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Want to add your own personal twist to your bike?

Then you might want to check out flat bike pedals. Luckily for you, I’ve compiled a list of the best flat pedals for your bike so you can customize and even upgrade your pedals for a better bike experience.

I mean, why have a boring bike when you can make it your own with a pop of color or a better pair of pedals? After all, pedals play a crucial role in driving a bike. They’re the main source and foundation for the rider’s ability to generate power and move forward.

So listen up.

I’ve combed the web to find some amazing pedals that are up to scratch when it comes to quality, color options, style and grip, so you can upgrade your bike experience. Whether you’re looking to improve the aesthetics or the quality, there’s a pedal for you on this list.

Here’s a tip- if you’re a big fan of speed and want some pedals that can keep up, check out my number 3 option for some pedals that are built for racing!

Let’s go!

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Best Flat Pedals


Nukeproof neutron EVO flat pedals


You’ll see why this is number one.

Nukeproof brings you an improved and further refined version of their already famous Proton flat pedals. This time offering more performance, bringing better comfort and grip while riding.

The pedals come in a variety of colors for you to choose from. These are black, blue, green, grey, pink, purple, orange and yellow so you can opt for a splash of color to enhance your bike.

But that’s not all.

The updated pin layout makes your feet feel more planted and in control. The nylon-reinforced composite material with sealed cartridge bearings make the pedals more lightweight which is a huge factor during a ride. The rubber lip seals between the axle and the pedal prevent water from getting in.

The sealed cartridges help spread the load of impact evenly, thereby reducing damage to the pedals themselves. The pedals are super grippy and feel great under your feet. Overall, this is a great product for the price.

Check it out by clicking on the link!


  • Reinforced nylon
  • Multiple color options
  • Sealed for water resistance
  • Better load distribution


  • Could be more durable

Latest deal: Nukeproof neutron EVO flat pedals


Crankbrothers stamp flat bike pedals

If you’re looking for some of the best pedals on the market, this is it.

Coming at you with a cool light blue color, Crankbrothers bring to the table some of the sleekest and stylish-looking pedals you will ever see. Functional and practical, it’s perfect if you want to add your twist without losing out on quality.

But color options don’t end there as they are also available in black, citron, green, orange, purple, red, and even in combinations like black and gold. Whatever your favorite color, Crankbrothers probably has it.

There’s more.

The pedals have optimal surface area for a low-profile design, just enough to give you a good solid plant on the pedal. 9 hex traction pins are found on each side for enhancing the grip while riding hard.

Not only that, but Enduro bearing and seal system helps in making the pedals water-resistant and the forged steel Chromoly spindle improves structural integrity. With multiple options in size, this is one of the better options to go for.

Have you seen what the latest price is for this one?


  • Forged steel chromoly spindle
  • 9 hex pins for grip
  • Seals for water resistance
  • Color options


  • Pins can be less sharp

Latest deal: Crankbrothers stamp flat bike pedals


Race face atlas flat pedals

If you’re looking for speed, check out this option.

Race face has some of the coolest design languages to offer when it comes to bike pedals. These pedals have some of the most minimalist and stylish brandings you will find which is always a good thing.

You get fancy color options like red, purple, green, orange, and the low-profile understated all-black design that will look amazing on your setup. The super-thin double concave wide platform enables great grip and surface area to plant your feet on, all while being comfortable.

Listen to this.

This set of pedals is ideal if you want to enhance your performance on the road and is great for a long-lasting bike riding session. The fully sealed bearing design keeps the water out and the hex head threaded pin design offers more bite for added security and confidence on the pedal.

Fore and aft angled bottom-loading pins along with the grease access points make it super easy to keep the pedals lubricated and keep them running smoothly every ride. Overall, a great option.

Check out the link for a full list of color options!


  • Multiple color options
  • Double concave wide design
  • Fully sealed bearings
  • Grease access point


  • Expensive

Latest deal: Race face atlas flat pedals



These are worth checking out.

FOOKER brings you sleek and stylish looking nylon fiber pedals that will look elegant and beautiful on your ride. Made from rugged nylon and lightweight enough that they won’t slow you down, these are on his list with good reason.

The pedals come in 3 different colors. These are black, orange and red, and they have minimal branding on them as well which is always welcomed. The rugged nylon fiber surface offers high strength and when combined with CrMo spindle, the durability of this pedal is amazing.

But let me tell you this.

The wide pedals provide more surface area for your feet to rest. The pedals are also very easy to install and have anti-skid nails that further enhance the grip while pedaling. The pedals fit most bikes ranging from BMX to MTBs to hybrid and even old school cruisers.

Sealed bearings are also on board for a more water-resistant experience when washing the bike. Overall, this is a respectable option for you.



  • Rugged nylon and CrMo spindle
  • Lightweight
  • Anti-skid nails
  • Sealed bearings


  • Can be more durable

Latest deal: FOOKER MTB pedals


Nukeproof horizon pro DH flat pedals

Are you into Enduro cycling? Then I’ve got just the thing for you.

In collaboration with 5-time downhill world champion and Enduro world series champion Sam Hill, Nukeproof brings you horizon pro flat pedals made for extreme performance and comfort. They’re ideal for tackling those fast descents and giving you the grip you need when going uphill.

The pedals are made with 6000 series aluminium alloy which is CNC machined. The pedals are well-built and durable so you don’t need to worry about them breaking down anytime soon.

Hear me out on this.

The axle used is a Cro-Mo which adds to the structural integrity of the product and the adjustable pins allow you to have better grip as well as height adjustment according to what suits you best.

The sealed cartridges have amazing weight and impact distribution to reduce damage to the pedal itself. Also, sealed cartridges mean water resistance and dirt resistance. Overall, this is a great option to go for.

Worth having a look I’d say!


  • 6000 series aluminium
  • Cro-Mo axle and height adjustable pins
  • Durable and strong
  • Sealed cartridges


  • Pricey

Latest deal: Nukeproof horizon pro DH flat pedals


DMR V12 Flat Pedals

Now, this is a fun set of pedals.

DMR brings you many color options with their V12 pedals. The pedals themselves look amazing and sleek. They will compliment your ride just the way you want, and stand out out from the rest of the crowd.

The color options available to you are orange, white, grey, lime and black. So, as far as customization goes, DMR has you covered.

You’re not going to want to is this.

The pedals have a longer platform area for your foot to rest on and feel planted, all while keeping a low minimal profile. They are also very lightweight, so they won’t hold you back when you want to reach some speed.

The serviceable dual DU bushings offer a smoother feel and add to the longevity of the bike. The 10 pedal pins on either side allow more grip as you pedal faster, and the pedal body is made with die cast aluminium and Cromo axle for further durability and strength. 

Add these to your basket, you wont regret it!


  • Lightweight
  • Dual DU bushings
  • 10 pedal pins on either side for grip
  • Die cast aluminium and CroMo axle


  • Could have more colors

Latest deal: DMR V12 Flat Pedals


TAG Metals T3 Nylon Pedals

Looking for your next set of pedals for your mountain bike?

TAG Metals brings you one of the best-looking designs you will ever find for bike pedals. The minimal simplicity screams elegance as the pedals offer an all-black look as well as multiple color options. They are perfect if you have a mountain bike and need a good set of pedals for the uneven trails.

They are low profile and give a very understated vibe. It doesn’t end here as there are multiple color options available to you as well. These are blue, green, yellow, orange, white and red.

Here’s the best part.

These pedals feature an engineered nylon thermoplastic platform that has a concave profile so you can get a better grip on those mountain roads. They also have a tough CNC machined CrMo axle making them more durable and strong enough to deal with exploring off road trakcs.

4 fully sealed bearings are also available as they prevent any water or dust from getting in while washing. The pedals are serviceable with built-in bearing extractor and come with a unique cassette tool lock ring. 

Go on, treat yourself.


  • Minimal design with color options
  • CrMo axle
  • Concave profile
  • Enigineered nylong thermoplastic pllatform


  • Bearings can be more smooth

Latest deal: TAG Metals T3 Nylon Pedals


Look Geo City Grip Flat Pedals

Love riding in the city?

Look Geo brings you a build that screams quality. The pedal has a unique design that is ideal for city bike rides or even the commute to work. These flat pedals have everything you need- exceptional grip, smoothness and reliability.

They feature no cutouts, offering a flat surface with more area to grip, as well as some cool color options such as black, lime red and camo print, so you can add your own personal touch to your bike.

But wait, listen to this.

Aside from being strong and durable, the pedals are also surprisingly lightweight, and the flat pedal has a solid surface for incredible grip, turning power into speed efficiently. You’ll love it when you see how light these pedals are, weighing only 265g per pedal, they’re perfect for commuters who want a light, sleek and reliable set of pedals for their city bike riding.

They are built to last with a vulcanized rubber active grip compound for a comfortable hold whilst cycling through the city. They also have rock solid CrMo Chromoly spindle so you can have a secure and robust connection to the bik crankset.

Click on the link to find out more!


  • CrMo Chromoly spindle
  • Vulcanized rubber active grip compound
  • Cool color options
  • No cutout platform


  • Could have more color options

Latest deal: Look Geo City Grip Flat Pedals


Race face chester MTB pedal

If you’re looking for the best flat pedals for mountain bikes, you’ve come to the right place.

Race face is back at it again, this time offering some funky color options when it comes to mountain bike pedals. You get color options like green, blue, black, purple, red, turquoise and yellow.

The pedals have a wide surface area for your feet to rest on and also have pins for enhanced grip while pedaling hard. That means they’ll be no slipping and sliding especially during those times when you need good grip for climbing rough trails.

But that’s not all.

They allow easy conversion of power to speed with minimal effort, meaning every pedal has more power than on a regular bike, That’s because no energy is wasted on bad grip. The pedals have sealed cartridges for water and dust resistance.

They are durable and lightweight which will allow a major reduction in weight from the ride thereby enabling you to ride fast. So whether you’re looking for speed on the trails, or good grip and reliability on uneven paths, this one is worth a try.

Check it out by clicking on the orange button above!


  • Color options
  • Pins for grip
  • Sealed cartridges
  • Durable and lightweight


  • Can get uncomfortable on long rides

Latest deal: Race face chester MTB pedal


Spank spoon pedals

Looking for a full metal pedal?

Spank brings you a very industrial look with its machined aluminum pedals that provide great durability and strength, all while staying sleek and looking beautiful on your ride. Fully functional and practical, it’s ideal for riding fast and gaining some speed.

Leading and side edges are chamfered which enables improved cornering clearance. 10 pins are available per side which increases your grip on the pedal while riding fast in extreme situations.

Now check this out.

The axle is built with premium CrMo also known as Chromoly for an ultra-strong core that improves durability. You know that these pedals can take whatever you throw and them and will continue to perform at a high standard.

The sealed cartridges are an added bonus as there is one less worry about washing your pedals. The pedals are water and dust resistant so maintaining them is easy.

What are you waiting for?!


  • Machined aluminium
  • Chamfered edges
  • 10 pins for grip
  • Sealed cartridges


  • Expensive

Latest deal: Spank spoon pedals


Hope F20 Pedals

Want the top pedals for moutnain biking and Downhill?

Look no further. Hope F20 brings you a very angular pedal for your mountain bike. The angles and ergonomic shape look super sleek and simply beautiful. They are excellent pedals built to the highest quality, totally rebuildable making them possibly the best flat pedals on the market. 

With an array of colors to choose from, they include black, blue, purple, orange, silver, and more. That’s not all though, they also come with the hex and pedal studs + spares to go with.

Now listen to this.

The youngsters will absolutely love it. You can ride them over all the terrain the US has to offer. They are superb. Very grippy, but not sticky for an easy hop on hope off movement but stay put while you ride. To top it off, the pedals are concave and with the axle made of high strength Cr-Mo, heat treated and plated for a high quality finish.

Supported by one Norglide bush and 3 cartridge bearings in a fully sealed chamber, they are very durable and require little maintenance. The 20 replaceable pins per pedal provide great traction and grip. This allows them to take a beating through the roughest terrains without problem.  

You wont be needing to buy another pair again!


  • 6000 series aluminium construction
  • Color options
  • 20 replaceable pins
  • CrMo axle


  • Pricey

Latest deal: Hope F20 Pedals

Best Flat Pedals Buyers Guide

The Best Flat Pedals – A Buyer’s Guide

Why would you stick to a standard bike when you can make it your own?

Something as simple as the pedals can make a big difference both to your bike’s aesthetics and its performance. That’s why this buyer’s guide even uncovered the best flat pedals for your bike, whether you ride a mountain bike or a road bike for commuting.

Finding quality pedals can be the difference between how fast you can go, and how much grip you get on rough uneven trails. With so many options on the market, from full aluminum build to smooth rubber pedals, knowing what’s best for you can be tricky.

So check out our tips for finding the best flat pedals for you!

Recurring Features

Concave: This means a rounded shape and dips in the middle. Having this shape offers better performance, but it all depends if you prefer flat pedals.

Material: Many flat pedals can either be made of rubber, or have an aluminum build. it depends on your preferences, with metal offering a sleek finish ideal for picking up some speed and is very durable, while the rubber offers great traction and grip for slippery roads.

Quality: Quality is obviously crucial when it comes to pedals as they take the most beating. Some things that point to good quality are a lifetime guarantee and positive reviews. Also, check for things like a CrMo or Chromoly axle for better durability. 

Pins and Cartridges: Pins play a vital role in providing a good grip while you pedal. The idea is for them to grip your feet as you pedal, turning maximum power into speed efficiently. Cartridges need to be sealed for water resistance and also well lubricated for a smoother riding experience.

Color: Part of the fun of customizing your bike is making it your own by adding a pop of color or combining the colors to create a running theme. These details really improve your bike’s aesthetic and can liven up your morning commute. Most pedals offer a good range of colors to choose from, so have fun with it!

Frequently asked Questions

Can I use flat pedals on a road bike?
Flat pedals for a road bike are well-off, reliable and durable. Even the most inexpensive ones are going to provide the best speed and control.

Why are flat pedals better?
They provide better power transfer, great range of foot position and rotation, ease of adjusting heels down and quick and easy removal of feet from them.

Do I need special shoes for flat pedals?
You do need a shoe that has a tough sole when riding on flat pedals.


If you’re in need of upgrading your pedals listen up.

The flat pedals we looked at today were some of the best you can find online. Some had great power to speed conversion ratio while others offered a full metal alloy construction.

What all of them kept persistent was the build quality and side pins for good grip. They all also had sealed cartridges for water and dust resistance while washing them. Some had CrMo axle for improved axle performance as well.

The choice is yours.

Not everyone chooses to upgrade their pedals, but when you do you’ll realize the difference it can make to any bike ride. Plus, who doesn’t love a splash of color?

All in all, they were really great when it comes to overall performance and you will absolutely love whichever one you decide to go with.

Which one was your favorite?

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