Best Fat Bikes [Review] in 2021

Last Updated on November 30, 2020

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Whether you just want to explore the world or you want to stay in shape, cycling is one of the best activities you can do. Some people use it as a means of transport to reach various destinations.  However, without a reliable bike especially one that is comfortable to ride even on challenging terrains, you may never enjoy cycling. You also need a bike that will provide the required traction and grip when riding on any terrain.

If you have been searching for the most reliable bike for that, fat bikes will give you unmatched performance as compared to other bikes. The most outstanding thing about them is their large tires which makes them easy to ride even on snow without sinking. They also have excellent shock absorption which gives them maximum stability whether you are riding on rocks, gravel or on a smooth surface. To make your work easier, we have reviewed the best fat bikes that will give you excellent value for your money.

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The 4 Best Fat Bikes


Ecotric 26” Fat Bike

Top Choice Item

Ecotric 26” Fat Bike Tire Wheel is among the most reliable bikes you will ever find. It has an aluminum frame which makes it lightweight. Again, it is equipped with rear disc brakes, Shimano external 7-speed gear and a 500-watt motor which gives it a stronger driving force as compared to others. Also note that it uses a removable 36 V Lithium battery and it also comes with a lithium battery charger. It also comes with an adjustable seat, ergonomic handlebar and anti-slip and wear resistant tire. These features enable it to perform better than other models.

It comes pre-assembled
Ergonomic design
Uses a 500 watt motor
Maximum speed of 20 mph
No assembly instructions

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Mongoose Dolomite

Prime Picked Item

One of the most outstanding features you will love about this bike is that it features Shimano rear derailleur which has 7 speeds. This feature enables the bike to climb hills more easily. It also features twist shifters which allows you to change gears easily when riding. The beach cruiser pedals makes your work easier when riding. Also note that it comes with an adjustable threadless headset which makes the bike comfortable for riders with different heights. With this bike, you can ride on any off-road trail without any problem.  It also features a supersized knobby tires which makes it a great option for any terrain.

Made for all terrains
Limited lifetime warranty
Easy to upgrade
Adjustable threadless headset
Too heavy

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Outroad Mountain Bike

Best Value Item

Outroad Mountain Bike 21” is another fantastic option for men and women.  One of the most notable things about this bike is the 4.3 inches wide tires which enables it to roll easily on all terrains. It weighs about 68 lbs which means that it is able to support the weight of the user. Additionally, it comes with a comfortable sear and front suspension. If you are searching for the most reliable fat bike, this one will be an excellent choice.  Also note that the frame is made of heavy duty frame to enhance performance and durability.

Sturdy construction
Comfortable seat
Equipped with front suspensions
Ideal for all terrains
Very heavy

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Factors to Consider When Buying a Fat Bike

From the appearance, fat bikes may look the same. However, they have different features which mean that their performance also varies. When buying, you need to check the following;

Frame – Most fat bike frames are made of titanium, steel, carbon or aluminum. In terms of durability, steel frames are the best but they are a bit heavy. Aluminum is lightweight but it is not as strong as steel. On the other hand, carbon fiber frames are a bit expensive but they are the most lightweight. Titanium is the most expensive since it combines all the features of the other materials.

Size – Pick a bike that suits your height. If you are able to stand astride on the bike with your two feet, that bike will be the best for you. Also check the manufacturer’s sizing chart to determine the correct size. In case your height spans between two sizes, you should go for the larger size.

Brakes – Fat bikes either use disc brakes or rim brakes. Rim brakes are also referred to as V-brakes and they allow the bike to stop by clamping the rim to the wheel. They are not the best option in terms of safety since they are not reliable in case of an emergency. On the other hand, disc brakes use calipers on a disc. In terms of performance, disc brakes are the most reliable which makes them the ideal for fat bikes.

Wheel swapping – You will need to change the wheel from time to time to enhance the performance of the bike. Look for a bike that has a quick-release mechanism which will allow you to change the wheels easily.


Why Should You Buy A Fat Bike?

Unlike the standard bikes, fat bikes provide a better performance. Some of their benefits include;

Fun – If you love cycling, fat bikes will give you more fun to ride as compared to when you are using standard bicycles. Even if you have never used a fat bike before, you will still enjoy them just like you enjoyed the first time you learned how to ride a bike. You can also ride them fast or slow to boost your experience.

Comfortable – Due to their large tires, fat bikes have the best shock absorption properties. This means that they are very comfortable to ride on challenging or uneven surfaces. Again, the tires are able to absorb a lot of vibrations which means that you do not need to strain your hands and your back.

You can also adjust the tire pressure from 30psi down to 7psi depending on the type of tire you are using. This means that you can adjust the pressure according to the riding conditions. For extra shock absorptions, you can add a front suspension especially when you are doing a lot of trail riding during the summer.

Not prone to punctures – Just like other bikes, punctures are not inevitable but they are not common as when you are using the standard bikes. The large tires are more resistant to flats and punctures because they have excellent shock absorption properties. They are also able to absorb vibrations.

Easy to ride – Most people shy off from buying fat bikes because they think that they are not easy to ride. However, that is not the case. Since they have large tires, it means that they provide better balance when riding. As a result, they are suitable for beginners who want to have more adventure.

Fat bikes were specially designed for areas with snow. However, today various improvements have made on these bikes especially on the frame designs. Due to this, today they can be used just like mountain bikes which means that you can use them on the trails during the summer.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are fat bikes good for?
One of the things you will love about these bikes is that they provide a better grip as compared to the normal bicycles. If you are searching for a perfect bike you can use on uneven terrains, fat bikes provides the best stability. They are the best to ride on dirt, mud, snow, rocks, gravel and sand.

Are fat bikes worth their price?
If you are in need of a bike that you can use for off road, rough terrains, snow or sand, fat bikes will give you the best perfeomanceand they are unquestionably worth the price. Unlike other bikes, these ones are sturdier and they provide the best stability.

Are fat bikes harder to ride?
As compared to other bikes, fat bikes are a bit hard to pedal even on normal terrains. You will be required to work a little harder which makes them a bit difficult to ride.



In terms of stability, performance and reliability, fat bikes are the best.  With these bikes, you can ride comfortable even on the most challenging terrains because they have exceptional shock absorption features. If you are searching for a perfect fat bike, you can never go wrong with any of those we have reviewed. They are all equipped with amazing features which gives them a better performance than the rest.

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