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MTB Shorts Rango
Seibertron Dirtpaw Gloves
Baleaf Cycling Underwear

Are you looking for the best mountain bike clothing? 

Well, look no further. If you love mountain biking, you need to have the right gear that will enhance your performance as well as keeping you safe when cycling. But finding the right stuff can take time and be difficult if you don’t know what to look for.

Many cheap clothes that tear after minimal use are flooding the market for seemingly great prices so differentiating the good from the bad isn’t always so simple.

Hold on though, don’t let that put you off.

We’ve spent the last 5 hours scrolling through articles and products to find the best clothes for mountain biking so you can quickly choose the highest quality items and save yourself the trouble and risk of getting something that just isn’t going to cut it for your trail riding.

Every product you’re about to see on this list is a fantastic choice and we’ve ensured that they’re all of the highest quality and of course good value for money. We’ll discuss the pros and cons as well as some info on the features of each product and some customer feedback so you can make an informed decision and get the best fit.

So, let’s get started.

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Best Clothes For Mountain Biking

MTB Shorts Rango

Here’s our top pick, the SILVINI MTB rango shorts.

Irrespective of whether you are riding early in the morning or evening, these shorts feature reflective elements for safety purposes. Each pair of shorts contains six pockets where you can store different items.

Apart from that, it features inner thigh ventilation which keeps you cool when the temperatures are high. You will also find that each leg contains an adjustable exterior Velcro strap which provides a perfect fit.

But that’s not all.

In terms of material, it is made of 98% polyamide and 2% polyester.  It also features an elastic waist plus a zipper closure. You can use it for all types of biking.

But what did others have to say about them? One customer said that “I am a big guy and it is hard to find cool mountain bike shorts that can fit me. These shorts did and they fit nice” While another had this to say: “Now If you’re like me and like to stuff gear into your short pockets, they will rip tear, burst zips. regardless of the quality so beware, but these shorts are a good time will tell of they are excellent, but beware, what appears to be extra zip pockets are in fact Zip vents.”

Now, while that last bit may seem like a negative zip vents are pretty nifty things that will stop you sweating down below while riding. We love these shorts and they certainly earned their place on this list. Check them out!

  • Reflective elements
  • Adjustable Velcro straps
  • Inner thigh ventilation
  • Six zipper pockets
  • Doesn’t have a cell phone pocket
Latest deal: MTB Shorts Rango

Seibertron Dirtpaw Unisex BMX, MX ATV MTB Racing Mountain Bike Full Finger Gloves

And here’s number 2, a great pair of gloves that are sure to give you an iron grip while riding.

If you are searching for perfect gloves for cycling, these ones are a contender. Unlike others, they feature a direct-inject rubber logos plus graphics which protect the back of your hand.

You will also find that they are very versatile and provide the best protection for BMX biking, mountain, downhill and you can also use them for any other sports where crashes are likely to occur.

But wait, here’s the best bit

They are extremely comfortable and even have a touch recognition feature on the index finger. And to top it off? They have a 30 days money-back guarantee and a 1-year full replacement warranty. These gloves are the #1 bestseller on Amazon for mountain bike gloves so you should have no pre-purchase worries when adding them to your basket.

Let’s have a look at the feedback. This customer said “After 4 solids months of riding, mostly mountain biking in Crested Butte, CO, I have to say these are pretty darn good gloves. They are beginning to show some wear, but this is after riding 4-5 days a week for 16 weeks with long days, a few crashes, and ripping descents.” Sounds like you’ll get plenty of use out of these which is even better considering the low price of $20.

What are you waiting for? Get them now!

  • #1 Bestseller on Amazon
  • Provides maximum protection
  • Affordable
  • Excellent grip
  • Fingers can be quite long
Latest deal: Mountain Bike Full Finger Gloves

Baleaf Men’s Bike Cycling Underwear Shorts 3D Padded Bicycle MTB

Coming in hot at number 3 are the Baleaf cycling shorts.

One of the things you will love about this underwear is that it is made of flexible and long lasting materials. This prevents deformation when washing.

The materials are soft and breathable to provide excellent comfort. Again, these materials are lightweight and they also keep you free from sweat to keep you cool.

And that’s not all.

The UPF 50+ fabric rating means that you’ll be well protected from harmful U.V rays. In addition, it has a 3D padding design where the wings on the two sides feature a 3 D padding which bends naturally. Due to this, it reduces friction on the thigh root and this also enhances circulation of blood.

But what’s the feedback like? “Gave these a go as relatively cheap and was pleasantly surprised as they aren’t restrictive offering a good level of padding and after a short while forgot I was wearing them.” And that’s not all, this customer really sold these for us “Since that first ride, I have enjoyed very comfortable rides which has made a big difference. Padding is in the right areas for my needs (buttocks and groin) and I am already looking to purchase again.”

These are a great choice and we highly recommend giving them a look.

  • Elastic waistband
  • 3D cushion
  • Moisture wicking fabrics
  • Gel padding reduces vibration
  • Some found the padding to be uncomfortable
Latest deal: Baleaf Men’s Bike Cycling Underwear Shorts

Fox Racing 2019 Youth Blackout Jersey-YL

At number 4 there’s the Fox Racing jersey.

This kid’s jersey is perfect and well worth considering for all your cycling activities. It features a moisture-wicking polyester which means that it prevents you from sweating. Due to this, it provides the best comfort.

In addition, you will also find that it contains new vented side panels which enhance airflow. The light polyester cuff and the new asymmetrical mesh collar also prevent sweating. It also provides good cover to your arms which makes it great when riding in the woods.

Now, we all like to see what others think so what did people say?

Well, there were a lot of short comments that summed this jersey up perfectly. Some of these include “Very good quality and the correct measurement”, “Very good quality and the correct measurement.” And, “Got this for my nephew. He loves it and it fits him perfectly.” 

You’d be crazy not to click the link and have a look at this.

  • Well made
  • Prevents sweating
  • Lightweight material
  • Super comfortable
  • Children’s Jersey
Latest deal: Fox Racing 2019 Youth Blackout Jersey-YL

Mission Cooling Skull Cap

Next, we have the Mission Cooling Skull cap, a fabulous cycling cap that’s going to keep your head cool and stop sweat from pouring down your face.

Enjoy staying active longer and doing what you love even when the temperature rises with the cooling and refreshing Mission Cooling Helmet Liner. The Skull Cap keeps you cool and fits great under helmets and hard hats. 

When this cap comes into contact with water it cools to 30 degrees below average body temperature in under 30 seconds. Activate quickly in 3 steps: wet it, wring it out and snap it. Mission Cooling products keep cool for hours! The cooling helmet liner stays cool for up to 2 hours so that you can comfortably stay active longer.

But obviously, there’s more.

The feather-light fabric fits like a glove to keep sweat out of your eyes and not interfere with helmets. Plus, ventilated mesh construction at the crown promotes airflow for maximum breathability.

Onto the reviews, this customer had this to say: “My family mountain bikes in eastern TN. Summers can get hot and humid. Sweat dripping into your eyes (or in my case on onto my glasses) while running a downhill trail is not a good thing. This provided a good solution.” Well, if this cap can protect you from those levels of heat then this is a sure-fire choice.

Click the link, you won’t regret it!

  • Cools rapidly when in contact with water
  • Very cheap
  • #1 bestseller on Amazon
  • Breathable fabric
  • Some found that it didn’t stay cool for long
Latest deal: Helmet Liner Skull Cap Beanie

CXWXC Cycling Shoe Cover Neoprene Waterproof

Last but not least is the CXWXC cycling shoe cover but don’t be put off by its position on this list.

These ones are the best shoes that money can buy when cycling in wet conditions. They are made of top-quality materials which include rubber, nylon, neoprene, and kevlar.

In terms of design, they are very attractive and very comfortable.  Whether you are a man or woman, these shoes will be a great choice and to ensure that they fit you correctly, they feature a rubber Velcro strap.

By now you should know there’s more.

They also have a top-quality lockable zipper that has an inner storm flap for reducing water ingress. A reflective side logo is also included to enhance visibility.

And if you take a look at the reviews you’ll fast see why this is a brilliant product. One customer said “I was concerned that these were too inexpensive to be of any quality but I took a chance and ordered anyway. Rode 25 miles in the mid-’40s and stayed warm” And another put it simply with: “Very good for the price”.

If you want to keep your feet warm then there’s no competition. Get these!

  • Very attractive
  • Affordable price
  • Unisex design
  • Velcro rubber strap
  • Not compatible with SPD-SL clips
Latest deal: CXWXC Cycling Shoe Cover Neoprene Waterproof

Looking for the best aero helmets instead?

We’ve put an in-depth guide together for that.

We have looked at 21 aero helmets to make sure you’re getting the best for your money. We focused on fit, materials, aerodynamics, and safety to make sure we’ve found the greatest products available to buy. You can see the full guide here which could be more relevant than the one you’re reading now.

Best Clothes For Mountain Biking – A Buyer’s Guide

Finding the right clothes for when you’re riding on your mountain bike is important for numerous reasons. Your clothing needs to be safe first and foremost. Having reflective materials and well-fitted clothing will help prevent accidents and snagging.

Another requirement of your clothing should be comfortable. It may seem obvious but wearing extra tight clothes isn’t going to feel good after you’ve been riding for an hour so be sure you’re getting the most comfortable clothes out there.

Below we’ve got some info on mountain bike clothes such as what to look for in different items of clothing as well as an FAQ section for any burning questions you may have. Once you’re finished with this buyer’s guide you’ll be fully equipped with the necessary knowledge to find the best clothing money can buy.

Key Things to Consider When Buying Mountain Bike Clothes

  1. Safety-Mountain biking involves cycling in challenging trails. This means that you need to invest in gear that will provide maximum protection in case you fall.
  2. Season – Since you will require to ride in different seasons, you need to choose gears that suit the season. For example, when cycling during the winter or rainy days, you will require thick and waterproof gears that will keep you warm. Again, if you need lightweight and sweat-proof gears when cycling during the summer.
  3. Size– You need to ensure that you have selected the correct sizes. You don’t want anything to be too tight or too big as this can affect your performance and potentially lead to accidents such as oversized clothing snagging on something..

What To Look Out For


A good pair of cycling shorts is essential for getting the most out of your rides. You’ll want to look out for fit, storage, durability, and whether or not they have a liner. Mountain bike shorts fall into two broad categories: baggies and Lycra. Baggy, or loose-fitting, is what most people think of when referring to mountain bike shorts. Lycra shorts are the same stretchy, form-fitting shorts you would wear on a road bike.


Mountain bike jerseys can either be tight-fitting with a traditional cut, a zip collar, and three rear storage pockets, or loose, motocross-inspired jerseys, often with no pockets. Both styles are usually made from lightweight, breathable polyester, often with other materials blended in to improve the fit, help wick sweat away, or even reduce odor. 


Fit is the most important aspect of buying a set of gloves, they need to fit nicely on your hands and the fit is vastly different among brands so be sure to check the fit is right for you. There are also fingerless gloves as well as those with fingers. Fingerless come in handy if you need to access your phone or want that extra grip on things however fingers will help protect your hands that bit more. If you do need extra protection, look for gloves made from tough leather material or with added knuckle protection.


Look for a pad with good protection, and a hard shell. It should also have protection around the inside of the knees to protect them from frame strikes. And then make sure it’s easy to get on and off without taking your riding shoes off. You want to still have mobility so if you have pads that hinder you then you’re going to want a new pair.


This is arguably the most important part of your mountain bike gear. There are two distinct types — clipless shoes or flats, some even combine both pedal systems which allow you to switch between the two depending on the type of terrain or event. While there’s no right or wrong decision when it comes to purchasing a pair of mountain bike shoes, riding style and preference are likely to influence the final decision. Flat pedal shoes are designed for trail, enduro, and gravity riding and make for easy maneuverability on the bike and great feedback from the pedals. On the other hand, clipless shoes attach the shoe to the pedal by way of a cleat.

 Frequently Asked Questions

How should I dress for a mountain bike?

You will need a helmet, goggles, gloves, jersey, shorts, kneepads, socks, and shoes. Of course not every rider will wear every single one of these items but generally this is the recommended gear for safety, comfort, and performance.

Can you wear a road helmet for mountain biking?

There’s no rule that dictates you can’t so go for it if it’s convenient for you. However, it is good to also have a cycling cap to prevent dirt so invest in both if you have the cash.

Does mountain biking help you to keep fit?

Mountain biking is an effective and fun way to keep fit. It allows your heart to pump especially when climbing those challenging hills. This also strengthens your cardiovascular health which strengthens the heart and provides countless other health benefits 


When cycling, you need to be prepared especially if you plan on traversing rougher terrain. Buying the best clothes that suit your type of cycling is the first step to make your rides more enjoyable.

Every product discussed above is suitable for mountain biking no matter which trail you find yourself on so you can checkout with confidence and know that your riding experience is going to be the best it can possibly be.

Our top pick was the MTB Shorts Rango which was reflective, had adjustable velcro straps, inner thigh ventilation, and six zipper pockets. These really are great and you get all of that for only $60.

But whichever mountain bike clothing you choose make sure that it fits, keeps you safe, and feels right while riding. Good luck on the trails and…

Keep pedaling!