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Race Face Next R 35 Riser Handlebar
Nukeproof Horizon V2 Carbon Riser
Renthal Fatbar 35 Handlebar

Has your mountain handlebar gone rusty? Not giving you unmatched control on the trails like it used to? Well, that probably means it needs replacing– out with the old in with the new!

Lucky for you, you’re at the right place!

I have done all the research and these mountain bike handlebars are the very best, they will ensure you are comfortable as well as having ultimate grip, so you can whizz around those tight trail corners with complete confidence and control– and that is a FACT!

Choosing the wrong handlebar can be one of the most expensive mistakes you can ever make. Since there are so many brands on the market, you can easily get confused.

But don’t let that put you off, I actually have good news!

I have not only done all the research but I have also broken down all the confusing features when buying a mountain bike handlebar so you can shred the trails in style— you will know exactly what to look for and which one is best for you by the end of this guide.

Here’s something I found essential: when choosing a mountain bike handlebar grip and comfort are the most important factor, you should try out different ones to see which one is the best fit for you and your riding style down the trails (what may be right for you may not be for the next guy).

To make your work easier, I have reviewed the best mountain bike handlebars that are worth your money– these are a must-have in your kit.

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Best Mountain Bike Handlebars

Race Face Next R 35 Riser Handlebar

Want to shred the trails in style? No problem Next R 35 was constructed with carbon fiber to make this handlebar the ultimate trail shredder. 

The Race Face’s downhill-specific SIXC geometry gives unmatched control even on the most extreme and challenging trails, so you can shred and weave in and out of the trails with complete confidence. 

To top it all off: 

It also has a large clamp area for increased stiffness, while keeping the low-weight for ultimate performance which the Race Face is best known for! Plus the 800mm length this handlebar is enduro ready and ready to take on the hills.

If you’re looking for strong, stiff carbon frames without having to break your bank in order to get them then the Race Face is your best bet, this one is a real gem for the price point.

  • Trail shredding ready
  • 800mm in length
  • Low weight carbon fiber
  • Sleek design
  • No high rise available
Latest deal: Race Face Next R 35 Riser Handlebar

Nukeproof Horizon V2 Carbon Riser

best carbon mountain bike handlebars

The control you get from this handlebar is like no other, tight trails? No problem for the Nukeproof Horizon V2.

This handlebar was made for mountain bikers: this riser bar features a unidirectional carbon construction giving it fantastic strength to weight ratio so you can blast across unpredictable terrains with complete confidence.

You will love the stiffness on climbs without having any excess weight to hold you back on the rough descents.

Better yet:

This mountain bike handlebar is kitted out with optimized offset, this riser bar reduces the overall arc by 10mm making it closer t the geometry.

Plus the 35mm clamp will make this a perfect choice for mountain riders that love hitting the trails and want an easy setup, so you can get kitted up and go. You don’t want to miss this one.

  • Suitable for long rides
  • Excellent quality
  • No excess weight
  • Ultimate control on tight trails
  • May not fit older bikes
Latest deal: Nukeproof Horizon V2 

Renthal Fatbar 35 Handlebar

Whether you’re looking to hit a weekend trip down the trail, upgrading your hardtail or trail bike while saving on costs, then the Renthal Fatbar may be the answer to all your prayers. 

With the aluminum construction, Renthal is a solid handlebar that will see you through all your mountain biking adventures, while the handlebar is stiff it does not compromise how much vibration it will absorb from the trail.

Win-win really

The shot peening treatments add to the strength and durability of the handlebar as a whole while ensuring that the aluminum can tackle bumps, chips, and scratches from the everyday wear and tear of the trails. 

The Fatbar is super lightweight but has enough weight to keep the frame stiff and not compromise control. Overall it is an affordable option if you’re looking to upgrade your mountain bike and will last you through the years. 

  • Beautiful design
  • Provides the best control
  • Made of unidirectional carbon fiber
  • Durable
  • Expensive
Latest deal: Renthal Fatbar 35 Handlebar

Wake Aluminum Alloy Mountain Bike Handlebar

One of the major selling points of this mountain bike handlebar is that it comes as a complete set. This means that it is ready for use right from the box. 

You will have the most stable ride without compromises of stiffness, these extra-long handlebars are brilliant trail shredders and made for extreme riding all while remaining lightweight.

Not to mention the durability of this bad boy, it is shockproof and offers maximum firmness while being super easy to clean– perfect for a fun-packed, enduring day down the trails. 

And yes I’m sure you’re wondering: what about comfort?

Well not only does this Wake offers unmatched control from the CNC precision bending which is comfortable and non-slipping. It is also compatible with most mountain and dirt bikes making it perfect for all types of mountain biking.

  • Ergonomic curve to protect you
  • Extra long and non-slip handles
  • Made of sturdy aluminum alloy
  • Compatible with dirt bikes and mountain bikes
  • Incorrect measurement
Latest deal: Wake Aluminum Alloy Mountain Bike Handlebar

Bontrager Satellite Plus MTB Handlebar

The Bontrager Satellite plus offers the best comfort for your wrists while you tackle tough terrains, the IsoZone system is the most comprehensive defense against hand and wrist discomfort and fatigue. 

This handlebar paired with elastomer handlebar inserts reduces peak hand pressure by nearly 30% while reducing vibration and absorbing impact so you will have ultimate comfort while you ride.


Our hands go through so much on the day to day, they deserve a bit of TLC, and what better way to do that than getting a handlebar that will look after those pretty hands of yours. Pairing this with your mountain bike will transform your experience as a rider. 

We all deserve the best for our hands, Bontrager is one of the best for comfort and grip as you shred the trails. 

  • IsoZone and inForm components for added comfort
  • Reduces hand fatigue in peak performance
  • Gives ultimate control and grip on the trails
  • Reduces vibrations and absorbs shocks to smooth out rough trails
  • None to record yet
Latest deal: Bontrager Satellite Plus MTB Handlebar

Thomson Elite Trail Handlebar Riser

Now if you’re looking for a rise in your mountain handlebar then you need to check out this one, Thomson’s new trail bar is 750mm wide and 20mm rise with 8º back sweep and 5º upsweep to give you the most compliant ride you’ll ever find.

This trail bar has a 50mm clamping surface for a more compliant and smooth-riding quality, so you can have ultimate control on the trails.

You may be asking, how do they do it?

Well, it is made with an exceptional hydraulic press during the creation, the trail bar comes out clean without the need for grinding or finishing.

The only changes that were needed were to thicken the ends to 1.6mm to prolong the life of the bar and absorb shocks in the chance of a crash.  If you’re looking for durability then this is your best bet.

  • 20mm rise with 8º back sweep and 5º upsweep
  • 50mm of clamping surface
  • Absorbs shocks and bumps
  • Thicker end to prevent damager in crashes
  • Quite heavy
Latest deal: Thomson Elite Trail Handlebar Riser

Fifty-Fifty Aluminum Alloy Mountain Bike Riser Handlebar

Fifty-Fifty Aluminum is among the most lightweight mountain bike handlebars you will ever find. It has a diameter of 800 mm and contains convenient marks that make your work easier when cutting tight corners.

Again, it looks great on the mountain bike. If you are searching for a handlebar that will give you maximum control and agility, it will be a perfect choice.

It is made of aluminum and it is double-butted for durability and stability. You won’t believe how lightweight this handlebar is weighing up only 309g!

But that’s not all:

It is also 780mm wide which will give you ultimate control of your mountain bike on the trails, even in extreme conditions. While the riser bars give you more control it also makes your riding position more comfortable for longer rides.

The reviews for this product are off the chart, with over 100 people loving this product for their mountain bike adventures, maybe you will too!

  • Provides exceptional control
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Excellent shock absorption
  • Nice appearance
  • Paint fades quickly
Latest deal: Fifty-Fifty Mountain Bike Riser Handlebar

Jessica Acekit Lightweight Bicycle Handlebar

best affordable mountain bike handlebar

The first thing you will notice about this handlebar is its beautiful appearance which features a black, silver, red, and orange color scheme.

It is made of an aluminum alloy 7005, making it strong enough to give you control when riding. Unlike others, this one uses DB tube drawing technology and it is also lightweight.

Plus the length of the bar is 720mm and the allowing for even weight distribution so you can get the maximum performance as you are shredding the trails and tackling tight corners with complete confidence. 


Don’t forget that it also comes with a 2 years warranty and an installation guide so if you have any issues you can replace it with no problems.

  • It uses DB tube drawing technology
  • 2 years warranty
  • Easy to install
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Scratches
Latest deal: Jessica Acekit Lightweight Bicycle Handlebar

Mighty Duty Bicycle Handlebar

Mighty Duty Bicycle Handlebar is made to provide exceptional performance, they are non-slip, wearable, and give you comfortable texture for your hands to grip onto so you can push the boundaries in your ride. 

Mighty duty is also very strong, convenient, and efficient while keeping the weight low. Since it has an ergonomic design, it is the best when riding for long distances.


The unique design o the exquisite shape meeting fashion trends to give you the best possible outcome. The design is made with wire crimping groves which make it anti-slip and increases the pipe’s joint force. 

It is brilliant for all different riding conditions, as well as being an excellent choice for longer rides on the mountains. But there’s more: it can also be used either on mountain bikes or on road bikes making it super versatile.

This will be your new best friend on the trail– the control you get from this handlebar is unmatched. 

  • Strong and sturdy
  • Outstanding design
  • Non-slip
  • Durable
  • Doesn’t have a warranty
Latest deal: Mighty Duty Bicycle Handlebar

Spank Spike 800 Vibrocore Bar

If you’re looking for an action-packed handlebar that’s perfect for shredding yourself in and around the mountains and trails in style and complete confidence then you must check out the Spank Spike 800. 

Not only is Spike 800 the ultimate choice if you want to take your riding up a gear but it is also injected with Vibrocore foam to reduce harsh vibrations to your hands and arms while on rough trails– preventing both injury and hand fatigue on long rides.

But that’s not all the Spank Spike 800 is ready to tackle harsher terrains, dig deeper into the trails, and get top quality results, while adding enjoyment and comfort to your ride. 

But here’s the kicker:

You can push your riding to the max with this bar so not only does your riding scream skill but the design of this handlebar is stunning and will make you stand out from the rest.

Durability is in the name and this one is handlebar is ready to start pushing, are you? 

  • Great vibration dampening
  • Sleek, unique design
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Vibrocore foam to absorb shocks from harsh terrains
  • Quite pricey
Latest deal: Spank Spike 800 Vibrocore Bar

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Best Mountain Bike Handlebars Buyer’s Guide:

When it comes to shredding the trails we all deserve ultimate comfort and control and the handlebar is a key component that is often overlooked.

With the mountains being an extreme terrain to ride on we need to ensure our bike is up for the job, especially when it comes to weaving in and around corners.

These handlebars are designed to not only supply you with comfort but absorb all the bumps and shocks you may experience from riding on this tough terrain. They also prevent hand fatigue and aches from longer riders to improve your experience as a whole.

But what makes mountain bike handlebars so great?

Well, they are designed with technical features and intricate geometry which allows you to tackle these trails head-on without having to compromise control. They offer a large clamp area for increased stiffness yet still remain lightweight for comfort.

But if you love the thrill of tackling mountainous terrains and looking to upgrade your parts you will want to stay tuned for this.

Factors to consider when buying Mountain Bike Handlebars

Material: The most common types of materials used in mountain bike handlebars are carbon, titanium, steel, and aluminum. It allows the handlebar to remain stiff but not have to compromise weight, heavy handlebars are just not comfortable.

  • Carbon: If you are searching for lightweight material, you should look for a carbon fiber handlebar. These handlebars are very strong and durable. Carbon bars are sometimes more expensive than the rest of the handlebars, however, they are much more lightweight, stiff, and absorb more shock than any other material.
  • Aluminum: In terms of price, aluminum handlebars are very cheap but durable. You will also find that most of the handlebars are made of aluminum because they are lightweight and strong. It is the next best option if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to carbon.
  • Titanium: Titanium is very light but it provides the best shock absorption. Again, titanium bars are the most durable but like carbon handlebars, they come at a stupendous price tag.
  • Steel: These ones are extremely strong and sleek. Most of the handlebars that are made of steel also feature a chrome finish which gives them an attractive look. The chrome finish also boosts their durability. However, they are often much heavier and add unwanted weight to your bike.

Clamp diameter: Most of the handlebars have a diameter of 31.8mm. This means that they fit perfectly on a stem. Others have a clamp diameter of 35mm. If you decide to go for those with a diameter of 35mm, you should be ready to buy a 35mm stem.

The larger the diameter the stiffer the handlebar tends to be and with more surface area it allows for more stability while you’re riding– which is brilliant for tackling rougher mountain trails.

Width: A good handlebar should have a width of at least 750mm. The good thing about these handlebars is that they are more stable and gives you a better control when riding. Again, you won’t need to pay extra money when buying any of them.

Wider the better, it improves the amount of oxygen your body is getting as it allows for longer, deeper breaths. If you tend to find yourself tackling tough climbs then I would recommend trying a wider handlebar.

Weight: The weight of the handlebar determines the steering abilities of the bike. Therefore, you should ensure that the handlebar you have picked is not too heavy and not too light. Lightweight handlebars may be comfortable to ride but they may not provide great stability especially when riding on challenging trails.

You need to find the right balance between stiffness and weight, you don’t want your handlebar weighing you down on climbs but you don’t want a handlebar too lightweight that it compromises control.

Rise: Most of the mountain bike handlebars are usually raised from 0-100mm. If you are searching for a comfortable handlebar, you should consider any that has a rise of 40-50mm. In terms of inches, the range should be 1.5-2 inches.

It will make your ride much more comfortable as it will improve your riding position as a whole, this is especially important for long days and long rides down the trails.

Sweep – This is the angle at which the mountain bike handlebars bend to the back. The sweep is very important because it determined your body posture and comfort. There are two types of sweeps namely the upsweep and the back sweep.

The upsweep is the angle at which the handlebar bends up from the stem. Backsweep is the angle at which the handlebar bends towards the back. These angles are an important factor you should consider when buying as they also add to the comfort of your ride

Types of mountain bike handlebars:

Downhill handlebars: These ones are very easy to notice because they are the widest. They also have a range of 0-2 inches rise. As a result, they are very strong but they require oversize stems. They are often made out of aluminum or carbon fiber making them extremely durable for rough descents on the mountains

Dirt jump handlebars: Dirt jumps handlebars have a rise of 2-3 inches which means that they are a bit tall. They are made of aluminum and are available in oversize and standard diameters. They are often much narrower than the rest too.

Cross-country handlebars:  These handlebars are often very narrow and have a low rise bar, they are also either made of carbon or aluminum making them very durable and stiff– perfect for the trails.

Benefits of flat handlebars

  • The position:  If you love cross-country riding, they allow you to lean forward more easily.
  • They’re lightweight: Flat bars usually have less steel in their constructions which means that they are lightweight and cheap to produce.
  • They’re narrow: Due to their narrow design, they allow you to ride even in narrow spaces like corridors and doorways.
  • They’re versatile: Another benefit of flat bars is that you can easily attach various accessories like lights, phone holders, and other items you may require when cycling.

Benefits of Riser Bars

They give better control: As compared to the flat bars, these ones give you better control when cycling. They allow you to turn easily since you do not need to use a lot of energy.

They offer more wrist support: Riser bars allow you to sit further at the back. Due to this, your weight is distributed at the front which means that you won’t strain your wrists.


What is the best width and length for mountain bike handlebars?

Firstly it all depends on the width of your shoulders but usually, the best width would range between  750- and 800mm. You should not go below or beyond that as it may compromise the control and comfort of your ride. The handlebars I have selected today fall between this bracket and some have different sizes so you can select one that suits you best.

What rise is best for mountain bike handlebars?

The best way to tell is how your neck and back feels after a few hours on the trail, it feels like its got pins in then you may want to invest in a rise that’s much higher. It ranges between 10mm and 35mm and you will find that downhill mountain bikes are at the higher end, so you can have ultimate comfort while you ride. 

The Final Verdict

Handlebars are among the most important parts of a mountain bike because they help you to steer your bike. If your handlebars are not strong, you may not be able to control your mountain bike. Again, they allow you to balance your weight when cycling.

This means that you should not just pick any mountain bike handlebar available on the market because not every bar will give you the best performance. However, you can pick any from the above list because I only considered the top-rated products and those with advanced features.

When I was doing my research, we also considered various things like material, price, comfort, durability and strength. This means that all the products will give you the best value for your money since they have been tried and tested for quality.

However, you need to go through their features carefully to ensure that the one you have picked matches your requirements.

Happy biking!