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Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro Ultra Speaker
BLITZU Gator 320 Cycling Flashlight
Andobil, Universal Bike Phone Mount

Looking to get into mountain biking more and looking to get all the essential kit, so you’re ready to take on the adrenaline enduring trails? It’s not just a good mountain bike and a helmet needed to shred the trails.

Good news, my friend, you’re at the right place.

At some point in your progression from mountain biking newbie (riding a 50-pound department store clunker in jean shorts and high-top sneakers) to ‘serious’ mountain biker, you’re probably going to want to do longer rides, ride more aggressively, and do more on a mountain bike– at which point you may need to spend a few bucks to help you ride faster, harder, or longer.

Mountain bike accessories enhance your cycling experience, making things comfortable and easier for the rider. Looking to join the world of mountain biking and confused by what gear you need? With so many accessories to choose from, it can be quite daunting for a newbie.

But it’s not all doom and gloom; I’m here to help.

Whilst the number of mountain bike accessories on offer can be overwhelming, I’m here to cut the wheat from the chaff and detail my picks of the best mountain bike accessories to get you started. We’ll have you looking and feeling like a pro rider in no time.

There’s no need to break the bank, but there is a need to ensure you’re riding safely and at least look a little cool, am I right?!

Let’s get into it!

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Mountain bike accessories

Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro Ultra Speaker

best speaker for mountain bike

They always say the best things come in three, and Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro Ultra is an absolute MUST down the trails. This Buckshot Pro Ultra is an all-in-one Bluetooth speaker, flashlight, andddd portable charger– this speaker does it all!

As you may already know, when shredding a new trail down the mountain, we are bound to get dirty, muddy, dusty, wet, etc., and our kit needs to be prepared for that too. Luckily the Buckshot Pro is IP6 water, dirt, and dust resistant, so you won’t need to worry.

The 2600mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery will pump out hi-fi sounds and an insane level of bass to your favorite tunes for up to 10 hours! It can even charge external devices like your phone while on the go too. 

Plus, the LED flashlight will ensure you’re seen down the trails with the 4 lighting modes: high beam, low beam, strobe/SOS, and lantern. 

But here’s the kicker:

It may look bulky from a distance, but this speaker comes with multiple mounting options such as a thread, mounting clip, and bar mount so you can strap, clip or screw on your flashlight and belt out the bass down the trails. 

For those who love listening to music while they ride and want that little bit more, this is an absolute gem in the accessories department.

  • 10 hours music playback
  • Waterproof
  • Clear Sound Quality
  • Input via Bluetooth, Aux, Micro-SD
  • Low Bluetooth range
Latest deal: Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro Ultra Speaker

BLITZU Gator 320 Cycling Flashlight

best mountain bike light

Having a bike light down a trail is a must have, not only does it ensure you’re seen by other riders but it also allows you to immerse your ride into the evening without having the darkness stop you. 

The Blitzu Bike light is a sure bargain. It is USB rechargeable and charges in only two hours, and lasts for much longer than that. It’s essential in your mountain bike accessory collection.

It has four modes with maximum 320-lumen output so that you can light up the entire trail, but I would recommend only using this during the day or on well-lit roads as 320 isn’t a lot. However, it also comes with a free taillight and 360 degrees of swivel ability giving you all-around visibility.

The daylight mode assures visibility even on dark, gloomy days; 8/10 accidents are actually caused during the day as visibility can be poor. With this light, you can be seen up to 1.2 miles away!

But wait, there’s more:

It has super easy to attach and remove with its quick-release button without having to remove the bracket. Plus, it was built to be practical, reliable, and durable with the military Grade anodized finish and IPX5 rated water resistance– this bad boy is indestructible.

Perfect trail shredder if you ask me.

It is perfect for all weather conditions and provides consistent brightness. It also comes with a one-year hassle-free warranty, so you can buy with complete confidence that this light is everything you need down the trail.

  • IPX5 water resistant
  • Ultra bright light
  • USB rechargeable batteries
  • Suitable from all weather conditions
  • 2 hour charging time
Latest deal: BLITZU Gator 320 Cycling Flashlight

Andobil, Universal Bike Phone Mount

best cell phone mounts for mountain bikes

Andobil’s phone holder is one of the very best, ready to attack any extremely harsh environments like the mountainous terrain while keeping your phone secure like a baby. Want to conquer all kinds of terrain and natural environment, this is my top pick for you.

Andobil’s bike phone mount has anti-slip rubber pads, to provide a stable support shelf and the improved rubber belt offers a secure grip for your phone so you can ride safely.

You can tackle any bump or hill knowing Andobill has you covered.

It even avoids the phone power or volume button being squeezed by the clamp arm and is universally compatible for all 4-7 inch phones. 

With quick and easy installation without tools making it very easy to attach or detach to handlebars of any size it also allows 360º rotation so you can have your phone in any direction.

Why not give it a go!

  • Anti-shake and super stable
  • Easy installation
  • 360º rotation
  • No.1 Adjustable Foot Design
  • If you have an anti-glare screen may be difficult to see
Latest deal: Andobil, Universal Bike Phone Mount

Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT ROAM GPS Bike Computer

best mountain bike computer

When mountain biking, we all want to explore new routes and shred new trails, and sometimes our phones just don’t cut it. To start with, they’re almost impossible to see the screen in the light; they require a bulky case and phone holder, and the battery dies quickly. 

A bike computer is an absolutely brilliant accessory to have down the trails; you can create new routes, track your progress and performance (plus the battery life trumps any smartphone). Wahoo Fitness Elemnt Roam is top-notch for the price.

The vibrant, crystal clear 2.7-inch color display makes it easy to see your data and routes on the go. Plus, the Gorilla® Glass screen resists damage from scratches, bumps, to accidental drops (perfect for a clumsy rider on the mountains). 

Never have to worry about your battery running out while down the trails again; this USB rechargeable battery will provide you with up to 17 hours of battery life– plenty of time to shred the trails and cover new terrain.

Like the Garmin Edge, Wahoo also has Bluetooth® connections that allow you to pair with your devices, sensors and sync ride data, download maps, and even connect to third-party apps to share with friends– you can chat with your bodies down the trails.

But wait, here’s the best bit!

It features a live track feature that will let your cycling buddies see your live performance while riding. I mean, is there a better way to motivate yourself than have a bunch of your friends watching you? This simple-to-set-up GPS is filled with different maps of nearly every country in the world.

Want to shred the trails in Utah, Arizona, maybe a trip to Europe’s finest trails?  You can rest assured that the Wahoo GPS has got you covered. If you’re riding your bike in Antarctica, though, then I’m not so sure this is going to be of any use…Here’s a pro tip: Don’t ride your bike in Antarctica!

Enjoy your many miles of exploration ahead of you! 

  • Turn-by-turn navigation
  • Preloaded maps
  • Can be used all over the world
  • 17 hours of battery life
  • Could use a bigger display
Latest deal: Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT ROAM 

Surviveware Small First Aid Kit

best first aid kit for mountain biking

Having a first aid kit down the trails is so important in the case of an emergency. Mountain bikers tackle the roughest terrains for cyclists, and they’ll come home with scratches, bumps, bruises, you name it. A first aid kit is crucial, without a doubt.

Surviveware has everything you need to be prepared for the challenging mountains; their kits are super organized so you can find what you need easily and quickly. Each inner sleeve is functionally labeled and organized to think for you. 

Quality is super important for first aid, and Surviveware is made from 600D polyester, which is an extremely durable and ripstop material to prevent any tears. This bag is not only water-resistant, but all inner contents are protected from any water damage by being stored in durable laminate pouches. 

You may be asking yourself, where would I store this? 

Well, this kit is designed with portability and rugged trails in mind. This kit weighs as little as 1 pound (which is brilliant for carrying down the trails); it can easily be clipped onto your backpack, belt, or EDC bag with compatible straps and snaps. 

This kit will take the stress out of trying to search through an endless rucksack for the essentials in the case of emergency, just open and everything is there in front of you– people often forget the importance of a first aid kit down the trails, but it’s essential! 

  • Organised with labels
  • Durable and water resistant materials
  • Lightweight weighing only 1lb
  • Easily clipped onto your belt or backpack
  • None
Latest deal: Surviveware Small First Aid Kit 

Bike U Lock with Cable

best mountain bike lock

Whether you’re popping into the trail cafe for a quick drink or bite to eat or to look for a place to shelter from the rain, getting a bike lock for your mountain bike is an essential accessory that is often forgotten.

Bike U is designed to give you seamless security for your bike in all conditions. This Via Velo 2-in-1 lock system is up for the job and up to tackle the mountainous terrain. It is super durable and convenient. 

It is a pull, drill, and pick-resistant double-bolt locking mechanism with a convenient woven steel cable for added protection and a mounting bracket with 2 safety keys. 

Despite the chance of your bike being stolen is much slimmer than riding around the city, we want to be prepared for anything. 

Via Velo 2-in-1 bike lock includes a rubber casing, heat-hardened steel shackle that protects this lock against cutting and leveraging. It has a super convenient mounting bracket to help ensure safe and compact storage while cycling; no need to carry separate cases!

Now, here’s the kicker:

Via Velo’s bike locks also have debris cover and PVC protective coating to protect your lock against water, dust, and dirt and overall to prolong the life of your lock; it also all-weather resistant, making it ideal for taking down the mountains. 

Just lock your bike and wheels and leave; it’s a quick, no-hassle system that works! Overall this bike lock is unbeatable; it is massively popular for built-up cities and ideal for mountainous terrains thanks to the durability. 

  • Expertly Designed Locks for Superior Security
  • Durable and simple to use when you’re on the go
  • PVC coating to protect against water, dust and dirt from the trails
  • Fairly lightwieght and easy to carry
  • None
Latest deal: Bike U Lock with Cable

Trigger Bell Bike Bell

best mountain bike bell

When hitting the trails and coming across a group of hikers, we want to be politely heard as we go past without having to stop; having a bike bell is an essential accessory to have in your kit.

It is designed to allow you to work the bell without moving your hand from the brakes or gears, so it can be used safely while turning, braking, or changing gear. It’s super affordable, and you get a high-quality bell for the price.

It tucks away nicely on your handlebar, making it ideal for mountain biking as you can use it when needed, and it tucks out the way so you can focus on your control down the trails.

I rate this bell massively due to the performance, style, and size.

This Trigger bell is a small but well-designed bell that works on a broad range of handlebars: the adjustable straps fit bars from 22 mm to 45 mm in diameter, so anything from the thinnest grip to the thicker bike bar will suit.

You’ll need to adjust one screw to fit your bell on your bar then you can be on your way. The company even provides a video on their website to help you with its installation.

Although there’s a way to place it on the right of the bar, this bell is designed for the left hand: it’s meant to leave your right hand free since a lot of bikes have their front brake on the right hand.

This bell has a 2-year warranty included- this is a definite go-getter and a definite worthy component in your accessories kit.

  • Can be used without having to loosen grip
  • High quality bell
  • Affordable price point
  • 2 year warranty
  • Designed for the left hand side
Latest deal: Knog Oi Bike Bell

Camelbak Podium Ice Water Bottle

I would recommend that the trails get yourself a good quality, insulated water bottle. There’s nothing worse than after an intense 2 hours of riding down the trails gasping for water then being with warm, plasticky tasting water. It’s the worst!

I personally love Camelbak Podium Ice for how cold it keeps your water, especially on a hot day down the trails.

It features Aerogel insulation, keeping your drink cold for four times longer than your regular sports bottle. It also includes a TruTaste polypropylene hydro-guard meaning this water bottle will deliver a fresh, clean taste every time.

If you’re spending all day chasing around the mountain trails looking for water bottles to keep you refreshed, I cannot recommend this bottle enough.

The impressiveinnovative, self-sealing jet valve eliminates spills or leakages while riding while remaining super lightweight. It has easy squeezing; you can get that consistent flow to quench your first, especially after an intense biking workout.

But that’s not all.

It’s durable and long-lasting, and you’ll be sure not to get that horrible, plastic taste even after the warmest of days. This bottle is well-deserving of the many 5 star reviews it receives, being a personal favorite.

You’ll thank me for this one.

  • It is very easy to squeeze and convenient
  • Jet valve for high water flow rate
  • Double wall insulation
  • 100% free of BPA, BPS, and BPF.
  • Only carries 660ml of water (may need two)
Latest deal: Camelbak Podium Ice Water Bottle

BERGRISAR Men’s Winter Softshell Cycling Jacket

Who knew there are so many accessories that will make perfect companions on your mountain bike adventures? Next up is a waterproof jacket that will be sure that you’ll be seen on the trails (as well as be warm during the winter months).

Let me introduce you to the BERGRISAR jacket, it is the best waterproof rain jacket for you and persuades you to take the plunge.

It has a polyester and spandex three-layer design that keeps you warm and dry, an outer rugged windbreaker surface that beads up moisture and prevents stains.  Plus the middle waterproof breathable membrane film, and an inner soft, warm fleece layer that keeps you warm in winter.

This is perfect for those who want to battle the elements while cycling and with this on you’ll be able to stay dry while mountain biking. And when it comes to safety this jacket has reflective elements on the front, back pockets, and hem for 360-degree visibility, keeping you safe at night.

Better yet:

you can lengthen the back so the jacket fits your body perfectly and longer elasticity cuffs prevent cold air from getting to your arms. 

My favorite thing about this bike jacket though is the inner fleece that traps warmth efficiently. The soft texture also offers great comfort and it’s safe to say this is the best waterproof cycling jacket when it comes to comfort. You’ll be so comfy that when you come home from a rainy bike ride you’ll be able to fall asleep while wearing your jacket.

So if you want a comfortable jacket that keeps you warm and dry then this is the way to go especially when it only costs $39.99.

  • 360 degree visibility
  • Waterproof
  • 3 open back pockets and 1 chest pocket
  • Elastic back and sleeves
  • Might be too tight for larger people
Latest deal: BERGRISAR Cycling Jacket

Juscycling Anti-Slip Brake Handle

Here’s another must-have accessory for your mountain bike. Whether you’re a newbie or have been mountain biking for a while, we can all agree when it’s raining, gripping onto our brakes can be a little slippy. 

Well, I  have a solution for you, it may not be much, but these lightweight, waterproof, anti-slip, and durable quality silicone covers make a world of difference when it comes to drip. 

But these brake grips not only improve grip but also hand comfort, these covers are soft and comfortable and can absorb shocks efficiently. These grips massively help relieve hand fatigue for longer rides. 

Here’s more:

This slip-on design ensures the bike brake grips tightly fixed onto brake levers; it won’t fall when cycling. Plus, these Juscycling brake grips are ergonomically designed, and processed surface offers better gripping performance; you can grip the handle more stably. 

This is a game-changer for comfort down the trails. 

  • Anti-slip
  • Shock absorption
  • Color range
  • Water proof
  • Original metal touch is lost
Latest deal: Juscycling Anti-Slip Brake Handle

Looking for the best budget road bike instead?

We’ve put an in-depth guide together for that.

We have looked over 18 budget road bikes to make sure you’re getting the best for your money. We looked at material, size, speed, and brakes to make sure we’ve found the greatest products available to buy – you can see the full guide here which will be more relevant than the one you’re reading now.

Best Mountain Bike Accessories– A Buyers Guide

You probably noticed that prices range for all-mountain bike gear, and it’s easy to spend hundreds of dollars on the best, top-quality, brand-name mountain bike gear. If you’re just starting, don’t feel you need to buy top-of-the-line gear, especially if you’re unsure if you even like mountain biking!

There are some essential accessories to bring along, such as a good quality water bottle, a first aid kit, potentially a bike lock, or a bike computer. Try to borrow gear and a bike before going all in (I don’t recommend borrowing a helmet, though).

Most importantly, make sure you have the protective equipment that fits you well (helmet, durable clothing) and the basic tools for trailside maintenance (multi-tool, hand pump, and spare tube).

Getting the right kit and accessories will transform your experience as a mountain biker; you’ll be all kitted and ready to tackle anything the mountain throws at you. 

I’m here to guide you through all the essential kits to bring on the mountain trail and things you can miss. Let’s jump in! 

Things to take with you on your mountain bike adventures: 

The clothes you wear and pack on the trail can make or break your mountain biking trip. Wearing regular pants when cycling will hinder your movement and can lead to muscle fatigue and cramps. Instead, opt for padded shorts or tights

Wear insulation layers, also known as fleece jackets, typically made from merino wool, silk, and synthetic fabrics. These will keep your body temperature constant while evacuating all the sweat. When you’re out in the mountains, the weather can change without warning from one hour to the next.

You can never trust the forecast. Therefore, you need to pack extra layers of clothes and always bring a rain jacket with you. Opt for a lightweight, packable shell that takes up minimal space. It can work as a wind jacket too.

Here are a few other essential items to pack:

  • First aid kit
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip balm
  • Sunglasses
  • Energy bars

The list of essential items to carry on the trail depends from one rider to the other.

Other essential mountain bike accessories to bring: 

Here are some other essential mountain bike accessories that I haven’t included in my guide above, which you could bring along with you for your ride.

There are so many mountain bike accessories, but others are not important while others are not worth the price. However, we have tried to find the most important accessories and those that won’t cost you a lot of money.

As you go through them, you will realize that they are all necessary for every mountain bike rider.

Mountain Bike Knee/Elbow Pads: If you normally ride your mountain bike in aggressive terrains, you need to have different safety gear. Elbow and kneepads such as these are among the most important gears because they protect you from bad injuries.

The good thing about them is that they are very cheap.

Helmet rearview mirror: This one is installed on your helmet to give you a clear view of what is happening behind you. It is essential and can save you from potential dangers. EVT Safe Zone Helmet Mirror is among the best.

Anti-theft Alarm: If you value your mountain bike, you need to ensure that the bike is very safe. One of the best ways to protect it from them is installing a reliable antitheft alarm such as the G Keni Bike Tall Light Rechargeable, Anti-theft Alarm.

Water bottle holder: You need to keep your body hydrated when cycling, which means that a water bottle will be among the most important items you must have. Most people prefer to carry water bottles in their backpacks, but this is not very convenient.

A water bottle holder is the most suitable way of carrying water.

Mini bike pump: A mini pump is another important item you must have because it allows you to inflate your tires easily in a flat. Here is one of the most reliable mini bike pumps you should consider.

You may also need a Bike Tire Repair Kit for repairing holes.

Allen Key/Hex Wrench: This one is an essential set for bike maintenance. You can use it to install the handlebars, pedals and also to perform various bike maintenance tasks.

If you search for the best set, PRO Bike TOOL Allen key, Hex Wrench, Ball End Set will be a fantastic option. If you search for a perfect multi-tool repair kit, PRO BIKE TOOL Mini Ratchet Tool Set will be an excellent choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What mountain bike accessories do I need?

If you want to make your mountain bike rides more enjoyable and convenient, you need to invest in the best accessories. These accessories are so broad, but you don’t need to worry; here are some of the top essentials that are must-haves down the trails:

  • A good helmet (either full-face or one with a visor to protect your head) I would recommend one with MIPS to protect your head from rotating in the case of an accident.
  • Bike bag to store all your kit– either a backpack or saddlebag will do the trick.
  • Patch repair kit to get you out of trouble in the chance of a flat or puncture. Along with this, I would recommend carrying a mini bike pump or CO2 inflator and a pressure gauge.
  • A water bottle and cage: this is essential, you’re bound to get hot and sweaty down the trails, and nothing beats an insulated water bottle to keep your drink cool when you need it.
  • A first aid kit, in the case of falling off your bike and scraping your knee or hurting yourself down the trails, getting yourself a first aid kit is a must.

Are these accessories expensive?

The good thing about mountain bike accessories is that they are very cheap and convenient. Most of the accessories I have reviewed for your today are under $20.

As long as you have the essentials, it shouldn’t cost too much to get these essential accessories for your mountain bike.

How many pieces of mountain bike gear do I need to bring with me?

When mountain biking, you need to gear up and be prepared for the worst and aim for the best, as long as you’ve got the essentials like a helmet, first aid kit, bike bag, patch repair, mini pump, and a water bottle then you can begin to broaden out your kit. 

I would recommend investing in some bike gloves to prevent hand fatigue. When we are down the trails, we tend to grip onto our handlebars for dear life, and this can cause the hands to feel fatigued and achy after a while. 


Wow, we have covered a lot of ground today, my friends! Who knew that you could choose so many accessories to bring on your mountain bike adventures? The options are endless. 

For a newbie, it may seem intimidating with the amount of kit you can get, and don’t worry; you’re not the only one that finds this daunting.

Here’s some advice, start with the safety essentials like investing in a good helmet, a first aid kit, a water bottle, bike light, bike bell, bike lock, etc. Then delve into the other exciting stuff like a bike computer, speaker, gloves, and much more. 

Choose any of the products I have selected for you today, and I can assure you they’re one of the best! 

Happy trail-shredding, my adrenaline junkies!