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Are you looking for a new BMX stem but aren’t really sure what to look for when it comes to stems?

Well, don’t worry because I’ve written a list of the best stems and provided some additional info that’s going to make you an expert in BMX stems! BMX bikes are special types of off-road sport bikes that are commonly used for stunt riding and racing. The term simply means Bicycle Motocross.

If these bikes are your favorite, you need to ensure that all parts are functional and reliable. One of the most important parts is the BMX stem. The BMX stem is the part that connects the bars to the steerer tube (it is usually beneficial to find the best BMX handlebars to match your stem). This part is very important because it allows you to balance your weight when riding.

Buying a BMX stem can be very challenging especially if you are not sure which one you should pick. With many manufacturers creating botched products that aren’t built to last it’s vital you know what you’re looking for!

To make your work easier, I have compiled a list of the best BMX stems you can find today.

Here’s a tip for you when buying –  You won’t need a stem much shorter than 90mm or much longer than 130mm. If you need a stem length beyond those extremes, your bike frame is probably the wrong size.

Now, if you really want something that’s reliable and going to give your BMX a boost over the competition then take a look at my top pick.

We’ve spent the time so you don’t have to:

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Our Pick Of The Best BMX Stems


Qikour Bike Stem

Are you looking for the best BMX stem on the market at the moment?

If you are, you can never go wrong with this one. It is made of a forged 6061 alloy and it is then CNC machined to reduce the weight. This means that it has an impressive construction.

Unlike others, Insight 1 1/8 BMX stem provides a full clamp power. The ED finish provides an excellent clench on all handlebars. Due to its design, it looks fantastic on any bike.

So hurry and get this BMX stem, you won’t regret it!

Well constructed
Great look
Provides full clamp power
A bit pricey

Latest deal: Qikour Bike Stem


Zoom 4 Bolt AHEAD BMX Stem

Are you looking for a bike stem that has lots of positive feedback so you know your money isn’t going to waste?

Premium Sub- 10 V3 BMX stem is among the top-rated BMX stem on the market. It is available in 5 different smokey colors which means that it is very attractive.

Apart from the design, it is built to last. Its construction features a 3031 alloy which is CNC machined. Since it weighs only 10.05 oz, it is among the most lightweight BMX stems you can find today. Again, it comes in front load and top load design.

If you’re still not convinced then go have a look at this yourself so you can see what all of the hype is about!

Built to last
Attractive colors

Latest deal: Zoom 4 Bolt 


Cycle Group PX-ST134818T-GD Promax Impact BMX

Maybe you’re looking for something that goes above and beyond your average BMX stem,

Cycle Group PX-ST134818T-GD is made of high-quality 6061-T6 aluminum. It is then CNC machined to enhance its shape and also to reduce weight.

It weighs 272g and has an open design which reduces its weight. It is very strong and ensures that the bars remain intact.  The other thing you will love about it is that it exceeds the ENBMX standards which means that you can highly rely on it.

Add this to your basket ASAP this one is a must-have!

Lightweight design
Exceeds ENBMX standards
Made of strong materials

Latest deal: PX-ST134818T-GD Promax


Eastern Bikes BMX stem Topload throttle

Are you all about performance when it comes to your BMX, well this might just be the stem for you.

Eastern Bikes BMX stem is among the most preferred BMX stems due to its remarkable performance. It is made from a forged 6061 allow which makes it among the strongest BMX stems on the market.

Additionally, it features hardened Chromoly bolts which enhance strength and also helps in reducing its weight. You should also note that it has a 50 mm reach and 32mm stack height.

Whether you are an expert or a beginner BMX rider, this one is among the best BMX stems you should consider.

So, if you’re serious about BMXs then you’ll want to go straight to Amazon and see this one for yourself!

Amazing quality
Ideal for all BMX riders
Bad finish

Latest deal: Eastern Bikes BMX stem


Aluminium 31.8 Stem 45mm Bike Stem

Want a stem that’s stylish and easy to install? I know just the thing!

SLHYA Bicycle Bike Stem 31.8 mm is among the most stylish BMX stems you can find today. It is made using the latest design and has a hollow design. As a result, it is very lightweight. Again, it is very comfortable when climbing and also for downhill riding.

The other thing you should note is that the screws are installed freely and in case you experience some problems, you can easily check whether they are crooked.

Don’t wait too long to make a decision on this, I have a feeling it won’t be in stock forever.

Stylish design
Hollow and lightweight
Easy to install
Looks cheap

Latest deal: Aluminium 31.8 Stem 45mm Bike Stem


Cycle Group PX –ST134818F-BL

Looking for something that’s top quality and ENBMX certified? Why wouldn’t you be!

The most outstanding thing about this BMX stem is that it features laser-etched graphics. Apart from that, it uses a front-load design and you can use it when either side is facing up. You will find that it allows a drop or a rise of 5 mm.

It also provides a 53mm extension. To boost durability and performance, it is made of high-quality 6061-T6 aluminum. Don’t forget that it exceeds the ENBMX standards for quality.

If you’re the type of person who likes to stand out this is certainly going to raise some eyebrows.

ENBMX certified
Top quality product
Laser etched graphics
May not work with all bikes

Latest deal: PX –ST134818F-BL


Black Ops Defend’R BMX Stem

Do you maybe want a stem that’s a little more user-friendly?

One of the best things about these gloves is that they allow you to use your smartphone since they have a touch recognition feature. Again, they have long-lasting gel palm which also prevents them from slipping. This material also helps in shock absorption as well as reducing road vibrations.

To ensure that they fit perfectly, adjustable straps are also included. The other impressive thing is that you can use them even during hot days since they have breathable material.

This is really a great stem and you’d be crazy to not take a look at the reviews on this and see just how good it is!

User-friendly 4 bolt face clamp
Available in two attractive colors
Not compatible with all bikes

Latest deal:  Black Ops Defend’R


Wake Mountain Bike Stem

Are you low on cash and want a cheaper option?

Whether you are searching for a reliable BMX stem for a road bike, fixed gear bicycles, or mountain bike, this one will be an excellent choice. It has a hollow and lightweight design. Apart from that, it is very easy to install.

You will also find that it comes with 4 bolt clamps that hold it securely in its position. Don’t forget that it is made of aluminum to boost performance.

If you’re still having doubts about this go and let all of the positive reviews persuade you!

Very cheap
Improves steering and posture
Available in beautiful colors

Latest deal: Wake Mountain Bike Stem

Best BMX Stems Buyers Guide

BMX cycling is one of the most popular and fun activities you can enjoy today. It is a sport that involves racing and it is also included in the Olympics. Some of the best activities of BMX biking include;

  1. Enables you to keep fit – BMX cycling is one of the best sports for those who want to lose weight. In case you are overweight, you should start with lower intensity speeds and then increase as you gain experience. It is more enjoyable than gym workouts.
  2. Strengthens your lower back muscles – Since you will be riding in an upright position it is a good sport for your spine. It also strengthens your lower back muscles after some time. However, you need to pick a bike that suits your height.
  3. Good for your heart – BMX cycling is one of the best aerobic workouts. This means that it can improve your heart health since it minimizes the risks of cardiovascular diseases. Apart from that, it promotes the circulation of blood in the body which ensures that all the tissues receiver the required amount of oxygen.
  4. Builds your confidence – Another benefit of this sport is that it boosts your confidence as you enjoy and learn more about it.

How we picked our products

The following are some of the things we checked when comparing different BMX stems to ensure that we have only picked the best.

Whether you are an experienced BMX rider or you are just starting, choosing the best BMX stem can be very challenging due to the numerous products available today. These stems have a similar appearance and you might be tempted to just pick any. However, this can be very dangerous. To make your work easier, you should consider the following tips when buying.

Materials – The material used to make the stem is also very important. It should be strong and long-lasting. You should also ensure that is lightweight enough to make your rides comfortable. For instance, all the stems we have reviewed in this article are build to last. They are also lightweight and sturdy. Most of the BMX stems are made of stiff, lightweight and strong aluminum alloy. The most common alloys used are 6061 and 7071. Both are reliable in terms of strength and performance. However, 7075 has a higher strength as compared to its weight ration. However, it is prone to corrosion.

Designs -BMX stems come in different designs which means that you should pick the one that suits your bike. Again, they are available in different colors although the color might not be a very important factor. What matters most is the quality and compatibility with your bike. It should also be easy to install. As compared to others on the market, the ones we have reviewed have a better design and are also stylish. There are two types of BMX stems which are top load BMX stem and front load BMX stem. Front-load stems contain a vertical front plate where you install the bars. Due to their design, they have a lower bar position. On the other hand, top load stems have a removable top plate where you install the bars. This means that the bars are positioned higher than the front loads.

Reach –Before you buy the stem, you need to think of how it will affect your overall reach. If you are searching for a stem that will give you an upright posture, then you should go for a short one. However, a longer stem will be more stable and will allow you to ride at speed. When we were reviewing different products, this is one of the areas we focused on to ensure that all the BMX stems in our list won’t affect your comfort when cycling.

Position of the bar– The position of the bar is also another important thing you should consider. If you prefer to use longer bars, then top load stems will be the best. Again, if you prefer shorter bars or a bar that allows you to lean forward, then you should go for a front load stem.

Steerer clamp radius – The size of the BMX handlebar will be determined by the steerer clamp radius. Stems with a large radius are more suitable for dirt jump riders. This is because this type of riding requires large bars. On the other hand, street riders require a small handlebar or a small steerer clamp.

Machining – This process helps in reducing the weight of the stem by removing some materials in different areas that encounter less stress. Apart from that, it gives it an outstanding look.

Clamping systems – Not all BMX stems use bolts for clamping. Some use hinge and internal wedge systems. A stem with few bolts may have a smaller design since it has more clamping surface area.

Hollow bolts– Some companies use hollow bolts design as a way of reducing the weight of the stem. However, this can affect the strength of the stem. Before buying such a product, ensure that it is made of sturdy materials. You should also ensure that the bolt is strong enough.

Reviews– If you have picked a product but you are not still convinced whether it is the best, you can go through customer reviews from various stores like Amazon to ensure that it is what you are looking for. Compare both the negative and positive reviews so that you can learn more about the product’s strengths and weaknesses.

Price– Most people associate high prices with quality. However, this is not always the case because you can still find cheap products with excellent performance. Again, purchasing a cheap BMX stem simply because you are on a tight budget is a bad idea. Before you spend your money, ensure that the product is strong enough and has all the features you are looking for.

Dimensions – The length of the BMX stem will affect the performance and handling characteristics of the BMX bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put a BMX stem on a mountain bike?

Yes but you need to ensure that it has the correct diameter.

What is a BMX stem?

The stem is that part that joins the handlebars with the fork. Choosing the wrong stem will have a major effect on how the bike feels.

Wrap Up

Today there are so many BMX stems on the market, but much like finding the perfect BMX saddle, not all of them will give you a great riding experience if you pick the wrong one. What you need to know is that choosing the wrong BMX stem is one of the most dangerous things you can ever do if you love BMX riding. 

Nonetheless, any of those products we have reviewed today will give you top performance. We always strive to provide only those products that will give you great value for your money. As a result, we do a lot of research as we compare different products.

When we were compiling our list, we considered things like design, features, strength, and price. This means that apart from being affordable, all the products that we have mentioned are very strong and will last longer than others.

Again, they are easy to install even for beginners.  If you are not sure which one you should pick, you try to compare their features and the price to ensure that you have picked the best. In addition to this, you may need to consider the color or the design. Since there are two types of BMX stems, you should be very keen when buying to avoid buying the wrong one.

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