Best Electric Mountain Bikes [Review] in 2021

Last Updated on November 17, 2020

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Electric mountain bikes are gaining fame and are getting better day by day. It makes the ride enjoyable. The motors of these bikes help you ride faster through the challenging trails of the mountains. Many amazing features of electric bikes make them great for riding through mountain trails such as suspension system, battery, motor, control, rolling ability, and much more.

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Best Electric Mountain Bike


Felt Redemption-e 30 (2017) Mountain Bike

Felt Redemption-e 30 Mountain Bike comes with Rockshox Pike RC Suspension Fork, which makes the ride easy. The electric mountain bike provides high performance and durability as it has Shimano 1×11 Speed Drivetrain. A set of Bosch drive units drives the 1×11 speed system. The Bosch E-bike Drive Unit is at the heart of the system as it assists up to 25 kilometres per hour. It also provides up to 45 kilometres per hour.

Rockshox Pike RC Suspension Fork
Shimano 1x11 Speed Drive train
Bosch E-bike Drive Unit
Aluminium handlebars

Latest deal: Felt Redemption-e 30 (2017) Mountain Bike


Vitus E-Sommet VR E-Bike (SX Eagle 1x12 - 2020)

Vitus E-Sommet VR E-Bike provides top trail-taming performance. When you go down the sharpest descents, its enduring geometry offers balance and comfort. This bike provides energy as you want as it has impressive Shimano Steps E7000 motor, so it would not be difficult for you to ride on difficult trails. It comes with Alloy-Framed, Full Suspension E-MTB, which provides 170mm of impact-eating travel. The bike provides easy and quick-rolling on the mountain trails because of the Tubeless-ready Maxxis tires which got wrapped around DT Swiss H1900 rims.

Shimano STEPS E7000 Motor
Alloy 27.5" frame
Boost Power modes
SRAM NX/SX Eagle 1x12 gearing
No real disadvantage is visible yet

Latest deal: Vitus E-Sommet VR E-Bike (SX Eagle 1×12 – 2020)


Ghost Slamr X S5.7+ Full Suspension E-Bike (2019)

Ghost Slamr X S5.7 electric bike is lightweight and durable, which makes it amazing for mountain riders. The advanced rear suspension platform of this bike makes it more efficient for travelling. It has a superb carbon frame at its core. Shimano Drive Unit performs in parallel with an SLX/XT drive train. The bike comes with pro-level Magura MT5 brakes, with which you can get exceptional performance and control in all situations. It provides outstanding performance as it has DT Swiss H1900 all-mountain wheels.

DT Swiss H1900 all-mountain wheels
Speed control
Carbon frame
Exceptional performance
It is durable, but there are concerns in some minds about its durability.

Latest deal: Ghost Slamr X S5.7+ Full Suspension E-Bike (2019)

Best Electric Mountain Bike Buyers Guide

Many things on looks while buying the best electric mountain bike. These include quality, features, ratings, price, comfort, and much more. It all depends on which kind of product you’re buying. As in some products, one has to be more careful about everything, such as electric bikes. If the product is not that worthy, then the price would be low, and the customer would make his decision on ratings. If you are buying any kind of product, it is better to look at different products, compare them, and differentiate between each to select the right one for you.

If you want to buy an electric mountain bike, you have to be more careful as the mountain trails are sometimes risky. The product should be of high quality with amazing features to provide full protection. All the features such as the battery, suspension system, frame, and shifting speed of gear should be of excellent quality. The products mentioned above in the article are the top 10 best mountain electric bike. You can search for each of them to get the best one. 

Recurring Features

The Suspension System – The suspension system is an essential feature of electric bikes that provide a smooth and comfortable ride. If the electric bike has a great suspension system, it becomes easy to go through the challenging trails of the mountains, which are not easy to go. Most of the electric bikes mentioned above in this article have a great suspension system, which makes the electric mountain bikes great for riding through mountain trails.

Motor Drive – Another essential feature of an electric mountain bike is motor driving. If the electric bike has a good motor unit, then it becomes really easy to ride through the mountain trails. You don’t need to pedal much or put much energy to get high performance if the motor drive is good. Most of the electric bikes mentioned above in this article have a great motor drive, which makes the electric mountain bikes great for riding through mountain trails without putting too much effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of electric bikes?
Many electric bikes come in pedalled or pedal-assisted forms. These electric bikes assist with the input of a rider to that limit of (25kmh). There are some less common electric bikes, too, such as Twist-n-Go models. In this bike, the riders can operate the input of the motor from a switch.

Are Electric Mountain bikes worth it?
The electric mountain bikes have electric-motor in them and go forward if you pedal them. These bikes are improving day by day like all other technologies. If you can buy these expensive bikes, then you should as they are well worth buying.

Should you get an e-Bike?
The benefits of electric bikes are the same as traditional bicycles such as saving of cost, connection with the community, and improved health. There are some other advantages that just e-bikes have, such as increasing efficiency in climbing hills or fighting with all weather conditions.

What are the disadvantages of electric bikes?
There are some disadvantages of e-bikes also such as price, the short lifespan of a battery and low riding range.


Mountain electric bikes are a fantastic innovation and come with amazing features too. This mountain bike should be such with which you can go down the hills and climb the trails easily. Everything on the bike should be of high quality. The bike should provide high performance with less energy. It should have a great suspension system to provide a smooth and comfortable ride. The gear changes should be smooth so that there can be no problem while riding through mountain trails. A great bike would have great tires that can provide good Grip and steering control on mountain trails. The structure or frame of the bike should be of great quality and lightweight.

The electric mountain bikes mentioned in this article provide the best features. Most of them come with a great suspension system and have hydraulic brakes. They provide high performance, Grip, gear control, and good battery life. You can get the right product for you by comparing different products mentioned in the article. If you need it, you can go to the given link for further information and clear your queries before deciding on buying the product.

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