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A close-up of an all-black GoPro HERO 8 action camera
GoPro HERO8 Black Camera
A close-up of a GoPro HERO 9 action camera
A close-up of a GoPro HERO 7 in silver
GoPro HERO7 Silver +

Looking to ways to film and capture your fun-packed ride down the trails and looking to go for the very best action camera to do it? There’s nothing worse than hittin’ an insane trail and not capturing it on film to show all your buddies.

With GoPros it has never been so easy, but what one is best for the rugged mountain trails?

If you’re looking for the most durable GoPros on the market that can tackle even the roughest of trails then you’re at the right place. Whether you’re looking to improve your trail line, make some insane video editis for social meida or just looking to show off new routes to friends, GoPros are the beast of cameras when it comes to capturing adventures.

But it’s not as easy as picking up the first GoPro you see, some are more durable than others. Some of the cheaper models will not offer you the same level of durability as the higher end range, you also need to make sure you’re looking out for waterproofing and dustproofing too.

But no need to worry, this is what I’m here for!

To make things easier for you I have spent hour trying and testing 25 different GoPros in order to find the best ones for mountain biking, these GoPros are designed for the most techical of trails and most intense terrains– I love rewatching adrenaline enduring rides!

These GoPros are the most durable action cameras you’ll find on the market so stay tuned my friends!

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Best GoPro for Mountain Biking

GoPro HERO8 Black Camera

A close-up of an all-black GoPro HERO 8 action camera

Coming in at number one is the HERO8 in black; it is the most versatile, unshakeable HERO camera GoPro has ever made. Although the streamlined design makes it more pocketable than ever, you can swap mounts within seconds, thanks to the built-in folding fingers. 

This GoPro was designed for rugged and intense conditions; the lens is 2x more impact resistant than any previous model, so it can efficiently take shocks and crashes like a breeze while capturing it all on camera!

Smooth videos just got smoother with the HERO8 thanks to the three stabilization levels; you can capture the wildest views possible, all while in the smoothest focus ever.

Just made if to the top of a steep climb and looking to drive straight down into descent mayhem? Hero8 will capture it all in HD. 

But wait, get this! 

The Hero8 captures super stabilized time lapse videos; the TimeWarp feature automatically adjusts the speed based on motion and scene detection, so even while traveling at high speeds, you can guarantee the footage will be pretty insane. Capturing every single moment down the trails.

The HERO8 is insane, you can toggle your view between Narrow, Linear, Wide, and SuperView, plus you can capture your videos in 4K UHD 1080p! You can even shoot some insane time-lapse videos at night or nighttime trail shreds in 4K too!

What else can I say? If you’re still not convinced, then check out the reviews; professionals love it!

  • Image stabilization
  • Waterproof up to 33ft
  • Expandable modes
  • Streamlined design
  • Problems while connected live to stream
Latest deal: GoPro HERO8 Black Camera


A close-up of a GoPro HERO 9 action camera

Looking to get the latest GoPro HERO for your trail-shredding adventures? Well, then why not try out the HERO9. It goes so much further than the 8 through, capturing every last detail of the stunning life we live in. 

In comparison to the 8, the Heo9  has a new front screen, rear touch display, and powerful in-camera features making nailing the shot an absolute breeze. Your Instagram will look insane after using this action camera! 

But what makes this one any better than the HERO8?

Let me tell you that the resolution has massively improved since the previous model, for starters. You can shoot videos up to 5K, perfect for maintaining the serious detail needed for capturing beautiful trail videos. Even white zoomed, it still offers a whopping 4K resolution. 

The powerhouse 23.6 MP sensor delivers lifelike image sharpness, fluid motion, and in-camera horizon leveling. SuperPhoto allows you to capture crisp, pro-quality photos as well as videos. Plus, the rear touchscreen and LCD are brilliant for live previewing. 

Longer battery life? Yes, please, we mountain bikers kill for long battery life for our bike computers and cameras. Compared to previous models, the HERO9 has a 30% longer battery life with a 1720mAh battery that provides sufficient power even in the cold. 

Can it get any better? Well, actually, yes, the Hero9 is rugged and waterproof up to 33ft deep; you heard me, 33ft deep! Now while we may not be diving into our local cove to go snorkeling with this GoPro, it means we can still capture insane shots while shredding the trails even in the most horrid weather conditions with confidence that the HERO9 is up for the job. 

It even includes a carrying case, rechargeable battery, curved adhesive mount, mounting buckle and thumb screw, and USB-C Cable within the set, so you’re completely covered. You cannot beat the quality you get on this one, my friends! 

This is built for the rugged terrain. 

  • Stabilization
  • Smooth footage
  • Waterproof up to 33ft
  • Rugged
  • Audio and battery timing issue
Latest deal: GoPro HERO9

GoPro HERO7 Silver +

A close-up of a GoPro HERO 7 in silver

Now I know what you’re thinking, yet another GoPro Hero? But these action cameras are among the most rugged and capable of tackling the mountainous terrain, and if you’re looking for a cheaper, more basic option, then the HERO7 is your best bet!

Like the HERO 8 and 9, this camera is still just as rugged; it is waterproof up to 33 feet underwater, making it perfect for the most extreme riding conditions. It is also only 200 bucks making it super affordable considering you’re still getting pretty good shots. 

You can track your speed, distance, and even elevation and prove it to all your friends using the GoPro app, which is a super cool feature, so serious hill shredders wanting to show off their latest challenge. 

But that’s not all. 

Another thing I love about this camera is it is super easy to use; you can swipe through shots and tap through modes easily and quickly.  You can enjoy your insane clips in 4K that look as amazing as the moment itself. You can even capture time-lapse videos for full days down the trails!

If you still want a go pro but don’t want to splash out on a $400 one, then the HERO7 offers insane levels of durability and is still ideal for the trails while being super affordable. It is a brilliant option for those on a budget! 

  • Durable
  • Convenient
  • Waterproof design up to 33ft
  • Stabilized video
  • Some issues when buying off Amazon
Latest deal: GoPro HERO7 Silver +

GoPro MAX Camera

A close-up of a GoPro MAX camera in silver featuring its screen

Looking to capture some immersive 360° footage for the most dangerous trails to vlog like a pro? Well, the Max has 3 cameras in 1 offer unbreakable stabilization during quick shocks and videos while cycling, hiking, skiing, you name it!

While it may not be as rugged and waterproof as the HERO models and only waterproof up to 16ft, it doesn’t mean it’s not built for the trails. Five meters of waterproofing is still pretty brilliant, plus you get 360-degree shots which you don’t find in the other models. 

But do you want to know how brilliant the camera quality is on the GoPro Max? The shoot single-lens HERO-style video offers unbreakable stabilization so you can have silky smooth 360 immersive footage in a whopping 6K  no matter if your sideways, hitting immense jumps, or chasing your kids down the trails.

In my personal opinion, this camera is perfect for the trails; we don’t need 33ft of waterproofing, the only time the camera will get wet is through splashes and riding in the rain, we won’t be diving into deep depths of water while riding, let’s face it. 

Wait, though, I’m not even finished yet.

You can tap through four different lenses to boss every shot every time, such as Narrow, Distortion-Free Linear, Wide and Max SuperView, which is the widest lense GoPro has offered yet! Plus, the directional audio in HERO mode allows you to prioritize sound from either side of the camera, no matter what lens you’re using– making it perfect for vlogging down the trails. 

But the cherry on top of the cake after all this is that the design is light and compact, and the folding fingers mean you can take this camera anywhere. The GoPro Max was built tough and designed for the rugged terrain. 

  • Waterproof
  • 6K resolution 360 degree display
  • Four lens modes 
  • Compact design
  • Only waterproof up to 16ft
Latest deal: GoPro MAX Camera

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Best GoPro for Mountain Biking Buyers Guide

Mountain biking is a super intense and adrenaline enduring sport, and there’s nothing better than capturing all your immersive rides on camera to show to all your friends, GoPros are the most renowned adventure camera, and they’re pretty awesome.

Whether you tackled your steepest climb and descent yet or want to improve your form, or just want to show off your trail-shredding skills on social media, having a GoPro is the beast of cameras in the cycling industry. 

While buying a product, you have to find a difference between different products for which the buyer has to search for different things according to your requirements. The cost is the first thing one will notice while buying any product to make a list of the product lying in your range and seeing different other things.

After making the list of the product of your range, you should look at the quality and features of the product so that you can choose the right product having good quality. After all, it will be coming on every mountain adventure; you want the GoPro to be built for rugged conditions. 

As the product’s rating shows the quality of the product, and it comes from the customers who have used the products and have experience of it. The reviews given online for each product are also beneficial while selecting and buying a product. If you’re looking for a good camera for mountain biking, then you should look at all these things.

I’m here to help you up your riding game, and here’s how to ensure you’re getting the very best GoPro for your type of riding!

What To Look For When Looking For A GoPro For Mountain Biking

Some of the recurring features of the products mentioned above in the article are as follows:

Picture quality: One of the main features that matters a lot while buying the camera is picture quality. The camera is worth purchasing if it provides a good quality picture. However, there is another thing that matters and is responsible for the picture quality: resolution numbers and frame rates.

For instance, the picture quality would be great if the frame rate is reasonable. The footage or picture captured with 15 frames per second isn’t usable as it looks like a security camera video. There is a huge effect of the lens and the processor in the camera on the picture quality. Most of the cameras mentioned above are great and have great picture quality.

You can make a comparison between each product to get the right one that suits your requirements. The camera is great if the consistency of the picture is maintained. This consistency is also responsible for the picture quality of the camera.

Resolution: Since the camera quality is is so important same goes for the resolution too. While you’re never going to capture a still image on even the best action camera, the resolution on MTB cameras is becoming more and more impressive. 

Many can record clips in 4K with 60 frames per second or 5K with 30 frames per second (like the HERO9), while the GoPro Max can capture photos in 6K with 50 frames per second, which is pretty incredible. 

Dynamic range: Dynamic range is super important as it allows the camera to capture the broadest possible detail in a scene between the lightest and darkest tones. This dynamic range is crucial for capturing cool shots down the trails as you’re constantly moving at high speeds. 

Now while our eye offers better dynamic ability than any camera as we can drop from dark to light areas without struggling to see where we are going, most cameras would struggle with this. So for MTB cameras and looking for a GoPro, the resolution should be your most important thing to look for. You need the best pixels, not the most. 

Durability: If you think about it, durability should be your most important factor to consider too, we mountain bikers tackle the most extreme riding conditions, we all need a camera that can capture it all without breaking in the process.

Luckily all new models are designed for rugged conditions, and the HERO range is waterproof up to a whopping 33ft/10m. The GoPro Max is also extremely durable but not as waterproof as the others as it is only waterproof up to 16ft/5m, which is still pretty good considering!

If you’re a surfer or a diver, then the HERO range is probably better, but as mountain bikers, we only care that the camera can withstand some rain and splashes, and that’s as far as the waterproofing we need, really. 

Ergonomics: Ergonomics is another important thing to look out for. Is it easy to mount onto your handlebar? Can you mount it on your helmet? Can you mount it on your chest? While GoPro may not include this wide range of mounting, you can buy them separately. 

GoPro has a massive range of accessories, such as cases, mounts and they’re all compact and fairly easy to install, which is brilliant. GoPro is also brilliant for its calming properties, stabilization, and capturing clear images no matter what angle or speed you’re going at. 

Frequently asked Questions

The following are some of the frequently asked questions about these products:

What is the best Go Pro for mountain biking?
The Go Pro Hero9 is the best camera if you plan to film some fast-paced mountain biking action. There are many other cameras, but this one is best as it shoots 5K Ultra HD video at 1080fps with HyperSmooth 2.

If you want to make smooth footage, then you can go for this camera. This camera comes with amazing features and provides a good slow-motion video without losing quality. The HERO9 even comes with horizon leveling and has super long battery life.

You can even use it underwater up to 33ft, which is not essential for mountain biking, but it’s pretty damn cool!

Can you record the Go Pro upside down?
It is easy for the users to switch into upside-down mode without altering the camera settings because of the Auto Image Rotation. The orientation or the auto image rotation mode gets looked at when you start recording in one orientation.

Even if you mistakenly slip the camera while recording, it’ll keep the orientation as it eases to provide great footage. All newer models come with a built-in stabilization so you can capture shots in crisp condition, left, right, up, down, you name it.


While buying a camera, there are many things one has to look at. The thousands of choices available in the markets for the cameras make it a bit difficult to choose the right product. There are different things buyers have to look at to differentiate between the different products.

If you want to buy a camera for mountain biking or another purpose, you should look at different features that will suit both mountain biking and the other sports requirements, such as higher waterproofing features. 

The features that make cameras for mountain biking or other purposes good include stability, picture resolution, modes, lens, extra features, smoothness, design, and much more. GoPros provides good stabilization and resolution to capture a great photo.

All of the GoPros I have reviewed are waterproof up to some level and are good to capture photos or videos underwater. All of the GoPros above also have great features making them ideal for mountain biking or other purposes.

You can choose the right product for you based on the comparison, your preferences, and your requirements. For further information, one can go to the provided links for each product to remove any query about the product.

Enjoy capturing your favorite moments down the trails!