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If you would like to take your cycling experience to the next level, you need to try an electric bike popularly known as e-bikes. These bikes combine the features of a motorcycle and the normal bikes which means that they provide an amazing performance.

Unlike the conventional bikes, electric bikes come with an inbuilt motor which enhances their propulsions. They also come with a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that requires charging. You can ride the bike by using pedals or by using the motor.  However, these bikes are very expensive and this is the major reason why most people shy away from buying them. 

The good thing is that we have indentified the best budget electric bikes that will give you the best value for your money.

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Best Budget Electric Bikes


43V 500W Electric Bicycles

One of the major benefits of this bike is that it is made of top quality materials to enhance performance. It also has a front fork full suspension process which provides great shock absorption. As a result, it responds well to different road conditions. It also comes with powerful rear and front disk brakes which provides excellent stopping power. Apart from that, it has 9 speed Shimano gearing which are very responsive. The 500W high speed mid drive motor enables you to ride at a speed of 30-38km/hr. Unlike others, this bike provides 3 cycling modes which allows you to enjoy long time cycling and exercises.


  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Powerful motor with large torque
  • Aluminum frame for speed and durability
  • 3 cycling modes


  • None

Latest deal: 43V 500W Electric Bicycles


LANG TU 26” Folding Electric Mountain Bike

In terms of design, this bike is among the most attractive electric bikes on the market.   The first thing you should note about it is that it uses a 48V 12 AH lithium-ion battery which takes 4-6 hour to get fully charged. The front wheel has a quick release skewer and the frame has a foldable design which makes it easy to disassemble and carry.  Apart from that, it comes with aluminum alloy disc brakes and aluminum alloy lockable suspension fork to boost its performance. It also comes with a front LED light, a pump, lock, tool set and a mudguard.


  • Available in 4 beautiful colors
  • Super comfortable and fast
  • Unique features
  • Foldable design


  • Throttle issues

Latest deal: LANG TU 26” Folding Electric Mountain Bike


Kamanner 26 Inch Electric Mountain Bike

The most outstanding thing about this electric bike is that it comes with very reliable rear and front mechanical brakes that provide exceptional stopping power irrespective of the weather. The frame is made of aluminum alloy which is not only lightweight but also strong. The double walled rims enhance durability and allow you to ride faster with less drag. It is also equipped with Shimano 21 speed gears which makes it ideal for hills climbing. These gears also provide greater terrain adaptability. There is also a high-strength front suspension fork which gives you outstanding experience when cycling.


  • Made of strong and lightweight materials
  • Great design
  • 21-speed gears
  • Reliable mechanical disc brakes


  • Weak battery

Latest deal: Kamanner 26 Inch Electric Mountain Bike


700c 720WH Big Battery Electric Road Bike

In terms of performance, this one is among the most reliable electric bikes on the market. It comes with a Big LCD display and a 5-grade intelligent pedal assist system. Unlike others, it provides real time display of the work status. It is also equipped with an aluminum alloy 40H airfoil shaped double wall rims and a 17 inches aluminum alloy airfoil shaped double wall rims which helps to minimize wind resistance. It also comes with different accessories which includes, a pump, mud guard, controller and charger, and a lock. Other features you will find in this bike include, a battery level indicator, LED display, 3-grade motor control power output and a handle throttle control speed.


  • Large LCD display
  • Comes with different accessories
  • Sturdy construction
  • Great wind resistance


  • None

Latest deal: 700c 720WH Big Battery Electric Road Bike


Schwinn Monroe 350 Watt Hub-Drive Electric Bicycle

This bike comes with a 350-watt hub drive motor which has a thumb pad controller on the handlebar. There is also an LED display which shows you the status of the battery and assistance level. Again, it is equipped with 35mm wide tires which are puncture resistant. The battery can last up to 45 miles when fully charged but this will depend on the riding conditions. Again, this bike comes with a stylish aluminum fixie-style frame which provides a comfortable riding position.  It also comes with a top quality sport seat and comfortable-ribbed grips which adds comfort on key bike touch points.


  • LED display
  • 5 pedal assist levels
  • Effective mechanical disc brakes
  • Puncture resistant tires
  • 2 years warranty


  • None

Latest deal: Schwinn Monroe 350 Watt Hub-Drive Electric Bicycle

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Are electric bikes worth it?

If you are not sure whether an electric bike is the best for you, below are some of the benefits of having an electric bike.

Speed- The major reason many people opt for electric bikes is because they are faster than the normal bikes. Some of them can cover up to 140km before they run out of juice. You can also boost the battery running time by pedaling.

Easy to use- Again, these bikes are very easy to use as compared to the standard bikes. They also keep your knees, joints and thighs comfortable which makes them great even for seniors or those with injuries.

Great for hill climbing- If you are searching for a perfect bike for hill climbing, electric bikes are the best. These bikes are very powerful which means that you won’t experience any problems when riding on hilly terrains.

Safe- Another benefit of electric bikes is that they are very safe since you can easily control their speed. As a result, they are not likely to cause dangerous accidents which mean that they are safer than motorcycles.

Quiet- These bikes use a quiet battery which makes them quieter than the conventional bikes. However, they are heavier and more expensive than the standard bikes.

How we picked the products

Budget– As compared to the normal bikes, electric bikes are more expensive because they come with extra features. The good thing is that you can still find cheaper models with fantastic features like those we have reviewed in this article. If you are on a budget, any of them will give you the best value for your money.

Weight- In general, electric bikes are very heavy due to the materials used in their production. However, the ones we have reviewed are made of lightweight materials which makes them comfortable even when pedaling.

Features– You will also find that our bikes have most of the features that are mostly found on high-end models. For example, they come with stylish designs, LED displays, reliable tires and brakes. In general, they have fantastic features despite their low price.

Reliability- Most people think that cheap e-bikes are not reliable. However, the ones we have reviewed are highly reliable in terms of performance, durability and safety.

Frequently asked Questions

Are electric bikes worth the money?
One thing you need to know about e-bikes is that they are very easy to maintain. Again, they provide unmatched performance as compared to the conventional bikes.

How often should I charge an e bike battery?
You should never allow the battery to run out of juice completely. Instead, you should try to recharge when it is between 30 to 60 percent.

Are e-bikes good for exercises?
Just like the normal bikes, e-bikes are very good for your health especially those that are equipped with pedals.

Final verdict

Today electric bikes have become so popular due to their outstanding quality. Unlike the normal bikes, e-bikes come with advanced features and are also easy to use since you do not need to pedal. In terms of design, they are very stylish and durable. If you have been searching for cheap e-bikes, you can never go wrong with any of those we have reviewed. Despite their low cost, they are highly reliable in terms of performance.

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