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Timbuk2 Tuck Pack
Sunhiker Backpack
Venture Pal 40L Lightweight Backpack

Have you been struggling to find ways to store all your essentials on your bike? Sometimes our saddlebags just don’t cut it when spending full days down the trails or to carry everything you need for a full day of riding. 

Trust me, my friend, you’re not alone. 

I have spent 7 hours hunting down the top cycling backpacks that will carry all your essentials for the trip, may it be holding some gear you will need on the road or things as simple as carrying everyday items like keys and/or wallet– you name it these cycling backpacks can hold it. 

Getting on the road, down the trails, commuting to work by bike is a brilliant way to help the environment ad getting the right backpack for the job is a brilliant first step. However, with many to choose from, you need to make sure you’re getting the right one for your needs. 

But wait, let me tell you something. 

To make things easier for you, I have searched through 47 different cycling backpacks and filter in all the best cycling backpacks within my guide for all types of purposes such as ride type, duration, weather resistance, hold weight, and much more. 

Here’s a cool tip: when looking for cycling-specific backpacks, be on the lookout for features like padded laptop sleeve for work commutes, easy access pockets, reflective detailing, and attachment loops to store locks and lights. These are really handy! 

We will talk about what you’ll need in more detail shortly, but for now, let’s jump in!

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My Picks Of The Best Cycling Backpacks

Timbuk2 Tuck Pack

best cycling commuter backpacks

Coming in at number one is the Timbuk 2 Tuck Pack, it is designed for crazy-comfortable commutes. It is simple, has a streamlined look, and will be sure to hold all your essentials comfortably for every ride. 

This bag is brilliant for daily commutes to work by bike; it is big enough to hold all your tech in a sleek backpack without looking too bulky. You can fit your lunch, change of clothes, gym gear, your laptop– you name it!

What I love about this bag is the weather resistance and durability. Any serious cyclist won’t let the rain stop them from getting on their ride and with this backpack, the rain will never stop you again! 

But that’s not all. 

Do you find yourself getting thirsty while you ride, and that one water bottle is never enough? Well, with this backpack, you can store two water bottles with complete ease. You can even store your U-lock or umbrella in these pockets! 

This is an ideal commuter, but it is durable enough to take on the rocky terrain without getting in the way of your bike.

  • Has an internal elasticated pocket and a bladder compartment for hydration on the go
  • Adjustable shoulder, chest and waist straps to ensure stable carry
  • Compartment for smartphone on the front of the bag with headphone output
  • Breathable mesh pad is available to keep water cool
  • Can cause a fitness problem for tall individuals
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Sunhiker Backpack

Number two spot has to go to Sunhiker; these backpacks are brilliant for those rugged rides down the mountain without feeling too bulky on your back. It’s perfect for all activities and riding, such as hiking, camping, climbing, traveling– this backpack does it all. 

To start with, this backpack has some major water-resistant features, so you won’t have to worry about getting out of the rain on your ride because you’re worried about your belongings being drenched; this bag is completely weatherproof. 

The padded mesh back panel and padded shoulder straps are perfect for relieving stress in your shoulders and back. This backpack also has padded mesh pockets for storing water bottles, compact umbrellas, and even a bike lock for easy access when needed.

But wait until you hear this. 

This backpack is super lightweight and fits everything you need for a day down the trails; it will fit snacks, lunch, a drink, and even first aid supplies. It comes at a super affordable price point, too, and does the job! Some people were even able to pack 4 drinks with complete ease, brilliant for hikes and intense rides.

For the price and quality you get, this backpack is an absolute winner! 

  • Material is tear and water resistant
  • It has a matreflective stripe which enables visibility when light falls on it in the dark
  • It has a volume control system for your connected smartphone
  • Adjustable at shoulders, waist and sternum
  • Front zipper pouch too small for varied use
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Venture Pal 40L Lightweight Backpack

Venture deep into the wilderness with Venture Pal. This backpack is designed to be dragged, dropped, chucked around, smashed, and jerked from intense rides without showing a scratch. 

The top thing I love about this product is the waterproof pocket on the inside; it is brilliant for storing expensive or sensitive items that you want complete protection from water, rain, and splashes.

This backpack comprises high-quality tear and water-resistant nylon fabric, heavy-duty metal zippers that are enhanced by bar-tacks at major stress points. This backpack provides insane levels of durability, and the extra strength of the double-laid bottom means you can carry more too! 

Better yet. 

This backpack is so lightweight it can easily fold into its own pocket for storage and unfold when you need it, making it ideal for traveling as well as cycling. The breathable mesh shoulder straps and sponge padding help relieve the stress from your shoulders too.

This backpack has a massive amount of storage space with 40L of storage. Plus, for complete convenience, the Venture pal has one main zipped compartment, one zipped front pocket, two side pockets, one separator, and one small zipped pocket inside the main compartment so you can store all your essentials. 

There are 11 unique colors to choose from to match your style and personality. This backpack is a gamechanger.

  • The special inner layer can be used to hold water
  • Removable pouch on the shoulder strap to carry your cell phone
  • It has a mesh cover to hold helmet and rain cover to repel water
  • Ventilated mesh and comfortable foam padding on the back allows for a breathable experience
  • Can have more pockets on the outside front
Latest deal: Venture Pal Lightweight Backpack

Vibrelli Hydration Backpack

Whether you’re hitting a back-country MTB trail, enjoying a nice long ride on the road, going on a day trip with family and friends, or just looking for a backpack to take on both your hiking and cycling adventures– you need to check out Vibrelli. 

One thing I love about this rucksack is that it not only makes a brilliant essential storage backpack, but it has a built-in Hydration Bladder to store your water. Plus, it comes with a high-flow bite valve that allows for the quick flow of water while on the go. 

This backpack has a separate insulated bladder pocket to keep hydration separate from your storage. This bladder is made from high-quality medical-grade material free from BPAs and PVC; it is coated in a special film that won’t make your water taste like plastic. 

There’s nothing worse than gasping for a drink on the trails and being faced with the horrid, lukewarm plastic aftertaste. The bladder and hose are designed to be taste-free and provide you with the freshest water. Plus, the wide top makes adding ice super easy. 

But it just gets better. 

This backpack will not only hydrate you when needed, but the separate main storage compartment and additional mesh pocket are brilliant for storing snacks, keys, wallet, phone, even your jacket. These pockets will store all the essentials.

No more going thirsty again; this is perfect for summer and winter riding!

  • Flow bite valve has a one-handed shutoff button to prevent leakage
  • The bag has multiple storage without looking bulky
  • The hydration bladder has no taste and is made with medical grade PE
  • The bag is super lightweight, weighing in at only 415g
  • Front pocket has a thin mesh which may rip
Latest deal: Vibrelli Hydration Backpack

Ortlieb Commuter Daypack

Next up is a cycling backpack that will suit your style and offer brilliant functionality while you ride. The Ortlieb Commuter Daypack has water-resistant polyurethane-laminated nylon and roll-top closure to keep all your bits and bobs safe.

The roll closure is brilliant for ensuring quick access and easy loading of all your essentials. It is IP64 dustproof and splashproof when rolled 3-4 times, making it ideal for commuters in the rain or shredding muddy trails. 

This cycling commuter backpack is brilliant for commuters thanks to the removable organizer, padded laptop sleeve for laptops, notebooks, or mobile devices. You can be sure that all your precious cargo is protected within this laptop sleeve. 

But wait, I’m not finished. 

The comfort you get from this commuter backpack is unmatched; Ortlieb Commuter Daypack has comfortable shoulder straps and a foam padded back panel with ventilation channels for complete breathability and comfort. It even comes with a sternum strap and hip belt. 

Worried about being seen on busy roads with low visibility? Not anymore! Ortlieb comes with a reflective logo that ensures complete visibility from all other road users. 

This cycling backpack is brilliant for commuting to work or cruising around town; it is comfortable and fits nicely while riding. The inside pocket organization really helps balance and distribute weight, while the outside pocket is convenient for storing essentials. 

This backpack is a winner for commuters! 

  • Evenly distributes weight
  • IP64 rated dust proof and splash proof when roll top is rolled 3-4 times
  • Reflective logo for visability
  • Comes with padded laptop sleeve
  • None
Latest deal: Ortlieb Commuter-Daypack

LOCALLION Cycling Backpack

best waterproof cycling backpack

Last but certainly not least is this gem, Locallion brings a whole new world to mountain biking. This bad boy is ready for the rugged mountainous terrain, are you?

This bag is made with waterproof nylon, so you won’t need to worry about getting caught in the rain or splashing the bag while shredding muddy terrains. Their recommendation is to not soak the bag as water can still get through the zips but the material itself is waterproof.

This backpack is brilliant for all kinds of outdoor activities as well as cycling, such as jogging, hiking, climbing, and even traveling. It is a reliable and versatile companion for any ride.

The breathable back material is specially padded with mesh for maximum comfort and heat dissipation, it provides plenty of sponge padding making it ideal and super comfortable even while riding rougher terrains.  The straps are even reflective for safety purposes.

But wait, here’s the best bit.

The external storage system comes with 1 exterior pocket to fit an umbrella, smartphone, key or any other necessities, one upper zip pocket for small items, 1 zip pocket for helmet hood, 2 mesh pockets on the side to carry bottles as well as storage space to carry a water bladder.

There’s even access for a drinking hose and headphones for complete accessibility and ease of use. This backpack is an absolute steal for the quality you get.

  • Breathable packing material padded with mesh for maximizing comfort and heat dissipation
  • Has an external pocket with capacity big enough to hold an umbrella
  • The shoulder straps and front have reflective stripes to keep you visible and safe
  • Made out of high quality water resistant material which increases durability
  • Zipper quality on the bag is not great
Latest deal: LOCALLION Cycling Backpack

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Best Cycling Backpacks– A Buyer’s Guide: 

When it comes to storing our essentials on the goa backpackis probably your best option, they’re lightweight, easy to store on your back and they’re comfortable while you ride. 

Whether you’re looking to hit the trails, have a little extra storage while you’re commuting to work, or just needing something a little bigger than your regular ol’ saddlebag then a backpack may be the answer to your prayers. 

There are some key things to consider though, you cannot just pick up the first backpack you come across and jobs a godd’un, for cycling you need a backpack that is durable, has multiple storage pockets, can hold everything you need, and be weatherproof. 

I’m here to help talk about everything you need to know in more detail so you can buy your neck backpack with confidence that you’re getting the very best product. 

Let’s jump in! 

Why should you buying the best cycling backpack?

If you love bike sports, a backpack will be one of the most important items you must have. Some of the benefits of these backpacks include:

Storage:  Backpacks provide the most convenient way of storing your gears when cycling. With a backpack, you will carry the items you need more conveniently.

Cycling bags are designed to store a lot of essentials while remaining comfortable on your back. Most cycling backpacks will have at least 2 water bottle holders, and some will even come with a bladder and hose for easy drinking while on the go.

Cycling bags are designed to have many individual zipper internal storage for holding small essentials such as your phone, keys, a bike lock, your wallet, you name it.

Durability: Unlike normal storage bags, backpacks are made of robust materials, enabling them to last long. They tend to be made out of water-resistant and durable nylon that can tackle harsh conditions and not soak your contents if you get caught out in the rain.

Mountain bike backpacks especially are super durable as they need to be designed to tackle rugged conditions and be thrown around a lot down the trails.

Extra padding: Another advantage of a cylcling backpack is that it provides a layer of padding to enhance comfort. They also support your back by minimizing impacts in case of a crash.

The extra padding also adds comfort while on long rides; you will find that the padding will be around the back and shoulders to help the rider feel as comfortable as possible while riding.

Design: Most of the cycling backpacks we have reviewed are specifically designed for sports bike riders. You will find that all of them have a rugged design, and they also have extra storage where you can put your MP3 player and other items such as a water bottle.

Some cycling backpacks will even come with or supply space for a bladder and hose; this allows for easy drinking while riding without having to stop, making it ideal for races or beating timed rides down the trails.

Key things to check when buying cycling backpacks:

To ensure you’re getting the right cycling backpack for your needs, there are a few key things you’ll need to consider.

Will you be cycling wet, rain, and shine? If so, you’ll need a backpack that is waterproof or at least water-resistant. Are you going to be riding for a long time? You’ll need a comfortable backpack.

Let’s break them down:


Despite most backpacks being durable enough to perform well on a bike, some cycling-specific backpacks have been designed specifically with cyclists in mind. They tend to be much more durable and have key features such as a bike lock loop or a waterproof pocket that would benefit a cyclist.

A regular backpack is designed to be used with a straight back rather than a back that’s at an angle, hunched over the handlebar. Using a regular backpack for riding will cause the backpack to slip down your back or slide to one side while riding, causing discomfort and even heat buildup.

Most cycling backpacks are designed to combat this problem by being designed with breathable padding to keep you cool and relieve pressure on your back to prevent the backpack from twisting.

Most cycling-specific backpacks also have features like a reflective strip, placers to hold your kit like your bike lock while cycling, or a helmet while stopped. They’re also usually made with waterproof material like nylon to make the bag as a whole more weatherproof and to keep your contents safe. 


The easiest way to determine whether the cycling backpack will be suitable for you or not is by checking the amount of storage it offers. You need to ensure that it will fit all the items you may require.

Any cycling backpack will come in different shapes and sizes, and it is an important factor to consider if you’re only looking to carry the bare minimum, like a change of clothes, a bottle of water, and maybe your wallet and keys. A small bag will do the trick.

But if you’re looking to use this cycling bag for daily commutes and need to carry a spare pair of clothes, lunch, equipment, and laptop, you should look for a bigger size and one with a hip belt for comfort. Sizes usually range between 20-30L.

Some cycling-specific backpacks designed for long rides or fun-packed rides down the trails are fitted with a hose and bladder for easy drinking; if this is something you’re looking for as well as storage, you should base your size off that.


The best backpack for a sports bike should be waterproof. It should have a waterproof liner or a waterproof shell. Such backpacks will keep your items safe even when it is raining.

If you live in an area prone to rain, such as New York or Seattle, you won’t want to skip this feature, no one wants a soggy lunch, and certainly, no one wants a wet laptop or phone when they get to their destination.


When doing various bike sports, a breathable backpack will be handy. It should allow air to pass through. You’ll want something that prioritizes airflow between your body and the bag, like a mesh back to keep you cool while riding.

This is crucial for both rainy and sunny days as if you’re drenched; you still want the breathability; otherwise, it gets uncomfortable, and when it’s hot, you’ll want breathability to prevent you from sweating.


This is very important, especially if you will be carrying heavy gears. The shoulder straps should also be comfortable enough to stabilize the load. This will also prevent your back from twisting or becoming uncomfortable during your ride.

The best cycling backpacks feature chest and hip straps for comfort; this ensures the backpack is securely strapped to your back while also adding ample padding to prevent straps from chafing your skin. 


It is also important to choose a backpack with reflective material, especially the back and sides. This will keep you safe when you enjoy various sports, even at night or in low light conditions.

If you’re commuting on a bike on busy roads daily, this feature is essential as in the evening, visibility is greatly reduced, and you want to be seen while riding. This, along with some rear and front lights, will ensure all road users see you.

Number of Pockets:

Pockets in a cycling backpack are actually. They not only allow you to organize your stuff, but pockets also help with weight distribution and maintaining balance as you’re shredding tight turns or weaving in and out of traffic.

Some inner pockets even have some waterproofing features to store expensive items like your laptop, tablet, mobile phone, etc. It adds convenience and comfort to your ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the most durable backpack for cycling?
All the backpacks we have reviewed are durable because they are made of strong materials. However, Sunhiker backpack and Locallion Cycling backpacks are made of tougher materials that are tear-proof and water-resistant.

It can be thrown, dragged, jerked around, and more, and that bad boy will still hold up a fair fight. 

Are sports bike backpacks expensive?
These backpacks are available at different prices, varying according to the material, features, and size. When buying, you should not focus on price but the quality.

The majority of cycling backpacks come at an affordable price point, but they’re designed with riders in mind and convenient for you.

What is the best waterproof biking backpack for long-distance?

Not all backpacks are completely waterproof as rain can seep through the zips, but the best waterproof bag on my list has to go to the LOCALLION Cycling Backpack; it is made with waterproof nylon to repel water and keep contents safe through rain/.

Soaking the bag in water will cause the water to seep through the zips, but it is your best bet for cycling long distances in areas prone to rainfall. 


So there you have it, here’s everything you need to know when buying yourself a cycling sports backpack for your ride, cycling-specific backpacks have more features than many people realize, and the comfort you get from them is unmatched. 

Whether you’re looking for a backpack to shred the trails, commute to work or bring along with you on long rides, a cycling backpack does everything you’ll need to. One of my personal favorite features is the waterproofing and added features like a bladder for ease of drinking. 

Choose any of the options I have selected for you today, and I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed; these backpacks are among the most comfortable and durable backpacks you can find on the market. 

Happy pedaling!