Best Cheap Bike Rollers [Review] in 2022

Last Updated on March 21, 2022

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What is a cycling roller? A cycling roller is an indoor accessory that makes it possible to ride a bicycle inside your home, without moving forward. However, unlike other bike trainers, rollers do not attach to the bicycle. The rider has to balance him or herself on the roller as they progress to pedal. The roller comes in all sorts of designs and sizes to fit your bike perfectly. They offer the convenience of riding at home, without having the need to go out. It can help you get in shape in the comfort of your home environment. Bike rollers make it very easy for practicing cyclists to learn how to balance without having road fall accidents which can be dangerous. So, here we go; if you’re on a budget and you want to try out a cheap bike roller then now’s your opportunity to shop through our recommended list below.

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Best Cheap Bike Rollers


Soozier Indoor Cycling Roller

Soozier brings an all-black indoor cycle roller which is made out entirely of metal. Steel and aluminium are the two materials of choice used in manufacturing this product. While steel adds heft and durability to the roller, aluminium does exactly that in a lightweight way. Combination of both allow for a very durable and sturdy experience. The roller features 3 dynamically balanced HDPE rollers for ultimate smooth and quiet cycling experience. It also has an adjustable front roller which means the length of the roller can be tweaked to fit your bike, no matter what size it may be. It also includes anti-slip pedals for safety for beginners, and elevated footing to enhance security while riding. The pricing is also amazing, provided the amount of features you get in this package.

Universal fit: Fits all cycle sized with adjustability feature
Smooth and quiet featuring 3 dynamically balanced rollers
Mix of steel and aluminium makes it sturdy and lightweight
Anti-slip pedal included in the box for beginners
May require proper oiling of the rollers after a certain time

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Saris Cycleops Roller

Ever wanted a fully aluminium constructed indoor cycle roller? Saris brings you just that in a very sleek and modern looking package. The rollers have a shiny finish for a more bold statement while the side rails are dark grey for an understated vibe. The color combination complement the roller a lot and is a definite eye catcher. Aluminium also helps keep the roller lightweight for easy of carriage. The rollers also run smooth and quiet for extended periods of time. The roller can fold-flat or stand on its end for convenience of storage. It also helps improve balance and stability while learning how to ride in a straight line. The price is also very appealing and competitive.

All-aluminium design; Lightweight
Smooth and quiet roller
Good grip and balance on the rollers
Foldable for ease of storage
Might be hard to balance at first

Latest deal: Saris Cycleops Roller


Cyclingdeal Indoor Roller

Cyclingdeal makes it super convenient and easy to ride indoor with their indoor cycling roller. The roller has red color with black side rails that complement it superbly. The awe-inspiring design rings a bell for both minimalists and individuals who like it a little bold. The color scheme looks amazing and fits in with the homely environment perfectly. The rollers are made of aluminium which adds sturdiness to the roller which is very important, while keeping it lightweight. The roller is easy to ride on and has a good price for what it offers. It also comes with a 5 year warranty.

All-aluminium design; Sturdy and lightweight
Red and black color scheme
Smooth and quite riding experience
5 year warranty
Footrest does not come off easily

Latest deal: Cyclingdeal Indoor Roller


Tacx Antares Roller

Tacx Antares has a hard poly roller which is tapered towards the center to provide center of line and balance while riding indoor. It has a retractable feature which enables ease of storage and fitting of bikes of different sizes. The rollers are a baby blue color which is a unique take at looks and speaks to riders in a unique way. The roller does not require a lot of maintenance and is very stable while riding. It can fold down for compactness. It also features a roller diameter of 3.93 to 4.33 inches. The price is also good for the quality of materials you get as the side rails are made of metal which adds durability and longevity to the product.

Tapered rollers keep alignment and stability a priority
Does not require a lot of power and easy to maintain
Retractable and easy to store
Fits normal size bikes easily
Lacks variety in adjustment options for the roller

Latest deal: Tacx Antares Roller


Minoura Indoor Roller

Minoura ships their roller with an included step guard which helps you rest and get on and off your bike with ease. It features precision machined alloy drums with cartridge bearing that provide a smooth and quiet experience. The alloy adds durability and strength while smooth bearing keeps the riding experience enjoyable and hassle-free. This combination features allows for extended periods of cycling sessions indoor. The alloy frame has the ability to fold down into 3 parts which makes it compact and easy to store. It also has a durable urethane belt that runs around as you ride, which ensures safety and longevity of the roller. The color scheme is also very good with a mix of silver, grey and red. The price is also fitting for what you get and the roller itself is a definite eye catcher.

Machined alloy for durability and smooth rides
Smooth bearings for a quiet ride experience
Durable urethane belt which further ensures longevity
Convenient and easy to fold and store
Requires often maintenance

Latest deal: Minoura Indoor Roller


Indoor bike rollers make your life very easy when it comes to practicing bicycle riding indoors. If you have any fears of falling down or going out of balance while riding, bike rollers can help you learn how to properly ride a bike very easy. They are an important accessory for beginners who are learning how to ride a bicycle.

There are some good reasons as to why you should start learning how to ride a bicycle on a roller indoor. They can improve your balance and bike riding skills. They also offer inclination to have a better hiking practice while riding a bike. They also increase your pedal efficiency by teaching you more complete and smooth pedal strokes. They can also increase your top end cadence or speed as there is no air resistance while cycling at a static position. And finally they can activate muscles and build good stamina for you, making you ready to take the on-coming challenges outdoor.

The bike rollers we took a look at today offered many features, all while keeping comfort and pricing in mind. And I will say the manufacturers delivered on what they set out to do. Some rollers had the retractable feature to offer more ease of storage and convenience, while others offered tapered rollers for better balance and center of line while riding. Some were made entirely of aluminium to focus on featherweight experience while others mixed in steel to keep it sturdy and durable. All in all, the entire line up of rollers was very well thought out in terms of design and functionality and you cannot go wrong with any of them.

What are the benefits of cycling rollers?

One of the major benefits of rollers is that you can use them as a training supplement. You can also use them when it is impossible to cycle outside especially when the weather is unfavorable or at night. Parents with small kids may also benefit from these units because they do not need to leave the house to enjoy cycling. Apart from that, they are very useful for people who want to keep fit. The major difference between rollers and exercise bikes is that you need extra skills when using rollers. For example, you need to maintain a good balance when using rollers which is not very important when using exercise bikes.

This is how we compiled this article

Some of the factors we checked include;

Materials– The quality of the material used in the construction of the roller is the most important thing you should consider. In our case, we only considered rollers that are strong enough to support the weight of different bikes. Again, these rollers are very reliable since they do not damage the wheels of your bike.

Price– You will find that the best cycling rollers are a bit expensive and this is the major reason why most people shy away from buying them. In this article, we have considered only the cheapest and most reliable rollers.

Reviews-One of the major benefits of buying products online is that you can compare what customers are commenting about the product. One thing you will realize about our products is that they have positive reviews online which means that they provide the best value for money.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between rollers and trainers?
Rollers and trainers are used almost for similar reasons but rollers allow you to concentrate more on your spinning skills. On the other hand, trainers provide the best variable resistance which makes them great for workouts.

What are the similarities between rollers and trainers?
Even though trainers and rollers are a bit different, they share a number of similarities. For example, they are both portable, and cheaper as compared to stationary bikes. Apart from that, they have a compact size which means that they do not require a lot of space.

Are cycling rollers worth it?
Even if cycling may seem to be a simple task, the truth is that some people of find it difficult to maintain balance. However, a cycling roller gives you a chance to learn all this without any worry of falling.

Do cycling rollers wear out tires?
As compared to bike trainers, rollers have lesser effects on your bike tires.

Can I use a mountain bike on rollers?
Yes, you can ride any wheel on bike rollers.

How many calories do you burn on cycling rollers?
You are likely to burn between 700-900 kilojoules when using rollers

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