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Check out the results fast – here are our review winners

Smallrabbit Outroad Mountain Bike
MTB Oyma Power Folding Mountain Bike
Hahoo Folding Mountain Bike

Check out the results fast – here are our review winners

Many of you might be wondering whether foldable mountain bikes are worth the try or not? But over the past few years, they sure gained a lot of popularity due to the functionality. Bike manufacturers have been working tirelessly to produce designs that fold better and more compact that attracts many more cyclists. It is predicted by analysts that the demand for folding mountain bikes will increase with time, as people are commuting more and more on bicycles to save the planet. The green revolution is on the rise that opens up the market for a vehicle that is both practical and functional when it comes to storage and use.

There are tons of reasons to own a foldable bicycle, one reason for the lack of space to store in your apartment. We see how foldable bikes are folding up smaller while becoming lighter and stronger, so they can be easily carried on public transportation systems. Moreover, you can keep it along your side, unlike regular full-sized bicycles that need to be kept outside in the open from where anyone can steal them regardless of the locking systems.

Thus, after doing our market research on the best folding mountain bikes, here are our favorites out there.


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Best Folding Mountain Bike

Smallrabbit Outroad Mountain Bike

Smallrabbit Outroad Mountain Bike is among the top foldable mountain bikes available in the market for both men and women. The beautiful foldable bike is available in black under $189, but if want different colors, it adds to the cost. The premium quality frame has been manufactured with superior welding skills to make a durable and sturdy frame that lasts a long time. The full-suspension on Smallrabbit allows 26-inch folding for both male and female designs, which is made super-efficient with the quick release clips. Folding has never been made easier. Manufacturers of the outroad mountain bike have paid special attention to the fork suspension, so the ride is smooth on all terrains with the 26-inch 6 spoke fashion rim tyre. Enjoy your long adventure-filled rides on your Smallrabbit outroad mountain bike that will be shipped from the USA within 7 days, and it comes along with a 24/7 customer service for all queries regarding the bike.

  • Topnotch foldable frame
  • Lightweight, durable 3 spoke magnesium wheels
  • Easy to fold with quick release clips
  • Easy to transport
  • Expensive than regular lightweight bicycles
Latest deal: Smallrabbit Outroad Mountain Bike

MTB Oyma Power Folding Mountain Bike

This sky-blue beauty stands out from the rest with a chic design and a sturdy frame that is quite easy to fold and unfold. It weighs around 44.1 pounds, but the 3 spoke magnesium wheels are highly durable and super lightweight with a disc brake to ensure a comfortable and smooth ride on different terrains. Never shy back from adventure again with MTB Oyma Power which has an advanced suspension, Shimanos EF500 3*7 shifter. It is available in black and red as well, so if you wanted something classic go for the black one which is also the same price of $198.59. Moreover, the manufacturers deliver the easy foldable bike quite quickly that has a full suspension frame for both men and women.

  • 3 spoke lightweight magnesium wheels
  • Full suspension frame
  • Sturdy frame
  • Quick delivery
  • Heavier than other regular bikes
Latest deal: MTB Oyma Power Folding Mountain Bike

Hahoo Folding Mountain Bike

The classic army green color foldable bike has an ungraded frame suspension that makes it the most convenient and much-loved unisex bike in the market. The manufacturers of Hahoo have guaranteed the ride for the utmost comfortable ride on all terrains, while you sit back and relax to enjoy the sunset. The adrenaline rush is doubled with the high-carbon steel frame installed with the double suspension system along with the 21-speed gear shift. The non-slip unisex folding bike is infamous for accommodating individuals in the height bracket of 5ft 3-inches to 5ft 9-inches. The ultra-chic design and foldable frame make it quite easy to store in compact space and carry, as well. The company has packed free pedals and a smooth leather seat that can uphold 90kg of weight in the final packaged product. Henceforth, assembly is made highly efficient with the bike instruction manual.

  • High-carbon steel frame
  • 26-inch wheels
  • 21-speed gear
  • Easy to fold
  • Heavy
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Best Folding Mountains Bike Buyers Guide

What to look for in a foldable mountain bike?

Easy to fold: One of the most important and crucial things to look for in a foldable mountain bike is the user-friendliness. The main thing one has to interact with daily is the folding ability, as some of the bikes might have the most technical folding systems, which are not user friendly at all. Convenience is one of the most crucial things to look out for.

Frame strength: Usually, the frames of the foldable mountain bikes are engineered with the sole purpose of folding easily. But the strength of the frame is one characteristic that needs to be well thought out. The frame has to be constructed from high-quality carbon that is sturdy and durable; moreover, steel frames tend to be heavier. They tend to be between the range of 18lbs to 35lbs. 

Price: Pricing is an important factor to consider when buying a foldable bike. They are ultra-expensive in comparison with other non-folding bikes. Thus, keep in mind that you will be paying a little more out of your pocket to get your bike which folds like origami. 

Tyre size: Tyre size is among the top priorities of any bicyclist. Any enthusiastic individual would know the importance of how bigger tyres can withstand any type of terrain. So, the most popular tyre sizes are between 20 to 26-inches. They ensure you can steer smoothly on any surface on your full suspension mountain bike. Lastly, the mentioned mountain bikes have magnesium tyres to add to the features.

We have looked at some of the most in-demand best foldable mountain bikes available in the market, today. No need to look any further, as we have gathered the folding bikes created under a budget or over it that are worth the price tag. The wide range of gears on the folding bike makes it much easier to navigate and steer at top speeds. The foldable bike tyres are of a good size that allows the individual to speed up on any terrain. These bikes can be made super compact for carrying in public transport, such as trains, subways, metros, etc. These bikes have been constructed to be structurally strong and durable to withstand a lot of weight. 

Any cycling enthusiast would love to ride on something so sleek, yet practical. Build your immunity and stamina with your very own foldable mountain bikes. Stay motivated to reach your weight goals while you are on your treks with your biking crew. Moreover, a foldable mountain bike has more edge over other bikes because not only are they compact but they are also perfect to be used for daily commuting. So, worry not on what you decide to purchase, the mentioned bikes will surely not disappoint you in any aspect. They will build your passion for you going professional one day. You deserve the best bike for all your adventures! So, the wait is over. Get your foldable bike, today.

Get on your bike and start pedaling!

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