Best Mountain Bike Computer [Review] in 2021

Last Updated on February 24, 2021

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Mountain bike riding, an amazing sport/hobby that people love to part take in. All around the world, people from various different cultures are brought together in the name of this beautiful exercise. Going out and exploring is just the tip of the ice bergs, and whether its racing events you want to take part in, or casual riding, you will absolutely love every bit of it.

Mountain bike computers are an important accessory to have. They remove the worry of carrying a normal cell phone and you don’t have to fret thinking it will fall off. Bike computers show you your progress in terms of calories burned. You can time your rides and mark points on a map. You get GPS support which helps you find your way.

Bike computers are essential, and we will make it easy for you to select one for yourself today.

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Best Mountain Bike Computer


Polar V650

Polar brings you a sleek and modern design when it comes to your everyday bike computers. The Polar V650 is no exception to that rule. The black front for the screen makes it easy to view it and the white accents on the sides compliment the unit even further. The 2.8” colored touchscreen is a great blessing to have since many computers do not support capacitive touch input. It makes for a very interactive experience. You also get GPS support as expected, and you can import your routes from other devices into your computer as well. Strava live segments are also supported for you to set goals and achieve them with ease. Smart heart rate sensor is also available to keep your heartbeat in check. A real time barometer allows you to keep track of your altitude. The computer itself is super lightweight and rugged. It holds up well through time and is a great option for you.


  • Colored touchscreen
  • Water resistant IPX7
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 10 hours battery time


  • Could use a bigger display

Latest deal: Polar V650


Garmin edge 830

Whether you are an enduro extremist or a mountain bike casual rider, you will absolutely love what Garmin has to offer in the name of bicycle computers. Their edge 830 is a sleek and elegant looking, all-black bike computer that gets the job done with minimal effort and in the best possible interactive ways. Touchscreen functionality is on board and in full effect. The GPS you get is also very easy to operate and gets you where you want to go within minimal time. You get dynamic performance monitoring that monitors stuff like recovery, training load focus, heat and altitude acclimation, nutrition, hydration and more. These are professional features not easily found in many computers. You can also track jump times and terrains you venture on. The routable Garmin map makes navigation super easy and fun. You can even customize the screen with widgets and apps of your choice. Battery life is where this computer shines the most with a screen-on time of 20 hours with GPS on. Overall, you will be pleased with your purchase.


  • Interactive touchscreen
  • Easy-to-use GPS
  • Widgets and app support
  • 20-hour battery life with GPS


  • Expensive

Latest deal: Garmin edge 830


XOSS G+ bike computer

XOSS takes a more old-school approach to bike computers, offering a black and white screen that is a definite hit of nostalgia. Their G+ bike computer has a 1.8” LCD display that provides you with the most minimal and needed information on the go. The all-black design looks low-profile and the minimalists will absolutely love it. With a screen that draws less power, you get a great battery life of up to 25 hours which is a huge plus for this one. You can record 15 different types of data relevant to your adventure and you also get party platform sharing. ANT+ transmission is also included which enables you to use sensors like speed, heart rate and cadence. The GPS is also very easy to use and provides a great sense of navigation on the road. The computer is IPX7 water resistant which means it can take a beating and works well through rain. This easy to install and fit bike computer is plenty durable and useful. You will love your purchase.


  • Durable and strong
  • IPX7 water resistant
  • 25-hour battery life
  • ANT+ support


  • Could use a better build quality

Latest deal: XOSS G+ bike computer


RISEPRO bike computer

RISEPRO is a very modern looking bike computer that features a unique and exciting colorway. It looks sleek and has a very true to life display. You get buttons on the front and bottom side for increased and improved functionality. The large and clear display makes everything fun to do on this computer. As far as build quality is concerned, you get a sturdy build that will see you through rough times without an issue. The computer is water resistant so you can take it out in rain or any weather condition. The display is also backlit for night-time viewing. It allows you to pre-program settings for 2 different bikes at the same time, so you don’t have to reset every time you switch your ride. You get functions like odometer, maximum speed, average speed, driving time, calorie consumption and speedometer. The reception range on this one also great. It’s a different and rather distinctive take at bike computers and you will love what you get.


  • Clear display
  • Two-bike setting mode
  • Backlit screen and waterproof build
  • Speedometer and odometer built in


  • Could use better connectivity

Latest deal: RISEPRO bike computer


iGPSPORT bike computer

iGPSPORT is a retro looking bike computer that takes it back in time with a very nostalgic approach to design. You will love the attention to detail in making it look old-school. The antique vibe is great and is further aided with a more tactile experience with buttons. The black and white screen provides minimal and important information needed. The GPS has high sensitivity which enables fast positioning, live tracking your place, speed and distance, instant upload and riding data sharing capabilities. The essential riding info is also provided like speed, riding time, trip distance, altitude, gradient, temperature, time, date and calories. The ANT+ functionality allows for compatibility with external sensors like cadence, speed and heart rate monitor. The computer auto-pauses when you are not moving and continues when you start moving. Having this ease of access functionality is always a plus. The computer is easy to mount and is durable. You will like what you get with this one.


  • Highly sensitive GPS
  • Comprehensive riding data
  • Automatic start/stop
  • Easy to mount and supports ANT+


  • Could use better location sync

Latest deal: iGPSPORT bike computer


LEZYNE micro color bike computer

LEZYNE takes modernity to a whole new level with their new LEZYNE micro color bike computer. The computer looks sleek and beautiful. The all-black reflective sides scream quality and class. The resolution of the display is high with punchy contrast in colors. The display pops out and looks extremely beautiful. You also get a backlit functionality for viewing in the dark. The build quality is also great as the computer is plenty durable. The design is also compact for ease of carry. The advanced data recording with the new and fast GPS functionality makes navigation a breeze. The intuitive 4-button feature combined with the extra real time features enabled when connected to the Lezyne ally app brings the most out of your device. Speaking of connectivity, you also have an active Bluetooth connection in order for you to connect with your phone. The computer is super lightweight and customizable. The battery timing is also great with 14 hours of runtime. Overall, this is a great option for you.


  • Punchy colorful display
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Real time features through the app
  • Fine GPS functionality


  • Could be a little more inexpensive

Latest deal: LEZYNE micro color bike computer

Best Mountain Bike Computers Buyers Guide

What to look for when buying bike computers?

Price: You can buy bike computers that provide a world of functionality at affordable prices. The pricier ones will have things like better build quality and display. But the essential information needs can be met with inexpensive computers.

Build quality: This is an important aspect as you take your bike out into rough tracks and terrains. The computers should be durable and sturdy so they can withstand changes in weather. Water resistance rating is crucial to have.

Display: This is the most important part of a bike computer as it is the thing you look at all the time. It is what you interact with and draw information from. If the screen is a touchscreen, so many things are made easy. Otherwise, a big display with proper spacing between the information and precise content is the one to go with.


Today we looked at some of the best offerings you can find in the name of bike computers. Some had great displays while others offered water resistance IP certifications. Some had great battery life while others also introduced touchscreen functionality. All of them were super interactive and fun to use, providing the best features and experience. The GPS was on point and the build quality was amazing for the price.

We assure you, no matter what computer you choose from this list, you will absolutely love the experience.

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