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Thule OutRide Roof Bike Rack
RockyMounts BrassKnuckles Bike Roof Rack
Thule 516XT Prologue Roof Rack

Are you planning your next road trip and looking for a mountain bike roof rack that will safely store and transport your pride and joy with ease? 

Well let me tell you, you’re at the right place. 

Whether you live in the city and looking for a dose of countryside air or even that you’ve found a new trail you want to hit a car drive away, I’ve got you covered. I have hunted down the very best roof racks that will hold your bike securely and with ease. 

With so many to choose from with so many manufacturers using cheap parts, it can be a challenge. The last thing we want is our precious mountain bike falling off mid-journey, we have all seen the scene– not a pretty sight. 

But not to worry, I have good news!

I have tracked down the very best and most versatile mountain bike roof racks so you don’t have to do all the confusing research, with the highest rated reviews that will suit you and your bike nicely on your trip.

Here’s a tip that I found useful: if you love other sports like kayaking, I found that the best racks I have reviewed are actually extremely versatile so not only will it store your bike but it can also store other bits of kit too! 

But enough for now you don’t want to miss this! 

We’ve spent the time so you don’t have to:


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Best Mountain Bike Roof Rack

Thule OutRide Roof Bike Rack

If you’re looking for a sleek, lightweight roof rack that will store your bike with convenience and ease then you must try Thule’s OutRide Roof Rack.

The quick-release design is brilliant for clip off and go so you can hit the trails as soon as the car stops. Thule Outride will add a sleek, professional look and feel to any vehicle, plus if you show off your new full-suspension mountain bike this is the way to do it!

This roof-mounted bike rack can hold up to a whopping 37.5 lbs, fitting bikes with up to 3″ wide tires– it will fit your mountain bike with no problem!

It will keep your rear wheel firmly secure with the quick release wheel strap, it will stay strong and secure even through tough weather conditions. It even has lock compatibilities to keep your bike secure when you pop into the store (sold separately).

But wait that’s not all:

It is T-rack and around the bar compatible and fits most roof racks with no issues or questions asked. Trust me you will want to take this bike rack on your next adventure!

  • Sleek, lightweight and convenient design
  • Quick-release
  • Can hold bikes up to 37.5lbs and tires up to 3″ wide
  • T-rack compatible and will fit most roof racks
  • Have to buy the locks separately
Latest deal: Thule OutRide Roof Bike Rack,

RockyMounts BrassKnuckles Bike Roof Rack

If you’re looking for versatility then TomaHawk is the one up for the job, the features of this bike rack are pretty awesome. 

The TomaHawk can haul bikes of many sizes from road bikes, thick mountain bikes, and fat bikes (it can even hold some kid’s bikes!) You don’t even need to remove the front wheel so you can unclip and go!

You can load and lock this rack with ease with tabs that keep wheel straps out of the way and includes extensive mounting options that will keep your bike secure no matter what you ride or drive. (Plus bonus points for the level of security)

RockyMounts is ready to tackle anything!

You can even fold this bad boy down when not in use for easy storage, this roof rack pulls out all the stops. Whether you have a regular trail bike or fat bike then this rack will be an excellent choice! 

  • Super versatile can store most bikes
  • Highly secure
  • Loading is easy
  • No need to remove front wheel
  • Rattles a little bit when not in use
Latest deal: RockyMounts BrassKnuckles

Thule 516XT Prologue Roof Rack

Thule 516XT Prologue Mount Bike Carrier comes with a lockable skewer with single-side adjustment. It secures the bike and provides stable and secure bicycle transport.

This roof rack can fit a single-wall aluminum tray with tire widths up to a whopping 2.6 inches and a wheelbase up to 48 inches– talk about versatility!! No matter your bike size I can guarantee it will fit. 


This bike carrier is even compatible with most 9mm disc brakes, it works with 15mm, 20mm, and left forks with an adapter– you can even fit it on Thule square bars and round bars.

You will be able to transfer your pride and joy quickly and safely with this lockable fork-mounted carrier. Let’s dive more into the world of mountain biking and discover the most intricate and adrenaline enduring trails together with the roof rack. 

You will love the features on this one!

  • Lockable skewer
  • Security
  • Perfect fit
  • East to mount
  • Not sturdy
Latest deal: Thule 516XT Prologue Roof Rack 

YAKIMA – FrontLoader Wheel-On Mount Upright Bike Carrier

Now for convenience, this roof rack is like no other, it will fit virtually any type of bike– including ones with disc brakes, thru-axles, and even full-suspension mountain bikes with wheels up 3inches thick!  

You can also load your bike fully assembled (yay!) with the wheel-on mount the front loader will even hold your bike upright as you secure it. 

Talk about easy! 

It will fit Yakima round, square, factory, or aerodynamic roof racks and others with a spread between 16″ and 48″, so it is not only super versatile with the different bikes you can fit but also it can be used on the majority of roof racks.

But wait there’s more! 

There is no frame contact, the FrontLoader will hold your bike by the front and rear wheel meaning no frame contact making it a great option if you are worried about your paint chipping during the journey.

You can even add a 2SKS lock to this roof rack to keep your pride and joy protected and secure from theft. For both the price  Yakima makes life easy for you so you can get going on your next adventure in a quick sweep. 

  • Protect your gear
  • Carry any bike
  • Easy loading
  • No frame contacts
  • The second cable lock is thin
Latest deal: YAKIMA – FrontLoader Wheel-On Mount Upright Bike Carrier

Thule Upride Roof Rack

Now here’s another bike rack from Thule that is an absolute gem for versatility, are you sensing a trend here?

This roof rack by Thule also accommodates bikes with non-traditional frame designs, suspension mountain bikes, and bikes with bottle cages too! It’s even suitable for bikes with carbon frames. 

You will love the no frame contact, it will keep your pretty paintwork fresh free of any potential chipping from your journey. It even has lock compatibility for added security and safety. 

It even fits up to 5″ tires– now that’s impressive.

I have used this rack and driven up to 70mph and has no issues, it was secure as anything. It is also super easy to mount and go, I cannot recommend this Thule roof rack enough! 

  • Integrated Wheel Cradle
  • Lockable Secure Skewer
  • Durable
  • Style
  • Not for a variety of mountain/fat bikes
Latest deal: Thule Upride Roof Rack

SEASUCKER Mini Bomber Fork Mount Rack

Now I cannot wait to tell you about this one– it is the perfect solution for those who want to transport up to two bikes by car but don’t want the hassle of installing a full-fledged roof rack. Seasucker is a hassle-free roof rack we all deserve!

You don’t even need any nuts or bolts with the SeaSucker as it affixes itself right onto your car with 6 vacuum suction cups that work with metal, glass, and even fiberglass surfaces. These cups even have been tested and can withhold up to 210lbs (ticks all my boxes!) 

Sometimes bulky car roof racks just aren’t ideal, you can now keep your car looking sleek without the hassle of taking off the roof rack after every use.  

But I’m not finished:

Once you’ve fixed SeaSucker to your car you can secure the front of your bikes using two Huske universal fork mounts and two separate holders to strap the back into place. All you need to do is remove the front wheel and be ready in minutes! 

I never thought it would be so simple to use (plus the removal of the front wheel is a real deterrent for thieves).

All in all: for a bike rack that is almost completely hassle-free and works with a wide range of cars and bikes, as well as being more cost-effective than roof bars this one is a must-have! 

  • No need for a full-fledged roof rack
  • Can hold up to 210 lbs with the suction cup
  • Brilliant for minimalists
  • Can hold 2 bikes
  • Expensive
Latest deal: SEASUCKER Mini Bomber Fork Mount Rack

YAKIMA HighRoad Roof Rack

If you want to get from your car to the trails in a quick smooth sweep then you absolutely need Yakima’s High Road bike rack it will carry any bike up to 4inch thick tires (even fat bikes!

It gives streamlined protection that is like no other, the low profile tray minimizes hatch interference. There’s no need for wheel removal and it is also noncontact so not only will is it easy to mount and dismount it will protect your carbon paint job too!  


It is easy to use with the Torque Right tightening knob which is easy to adjust while securing your bike with ultimate precision. If you want that little extra you can also purchase a 2SKS lock which is sold separately to add that extra bit of security. 

Its sleek design is brilliant for minimalists and can be easily folded for easy storage. For the features you get, this one is an absolute winner in my eyes! 

  • Can fit tires as thick as 4 inches
  • Non-contact design to protect paint
  • Can buy an additional lock
  • No need to remove front wheel
  • You’ll need a roof rack
Latest deal: YAKIMA HighRoad Roof Rack

Kuat TRIO Fork Mount Roof Rack Tray

Now if you’re looking for innovation and quality then the TRIO is up to the bill. With their 3-way fork mounts that can handle any bike you own.

With the slimline design, security system, and sleek looks this is the complete package! It has slim and aerodynamic shaping to keep the design lightweight as well as durable.

The mounting hardware works with many crossbar configurations while the sliding-wheel cradle will suit a wide variety of wheelbases and different bike sizes. 

As if that’s not enough:

It even has an integrated cable that secures the bike fame wheel to the rack– you don’t need to buy an extra lock to ensure security on this roof rack! It will hold up to 45lbs and an additional adapter for fat bikes! 

This rack will fit any bike beyond your dreams, it is so useful especially if you want the ease of use after a long day down the trails! 

  • Can fit tires as thick as 4 inches
  • Non-contact design to protect paint
  • Can buy an additional lock
  • No need to remove front wheel
  • You’ll need a roof rack
Latest deal: Kuat TRIO Fork Mount Roof Rack Tray

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Best Mountain Bike Roof Rack Buyers Guide

While buying a product, there are many things one has to look at, such as the price, ratings, features, and quality. The cost of the product sometimes depends on the quality of the product. If one has a range of high-quality bikes, then he can go for a high price roof rack.

One should look at the ratings of the product while buying as it describes the quality and real-time experience of the customers who got it and used it. You should also have a look at the features of all the products to look for the one that is according to your preference and requirements.

If you’re buying a roof rack, then you should look for the one that can protect your bike while driving. The rack should be such that it would not provide damage to the car and have a good locking mechanism. There are many other features on which you should look at while buying the product, such as locking mechanism, easy loading, installation, and much more.

Why choose a roof-mounted bike rack?

Roof mounted bike racks are an excellent option as they are compatible with various crossbars if you tend to use other equipment like canoes or surfboards. It will save you having to invest in a bulky back rack or an additional rack to be added to your car.

When in use they are also super easy to disassemble or fold, meaning low maintenance for you. They can often hold much wider tires too, which is brilliant for mountain bikes!

Things To Check Before Buying A Mountain Bike Roof Rack

The recurring features of the products mentioned above are as follows:

The installation process – It should be easy to install the roof-mounted bike racks. A good roof-mounted bike rack is one that has an easy installation process. There are some racks on which require some level of engineering knowledge to either fix it on the vehicle roof or mount a bike on it.

You should not only focus on how firm the rack will hold your bike. You should also look at the installation process, whether it is easy or difficult to install the rack on your vehicle. Both these things matter in the roof-mounted bike racks.

While purchasing the rack online, you should have a look at the reviews to have an idea about it. Most of the products mentioned above have this feature so you can compare them to get a good roof-mounted rack.

Security – You should look at the different security issues while buying a roof-mounted bike rack. It matters how firmly the roof-mounted bike racks can hold onto your vehicle and how much security it can provide your bike. Most of the products mentioned above have a suitable locking mechanism so you can compare them to get a good roof-mounted rack.

Size of your bike: Like other extras, you get with cycling the more money you tend to spend the more you get out of your roof rack. It is important to consider the size of your bike and how much space you have for storage before you buy yourself a roof rack. (the last thing we want is for it to arrive and realize that it won’t fit)

Lucky for you I have kept an eye on versatility to ensure that the bike racks I select will fit a wide range of bike sizes. Some are even wide enough to fit fat bike tires! I have also considered ease of storage, whether they can fold down when not in use or even be removed easily.

How many bikes you intend on transporting: If you are just using one bike then brilliant all of these bike racks will be a perfect match for you however if you’d like to carry two maybe three bikes it can be more tricky.

Although you may feel that you’re spending a lot of money it is much better than buying a cheap roof rack that your bikes will fall off of and having to not only buy new bikes but repair your back windshield– trust me I’ve seen it, not a pretty sight.

How often you will be using a bike rack: This is an important thing to consider, if you’ll be using it every week or frequently I would recommend investing, these bike racks will not only keep your bike secure while you travel some even have integrated locks for security.

Frequently Asked Questions

The questions that are commonly asked about mountain bike roof racks are as follows:

Are roof-mounted bike racks safe?
A bicycle roof rack is highly versatile as it provides a number of mounting systems for the different seasons and for different types of gear. The mountain bike roof rack provides safety and is a secure option because of the number of locking systems available in it. No one can remove the racks easily as some tools are needed for the removal, so it protects your mountain bike on the roof rack from thieves.

Do bike racks damage your car?
There’s no direct contact from the roof rack with the vehicle, so it doesn’t damage the car. If you don’t mount the rack on the car roof securely, then there can be damage and the bike hit the car. There can be damage to the car if the bike sways or the wheel turns. You should be careful while reversing or driving in general and should mount the mountain bike roof rack properly on your car to avoid damage.

How do you load a mountain bike on a roof rack? 

Here’s a YouTube video I found extremely helpful when loading a mountain bike on your roof rack (it uses a roof rack from Thule too!):


It is not easy to choose the right roof-mounted bike rack as you need to do research which needs a lot of time. You can discover the different types of roof-mounted bike racks in the market. If you want to get the best one that suits your needs and preferences, then you should compare the different features of the racks.

Price is also an important factor to consider, so you should also consider the cost of the rack you intend to purchase. A Mountain bike roof rack is necessary to keep your bike safe in the car. It would protect the car from getting the damage, and the locking mechanism of roof rack keep the bike secure from the thieves.

You should look at the safety locking system of the bike roof racks while buying. Moreover, each brand of roof rack has different features which you should look at while buying. All the products mentioned above in the article provide amazing features so you can have a look at all of them for a good comparison and get one of your needs.

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