Best Heart Rate Monitor for Cycling

By: Mason Arnold

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A close-up photo of a Garmin heart rate monitor
Garmin HRM-Run Heart Rate Monitor
A close-up of a Polar H10 Heart Rate monitor in four color variants
Polar H10 ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor
powrlabs chest strap heart rate monitor and pulsr+ mobile app
Powr Labs Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap

Are you looking to get fit and keep on track with your efforts in the process of doing so? 

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that you’re at the right place! 

I have done all the research and selected the very best heart rate monitors that provide insightful, accurate, and consistent information about your training sessions while you forget that you are strapped in one.

A heart rate monitor is the most unrated accessory but among the most important ones for a cyclist to monitor their stamina. A heart rate monitor computes all the valuable data to note the progress of your body goals.

Before you dive in I must tell you this:

There is a variety to nitpick from depending on what suits you best. You can get a lightweight wristband or one heart rate monitor that straps to the chest, which can be used by professional or amateur cyclists.

But not to worry I’m here to help! I have selected the very best heart monitors to fit your personal preference so you can keep track of your fitness on your cycling adventures easily. 

You won’t want to miss the ones I have gathered for you.

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Best Heart Rate Monitor for Cycling

Garmin HRM-Run Heart Rate Monitor

best GPS heart rate monitor for cycling and running
A close-up photo of a Garmin heart rate monitor

Garmin HRM has been equipped to compute all your advanced progress such as cadence, contact time, length covered, vertical ratio, and much more.

Garmin HRM is well known for tracking heart rates while producing vertical oscillation graphs along with ground contact time balance to help improve your cycling performance.

Plus, it has been rated to be a 5 for water resistance while you can feel super comfortable strapped in the seamless strap– ticking all my boxes so far.

But wait that’s not all:

As well as tracking your heart rate, Garmin also tracks your advanced cycling metrics such as cadence and pedal strides so you can monitor all your cycling performance easily!

The manufacturers have ensured it to be super lightweight and with long battery life. The benefit of owning Garmin HRM is that it can be linked with any Garmin device and is also ANT compatible.

You can even use this HRM for not only cycling but running too! It’s the best of both worlds and a must-have if you’re looking to not only track your heart-rate but performance too.

  • Replaceable and rechargeable battery
  • ANT and Garmin devices compatible
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to wear and comfortable seamless strap
  • Expensive for the number of features
Latest deal: Garmin HRM-Run Heart Rate Monitor

Polar H10 ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor

A close-up of a Polar H10 Heart Rate monitor in four color variants

Polar H10 heart rate monitor is among the topmost accurate HRM that has great connectivity. When it comes to accuracy and connectivity Polar H10 is top-notch! 

It has been manufactured to note the increase or decrease of heart rate to absolute precision while being connected to other devices for data display through Bluetooth or ANT. The edge of purchasing Polar H10 is the infinite free software updates you get. 

While the soft textile strap is ultra-comfortable, which does not interfere with picking up the heartbeats once strapped firmly in place due to the high-quality electrodes inside.

But that’s not all

It also features dual connectivity that makes the lives of cyclists much easier, as you can connect with your bike computer and your Polar smartwatch to see the performance in real-time.

It even has a built-in memory system that records your progress to generate free fitness and training exclusively designed for you in the Polar Beat app. 

  • Software updates
  • Underwater transmission up to 5kHz
  • Dual connectivity
  • Built-in memory with Polar Beat App
  • Sensor use different size lithium cells
Latest deal: Polar H10 ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor

Powr Labs Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap

A close-up of a Wahoo Fitness Tickr X Heart Rate Monitor

Now if you’re looking for affordability Powr Labs is the one for you. Their HRM chest strap monitor has undergone many athletes testing to give the best results to the users.

The reliability of endurance with the HRM is unmatched, plus the high quality of connectivity plus comfort of the dual-band– this product is one of the best you can get! 

Not to mention it can be easily hooked up with Bluetooth and ANT. Powr Lab has a 12-month warranty with no questions asked along with an unlimited supply of HRM batteries.

The best part of owning a chest strap HRM is the wide adjustability to accommodate 26” to 38” easily. It also uses real-time monitoring that can be synched to smartphone or GPS compatible devices.

But that’s not all:

Even though swimming is not recommended by the manufacturers themselves, but it is water and sweatproof, so worry not about ruining your high-intensity rides.

You can easily pair it up with Wahoo, Garmin, Polar Beat, and many more cycling apps except Google Fit or Apple Health without an iWatch– It’s never been so simple! 

  • Unlimited supply of batteries and a 12-month warranty
  • Athlete tested and approved
  • Compatible with a wide range of exercising and cycling apps
  • Sweat and waterproof
  • Not recommended to use underwater
Latest deal: Powr Labs Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap

Wahoo Fitness TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor

powrlabs chest strap heart rate monitor and pulsr+ mobile app

Wahoo is the leading cycle manufacturer that has expanded its reach to a wide range of products. The Wahoo Fitness is designed to measure and report your heart rate closely using dual-band technology!

Connect with either Bluetooth or ANT technology and it will go straight to your phone, not only this but you can also sync smartphones and GPS devices to get the best results.

Your heart rate intensity is monitored on the advanced multi-axis sensor that ensures you are performing your best and improving your endurance with time by counting reps.


Other things such as stride rate, calorie burn, and motion tracking are monitored according to your building to prevent any injuries– this is a super smart and useful feature!

The in-built memory recollection allows all value performance metrics to be noted, even without a smartphone. Indoor cycling cadence is also measurable on the Wahoo Fitness app.

You can keep pushing the boundaries and tracking your progress in the process of doing so!

  • GPS and smartphone connectivity
  • Controls rep count to prevent injury
  • Indoor cycling cadence
  • Dual-band technology
  • Pairs up with limited fitness and cycling apps
Latest deal: Wahoo Fitness TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor 

Powr Labs Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor Armband

best wrist heart rate monitor
A Powrlabs wristband featuring its box and extra straps

Powr Labs is known to produce quality fitness products and this Bluetooth HRM armband is one of the best, it has passed the athlete both the reliability and endurance tests! 

The armband has been equipped with a dual-band Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT connectivity to monitor your heart rate during your cycling session with ease. It also has a long battery life of up to 60 hours and can be recharged with the wireless dock included in the package.

This HRM definitely ticks all the boxes

Powr Lab HRM Armband is also completely waterproof and the strap can be changed, as two straps are available in a range of sizes. If that wasn’t enough Powr offers a 12-month warranty with no-questions-asked.

It has a user-friendly interface and compatible with many fitness and cycling apps making it a top-quality product for the price!

  • 12-month warranty
  • Wireless charging and long battery life
  • Waterproof
  • Dual-band compatibility
  • The battery would drain quicker in chest strap mode
Latest deal: Powr Labs Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor Armband

Wahoo TICKR FIT Heart Rate Monitor

A close-up photo of Wahoo TICKR heart rate monitor

Do you want to work off efficiently while tracking and capturing your real-time heart rate during intense training sessions right from your phone?

Well with Wahoo TICKR Fit it has never been so simple. You can track your heart rate, training zones, and even your calories burned– it even transfers right to your phone so you can keep track of the day-to-day. 

This smart HMR is integrated with Bluetooth, ANT +TICKR that will not only connect to your smartphone and tablet but also GPS watches and bike computers by Wahoo, Polar, Garmin, even Apple, and more! 

(Plus it works with a range of apps)

You can record your workout, whether it was a daily sprint or a fun-packed day down the trails, and automatically upload your data to your favorite training platform.

Be a champion and push the limits with the HRM that is used by Team INEOS, Bora-Hansgrohe, Katusha Alpecin, and many more pros that love this smart HRM– I can promise you won’t be disappointed.

  • Can connect with a wide range of devices and apps
  • Loved by sports champions
  • ANT and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Real-time heart rate
  • Doesn’t work as well if placed over a sleeve
Latest deal: Wahoo TICKR FIT Heart Rate Monitor

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Best Heart Rate Monitor Buyers Guide

When it comes to tracking our fitness, the best way to do it is either through a smartwatch or an HRM. They will be your best friend in training, they help provide consistently accurate heart rate data while helping with training effort and recovery so you don’t injure yourself or get fatigued. 

When buying heart rate monitors comfort is the key thing to look out for as well as smartphone compatibility.

I want to be able to push the boundaries when I ride without having to be reminded about a sweaty band around my chest or wrist every five minutes– I go for one that I’ll forget is there so it won’t bother me during my ride. 

As for phone compatibility, nowadays most HRM comes smart and with technological features like Bluetooth or ANT that will send results straight to your phone and to training apps to help you track your progress and set goals. 

But let’s get into everything you need to know before investing in a heart rate monitor, so you can keep pushing the limits and push boundaries further and safer! 

Firstly What Are Heart Rate Monitors?

A heart rate monitor is a monitoring device used to measure your heart rate in real-time or record your heart rate while training. It is not just used in cycling but in most physical exercises. It is used to measure your body’s blood delivery to your limbs when you exercise as you work harder.

It monitors how fast your heart is beating (BPM) to determine how hard your heart is working as you exercise. An HRM can also prevent you from damaging yourself while training, it can judge when your body is getting fatigued and needs to rest. 

How can you use a heart rate monitor as a cyclist? 

The majority of cyclists use a heart rate monitor to record their intervals during training, this means short efforts at high intensity for short sprints then giving themselves a rest interval. This allows your body to adapt and then gradually those intensity periods get longer. 

HRM allows riders to judge whether their intense periods are hard enough or whether the recovery periods are enough.

The intensity is often measured in ‘zones’ which is the calculation of their max threshold heart rate so they can judge how many BPM they need to be at to push themselves without injuring themselves at the same time. 

It can differ massively from person to person so it is important to work out how many BMP you should be aiming for. Tracking this is an excellent way to judge this as it allows you to see what your maximum heart rate is while intense training to have an idea as to what to aim for.

Warning and red flags would be an increased resting heart rate, this indicates you should take a few days off to rest and get that heart rate down! 

What to look for in a heart rate monitor for cycling?

Battery life: We might be used to battery draining out of our gadgets, but no one appreciates a good lap going to waste with no recollection. So, the battery life of HRM is among the top priorities of cyclists looking to go professional, as many companies have guaranteed long battery life of up to 60 hours.

Dual-band and connectivity: The feature of the dual-band allows you to convert it in wristband and chest strap HRM. Moreover, it has ANT+ and Bluetooth which allows wireless connection to a variety of apps on different devices. Bluetooth uses less power when heart rate monitors are connected to standardized protocols.

This is an excellent feature as it gives you real-life monitoring right from your phone, for example when you stop after a sharp burst you can measure your heart rate on the go. 

Precision: HRM monitors need to have effective and efficient high sensitivity electrodes to keep a track of the sharp rise and fall of a heartbeat without any lag in the reading. Moreover, the lightweight model has other features that allow connectivity and precision even in underwater training.

ECG or LED: ECG measures the electric impulses that control the contraction and expansion of muscles in your heart during training whereas LEDs use optical sensors to shine light through the skin to measure the blood flow through your body.

Even the slightest advancement in technology has made a huge difference in the accuracy of results, all0wing to maintain consistent readings and keep your intense sprints under control. It also remains accurate even through sweat and products like sun-block on your skin. 

They are a pretty cool feature to consider when getting a heart rate monitor! 


I have researched the best brands to narrow down the best heart rate monitors for cycling enthusiasts. Some were known to be super lightweight while others have both water and sweat-proof features to complement the Bluetooth and ANT connectivity.

All have been equipped with a long battery life which is replaceable and rechargeable, while the chest straps are seamless, but some are a little expensive than others.

It has also been equipped with built-in memory, which keeps a track of your progress without any additional device.

Get your awesome HRM generating in real-time to monitor cadence, vertical oscillation, ground contact time and balance, vertical ratio, and much more from one device. Just hook up to your cycling app to keep a track of your progress and push the boundaries in every ride. 

Happy Biking!