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Fuji Feather Urban Bike
Sixthreezero Single-Speed Cruiser Bike
Schwinn Kedzie Single-Speed Road Bike

Looking to find a single-speed bike that’s efficient and comfortable that you won’t easily outgrow as an entry-level rider?

Well, let me tell you I’ve got you covered.

I have actually spent hours researching this topic, factoring all the confusing features to find the very best entry-level single-speed bikes that are lightweight, require little maintenance, and most importantly super fun.

Finding single speed bikes can be quite a challenge as they can be easily confused with fixie bikes, however, a true single speed will allow you to coat down a hill without having to move your pedals. 

But not to worry, I have good news!

I have done all the hard bits for you! I have looked at key factors like weight, design, and cost to ensure you have a bike you can build and grow but will last you a long time.

Here’s a tip I found useful when buying my first single speed bike: make sure you find a good balance between ease of use and a bike you can grow with as you become a more advanced rider. I found these bikes are brilliant for making commutes easier or to use for fun! 

But enough of this for now, you won’t want to miss what I wrote for the top product on this list!

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Best Entry Level Single Speed Bikes

Fuji Feather Urban Bike

best single speed road bike

The Fuji Feather Urban is a classic single-speed bike that is comfortable and ready for urban rides. It is brilliant for new-riders looking to enter the world of commuting with an easy to use a bike that will transform commutes. 

The feather is ready for cruising the city or dashing to work quickly and with ease. The double-wall rims make the most of every pedal stroke so you can guarantee you’ll be getting the most comfortable ride. 


It has an added durability which makes this bike ideal for rugged, unpredictable urban roads, even on poor surfaces. The 520 Chromoly steel frame and fork are ready to tackle the toughest of roads!

This Fuji Feather not only looks good but provides comfort and eases, its rear wheel can be run as a fixed or freewheel type– it’s the best of both worlds really.

In terms of entry-level single-speed bikes, Fuji is the very best and you must try it out today!

  • Excellent quality
  • Long lasting
  • Can tackle rugged city roads
  • Lightweight frame
  • Quite new, none so far
Latest deal: Fuji Feather Urban Bike

Sixthreezero Single-Speed Cruiser Bike

This bike was made for an uncomplicated man, this is the perfect bike for a casual rider– one of the best single-speed entry-level bikes you’ll find on my list.

You can ride this bad boy for hours with no aches or pains with the popular upright riding style that you can adjust and tilt to your comfort and preference. 

The 1-speed model is brilliant for easy-going cruizes around town, whether it’s just for fun or to run some errands with ease.  This brilliant cruiser also has 26-inch wheels for added comfort and stability! 

Plus the low pedals allow riders to be close to the ground while allowing a proper leg extension! It even includes a rear bike rack so you can store panniers and baskets which adds to the convenience of this bike! 

But here’s the best bit: 

You will feel comfortable like no other riding on this saddle, it’s so cushioned that you will feel like you’re riding on a cloud! For ease of use, stability and comfort this bike is like no other, its a single-speed bike that every new rider deserves. 

  • Padded seat
  • 26 wheels which add to the stability
  • Upright riding style for added comfort
  • Fitted with a rear bike rack thats ready for panniers
  • Only best for new riders
Latest deal: Sixthreezero Single-Speed Cruiser Bike

Schwinn Kedzie Single-Speed Road Bike

Whether you are a new cyclist or regular commuter looking for an easy bike to get you from A to B, this bike will be an excellent choice. With Schwinn’s steel racing frame and fork, you will be guaranteed a responsive and reliable ride. 

With their 18T drivetrain and flip-flop hub that propels this bike so you can take the street with comfort while in style. The 700c wheels provide serious strength during those daily commutes, allowing you to ride with complete confidence.

City dwellers this one is for you!

Schwinn was designed for rugged city riding, with an alloy front and rear calliper brakes that provide you with superior stopping all while their urban seat gives you unmatched comfort and stability while you ride, 

As if that’s not enough, this bike comes with a lifetime warranty! For under 500 bucks this one is a pretty good deal.

  • Built for rugged city riding
  • Super lightweight
  • 700c wheels that provide serious strength and stability
  • Paired with lifetime warranty
  • Needs assembling professionally
Latest deal: Schwinn Kedzie Single-Speed Road Bike

Vitus Vee City Bike

best single speed bike under 500

Whether you’re looking for an entry-level single-speed bike to tackle the morning traffic or venture to the countryside at the weekend, Vitus’ smooth-rolling bike is ready for action.

I think what makes this bike so great is the robust aluminum frame construction that will combat even the most rugged, pot-hole filled streets you can imagine, effortlessly as you ride from A to B.

The large 29er wheels roll like a dream on rough roads and even off-road trails, with the one-speed drivetrain you won’t have to worry about confusing gear changes as you face different terrains–

No confusion, no fuss, no problems.

You can’t go wrong with this drive train, plus the simple V brakes give you that extra control with little maintenance to upkeep– tick tick tick!

Plus the Schwalbe Land Cruiser Plus tires will give you unmatched grip and superb rolling resistance while being tarmac friendly. You will not only be cruising in style but with ease (plus the extra points for puncture guard protection)

But here’s the best bit: the aluminum handlebar keeps the weight down while adding extra comfort while you ride– for a simple, no-fuss bike that can tackle rugged city roads I don’t think you can beat this one. 

  • Removable brakes
  • Double wall alloy wheels
  • Fun to ride
  • It looks nice
  • Not the best for short people
Latest deal: Vitus Vee City Bike

NS Bikes Movement 3 Dirt Jump Bike

best single speed bike under 1000

This NS single-speed bike features a super strong and lightweight alloy frame that’s been tried and tested with modern geometry so you can get the most out of your ride. Whether you’re hitting off-road trails, dirt jumps, or just hitting it down the skatepark this bike is ready.

This bike will give you a responsive and playful ride wherever you are! 

The single-speed drivetrain and RST Dirt T suspension forks will absorb all bumps and shocks from hard landings while smoothing out rough terrains while the tough and lightweight alloy frame makes this bike super durable. 

You may be asking yourself, does it get better than this? 

You bet it does! The stiff yet responsive frame is brilliant for shredding the dirt tracks, the movement has all the features you’ll ever need from a pro-level dirt bike– you can grow with this bike as you grow as a rider. 

Plus the NS Fundamental rims give an outstanding grip, cushioning, stability and control so you can attack every jump with aggression and style. For a dirt bike that grows with you then you need to try this one out. 

  • Solid dirt bike
  • RST Dirt Suspension Forks
  • Super durable and ready to shred the trails
  • Superb for price
  • None so far
Latest deal: NS Bikes Movement 3 Dirt Jump Bike

Looking for the best budget road bike instead?

We’ve put an in-depth guide together for that.

We have looked over 18 budget road bikes to make sure you’re getting the best for your money. We looked at material, size, speed, and brakes to make sure we’ve found the greatest products available to buy – you can see the full guide here which will be more relevant than the one you’re reading now.

Best Entry-level Single-Speed Bike Buyer’s Guide 

When we first start out as a rider it can be tricky, you could be scrolling through Amazon while not having a clue what you’re looking for– we’ve all been there.

Whether you’re looking for a single-speed bike to cruise around town, show off to your friends, or to get from A to B with ease there are actually some crucial factors to consider beforehand. 

The first challenge is the difference between a Fixie bike and a Single-speed bike, they may look very similar but they are very different!

Fixie bikes also known as fixed-gear bikes have a rear cog that’s fixed to the rear hub, they do not have a free-wheel. So, whenever the wheel turns so will the cog and so will the pedals which mean you cannot stop pedaling while the bike is moving.

Meanwhile, a single-speed bike you can coast along, down the hills without having to pedal, they have a free-wheel and much nicer to ride which if you’re a newer rider is definitely a plus.

But let’s get into everything you need to know before buying your single-speed bike so you don’t get stuck!

What safety features should you check when buying a single speed bike?

When buying a single-speed bike, your major concern should be safety. This means that you should only focus on a bike with strong build quality.

Frame: The frame determines the quality and durability of a bike. The most common types of frames used in single speed bikes are aluminum and steel. Aluminum frames are the best if you are searching for a lightweight bike. On the other hand, steel frames are the most durable.

Brakes: It should also have reliable brakes. The brakes should be located near the handlebars for easy reach. If possible, look for a bike that has brakes on the two sides of the handlebar. This will allow you to stop the front and rear at the same time. Having control of your bike is very important and without reliable brakes, it is not possible to achieve that.

Wheels: this is such an important feature as it adds to the control while you’re riding, you will find that single-speed bikes often run with 700c or 26-inch wheelsets. You want to find a wheelset that will give you both comfort and stability while you ride.

Handlebar: this is another factor that adds to the comfort and stability of your bike, if you’re planning of getting from A to B with ease you need this added comfort, single-speed bikes come in a range of different style handlebars, for long journeys I would recommend an upright handlebar for added comfort while you ride.

Tires: Tires are also a super important factor as traction on a single-speed bike is so important. You are essentially braking through skidding therefore it is important to have good traction and grip to prevent any accidents.

Why should you buy a single speed bike?

Single-speed bikes are very common today for both advanced and recreational cyclists. The three main benefits of buying a single speed bike are;

Simplicity: The most notable thing about these bikes is that they lack gears. This means that you do not need to worry about shifting. As a result, they are very easy to use.

Affordable: When you compare the price of single speed bikes with that of multispeed bikes, you will find that single speed bike are cheaper. This is because they do not have various parts like the shifters, crankset, derailleur, housing, and cables.

Low maintenance: Another benefit is that these bikes are very easy to maintain. Since they do not have shifters, front and rear derailleurs, you will rarely have problems when using them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes single speed bikes better?

The best thing about single speed bikes is that they are very easy to ride. Again, they make your rides more enjoyable since you do not need to keep shifting the gears. Another thing is that they have low maintenance because they do not have many moving parts as compared to the multispeed bicycles.

Are single gear bikes good for commuting?

You will find that these bikes usually do not have a freewheel, brakes, or derailleur gears. If you want to use them for commuting, you will just need to buy a good frame and wheels to enhance their performance.

Some I have selected for you today are designed for city dwellers, they are ready to tackle the rough, rugged city roads so you can cruise from A to B in style and with confidence.

What is better single speed or gears?

When using a single speed bike, you do not need to keep changing the gears. This enables the chain to hold longer which makes them easier to pedal.

It is a much simpler way of riding but it may not tackle hilly areas very well as they require gears to get you up climbs with ease.

Wrapping Up

If you are searching for a top quality single speed bike that is perfect for starting, you can never go wrong with any of those we have reviewed. They all have excellent features that enable them to provide the best performance.

Whether you’re a city dweller looking to weave in and out of the morning traffic on daily commutes or even a dirt-track rider looking for a bike that you can complete the most awesome tricks with ease.

Whatever brings you to my page I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed, these bikes will grow with you as you grow from a beginner to a more advanced rider.

Happy biking!

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