Best Headphones For Mountain Biking

By: Mason Arnold

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Sony WH-CH700N Bluetooth headphones
Anker Soundcore Life
Silensys E7

Want to combine your love of music with mountain biking?

In a world of constantly transforming technology and new music coming out every day, having a good pair of headphones when mountain biking is crucial. Music is like magic, and can only be done justice to with a good pair of wireless headphones that you can listen to when on a ride.

Here’s the good news. I’ve gone through hundreds of products and reviews, as well as online shops to discover which are the best headphones for biking so you can have them

You’re going to love these.

I’ve found only the best wireless headphones to make it convenient for you to cycle around without the hassle of a wire crossing your body and your pedal. They have a good range as you can go a distance from your device without being disconnected which allows you to put your bag down if you’re riding in close proximity.

An immersive experience when riding your mountain bike is very important when it comes to music. You want the sound to get more full at higher volumes and not get tinny. The wireless headphones we will look at today should help you with your next purchase, especially number 4.

Here’s a tip- if you like to go mountain biking often, go for headphones that cancel out wind noise as this can make a difference and make you feel much more surrounded by music.

Check out my top recommended best headphones for cycling for blocking wind noise.

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Best headphones for mountain biking

Sony WH-CH700N Bluetooth headphones

This one is my go to for biking headphones.

Sony is also a very well-known manufacturer of headphones. They are a trustworthy brand and have built amazing headphones in the past. It’s no surprise for them to come out with a new pair of wireless headphones which have noise cancellation.

Sony has some of the best noise cancelling solutions on the market and do an amazing job at keeping the noise out with minimal sound bleed. That means while you’re busy biking on those rough trails, you won’t be bothering anyone else with your music. No complaints!

Here’s the best bit.

They also have amazon’s built-in voice assistant Alexa which is handy for everyday questions. AI powered technology allows your headphones to adjust the sound profile to the environment around you automatically, and the headphones allow for a hands free experience with the built-in voice assistant.

They give you 35 hours of playback on a single charge and have quick charging feature as well. They are a little pricey but the price is well justified with the amount of features you get.

Worth checking out the link for this one!

  • Active noise cancellation
  • 35 hours playback time
  • Built-in voice assistant
  • Quick charging
  • Android benefits lost on connection with PC
Latest deal: Sony WH-CH700N

Anker Soundcore Life

These are the best wireless headphones.

Anker brings a chic looking wireless Bluetooth pair of headphones that have soft and plush memory foam around-ear cups for extreme comfort and long time periods of listening.

There are a lot of color options to choose from. They come in different color combinations like blue, black, and silver.

That’s not all.

They have 4 micrphones including an external feedforward mic and internal feedback mic. These help to cancel out noise and ambient sounds whilst providing enhanced voice detection which does a fairly good job at keeping the noise out. They can be used wirelessly and with a wire which gives you the freedom to use them any time.

A full charge can give you up to 40 hours of playback, which is much longer than average. That equals 600 songs and over 40 meetings! The price of this pair is amazing and they are an easy buy.

Click on the link for full details.

  • 4 microphones
  • Wireless and wired connection
  • Hi-res audio
  • 40 hours playback on full charge
  • Slightly pricey
Latest deal: Anker Soundcore Life

Silensys E7

Hear me out on this one.

Silensys E7 brings you a premium pair of headphones which is well-built and has active noise cancellation. This feature helps block out the outside noise so you can focus on your music better. It has 45mm large aperture drivers which helps in providing a fuller sound stage.

They come with NFC technology also for quick pairing, alongside Bluetooth and a built in mic. They have both wired and wireless capability and give you 30 hours of playback on a full charge with their large battery.

But there’s more.

They come in a bunch of different colors like black, blue, green, purple, red and white. They also have a built-in mic for clear and crisp audio calls. The headphones use good materials for durability and longevity.

They have very soft plush protein memory foam ear cups which help provide a very comfortable listening experience. They are a little pricey but the features you get justify the price point well.

Worth adding this one to your basket!

  • Active noise cancellation
  • Multi color options
  • 45mm large aperture
  • Premium Built in microphone and NFC technology
  • Little pricey than normal
Latest deal: Silensys E7

Bose soundlink II

You’re going to want to take a look at this one.

Bose has made a name for itself in the headphones and speakers department. They are a very well-known manufacturer in the game. They know the ins and out of headphones and hence have come up with a very sleek-looking pair of Bluetooth headphones.

They have a deep immersive sound stage with a great bass response. They have both wired and wireless compatibility for on-the-go listening. Best in class performance paired with good connectivity makes for a great experience.

Not only that.

The ear cups are soft and they cover your ear entirely. There is little to no lag in audio/video sync and the mic is high quality as well for crisp and clear calls. That means they won’t bother you or move around even on those rocky mountain bike rides.

They have a 15 hour listening time period on a single charge and can switch between connected Bluetooth devices easily and quickly. They are pricey but they have built a good name for themselves.

Definitely a win in my book.

  • Deep immersive sound stage and good base
  • Wired and wireless compatibility
  • Soft ear cups
  • No audio/video sync lag
  • Expensive
Latest deal: Bose soundlink II

iJoy wireless headphones

Want a pair of headphones that is ultra-lightweight?

iJoy brings a very lightweight pair of headphones with wireless compatibility. The headphones have a matte finish which gives a very understated vibe in black color.

 But there are more color options as well like blue, lime, pink, violet, glossy white, gold, rose gold, and sun which make a perfect option for matching these to your mountain bike.

Now check this out.

They have a deep bass response and a wide range of frequencies. They have a 5-button control on them for music play/pause and attending calls. They come with SD card compatibility so you do not need to connect them to a device every time.

They have a built-in mic for calls and a radio receiver as well. They connect via Bluetooth technology and they come with a 6 month exchange warranty. Above all, the price tag is extremely affordable which adds the cherry on top of the cake.

Click on the link to find out why others love it.

  • Deep base response and wide frequency
  • Built-in mic for calls
  • Radio receiver
  • SD card compatibility
  • Could be signal problems on call
Latest deal: iJoy wireless headphones

JLab Neon Bluetooth Folding On-Ear Headphones

Who needs the best cheap wireless earbuds when you can have headphones?

Let me introduce you to JLab Bluetooth headphones. These are wireless, and work with Bluetooth so you don’t have to worry about wires getting tangled or in the way of your cycling.

With this pair of headphones, you can seamlessly set up your device from up to 30 feet away, so you don’t have to have it too close to you. Plus with 13 hours of playtime, you can take the whole day out mountain biking and not have the worry of no music.

Wait until you hear this.

You can feel the quality in these headphones from the smooth metal adjustments and ultra-lightweight so you can take them with you anywhere. The circular ear cups hug your ear comfortably and also rotate 80 degrees to suit you. You can also fold them up to make the headphones smaller and more protected to make them practical for carrying around.

With these JLab headphones you have complete control right from your headset, without needing to take your phone or music device. They have button controls right on the headset to control volume, skip tracks, answer calls as well as a microphone so that you can get clear communication and listen.

Click on the orange button to add this one to your basket!

  • Lightweight and comfortable headset
  • Built-in mic for calls
  • 30 feet away bluetooth
  • 13 hours of playing
  • Doesn’t have radio
Latest deal: JLab Neon Bluetooth Folding On-Ear Headphones

AFTERSHOKZ Air Headphones

Now, these are seriously the best wireless earbuds.

The AFTERSHOKZ air headphones are a unique design in that, they’re not headphones but are not earbuds either. They provide the support and good sound from headphones, but with the discreet, minimalism of earbuds, so you get the best of both worlds.

They have an open ear design with patented bone conduction technology to deliver sound through the cheekbone, so you are still connected to your surroundings. That makes them a bit safer as you are still aware of what’s going on around you but can also listen to your music.


These are designed to wear for a long time, the wraparound shape means it’s lighter and much more comfortable for all day. They have 6-hour battery life and connect via Bluetooth so there are no wires either.

Aside from all that, These AFTERSHOKZ have PremiumPitch technology for a wider dynamic range and smooth bass, as well as Leakslayer technology to reduce natural sound and dual noise-canceling mics so you can take calls too. They have these reflective strips that you can put on your bike so that you are visible even at night, and they blend into your gear easily.

What more could you want? Check out the link!

  • Wireless earbuds wraparound design
  • Dual noise canceling mic
  • Patented noise conduction technology
  • Reflective strips
  • Could have a longer battery life
Latest deal: AFTERSHOKZ Air Headphones

Otium Wireless Headphones

You’re going to want to check this one out.

The Otium wireless headphones are one of a kind. They use the latest Bluetooth 4.1 CSR technology to improve acoustic components so you get that incredible sound quality, with rich bass and clear sound.

The Otium has been made so they’re waterproof which means you don’t have to worry about the weather. They have an ergonomic design and silicone ear hooks so they will stay put even when out doing sports.

Did I mention…

These have the longest battery life ever, with a new improved lithium polymer battery so you can enjoy music for up to 9 hours in a short charge time. The design of having a neckband rather than wires keeps everything neat and means it stays put.

The Otium has Noise Suppression technology to reduce background noise so you can be in your zone the whole bike ride. Plus with easy one-button control to skip, pause and play the music you won’t even be needing your phone.

Grab this one by clicking on the orange button.

  • Waterproof
  • Wraparound neck design stays put
  • 9 hours playtime
  • Bluetooth and one button
  • Only available in one color
Latest deal: Otium Wireless Headphones

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Best Headphones For Mountain Biking – A Buyer’s Guide

There nothing quite like being out in nature, disconnected from the world and only you and your music.

That’s why I think every cyclist needs a trusty pair of headphones, especially for those long mountain rides. However, with so many headphones and earbuds not made for being worn outside or during sports such as biking, it can be difficult to find what you need.

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that this buyer’s guide has been all about helping you find the best wireless headphones and the best noise-canceling wireless earbuds so you can skip all the fuss and find one you love.

Cycling with headphones: Awareness VS Immersion

Here we get to the age-old battle between finding a good pair of headphones for cycling, do we want awareness or complete immersion?

Here’s the dilemma.

When it comes to headphones and listening to music, we want the full experience. That means we don’t want to be listening or be distracted by background noise, and we don’t want our music to leak out so everyone around us can hear it.

The immersive experience with headphones that have noise-canceling technology, and a good cushioning effect so we get maximum sound and rich bass is the dream goal. This is the thing that differentiates from cheap headphones and quality headphones and makes our morning commute on the subway an incredible experience rather than a dreary one.

What’s the deal with cycling?

When we are out cycling, especially mountain biking on rough trails, it’s a sport that could potentially be dangerous, either from rocky paths or having people and animals around. So, even though we want an immersive music experience where we can hear the music crystal clear above any background noise, we don’t want to completely isolate what’s going on around us so that we lose awareness. This could be dangerous if we get so distracted that we don’t really pay attention to what’s going on.

So there is a fine balance when it comes to cycling and listening to music when it comes to immersion and awareness.

Different types of headphones

Bone conduction: These kinds of headphones are very advanced, so much so that even people with hearing impairments can listen to music through bone conduction. They transmit sound without plugging or blocking the ears at all as they send the sound through your bone for example cheekbone. In terms of audio quality, some prefer regular headphones, however.

Earphones: These are your typical earphones that come sometimes wireless, and often sports ones will have extra framing so you can wrap it around your ear to ensure it stays put.

Earbuds: Earbuds are just like earphones but usually wireless, they are great if you want good audio quality but are more discreet, with no wires to get in the way. They can help you be more aware of your surroundings too as they are not as immersive as headphones.

Wearable speakers: This is the least immersive experience but in the process, it may bother others around you. It consists of a speaker that comes with an attachment strap or hooks so that you can have it on your clothes, bag, or bike and play music out loud. This is perfect for bigger groups of friends to share the music all around.

Tips for cycling with headphones

Don’t have the volume too high– This may sound obvious but when your biking across noisy paths you may be tempted to put the volume up to hear the music. Don’t, you may regret it later in life!

Try bone conductor headphones– These are designed to provide a good sound experience but still keeping you aware of your surroundings to keep you safe. They produce sound but through your bone for example cheekbones rather than earphones, making them ideal for sports.

Wear one earbud rather than two– earbuds are a good discreet way to listen to music whilst biking, but if you still want to be aware of what’s going on wear just one earbud on.

Invest in a Bluetooth helmet- This is going to get you the best immersive sound experience and is something I would recommend if you listen to music all the time when cycling, or when doing some more serious mountain biking and you need to wear a helmet.

Who should buy these headphones?

If you love listening to music when riding your mountain bike, you need to look for the best headphones for mountain biking. Most of them are very versatile which means that you can use them for their things for example when you are doing exercises or other sports.

Key things to check when buying mountain biking headphones

Sound quality– Just like ordinary headphones, sound quality is one of the major things you should think of when buying cycling headphones. They should be very clear without any sound distortion. However, you should not use noise-canceling headphones when you are on the road because you won’t be able to hear vehicles or important things that are happening on the road.

Durability– One thing you need to know is that using headphones when cycling may expose them to damage. Sometimes they may fall off or they might also be damaged by sweet. Therefore, you need to ensure that the ones you have picked are sturdy enough to withstand tough conditions. They should also be very comfortable on your ears.

Size– When you are cycling, your body moves a lot. If your headphones do not fit you perfectly, they are likely to fall off from time to time which can be very uncomfortable. Therefore, you should ensure that the headphones you have picked are the correct size.

Compatibility– Another thing you should consider is the portability of the headphones with cycling gears. For instance, you need to ensure that they will work perfectly with the type of helmet you have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it dangerous to listen to music when cycling?
There is no problem at all but the headphones you are using should allow you to heat everything that is happening especially on busy roads.

How much should I spend when buying headphones for mountain biking?
The most important thing you should consider is the durability of the material and the available features. Price is not very important because most of the cheap headphones may not last.

What are the best headphones for cycling?

My favorite headphones for cycling are the number one on this list which are the Sony Bluetooth headphones. You can’t beat Sony and they are great both for indoor use and the occasional outdoor bike ride or gym session too.


One thing you need to be aware of when determining the best headphones for mountain biking is that these ones are very different from the standard ones.

Unlike the normal headphones, these ones should be very stable even when cycling on rough terrains where there will be a lot of body movements. Therefore, you should be very sure that they won’t fall off easily.