Best Fat Bikes [Review] in 2022

Last Updated on March 21, 2022

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Are you thinking of going on vacation soon and need the best fat bike on the market to help you go off the beaten track?

Well, join the club.

I’ve spent 7 whole hours trying to find the best fat bikes to help those of you who were in my position and need a bike that will give you the experience you’re seeking.

Looking for a fat bike can be difficult as there are a surprising amount of factors to consider, for example knowing where you’re going and the terrain that will be there is going to impact whether you want a plus tire or perhaps a mid-fat tire instead.

Now hang on a second,

While this may sound daunting I’ve done the work for you, analyzing everything from tire width to suspension, on top of that I’ve looked at reviews of these products and composed all of this information into a list of the four best fat bikes.

Here’s a little something to take into account, it’s a good idea to buy a frame that will accommodate the largest wheelset you’ll want as large frames can equip smaller wheels but small frames can’t have bigger wheels.

Oh and if you’re looking for something a little more specialist my second pick is really going to impress you.

We’ve spent the time so you don’t have to:

Reveiws considered
hours spent finding
Products compared
articles studied

The 4 Best Fat Bikes


Mongoose Malus

Top Choice Item

Looking for a fat bike that won’t put a dent in your wallet but lets you cross any terrain all-year-round?

The Mongoose Malus is the ride for you. The Malus is a 26-inch fat tire bike with 4″ tires and a supersized frame so anyone can ride this monster of a fat bike.

The 4-inch alloy rims are light and strong so you can roll over anything in your path. Any mountain biker planning on traversing through sand, snow, or mountains is going to make short work of these areas.

And yes, there’s more,

The Malus has 7-speeds with a rear derailleur and front and rear disc brakes so it’s practical and will turn any obstacle into a minor inconvenience.

Compared to other fat bikes this is the best fat bike when it comes to price. At $500 it’s a bargain in comparison to the typical $1000+ models you’ll usually find. 

And if you still haven’t checked it out you’re going to want to have a look at the reviews for the Malus as this fat bike has over 500 and stands at a 4.5-star rating on Amazon.

7 speeds, rear derailleur and, disc brakes
4-inch alloy rims with supersized frame
Seat not as comfy

Latest deal: Mongoose Malus


Farley 7

Prime Picked Item

Going somewhere that’s going to require a tougher rig?

The Farley 7 might just be the thing you need to ride around the world, with its lightweight aluminium frame and 80mm Manitou Mastodon fork it’s ideal for those who like to ensure they have the best gear.

If you find yourself out and about a lot then this is why you’ll want the Farley 7 as it focuses on those essential parts like its workhorse drivetrain and a quality suspension fork.

And there’s a lot more,

Horizontal sliding dropouts allow fine-tuning so you can run them long for stability, or shorter for more nimble handling.

My favourite thing about the Farley 7 though absolutely has to be how quick it is compared to other fat bikes. This is the best fat bike for speed and handling so you can whizz through all four seasons with ease.

The Farley 7 is a must have for anyone who wants a quality vacation or outdoor adventure.

Fast and nimble
Mastodon fork is incredible
Viable in all four seasons
Slightly pricier

Latest deal: Farley 7


DD 70 2020

Best Value Item

Looking for more of an all-rounder, something that’s high quality but not going to set you back over $2000?

The DD 70 2020 is one of the best fat bikes when it comes to giving you what you need for an enhanced experience while still offering a generous price. 

With 26×4.8″ tires and Low-profile nylon platform pedals, you’ll be able to get a solid grip on even the toughest surfaces meaning you can enjoy the scenic route when you take your fat bike on your weekend getaway.

Hold on though, that’s not all,

The DD 70 has its very own custom hydroformed integrated 6061 alloy fork and along with its tapered steerer and 15mm front axle, you’ll have no trouble going down any steep declines.

And speaking of declines, just in case you reach one that’s a little too steep you’ll be able to brake quickly and safely as the DD 70 2020 gives you the ultimate stopping power with its Tektro Novella Mechanical disc brakes with 6 bolt 180mm rotor on the front and 160mm on the rear.

Add this one to your basket, it’s everything you’ll need.

Great Stopping Power
Custom hydroformed alloy fork
Covers all terrain with ease
No Front Derailleur

Latest deal: DD 70 2020


Max4out 26-Inch Fat Bike

Are you maybe going away with the kids so won’t need to ride up any snowy mountains but still want the benefits of a fat bike?

This is where the Max4out fat bike comes in. This fat bike has 21-speed transmissions with front suspension and large tires making it as good as if not better in some respects than other models and all for a low price.

This is perfect for you if you want to get the kids started on lighter trails and need a fat bike for yourself to open them up to the world of mountain biking.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering,

At such a low price is it high quality? Absolutely! The Max4out fat bike is the best fat bike in terms of value for money. With a comfortable seat, solid carbon steel frame, and even a bottle holder your vacation will be a blast if you’re riding this fat bike.

So what are you waiting for? The kids want to start pedaling!


Lower Price
21-transmission speeds
Ideal for lighter trails but covers most terrain
Better suited to taller people

Latest deal: Max4out 26-Inch Fat Bike


Speedrid Electric Mountain Bike

If you don’t like to limit your rides to one kind of terrain and are looking to expand your horizons with an e-bike then I have something that you’re going to love.

The Speedrid’s 26″ electric bike packs all you need to ensure your top performance while out riding hills and trails. With the perfect combination of professional 7-speed gearing and 500W, 5 levels pedal-assistance, as well as speeds of 23mph you’re going to shoot down trails, declines, and through all manner of terrain quicker than you can say mountain.

And while on the trails both of the high strength shock-absorbing forks and 4.0 tires will absorb any bumps on the way.  This bike can travel 22 miles per charge with the powerful 48V 10Ah battery. Plenty for a day’s adventure or most trips to work and back. You can also charge on/off the bike at your convenience. 

Now, this is where it gets really good,

The bike has an advanced LCD display that shows the 5-speed display, battery level display, mileage. You’ll have more choice with the 5-speed mode than the normal 3. The LCD display guarantees you can read your statistics easily which is a nice addition for those who want to keep tabs on their progress.

The bicycle comes 85% assembled and support is on offer if you’re struggling with the remaining 15. Little touches like this can really make or break my decision when buying online so it’s worth considering as not all bikes come pre-assembled.

I’m a big fan of this bike and know you will be too when you see it for yourself.

Lower Price
Advanced LCD
Comes 85% assembled
Recommended to tighten bolts when you recieve it

Latest deal: Speedrid Electric Mountain Bike


Mongoose Dolomite

Now here’s a fat tire bike that’s built for durable all-terrain riding. wait until you hear all about it,

The high-quality 26″ Super-sized knobby tires like these create a wider contact patch with the ground, this provides you with increased traction on tough trails. Increased traction yields more control, which means hugging turns tighter and owning tricky trail sections.

The Aztec has a steel beach cruiser style bike frame and the 7-speed twist shifter provides quick, precise gear changes. And I almost forgot to mention the 26 inch alloy super wide rims with front and rear disc brakes. 

By now though you should know there’s more to this bike, 

Low rise handlebars for comfort and stability, as well as 3 piece cranks, mean you’ll be conquering terrain in comfort, as well as style because the design of this bike is gorgeous, but only looks better once there’s a fresh coat of mud-splattered across the side.

This bike currently holds a 4.5-star rating on Amazon with 87% of them being 4 stars or above, and after reading review after review it only made me want to buy this bike more, something you’ll find too once you see it for yourself.

This is a brilliant bike and a necessity for any avid mountain cyclist.

High-quality 26" tires
7-speed twist shifter
front and rear disc brakes
Some reports of gears not changing smoothly

Latest deal: Mongoose Dolomite


Mongoose Juneau

It’s daunting when you first enter the world of fat bikes and don’t know where to start.

But, with the Mongoose Juneau, you’ll have a great bike to start with that is also a brilliant way to enter the world of upgrades as many reviewers comment on how they upgraded the Juneau to make it even better.

The frame and fork are made from 6061 aluminum, not the cheaper 7000 series so quality is of the utmost importance with this model. This fat tire bike is designed for all-condition riding, including sand and snow which is easy with its 26-inch wheels.

And some extra good news,

this bike can fit riders from 5’4″ to 6’2″ in height and the frame comes with hydro-formed tubing that provides a durable, responsive ride. In addition to this, there are 16-speed Shimano trigger shifters with a Shimano drivetrain for fast, precise gear changes.

This bike is going to help you enter the world of mountain biking, it has quality features and parts, room for upgrades if you want to really go all out, and it’s available for a generous $599.

If you’re a beginner this is the only bike you need to look at.

26" tires
16-speed Shimano trigger shifters
Front and rear disc brakes
Needs some adjustments out of the box

Latest deal: Mongoose Juneau

Factors to Consider When Buying a Fat Bike

You may not think fat bikes are much different from regular bikes. However, they have different specifications as they are used for a different purpose to regular bikes. Here are some of the specs to look out for.

Frame – Most fat bike frames are made of titanium, steel, carbon, or aluminum. In terms of durability, steel frames are the best but tend to be heavier which makes them slightly more cumbersome. Aluminum is lightweight but it is not as strong as steel. On the other hand, carbon fiber frames are expensive but the most lightweight whereas Titanium is the most expensive.

Size – Your height plays a big part in choosing the right fat bike. If you are able to stand astride on the bike with your two feet, that bike will be better suited to you. Also, check the manufacturer’s sizing chart to determine the correct size. If you find your height spans between two sizes always opt for the larger size.

Brakes – Fat bikes either use disc brakes or rim brakes. Rim brakes are also referred to as V-brakes, they allow the bike to stop by clamping the rim to the wheel. These are less reliable and aren’t recommended when it comes to safety. On the other hand, disc brakes use calipers on a disc. In terms of performance, disc brakes are the most reliable which makes them the superior choice.

Wheel swapping – To maintain the quality of the bike you’ll have to change the wheels on occasion. So it’s important to look for fat bikes with a quick-release mechanism, this will allow you to change the wheels easily.


Why Should You Buy A Fat Bike?

Unlike standard road bikes, fat bikes provide better mobility when covering rough terrain. This is great for those who want to go outdoors and explore.

Fun – Fat bikes are great for those of you who love cycling, they’re fun because they allow you to travel to places you can’t go to with a car or road bike. Riding through the woods, on a mountain trail, across snow and ice, or through muddy wastelands can prove to be a fantastic adventure that any outdoors lover should experience.

Comfortable – Due to their large tires, fat bikes have the best shock absorption properties. This means that they’re perfect for riding across tough surfaces, you’ll find yourself riding up and down hills with ease and comfort. Due to this shock absorption, there is no strain on your hands or back.

You can also adjust the tire pressure from 30psi down to 7psi depending on the type of tire you’re using. This means that you can adjust the pressure according to the conditions you find yourself riding in.

Not prone to punctures – Another benefit of the tire’s shock absorption is that fat tires are less likely to puncture than standard tires. Now while it’s still possible, you can pretty much ride anywhere knowing that there’s very little reason to worry about your tire puncturing in the middle of nowhere.

Easy to ride – It’s a common misconception that fat bikes are difficult to ride but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Due to the width of the tires, you’ll find it’s easier to balance on a fat bike. The only difficulties that you will find are more resistance and harder pedaling due to rougher terrain.

Versatile – Fat bikes were originally designed to be used in snow but over the years they have had constant improvements and can now be used pretty much anywhere, this makes them perfect for those of you who like to travel and go outdoors.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are fat bikes good for?
Fat bikes are good for use in rough terrain that a normal road bike would not be able to traverse, this includes snow, sand, bogs, mud, and mountain trails. They’re effective because they can ride over these surfaces with ease.

Are fat bikes worth their price?
That all depends on where you plan on cycling. If you enjoy cycling outdoors and going offroad then a fat bike will make this a whole lot easier and more fun as you’ll be able to cycle through beautiful areas, and not so beautiful if that’s what you prefer, that are otherwise inaccessible to a road bike.

Are fat bikes harder to ride?
If you compare them to riding other bikes then yes fat bikes are harder. Due to their size, they are often heavy which can take time to get used to especially for shorter people. They ride slower than normal bikes too but like anything you will get used to them and find they are even more fun to ride than a normal bike.



When it comes to covering rough terrain you’ll need a fat bike, with the stockier frames and thicker wheels it will make traversing mountains, deserts, wastelands, and ice much easier.

Fat bikes are fairly consistent in what they offer but high-end models tend to have thicker tires and suspension forks as these improve control, making your fat bike the only bike you need.

My top pick was the Mongoose Malus, this is one of the best fat tire bikes because it’s cheap compared to most but it maintains a high level of quality, possessing 7 speeds, rear derailleur, disc brakes, 4-inch alloy rims, and to top it off? A supersize frame. It really is a great fat tire bake you need to get your hands on.


I’ve shown you a variety of fat bikes that are suited for different people and purposes, some are cheap, some are expensive, but all of them set out to do the same thing.

What’s that I hear you ask?

To have fun and explore those areas you wouldn’t otherwise get to see with a normal road bike. The most important thing, however, is when you finish your search for the best fat tire bikes make sure you have fun and spread the word about how great these bikes are.

Happy Cycling!


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