2″ long in general, and are a good option if you like to do grinds, and need a smaller size that won’t get in the way.

Standard Universal pegs

These are the most common and you’ll find they are usually around 4.4″. If you’re a taller rider with bigger feet, or would like to use pegs for a secondary rider to stand on, then a longer size like this is perfect.


On your BMX find, you’ll find axles on which to connect the pegs. They are found in two different measurements. The first is 14mm, which you’ll have if you own a street bike or park bike. The second is a 3/8 inch size which is usually found on a race bike. You need to be aware of which size axle you have, since pegs will be made to fit one of these sizes.

Some pegs come with adaptable axle sockets so you can adapt the peg to any axle size.

Final Thoughts

When buying pegs for your bmx buje, there are a lot of options available. Some are a lot thinner, with less structural integrity, others have a smaller diameter or a bigger outside diameter with a larger surface area, or others are the same size all around.

There are pegs for all kinds of riders, those who prefer plastic with a strong inner core, or a special metal alloy or fine steel peg.

No matter the angle iron, hub guards or axle size you need, there are brands that make excellent pegs. For instance, odyssey graduate peg, which comes with plastic pegs and a plastic sleeve so you can find the best plastic bmx pegs.

In this buyer’s guide, you will find the best bmx pegs for you.

Which one caught your eye?

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