Best Energy Gels For Biking [Review] in 2020

Last Updated on September 29, 2020

This guide has been written by Cycle expert Alex Bristol

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Energy gels are carbohydrate-rich gels that provide you with energy when biking, refueling you for the day. They usually have a blend of sugar, maltodextrin and fructose. This blend helps the gel have a longer shelf life while still retaining all of its energy in fructose form. Any athlete who actively takes part in rigorous training sessions, such as road cycling or mountain biking, needs quick access to instant energy that can be used by the body quickly. Energy gels provide you with revitalizing energy on the go. All the carbohydrates stored up in our bodies, are used up as energy by our muscles, but their source is limited. Scientific studies have shown that having a smooth supply of carbs during or after an hour of exercise is great for quick healing of muscles. Energy gels are designed to supply us with exactly that. Let’s take a look at some energy gel brands we have available to us and how you can replenish your energy levels on your bike rides.

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Best Energy Gels For Biking


Huma Chia Energy Gel

Best Value Item

Huma energy gel comes in a variety pack of 8, all with different flavors. It comes in a very easy to use, squeezable packet for quick consumption. The flavors are apple and cinnamon, blueberries, café mocha, chocolate, mangoes, raspberries, strawberries, lemonade, and strawberries and lemonade. This all natural energy gel helps heal your depleted muscles and is a good option for taking with you on the go. The colorful packaging is an eye catcher and the competitive pricing really knocks it out of the park with this one. The gel is gluten free and vegan friendly, which means that it’s made out of 100% plant based ingredients. Huma energy gel is also dairy free which makes it accessible to lactose intolerant individuals. All of this combined makes it a very friendly product.

No after taste and is made with fruits and all 9 essential amino acids
Finely milled chia seeds provide an even distribution of energy throughout
2:1 ratio of short and long chained glucose to fructose for maximizing carb uptake
Contains a maximum of 50mg caffeine per serving which is low
Flavor is much too concentrated

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GU Energy

Top Choice Item

GU energy gel comes in a pack of 24 individual packets. It has a lot of flavors so you can really find your groove in the mix. Some of the flavors namely are assorted fruity flavors, birthday cake, campfire smores, caramel macchiato, chocolate outrage, expresso love, French toast, gingeraid, hoppy trails, blackberry and more, just to name a few. The packaging is easy to use and carry on the go. It is 1.18ounce/dollar which is very inexpensive as compared to the competition. The variety pack here comes with 6 different flavors. Caffeine content varies with every flavor, which gives you options in terms of caffeine intake as well.

Every packet contains 100 calories and essential electrolytes
Dual source energy from maltodextrin and fructose
Efficient absorption and lasting energy
Branched chain amino acids to help reduce mental fatigue and muscle damage
Gels are a little viscous

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Science in Sport Energy Gel

Prime Picked Item

Science in Sport energy gel comes in a packing of 20. These gels are isotonic which means they get absorbed with the normal contraction of muscles. A similar rhythm of absorption to the contraction of muscles, allows for quick release and use of clean energy. It has 22g of fast acting carbs which get taken up into the bloodstream quickly. It has a variety of flavors such as vanilla, tutti fruity, salted strawberry, and lemon and mint. The pricing on this product is very impressing coming in at 0.8$ per fluid ounce which is unheard of, in the energy gel market. This energy gel helps you meet your fueling needs for your next run, cycling or all endurance sports.

Isotonic, which means no extra water is required after consumption, for digestion
1g or less of sugar in every packet
Gels do not have a thick sticky texture
SIS is the nutrition partner of choice for world champions and Olympians
May give some people stomach ache

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Gatorade Endurance Energy Gel

Gatorade is already a very well-known brand in the energy drinks department. So it’s only fitting to see them come up with their own version of energy gels. It comes in a variety of different flavors like lemon ginger, strawberry, apple pear, blackberry, mango and vanilla. The gels are relatively cheap, coming in at $0.99 per ounce which makes it 1.3 ounces per packet. The gel is good for quick bursts of energy before cycling or swimming, basically covering all endurances sports. It is recommended to be consumed shortly before or during endurance activities, with water to help with digestion.

80 calories and 20g carbohydrate is a good mix of energy
Easy to consume and has a smooth mouth feel
A box ships with 21 packets
Formulation of the gel is based on sports science research
Gel cannot be consumed without the aid of water

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Clif Bar

Clif shot energy gel comes in 8 flavors in its variety pack. It has a very eye catching packaging and comes in different flavors including expresso, citrus chocolate, chocolate cherry, vanilla, strawberry, razz and mocha. The gel is a quick energy boost, fast fuel and has improved endurance for all sports activities and running. 90% of the ingredients are organic which is a major win because a lot of products today have gmos (Genetically Modified Organism) which are not appreciated for use. Other than this, the gel is good at replenishing your electrolytes and all ingredients used are sourced sustainably.

Each flavor offers different levels of caffeine
Fast acting carbs for quick refueling of energy during exercise
Gel provides concentrated and easy to consume energy with nutrients such as sodium and potassium
All natural approach to ingredients
Some of these packets contain over 100mg of caffeine

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Overview-  Are energy gels Important?

Cycling is an activity that requires a lot of energy just like any other sports. Therefore, you require energy giving foods like the carbohydrates. However, carbohydrates require a lot of time to get absorbs in the body which means that they are not the best if you need to boost your energy instantly. This is where energy gels come in. These gels helps in fueling your mind and they also allow you to stay focused when cycling.  The brains usually run on glucose that is normally stored in your blood. When cycling, the muscles absorb more glucose and this leaves the bran with insufficient food supply. As the supply gets depleted, you will start experiencing fatigue. Therefore, you should always carry energy gels especially when cycling for long hours.


How we came up with the products

Nutrient Levels– The first thing we considered when comparing different energy bars is the level of nutrients. What you need to know is that energy bars are of no use if they lack the required nutrients. Apart from boosting your strength when cycling, energy gels should also add more value to your health. Again, the ingredients should not have any negative effect to your health.

Taste- The taste is another important aspect we checked. No one wants a gel with a bitter taste.  When comparing different products that we have reviewed, you will find that all of them have great flavors because they are made of tasty ingredients.

Side effects– It is also important for you to note that not all energy gels are great for your health. Some may have harmful components  which means that you need to be very careful when buying. What we did is that we carefully examined the ingredients used you produce these gels to ensure that none of them is dangerous to your health.

Price– Just like any other product, energy gels comes with different prices. However, you shouldn’t go for the most expensive since they are only for short term use. To make your work easier, we only considered the affordable ones.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do energy gels work for cycling?
Energy gels are very important because most of them contain carbs sugars which means that they provide the fastest form of energy.

How long do energy gels take to start working?
This depends on your body because people absorb carbohydrates in their bodies at different rates. The period may vary from 3-15 minutes.

How many energy gels should I take when cycling?

You should take one or two after every hour.

To conclude 

It is important to know where the energy in your gels is coming from. Caffeine is a quick source of energy and is used in many gels. Some energy gels also use honey as a sugar energy source. It is important that you read the ingredients before purchasing these gels. Energy gels are also known to replenish your electrolytes when they have been exhausted from the training, or before exercise. These gels also have calories and you will need calories during training sessions for energy. Another big benefit of energy gels is that they delay the onset of glycogen by increasing the amount of quick energy release glucose in your body. If your body starts depleting all glycogen, it starts feeding on fat which is very less efficient than carbohydrate, hence a good supply of glucose is always vital.

From all the energy gel manufacturers we took a look at today, a lot focused on providing the maximum amount of energy while keeping the taste good. Keeping the taste good is an important requirement. Some manufacturers also had less sugar in them to keep it heathy while others tweaked with the viscosity of the gel so that it can be consumed quickly and without the use of water. Pricing was amazing on all of them, for the value we got out the box. Every gel mentioned above is worth your time and consideration.

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