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By: Mason Arnold

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Family 1st Vehicle Hidden GPS Tracker
Tracki 2021 Model Mini Real Time GPS Tracker

Looking to give your pride and joy that little extra bit of protection when you leave it unattended?

Good news! You’re at the right place. 

Lucky for you I have searched and tracked down (pun intended) the very best and most discrete GPS bike trackers to keep your bike just that little bit safer when left unattended.

Just leaving your bike locked up may not be enough to stop thieves (or even if you’re forgetful like me and forgotten where you locked your bike). If worst comes to worst these GPS trackers are hidden within the bike so it may make your search to track it down much easier.

But wait let me let you in on a little secret:

I have not only found the best GPS units that will remain hidden within your bikes but I have considered a range of budgets so you don’t have to spend an arm and leg to get one that works— some even have exact location tracking to make your life easier! 

Here’s a tip: when choosing a GPS device you need to consider where you’re going to store it, you want to find an area that won’t be easily spotted and removed by a thief– there’s no point picking a place that’s obvious as it will be easily removed and a waste! 

But enough of me rambling, the number two pick on my list is my favorite hidden GPS bike tracker ever! 

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The 4 best GPS bike trackers

Family 1st Vehicle Hidden GPS Tracker

This one is among the most reliable GPS bike tracker you will ever find and therefore sealing number one spot on the list! 

Not only does this GPS bike tracker have a portable design it can be easily hidden in your bike, car, stroller, even luggage, or anything you want to protect– now talk about versatility!

Apart from that, it is very powerful and fast since it uses a 4G LTE network which provides real-time tracking through the 5 seconds updates on your phone, web app, or PC. It will even notify you when you’re low on battery which is a brilliant feature if you’re forgetful.

But that’s not all:

You can also create geofencing zones that will notify you when the GPS 4G tracker gets in or out of the restricted zones so you will be notified if the bike is moved to make it easier to find before it is too late.

The battery life is also superb, lasting up to 2 weeks on fast speed mode before you even need to think about charging! If you’re on the go and often leave your bike unattended then you need to invest in this gem!

  • The 600 mAh lasts for 14 days
  • Instant reports and smart alerts
  • Portable design
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Requires a monthly subscription
Latest deal: Family 1st Vehicle GPS Tracker

Tracki 2021 Model Mini Real Time GPS Tracker

best emergency gps tracker for bike

Prevent theft, loss and have real-life tracking of the things you love with Tracki. I cannot wait to tell you more about this product! 

This GPS tracker is the smallest and lightest you will find with a small, long-lasting internal battery. This makes it super easy to attach and hide within your bike while the battery will last up to a whopping 3 months!

Talk about hassle-free, easy to use GPS!

This device also provides worldwide coverage with use in up to 185 countries, it also connects to an app that is easy to customize– you will receive notifications through email and texts while allowing you to track up to 50 devices per account.

Unlike most trackers, this one provides history reports on locations, speed, and addresses including the dates and times. Tracki even goes the extra mile with insurance on lost, stolen, and damaged devices. 

But here’s the best bit:

This device is the smallest tracker you will ever find, measuring only 1.74 x 1.5 x 0.6 inches in total! Both the weight and size gives this tracker unique flexibility and can be placed under the seat, or within the opening of the seat to keep it hidden from thieves. 

For both the price and value you cannot beat it. I live in busy Chicago and I use it every day on my daily commutes and when leaving my bike unattended- I love it! 

  • Automatic updates after 60 seconds
  • Easy to attach
  • Wi-Fi tracking when using it indoors
  • Customizable tracking app
  • May need charging more often
Latest deal: Tracki 2021 Model Mini


PRIMETRACKING Personal GPS Tracker is another great option that provides updates instantly using the state of art 4G LTE technology. It provides movement, direction, and location if worst comes to worst. 

The compact design is also super versatile making it easy to not only use in bikes but also in cars, stroller, pockets, or anything you’d like to protect. This tracker is the real deal!

Just like your phone, this GPS tracker uses a built-in SIM card in order to give you unlimited tracking range, real like time geofencing, speeding, and SOS alerts (you can also cancel at any time).

You never have to worry or wonder again, whether you leave your bike unattended for long periods you can just check in with the app to ensure your bike is safe, you will also get alerted if your bike gets moved too far– never lose track of anything again! 

Hold on, did you think that was all?

Well, I’m not quite finished yet! You can also put this GPS tracker anywhere, it will easily conceal within your bike and go almost undetectable (unless you know it’s there!)

You can track it anywhere in North America and even in Mexico and Canada while working on multiple devices and networks so you can access the tracking quick and easy. This compact little GPS is a must-have to keep all your precious kit safe! 

  • Allows you to track undetected
  • Provides instant information
  • Compact design
  • Easy to use
  • Not very accurate
Latest deal: RIMETRACKING Personal GPS Tracker

Spytec GPS Bike Tracker

Now when it comes down to fast GPS Tracking Spytec is the very best! It offers the fastest GPS tracking for your bike and other prized possessions, including vehicles through using 4G satellite technology. 

You can receive location alerts straight from the GPS tracker on both iOS and Android apps! You can easily watch your tracker move along the app, customize boundaries and pull historical data, speed distance, and much more. 

It is also super reliable, it has 99.99% more uptime and .256 millisecond processing time which means you can get locations within a second.  The battery life is pretty good too, lasting up to 2 and a half weeks so it is hassle-free!

But that’s not all:

It also comes with a super affordable subscription which can be canceled at any time for free, while also offering 24/7 support if you have any issues with the device– sounds good to me! 

This is an excellent choice for city dwellers like me as it gives you fast and instant tracking within seconds! 

  • 4G satellite technology
  • Small and compact design that is easily hidden
  • Super-fast speed or up to .254 millisecond processing time
  • Affordable subscription that you can cancel at any time
  • Only has 2 and a half week battery life
Latest deal: Spytec GPS Bike Tracker

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Best GPS Bike Tracker Buyer’s Guide:

When buying a GPS bike tracker it is important to find the balance between affordability and value, if it means spending a few extra bucks to keep your bike safe it’s definitely worth it– not to mention much cheaper than having to buy a new bike altogether. 

When buying a GPS system I always make sure to check for how small the device is and how easy it is to hide. There are some top ways to keep your GPS tracker hidden within your bike: whether it is in the seat post or frame, in the handler stems, or even under the saddle within the padding. 

When getting a GPS bike tracker I also look for the battery life: I am personally a very forgetful person and would much rather buy a GPS I can easily store and forget about for a month or two, instead of forgetting to charge the tracker then it running out of battery on the day it gets stolen (if worst comes to worst).

The key is also to find a GPS that cannot be easily detected or removed, pairing a good quality GPS with a high-security bike lock will help keep your pride and joy safe in higher crime rate areas, like built-up cities. 

Overall top things to consider are ease of use, quality, good battery life, and ease putting the GPS on your bike while keeping it hidden– nowadays these are pretty much standard but let’s get into other things you may miss. 

What to look for in a GPS Bike Tracker:

Purchasing a GPS bike tracker can be very challenging especially if you are not conversant with the best features you should check in such a device. To ensure that you will get value for your money, I checked the following.

Reviews– The best way to determine the quality of a GPS bike tracker is by going through customer reviews online. All the trackers we have reviewed have awesome customer reviews on Amazon which means that they are very reliable.

Ease of use: Some trackers have very complex designs which make them hard to use. If you are searching for the best GPS bike tracker, you should ensure that it has a straightforward design. Also, check whether the device you are looking to buy is portable and easy to use with an app on your device, 

Price: These devices are available at different prices. You do not need a very expensive tracker but you need to find a good balance between affordability and quality– if it means spending a few extra bucks it’s definitely worth it in the long run. 

Type of connectivity: In most cases, the performance of GPS bike trackers depends on the connectivity. Some require Wi-Fi, Bluetooth GSM, NFC among others. I have listed devices with 4G LTE technology as it is a great advancement and allows you to locate the device quicker and easier. All of them also provide instant messages as soon as your bike is moved further away from you, they also come with convenient apps that connect right to your phone or device to make tracking ever so much easier. 

Battery life: This is an absolutely crucial feature to consider, we all want a battery that will last the time and won’t constantly need changing or recharging every week. We all live busy lives and sometimes don’t have time for these little things and there’s nothing worse than the panic you feel when you realize your GPS has died on you. 

Why do I need a GPS bike tracker?

If you own a bike, you need to ensure that the bike is always safe from theft. Although you cannot always prevent theft in every situation there are ways you can prevent it and this is an excellent first step! 

Pairing a good GPS bike tracker with a trusty bike lock is absolutely crucial if you live in a built-up city like New York that is prone to bike theft. Plus spending that little extra is still cheaper than having to pay out for a whole new bike if it’s stolen. 

Another thing is that they have a small size which makes them easy to attach to the bike. Most of them also come with smartphone apps that give you instant updates in case of anything.

In terms of versatility, you will find that these bikes can be used for different purposes apart from tracking bikes. After adding a GPS to my commuter I haven’t turned back, they’re essential! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put any GPS tracker on a bike? 

Yes absolutely, as long as it is small enough to disguise within your bike. You can use any device that can fit a car, a stroller, and much more as long as it can be easily hidden. Don’t go for a bulky GPS as a bike thief will easily spot that and take it off before they’ve even left.  

Are GPS bike trackers expensive?

Not at all: nowadays GPS tracking devices actually come at a very affordable price point, you don’t need to spend a fortune to add that little extra layer of protection on your bike when you leave it. Some on my list are even under $20 and definitely an investment worth doing!

How can I set up my bike tracker?
Setting up a bike depends on the model, the majority are fairly simple but some require special installation while others are easy to use. Before buying, check whether there are installation guidelines on the package. If you get stuck there are many YouTube videos on the web or reviews to help! 

How do I protect my bike from theft apart from using a GPS tracker? 

The best way to protect your bike from theft is pairing a GPS device selected from my list with a good bike lock or two, not only will the bike lock deter thieves but the GPS will keep track of your bike if worst comes to worst (if well hidden!)

But here are some ways you can keep your bike safe: 

  • Use a smart lock
  • Use two high-quality locks
  • Make your bike unique
  • Always lock the wheels


GPS Bike trackers are among the most important bike accessories every bike owner must-have. What you will love about them is that they are not only easy to use but are also affordable.

If you are searching for a perfect way to monitor your bike, just pick any of those we have reviewed because they are the best on the market. You will also find that they have very advanced features as compared to other models.

Buying a GPS bike tracker is an investment and it is definitely worth doing in order to have that extra peace of mind and extra added security (especially if your bike is expensive)

Choose out of any of the products I have selected today and you won’t be disappointed. You must check out my best bike locks guide to pair with one of these GPS trackers.

Happy biking!