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Woom 2
RoyalBaby 16″ Freestyle Kids Bike
JOYSTAR Pluto Kids Bike

Looking to get your little one their first bike to start it all? We can all remember the memory and joy of getting our first bike and the number of memories attached to that one bike.

Well, I’m here to make that happen.

As your little one becomes a toddler, they become more and more explorative and getting them a bike is a brilliant way to let them explore outdoors, use their imagination, and have fun safely. I have reviewed everything from balance bikes to 24″ bikes, whatever your child needs.

Shopping for a bike for your little rascal can be quite confusing; with many brands to choose from, you want to find a bike that is of good quality, within an honorable budget, and has adjustability so your kid won’t grow out of it within a few months.

But don’t you worry, I’m here to help.

To make things easier for you, I have hunted down the top brands of kids’ bikes such as Woom, Royal Baby, and brands you’ve probably heard of for the bigger kids, such as TREK and Cannondale. I have considered all the essentials such as safety, fun and adjustability too.

Here’s a tip: When buying kids bikes and you’re looking at balance bike options, I would consider what wheels you’d like to get; some wheels are filled with foam, others with air; if they’re filled with air, it makes the transition from balance to  ‘big-boy’ bikes a breeze.

Here are my top picks!

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Best Kids Bikes

Woom 2

Best Kids Bike Aged 3-5 years

Skip the balance bikes, skip the training wheels and take on the world with Woom! Woom Bikes are a personal favorite of mine as they offer balance bikes for when you’re just out of diapers to bikes up till you’re a teenager; they even offer mountain bikes. 

But today, I am reviewing the Woom 2 but feel free to check out their other range; it’s pretty amazing. The Woom 2 is ideal for kids 3 and up; it is the seamless transition from balance bikes to pedal bikes without training wheels.

Your little one can throw out the balance bike and take on this bad boy. 

Woom 2 is one of the lightest pedal bikes you’ll find on the market, weighing only 12.3lbs! The frame is geometrically designed with kids three and up in mind with the study yet superlight aluminum frame at the heart of the bike. 

The low entry point and enables young riders to hop on and have a fun ride easily. Your little one will build their confidence and explore their little world safely. This bike also comes with an innovative braking system to teach your kid to brake without using their feet.

But wait, get this…

This bike comes with a Woom-Designed chain guard that protects the chain and keeps your kid’s hands and legs safe from little pinches and cuts. Thus chain guard is durable and frictionless while also being easy to remove when lube the chain or change a flat.

The Woom Bike also comes with ergonomic contact points that have been specifically designed for kids; the saddle is designed to meet the anatomy of a young child while the grips are designed for kids’ hands, the pedals are also durable, reflective, and grippy. 

This bike gives your little one the real feel and makes transitioning a breeze as they grow. Many parents and I would recommend any Woom bike, from one to six. If a balance bike is more what you’re looking for, then check out their Woom 1.

You won’t be disappointed! 

  • Ergonomically designed for kids
  • Super lightweight
  • High-quality air-filled tires
  • Chain guard to prevent pinches and cuts
  • Quite pricey
Latest deal: Woom 2

RoyalBaby 16″ Freestyle Kids Bike

Best Kids Bike Aged 4-5 years

My second pick is by another renowned kids’ bike brand called RoyalBaby; they are experts in kids’ bikes. Their focus on kids’ bikes helps push innovation in kid’s bike designs leading to a better product for younger riders. 

This 16-inch wheel is ideal for kids aged 4-5 years and will suit your little boy or girl. This bike comes with training wheels, a water bottle, and a quick-release seat that allows you to adjust according to your kid’s height. It even comes 65% pre-assembled, which means that you will only need to install the training wheels, handlebars, saddle, and pedals.

And that’s not all.

The frame is strong and made with steel, while some other features included in this bike are a ball bearing drive shaft, a one-piece crank, steel wheels featuring pneumatic rubber, and a chain guard. This is sturdy and made with quality materials to provide a safe riding experience for your kids.

What did others have to say about this kid’s bike? Well, one customer said, “The bike arrived so quickly, and I was very pleased as it was for my daughter’s 7th birthday. She was so excited. The bike was packaged really and easy to assemble. My only issue was there was a small tear in the bike seat when we unpacked it.” So, while there was a drawback for this customer, we’re going to assume this was a problem with the delivery process.

Another happy customer had this to say, though, “Excellent first bike. Sturdy. Bright color but not over the top. Cute. Light. And seems great so far.

This pedal bike has a 4.5-star rating and over 9,000 reviews on Amazon, so it’s trendy and a perfect first pedal bike for your little ones. It comes in a range of sizes, from 12-inch wheels to whopping 20-inch wheels.

It is a brilliant budget-friendly option, so why not give it a look?

  • Uses rear coaster brake and front caliper brakes
  • Cushioned seat
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy frame
  • Heavier than the Woom
Latest deal: RoyalBaby 16″ Freestyle Bike

JOYSTAR Pluto Kids Bike

Best Kids Bike Aged 5-6

JOYSTAR Training Wheels Toddler Orange is of premium steel to survive the bumps of learning. It comes with a stable training wheel, which makes it good for the early rider.

The 18-inch wheels make this bike ideal for 5-7-year-olds, but Joystar offers a range of bikes for 2-9-year-old boys and girls. One thing I love about this bike is the adjustability; this quick-release seat can simplify the height adjustment easily as your little one grows. 

The saddle also comes with a holder, which I thought was a nice touch when learning with the training wheels. This bike also comes with a foot brake rather than a hand brake making it ideal for little riders. 

As if that was enough…

The Pluto requires next to no maintenance thanks to the premium steel construction; it is designed to withstand the bumps and abuse of learning, plus many toddler temper tantrums– we’ve all been there. It is also single-speed and a simple design with zero maintience

Like Woom, Joystar also comes with a safe chain guard to protect the chain and add longevity to the bike; it also prevents your child from getting hurt when trying to touch the chain. 

Us parents strive for convenience; we don’t want to spend hours assembling a bik. Luckily, this bike comes 85% pre-assembled, so putting this thing together will be a breeze; it will usually take 20 mins mad Joystar offers contact service if you get stuck. 

This is a quality bike for the price and worth a look! 

  • Less maintenance 
  • Safe chainguard
  • Seat adjustment
  • Foot brakes
  • Needs better training wheels
Latest deal: JOYSTAR Pluto Kids Bike

Guardian Kids Bikes Ethos

Best Kids Bike Aged 5-8 years

Coming in at number four is an excellent bike by Guardian; it is designed specifically with kids’ safety in mind. The geometry allows your child to be closer to the ground during the extended wheelbase boost stability. This bike is a real confidence booster.

These child-specific components make learning to ride a bike safe and fun rather than a chore.

The lightweight design offers more control and stability as they embark on riding new adventures and exploring their neighborhood. The 20-inch wheels make this bike ideal for 5-8-year-olds as they start exploring while going out with friends around the block.

Safety at an affordable price point? Yes, please!

Guardian goes through a 34 point safety check during the manufacturing process, which may seem excessive for some. Still, it ensures that their products are consistently reliable and offer good quality no matter what.

It also allows them to provide a bike 99% pre-assembled! No more Christmas Eve or Birthday Eve headaches as you scramble to try and assemble the bike before your kid wakes up.  All you need to do is put the seat on, handlebars on, and pedals on, and you’re good to go.

One thing I love about Guardian bikes is the SureStop brake system. There’s 1 brake handle on the right grip that works the rear brake. These brakes are brilliant as it prevents your kid from skidding off and allows them to learn how to use the hand brake effectively.

The chain guard on the front crank also helps errant shoelaces and pant legs from getting snagged, which I thought was a nice touch. The seat is well made and well-cushioned, making it brilliant for little bums.

I don’t think you can really beat it! Reliable, affordable, and safe. Your kid will be the coolest kid on the block with this cool-looking bike!

  • Safe for kids
  • Comfortable ride
  • Lightweight
  • Brake works on rear wheels
  • Side wheels are cheaply made
Latest deal: Guardian Kids Bikes Ethos

TREK Roscoe 24

best kids 24 inch mountain bike

This is a kids bike that’s ready to hit the trails; this 24-inch bike is ready for your 7-11-year-old kid that wants to join you on fun-packed family rides down the mountains with their very OWN bike. Trek is one of the most renowned and reliable bike brands you can find.

The Roscoe 24 is a mid-fat kids’ mountain bike designed to build confidence down the trail. It has similar features to the adult Roscoe, but this bike was designed and built from the ground up for kids.

The 2.8-inch mid-fat tires, 1x drivetrain, and wide-range cassette make the Roscoe the ideal bike for eager little trail shredders that want to build skill, have adrenaline enduring, super fun ride keeping up with Mom and Dad or even an older sibling.

Your little ripper may want to hop off the street and straight onto the trail right away; this mountain bike is the real deal.

This bike is made with a super durable Alpha Gold Aluminum frame with a sloping tube for added clearance. The wide, grippy tires also add to the traction and stability when shredding the trail, while the 1×8 Shimano drivetrain and the wide-range cassette are designed for the technical parts of the trail.

But wait, here’s the kicker…

This bike is packed with components you’d see in the adult range, such as mechanical disc brakes, which offer superior stopping power when your kid needs it the most. It can take a fair amount of abuse that learning to ride brings.

Now your little one can come along on fun-packed days down the trials and learn the fun part of shredding the trail; your one little muchkin will be a new eager trail ripper.

  • Mid-range grippy tires for more grip and traction
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Wide range gears
  • Technology used in the adult range
  • None
Latest deal: TREK Roscoe 24

Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike

best kids balance bike

Be team Strider and be awesome! Here’s a brilliant balance bike for your little one; introduce them to riding and build their confidence. Strider is one of the most coveted bike brands for toddlers on the market! 

It has revolutionized kids’ learning process, so they become comfortable and confident with feeling the fresh air on their small faces before they get out of their diapers.

The bonus of owning Strider 12 is that the seat can be extended to the height of your child so that it can accommodate around 18 months to 5-year-olds.  It has been ranked as a lightweight balance bike that weighs only 3 kg, making it ideal for younglings and siblings. 

Here’s more… 

Strider gives full control and makes your child used to responsibility, power, and freedom when it comes to riding. Give your child the childhood of wonder they deserve with their Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike.

The frame is quite sturdy and durable, which makes it perfect for other kids to use. Maintenance of the bike is easier, as the tires are puncture-proof, and the handlebar too can be adjusted.

To top it all off, this perfect training balance bike comes in a variety of colors, so your little man can show off his red bike to his pre-school friends. Your little one will love this awesome bike! 

  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable seat and handlebar
  • Puncture free tyres
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Can be quite pricey
Latest deal: Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike

Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX

best kids bmx bike

Now I know kids nowadays have really been getting into BMX bikes and your 6-year-old will love hittin’ the block with this BMX by Mongoose, it is stylish but appropriate for beginner level. 

Mongoose brings you a very stylish and modern-looking BMX bike that has a wild orange color scheme going on a grey background. Even the wheels have an orange outline to match the rest of the body. Made of Hi-tensile steel, it not only scores high in aesthetics but is also super robust and durable.

The bike has 16inch tires which are perfect for a 6-year-old. These tires also have a good grip on the road and also come with retractable training wheels to help your kid learn how to cycle. No need to worry about any bumps along the road either as it comes with shockproof and maximum firmness.

You might be wondering…

This BMX is ideal for a six-year-old, it has removable brake mounts, and a 20.25-inch top tube length. With the alloy two-piece stem and a two-piece handlebar for proper support, your kid can ride in confidence and not worry about durability at all, so you can have peace of mind.

The durable L20 drive train has 170mm one-piece forged steel cranks with a 25T alloy chainring and American loose ball bottom bracket, so you can be confident your kid is getting the real deal. This BMX is a real confidence booster for your kid.

  • 16-inch tires with good grip
  • 1-year warranty
  • Alloy handlebar; durable
  • Retractable training wheel
  • Pedals are not of good quality
Latest deal: Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX 

Best Kids Bikes Buyers Guide

If you are looking to buy the best kid bikes, there can be different choices available to make it difficult for one to get the right one. When one sees so many options, he can get confused in choosing the best one.

You should make a comparison of different bikes so you can get the right one. If you’re getting a kid bike for your little one, then you should be more careful.

You need to consider child safety while getting the bike. The size of the bike plays an important role in providing safety. If you select a too-large bike for your child, it can become dangerous for your child as he would not handle it properly.

Many other factors play an important role in getting a kid’s bike, such as geometry, wheel, bike type, pedals, and much more. You should consider all the factors to get the right one for your child.

There should not be any compromise on child safety in any case, so it should be your priority. The reviews and ratings of different products will help you to make a judgment about the product. Let’s go through the full rundown so you can be sure you’re getting the very best product. 

How To Measure Your Kid’s Bike Size:

Before we get started, the most useful information you’re probably looking for is how to pick what size is best for your kid. You’ve seen that the wheel sizes range from 12 inches to 24 inches for kids, and that can be quite overwhelming, but it’s quite straightforward when you break it down.

Here’s how you work out your kid’s perfect size: 

Wheel Size AgeHeightInseam
12 inches2-32’10 – 3’4″14-17″ or 35-42 cm
14 inches3-43’1 – 3’7″16-20” or 40-50 cm
16 inches4-53’7 – 4’0″18-22” or 45-55 cm
18 inches5-63’9 – 4’3″20-24” or 50-60 cm
20 inches5-84’0 – 4’5″22-25” or 55-63 cm
24 inches7-114’5 – 4’9″24-28” or 60-72 cm

You may be wondering if you’re a new parent wondering what an inseam is; you’re not alone. The inseam refers to the distance between the crotch and the bottom of the ankle. I would recommend measuring in inches as most size guides in the US measure in inches.

Once you know your kid’s height and inseam, you should have a rough idea of what kind of bike you’re looking for. I would always make sure the bike is adjustable; though your kid grows quicker than you may think, you don’t want to get a bike they’ll outgrow easily.

Some manufacturers will refer to the inseam as the standover height, this is the height of the top tube of the bike where your kid will be positioned when standing over each side of the bike, the inseam needs to be AT LEAST as tall as the stand over height, I would recommend an inch or two taller. 

Things To Check When Buying Your Kid A Bike:

The following are some of the recurring features of the products mentioned above in the article:

Fit and Size: The fit and size matter a lot when buying a bike for a child. If you got a bike that is too big, it would be difficult for your child to ride it and be dangerous. You should choose a bike that can provide a perfect fit so that your child can ride it easily. If you want to get the right-sized bike for your child, you can measure your child’s length.

The length of most of the bikes is according to the inseam length. You can check it out on the website and can get accurate measurements of your little one above. The kid’s bikes mentioned above in the article come in various sizes, so you can get the one that suits your requirement.

The Geometry of the Bike: You should pay attention to the bike’s geometry to get the right one for your kid. The geometry of the bike provides confidence and ease of handling. You should go for the one that can offer safe and easy handling to your little one.

I personally love child-specific geometry on a bike; it is designed based on children’s anatomy to ensure the best fit for your child and the ultimate comfort. Most kids brands have worked hard to design their products to suit a growing child.

Wheelbase and cockpit size: Now sometimes we forget to consider this, but it is a similar concept to driving a car and being way too close to the wheel, you have poor control, and it affects your ability to drive, same goes for when your child is too close to the steering wheel.

If the bike seat and handlebars are too close together, it is much harder to ride and makes riding much less enjoyable for your kiddo. The factor that causes this is actually the wheelbase and the distance between the axels.

SMaller wheelbase always means a smaller cockpit. I would recommend spending that little extra to ensure the cockpit is the right size for your child; some cheaper kids’ bikes have a much smaller cockpit.

Q-factor: The q-factor measures the width between the pedals; cheaper bikes tend to have a wider q-factor, and kids need to spread their legs out wider to reach the pedals.

Wider q-factors massively decrease the efficiency of each pedal stroke and tend to be uncomfortable.

Pedals: Pedals are also essential, and the angle of the pedal placement. Higher bottom brackets also produce poorer pedal efficiency as the higher the bracket, the less space between the seat and pedal at the top of the pedal stroke.

Your kid will need to bend their knees at a greater angle, which is less comfortable and puts their legs in a less efficient position.

Weight: Weight is arguably the most important factor to consider as unlike adult bikes that should be around 20% of their total weight, kids bike should be around 50% of their weight and in an ideal world, 60%.

Your little one should be able to maneuver this bike with ease; the last thing we want is them falling over and a heavy bike falling on top of them.

As well as looking at key components considering the weight is so important. While most cheap bikes weigh the same as expensive ones, cheap ones do not have some essential features such as hand brakes. Most reliable and renowned brands will display the total weight so you can buy with ease.

Brakes: HandBbrakes or Coaster Brakes? Handbrakes on children’s bikes are definitely preferred over coaster brakes, but most kids’ bikes come with coaster brakes because they’re cheap to make. Quality hand brakes are more pricey, but they’re much more reliable.

Why should you not use coaster brakes? Well, coaster brakes are not intuitive and can inhibit the child’s ability to learn to pedal; hand brakes allow your child to master pedaling and braking more quickly; it stops your child from braking using their feet.

Coaster bikes also prevent your child from lining up their pedals in the ‘go position,’ which makes taking off much easier; all in all, I wouldn’t recommend it; it causes bad habits that are hard to get out of.

Then you need to consider quality with handbrakes; cheap handbrakes are quite hard to reach and pull, which can be quite frustrating for your learning toddler. On the other hand, quality handbrakes utilize easy-reach handbrakes; they can grip the brake easily without having to loosen the grip of the handlebar.

Gearing: Along with all the other components we have just spoken about, you should also consider the gearing and the range of gearing the bike offers for your kid. It makes climbing up hills much easier for your little one and makes pedaling quick and easy.

Frequently asked Questions

The following are some of the frequently asked questions:

How do I choose a bike for my 5-year-old?
A specific bike can be good for children of different ages if they have the same height. There can be the same bike for a 5-year-old that can be used for a child age 4 or 6.

The length of each bike would be there in the product description, so you should go for the one that suits your child perfectly. You can also measure your child’s inseam to know which bike would be good for him.

How do you pick a bike size?
If you want to calculate your bike size, then you should follow some steps. Firstly, you should take off your shoes and keep your legs about 15-20 cm apart. After this, you should measure the height from the ground to your crotch and calculate the right size using a calculator.

If your child is 95 and 100 cm tall, then a bike with a 12-inch wheel will be perfect. The 26-inch wheel will be okay if your child is 140 cm tall. Use the guide above to then help you for what wheel size you should be aiming for.


The children become confident, develop their muscles and motor skills by having a child bike. With a kid bike, a child can create memories to tell. If you want to get the best bike for your child, it is essential to choose the right one.

You should consider before buying the bike whether you want a balance bike or a pedal bike for your child.

If you want to teach your child to balance, steer, and maneuver, a balance bike would be okay as it does not come with pedals, and your child controls it with feet. You can also go for a bike with removable training wheels. This bike would help your child to learn how to pedal.

You should consider the size of the bike according to the age and height of your child. It will be difficult for your child to ride if the bike is too small or too big.

If your child has experience riding a bike, you can get a bike with multiple speeds and advanced brake systems. You should ensure the safety of your child no matter what kind of bike you’re getting.