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Best Cycling Torque Wrench [Review] in 2020

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In a world of cycling being loved as an amazing sport, you never know when you may stumble upon a problem. Where cycles can be a great and awe-inspiring ride for us, they can also be our worst nightmare if something breaks or goes loose. Torque wrenches are extremely important to have for every cyclist simply because they can save you a world of time and worry. A torque wrench is a tool used to apply a specific torque to a fastener such as a nut. Torque wrenches come in tool kits made specifically for bicycles of all sorts. And it’s always better to stay safe than sorry hence cycling torque wrenches are a necessity for all cyclists.

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Best cycling torque wrenches


Venzo bicycle toolkit

Top Choice Item

Venzo brings you a complete set of torque wrench with proper inclusion of hex keys that go with most to all bikes. The kit box comes in 2 variations. You can either get a standard one, or a lockable one which can be secured with a lock. It is important that the accuracy of the wrenches is perfect for the carbon bike parts, hence the wrenches are pre-calibrated at the factory. To further increase the accuracy, torque wrenches come with a preset lock ring which can lock the preset value for torque. The torque range on the wrench is from 2 to 24NM which is great for seat clamps, stem bolts, headset bolt and disc brake rotors. Hex keys included in the package are 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10mm with an extended 5mm key for ease of use. The torque tolerance for this tool kit is T20, T25 and T30 which is great. All of these features are offered at a good price.

Pre-calibrated wrench
Lockable tool kit box
Preset lock ring for secure preset values
Extended 5mm hex key included
Might require recalibration

Latest deal: Venzo bicycle toolkit


Bike hand digital torque wrench

Best Value Item

Bike hand comes at you with a digital torque wrench. The wrench is a ¼ inch driver and offers a range of 1.25 to 25nm. The digital screen allows you to know the exact value of wound up torque you have. The wrench also has a power saving mode which turns the screen off after 2 minutes of idleness. It also has buzzers and LED flash as indicators and measures torque in 4 different units. The guage has been perfected and calibrated at the factory, and comes included with 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10mm keys, and a 5mm extended key for ease of use. The vibration warning starts automatically when the torque reaches 90% and the wrench has both common and rechargeable battery as a use option.

Digital screen
Measurements in 4 units
Vibration and flash light warning features
Power saving mode and rechargeable battery
Wrench requires charge

Latest deal: Digital torque wrench


Pro bike tool adjustable torque wrench

Prime Picked Item

Pro bike tool is known for making bike related accessories. They have come up with a well-built ergonomic torque wrench. The shape of the wrench allows for a comfortable and natural grip, making it easy to operate. It has 3 torque levels which are 4, 5 and 6 nm and contains 4 interchangeable tool bits which are 3, 4, 5mm and a T25, covering most to all bikes. You also have the peace of mind when tightening the bolts and clamps as it has a cam-over feature which ensures over tightening does not happen. The wrench is made from carbon steel internally, providing the best quality. The wrench has a wonderful overall quality and you will love using it.

Ergonomic shape easy to use
3 torque levels
Cam-over feature to prevent over tightening
Carbon steel internal build
6mm allen key not included in set

Latest deal: Pro bike tool adjustable torque wrench


BIKEHAND torque wrench tool kit

BIKEHAND offers a great toolkit for your bike at an amazing price. The kit contains a guage perfect for bicycle carbon parts. It helps prevent over tightening, hence saving your biking from being damaged. The torque fix set is ¼ inch. The torque range is 2 to 24nm, and comes with 6 standard bit sizes which are 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10mm, and an extended 5mm allen key for ease of use. The wrench has 2 torque configurations which are T25 and T30. The package ships with a hard plastic box that keeps all the tools, including the wrench, safe and secure inside it. So in any accidental situation, the tools stay safe and do not go out of calibration. The price on this one is great for what you get.

6 standard bit sizes included
Hard plastic safety box
2 torque configurations T25 and T30
Tolerance accuracy +- 4%
No lock so nm settings might change

Latest deal: BIKEHAND torque wrench tool kit


Torque wrench mountain kit

Torque wrench mountain kit offers a very handy tool for torque adjustment and measurement in bikes. The wrench has interchangeable tips and is very ergonomic and easy to hold. Resembles a screw driver and offers a natural holding position. The calibration is precise and accurate, and easy to read inch-pound increments make sure the torque is not a unit more than desired. Bits included in the set are 3, 16 inch hex bits. Torque bits are T25 and covers a lot of bikes. The entire wrench is well-built with good materials for a quality experience. This coupled with ease of use, makes this a very good option.

3, 16 inch hex bits
T25 torque configuration
Ergonomic and easy to hold
Upper torque limit is only 50 in/lbs

Latest deal: Torque wrench mountain kit

Importance of cycling torque wrenches:

Cycling is a great sport! But the overall experience can be compromised sometimes, due to accidents or problems arising in the bike. Some bolts may become loose or some nuts might need to be changed and put back. This calls for a tool kit that has a wrench with perfect amount and sizes of keys, and proper torque configurations and calibration to get you through the difficult time. A good cycling torque wrench can be vital in dire situations, and can save you a lot of stress and time. Enables you to at least be able to access your nearby bicycle fix shop. Hence, cycling torque wrenches can be a blessing in disguise for you.


Advantages of torque wrenches:

  1. Specific make for bikes:

Cycling torque wrenches are made specifically for your bike. The nuts and bolts used in your bike are studied before making the wrench. Hence, the calibration and the keys are made precisely to fit your needs. The wrench complements your bike perfectly.

  1. Making things easy:

A good and well-built wrench can make your life very easy when you are in a bad situation with your bike. The wrench delivers perfect torque when tightening the bolts, so as to not over tighten them. Helps prevent damage and fixes your bike.

  1. Self-ratcheting:

The main reason for using a calibrated wrench is that it helps achieve accuracy. This is very important as tightening the nuts can be a very precise and sensitive job. Self-ratcheting allows the wrench to retract automatically, or give a warning, when the desired torque is reached.

  1. High-selection:

Torque wrenches for cycles have a high selection of hex key sizes and torques you can choose from, thus allowing you the option to take exactly what you need.



Quality and performance are the key features we look for, in cycle torque wrenches and all the manufacturers we took a look at, delivered on these 2 fundamental aspects brilliantly. They offered precision and accuracy in calibration, a vast array of hex keys and good build. Some were even built with ease of use in hand, while one also offered a digital display for accurate measurement of torque. All of them did an amazing job and will erase your nightmares when it comes to bicycle problems.

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