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What is a dropper post? A dropper post is a height adjustable seat post that allows a bike rider to adjust the seat, raising or lowering it according to need. It operates with a simple handlebar that is pulled to adjust the height or is also sometimes remote controlled.

Cycling is an amazing sport and the saddle can make or break the experience for you. It is one of the only interfaces you use to interact with your bike besides the handlebars. It is important that your bike has a good dropper post. One which is strong enough to support the weight and does not break on you in times of need.

Let’s look at some of the best options for you.

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Best Dropper Post


Crank brothers highline dropper seatpost

Crank brothers bring you their highline dropper seat post that offers maximum adjustability and ergonomics at a relatively affordable price tag. The dropper is made with high quality metal which helps improve durability and longevity of the bike. A well-built post also allows better support for your weight on the bike. It is remote controlled which means you do not have to pull on a lever to adjust the height and angle of the post. That’s right! You can adjust the angle as well as the height on this one. The remote control is also the world’s most ergonomic remote. It has spherical adjustment with near-infinite rotation and tilt customization options. Overall, this is an amazing remote for a perfect cockpit experience.


  • Remote controlled adjustability
  • Strong and durable
  • Angle adjustment
  • Tilt customization


  • Cannot be returned after use

Latest deal: Crank brothers highline dropper seatpost


Thomson elite dropper seatpost

Thomson brings you the elite dropper post that provides infinite height adjustment across a 125mm range at the press of a remote lever. The remote control allows you to control the height without having to operate a handlebar. The raise and drop in the saddle is quick so you don’t have to stop mid-way just to adjust the height. The build quality on this dropper is top notch as every component is carefully picked and precision made to perfection. It comes with a guaranteed field life of 2 years and the synthetic oil used is designed to work over a wide range of temperatures. To help with this further, the cartridge is filled with 100% pure nitrogen for increased stability in all temperatures. Double lipradial springs are used for smooth operation and maximum resistance to contamination. It is a little expensive but an amazing option for the price.


  • Remote controlled
  • Quick and easy height adjustment
  • Nitrogen filled cartridge
  • Temperature stability


  • Expensive

Latest deal: Thomson elite dropper seatpost


RockShox reverb stealth

RockShox focusses on providing the best dropper post experience with their well-built dropper that can adjust height on a number of various levels. The periodic maintenance required for the dropper is just as hassle free as it is to operate the remote control. The height adjustment is quick and reliable. The material used is strong enough to support your weight without a hiccup. The remote control is also very ergonomic and easy to use thereby removing the worry of having to understand how it works. This enables riders of all levels to be able to use it with minimal effort and to its full potential. The dropper has a low-lever-force hydraulic design which puts minimal strain on the dropper while adjusting the height. This improves longevity of the product. Overall, this is an amazing product for the price.


  • Strong and durable
  • Height adjustment smooth and easy
  • Easy to operate remote control
  • Easy maintenance


  • Could use better clamp options

Latest deal: RockShox reverb stealth


Brand X ascend dropper seatpost

Brand X brings you a dropper made with 7000 series aluminium which is super durable and strong. It will be able to support your weight and adjust the height at the same time without issues. The material is also lightweight which allows for a quick takeoff by reduction in overall weight of the ride and is rust-free so no more worries while washing the ride. The remote lever has a clever ergonomic design that enables quick and easy adjustment so you can carry on with your adventure with minimal wastage of time. In order to remove cable movement, the dropper has been cable actuated at the end of the seat post to deliver consistent performance. And that is exactly what the company promises, to offer seamless and consistent performance all throughout. This is an outstanding product should you choose to buy it.


  • 7000 series aluminium
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Quick height adjustment
  • Remote controlled


  • A little fiddly to install

Latest deal: Brand X ascend dropper seatpost


Thomson elite covert dropper seatpost

Thomson brings you a little excitement in the color department with their elite covert dropper. The gold and red accents on an otherwise all-black design gives it a refreshing look, and customization is always welcomed in the bike riding world. You also have diameter, length and drop options available as well. The dropper comes with a long field life and if maintenance is required, it is quick, affordable and easy. The dropper adjusts to a wide range of heights and is also remote controlled. The remote is easy to operate and minimizes adjustment time. The build quality above all is the best part of the dropper as it supports your weight perfectly and without problems. Overall, this is a well-built durable product.


  • Color combination
  • Diameter, length and drop options
  • Remote controlled
  • Affordable maintenance


  • Install instructions can be better

Latest deal: Thomson elite covert dropper seatpost


TAG metals T1 dropper post

TAG metal brings you their T1 dropper post made from 7000 series aluminium that provides ultimate strength and durability. You can take your bike through a rough terrain and the dropper will hold up just fine. The material is also lightweight and rust-free which allows for weight reduction and no corrosion while washing. The anodized finish makes it weather resistant. The internal cable routing allows you to keep your hands on the handlebar while adjusting the height which is remote controlled. The remote is also ergonomic and easy to use, providing a wide range of adjustments to the height and tilt. Lazer etched angle and height markers look clean and will not fade away. Its an expensive product but provides high quality.


  • 7000 series aluminium
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Remote controlled
  • Lazer etched markings for angle and height


  • No test for longevity so far

Latest deal: TAG metals T1 dropper post


PNW cascade dropper

PNW brings you a well-built and designed dropper that looks elegant and sleek. The dropper has a 150mm travel which allows for a wide range of adjustment when it comes to height. The sealed alloy cartridge is lightweight and strong. This helps with durability and keeping the overall weight of the dropper relatively low. The dropper has a lever adjusted height mechanism which is smooth and consistent. You also get external cable routing along with a 3-year warranty plan. This increases your confidence in the product. Overall, this is a good buy.


  • Alloy construction
  • Lightweight and durable
  • 150mm travel
  • 3-year warranty


  • Cable sleeve maybe slightly short

Latest deal: PNW cascade dropper

Best Dropper Post Buyers Guide

What to look for when buying a dropper post for your bike?

Price: Prices are usually high when it comes to dropper seat posts as they have to maintain a high quality. They use better materials so the weight can be supported without any issue. Adding remote control and a wide range of angle, tilt and height adjustments will only add to the price from there on out. But if you look closely, you can find some that offer all of these features at an affordable price tag as well.

Range: Most dropper seat posts have a wide range of adjustments when it comes to angle and height. There are the most important things when it comes to a saddle. Pay close attention to the abilities a dropper offers when it comes to adjustments, before buying them.

Quality: It is crucial for the dropper to use good material for its construction. As it supports your weight, it is better for it to be 7000 series aluminium. This alloy allows for a durable and lightweight experience which is important for a complete ride. If that is not available, 6000 series aluminium is also a great option.



Is it bad to leave dropper post down?
When the post is in the dropped position, the air pressure is 3 times higher. Hence, when you restore it back to its original position, it puts immense strain on the seals and bolts inside. It is better to not leave the dropper post down.

Can you use a saddle bag with a dropper post?
Most saddle bags come with Velcro straps that can attach to your saddle rails. This is the best option as it is the lightest weight and is the most secure there.

Is a dropper post necessary?
The biggest reason you need a dropper post is to quickly switch between seated pedaling and standing to navigate steep drops and jumps. Hence, a dropper post is important for your bike.



The dropper post we reviewed today had some of the best features when it comes to quality. Starting with the material, all of them used alloy for durability and weight reduction. This enables easy weight distribution and support. The height adjustments were also provided at a wide range with tilt and angle shifts as well. Hydraulics were kept cool with nitrogen fluid. Most of the manufacturers provided a remote-control system to adjust the height and angle.

Quality was maintained throughout and no matter which one you choose, you will be thoroughly impressed.

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