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If you want to climb better and have a good riding experience, then you can go to the new derailleur. Many things make a derailleur best such as stabilization, smooth shifting, quality, material and much more. In this article, we will show you the best mountain bike derailleur products.

This buying guide will not only provide you with vital information about these products but also assist you in buying the best mountain bike derailleur according to your needs. All of these have amazing features so you can choose the best one for you by making comparisons based on your preferences.

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Best Mountain Bike Derailleur


EnBo Tourney Rear Derailleur RD-TY300

EnBo Tourney Rear Derailleur RD-TY300 is a Rear derailleur which suits a 6-7 speed bicycle freewheel. This derailleur provides smooth shifting and low noise. You can easily install this derailleur by following the instructions.

The long cage tourney derailleur is compatible with 11T high-speed gear. There is a need for some B tension adjustment screws to make some simple adjustments. This product provides excellent quality and two years warranty.


  • High-Quality
  • Smooth-shifting
  • Low noise
  • Easy to install


  • Might have some issues

Latest deal: EnBo Tourney Rear Derailleur RD-TY300


SunRace MX60 10-11-12sp Rear Derailleur

SunRace MX60 10-11-12sp Rear Derailleur is a forged alloy. This product provides perfect performance and weight balance. According to the riding preference, you can run this MX60 rear derailleur either 1x or 2x. The weight of this derailleur is only 278g.

There is also an adjustable chain stabilizer included in it to make it super effective on the trails. This derailleur helps you to ride in a better way on the difficult trails of mountains.


  • Chain stabilizer
  • Effective
  • Weight
  • Balance


  • Cable routing

Latest deal: SunRace MX60 10-11-12sp Rear Derailleur


Shimano alivio m4000 shadow 9 speed rear derailleur

Shimano-alivio-m4000 derailleur is great as it provides good control and confidence while riding on mountain trails. This derailleur provides improved ergonomics, reliability and durability. If you want a more aggressive ride, then this Shadow Rear derailleur is for you. It has a low profile and single tension construction.

In rough riding conditions, this derailleur does not hit the chainstay. This product provides smooth and silent performance. You can mount it in your bike directly, and it provides quick wheel installation and removal.


  • Installation
  • Control
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability


  • Cage is soft

Latest deal: Shimano alivio m4000 shadow 9 speed rear derailleur


SHIMANO Altus Mountain Bike Rear Derailleur RDM310

SHIMANO Altus Mountain Bike Rear Derailleur RDM310 has moving pieces of metal and provides great features. It has 43 teeth, which provide a good Chain Wrap Capacity. Shimano/SRAM 8 is its Drive train spacing. It is a Rear Derailleur which has a speed of 8sp and weighs 326g.

This derailleur provides smooth shifting and is a good replacement. You can install this derailleur easily by following simple instructions. It is a quality product and comes in black colour. The overall dimension of the product is 6.3 x 6.3 x 4.7 inches.


  • Material
  • Chain Wrap Capacity
  • Smooth-shifting
  • Quality


  • Clearance issue

Latest deal: SHIMANO Altus Mountain Bike Rear Derailleur RDM310


Box Two 9sp Rear Derailleur

The Box Two 9sp Rear Derailleur is of strong and durable 6061-T6 aluminium. It has carbon fibre and nylon composite construction. This derailleur can handle everything in a long day ride on mountain trails. It has amazing features and technologies.

This derailleur is fast and smooth and can tackle everything from trails to cross-country riding. You can install this derailleur easily on the bike by following the instructions. The technologies it includes are Tri-Pack Limited Slip Clutch, durable 3D Forged Linkages and Pivot-Tech.


  • Technologies
  • Effective
  • Installation
  • Material


  • None so far

Latest deal: Box Two 9sp Rear Derailleur


SRAM NX Eagle 175, 32t, Dub, Trigger, Boost

SRAM NX Eagle 175 has the NX crankset and X-Sync 2 chain-ring, which provides chain control. The design offers high performance and durability. There is a wide 11-50t gear range cassette which is compatible with a splined driver body.

The product comes with NX Eagle 12-speed chain that provides smooth and efficient shifting. This product provides you with direct mount chain-ring for DUB spindle configuration. The pull lever for a single engagement is limited because of the E-MTB compatible Eagle trigger shifter.


  • Trigger shifter
  • Easy mounting
  • Cassette
  • Performance


  • None

Latest deal: SRAM NX Eagle 175, 32t, Dub, Trigger, Boost


Campagnolo Super Record 12x Rear Mech

Campagnolo Super Record 12x Rear Mech is of the highest quality material and provides unparalleled performance. There is a connector rod in it and a unidirectional front rocker arm in carbon fibre which reduces the weight of the component.

The technology used in this Super Record 12X2 Speed rear derailleur is 3D Embrace technology. This technology provides increased speed, power and precision for shifting. The sprockets have 11 to 32 teeth which got interfaced by optimization of the rocker arm.


  • Technology
  • Performance
  • Material
  • Rocker arm


  • No real disadvantage reported yet

Latest deal: Campagnolo Super Record 12x Rear Mech


Shimano Deore XT M786 Shadow+ Rear Derailleur

Shimano Deore XT M786 Shadow Rear Derailleur is a high-quality MTB rear mech. It provides improved chain stability and smoother shifting so that your ride on the tougher trails will become easier. This derailleur provides reliable and precise shifting and has a lightweight design.

It has a design for 10-speed drive trains and has a super low profile. Direct cable routing reduces the risk of damage on the trails. It uses a chain stabilizing switch to reduce chain bounce.


  • Smoother ride
  • Great design
  • Less damage or risk
  • Stability


  • Cosmetic damage

Latest deal: Shimano Deore XT M786 Shadow+ Rear Derailleur

Best Mountain Bike Derailleur Buyers Guide

While buying a product, the buyer has to take care of many things to get the right product. For this, he has to search for different products to make a list of products that suits his requirements. The first thing the buyer would see in a product is its cost to know its range and proceed onwards on to the other things.

The buyer looks at many other things like quality and features after making a list of the products of his range. The quality of the products tells about how good or bad the product is. Another thing that matters while buying a product is the rating and reviews. These things provide vital information about the product.

The reviews given online for each product can be useful for the buyer. This information is given by the customers who have experience of using the product. While looking at a specific product one will go through all these things.

Recurring Features

Some of the recurring features of the products mentioned above are as follows:

Compatibility – There should be compatibility between a front derailleur and the rear derailleur as the Rear Derailleur should match with the front derailleur, shifters, and cassette. If they do not match, then the system will not work.

While buying a product, you should keep this thing in mind. Most of the products mentioned above in the article will be suitable for your bike so you can make comparisons based on your requirements to get the right one.

Cage Length – Another feature you should consider while buying a mountain bike derailleur is the cage length as Derailleurs come in three different lengths which are short, medium, or long. The derailleurs of different lengths are for different purposes such as the short cage is ideal for single front Chain-rings, medium length cage is good for doubles and longs cage is good for trips. Most of the products mentioned above in the article have a cage length which will be suitable for mountain bike riders.

Frequently asked Questions

The following are some of the frequently asked questions about this product:

What makes a good derailleur?
Nice tight pivots with very little or no play in them is a sign of a better higher-end derailleur. This feature is of a good derailleur to provide crisp, precise shifting and more precise movement of the derailleur.

What is a derailleur on a mountain bike?
The derailleur is the device that is responsible for changing the gears. It changes gears by moving the chain from one sprocket to another. On a bike, there are always two derailleurs which include one on the rear and one on the front. These two derailleurs should be compatible and must match to work properly. When the chain is on the biggest sprocket in the front and the smallest in back, then it produces the highest ratio.


There are many choices available for mountain bike derailleur that makes it a bit difficult to choose the right one. One has to look at different things so that he can differentiate between the good and bad product. The buyer has to make comparisons based on different things to get the product that suits the requirements and preferences.

Many things make a mountain bike derailleur bad or good, including material, smooth shifting, design, risk damage, installation, technologies used, chain wrap capacity and much more. If a mountain bike derailleur is of good technology and provides smooth shifting even on the difficult trails, then it is great for aggressive riding or a good riding experience on mountain trails.

Most of the products mentioned above in the article are of good material and provide smooth shifting. These products will help you to make a comparison and to reach the right product. For further information, one can go to the provided links to remove any query about the product and get the product of your choice.

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