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Terry Fly Ti Men’s Mountain bike saddle
SDG Radar TI-Alloy Saddle
WTB Speed Saddle

The relationship between the saddle and rider can sometimes be a tricky one and finding the wrong one can be a right pain in the ass, literally. Finding the right saddle will transform your experience as a rider, trust me.

If you’re stuck on where to look, you’re at the right place. 

Mountain bike saddles are by far the most integral and important part of a bike. It’s what you sit on and something that cannot be compromised. A good mountain bike saddle smooths out the trails and makes long trail rides feel like a dream. 

It is crucial that manufacturers make the best of saddles they possibly can to earn themselves a good spot and space in the saddles market. We’re all looking for a perfect saddle that remains comfortable especially after a fun-packed day down the trails. 

But wait let me tell you something. 

To make things easier for you, I have looked into 37 different mountain bike saddles and selected my top picks looking at quality, ergonomics, design, and most importantly comfort. Saddles that cause numbness or discomfort are definitely not on my list. 

Here are my top picks.

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I’ve Searched For the Best Mountain Bike Saddle In 2020

Terry Fly Ti Men’s Mountain bike saddle

Terry Fly saddle has a slim profile shape with a hexagon matrix design, going all over the seat, which looks stunning and futuristic, therefore making it the number one on my list for the best mountain bike saddle.

The colorway is very chic and modern looking with the all matte black look with a not-so-aggressive branding on the side. The saddle also has a steel frame base on the bottom for durability and an opening in the middle for breathing room.

This saddle is more padded and more comfortable than most saddles; it is completely cut away through the midsection, making it super flexible and comfortable against soft tissue. It relieves pressure and absorbs shock efficiently, making it ideal for mountainous trails.

But wait, get this! 

This helps in preventing sweat build-up, meaning you aren’t restricted by chafing on those long rides. You get high quality for a very low price. The company backs their products up by providing great service after the sale and a return policy for when and if you are not satisfied, which I know will not be the case with this one.

The color looks amazing, and the matrix pattern makes it stand out. If you are looking for a high-tech saddle that works perfectly with most bikes, this is an easy option to go for.

  • Design looks elegant and stylish at the same time.
  • The all black matte color scheme looks amazing
  • Provides ultimate support while pedaling hard and heavy
  • The cover is black textured leather
  • The seat has stainless steel frame base which keeps it tight on the bike with no movement.
  • Lack of sufficient surface area to rest yourself on.
Latest deal: Terry Mens Fly Seat

SDG Radar TI-Alloy Saddle

Coming in hot at number two is a bike saddle by SDG that utilizes the best features of their most popular saddles to create the Radar MTN; it is packed with performance, comfort, and fun!

Filled with comfort-enhancing features such as a hidden undercut relief which is the best choice for not only those with pelvic problems but the cut-out features make it super comfortable for everyone and relieves pressure points

It even comes with a free-float comfort flex rail insert and a peri-canal with ample padding, which enhances the comfort, no matter how long you’re in the saddle– which is a super important feature for a mountain bike saddle. 

But wait, get this…

The design is carefully shaped with a central relief channel and rear-buzz cut out plus with the concave shape, this prevents scuffing in extreme suspension compressions, so matter what trail you are shredding, this saddle is ready for you. 

This saddle is shaped to distribute weight optimally across the saddle platform; this can help relieve pressure points and offer a super comfortable ride for longer down the trails without that numbing pain– we all know what I’m going on about. 

The SDG Radar even comes in a range of material options to choose from, from reliable steel to titanium alloy, making this bike saddle ideal for everyone– from all budgets. 

  • True riders saddle
  • Blends comfort and robustness
  • High quality titanium
  • The seat is also comfortable enough for long rides
  • None
Latest deal: SDG Radar TI-Alloy Saddle

WTB Speed Saddle

Most comfortable mountain bike saddle

This saddle has an excellent ergonomic design that is built for performance. The shape and angles it has going for it are amazing.

The curvature brings proper posture while sitting, and the design also looks great. This looks like an expensive saddle. Also, the black and grey look with a matrix design gives a stylish look, catching attention.

This saddle is popular all over the globe!

What I love about this saddle is its versatility; whether you’re commuting, hitting the trails, or touring around the country, this saddle will be sure to provide you with comfort along the way. The pressure-relieving gel and shock absorbing base go a long way!

However, if you are looking to save some money, there are some cheaper options, but this one is a winner for comfort. The pressure-relieving gel helps relieve pressure points and conforms to your body for the perfect fit. 

While the shock-absorbing base works wonders for smoothing the technical and bump trails, it offers that little extra comfort when rolling over roots, rocks, uneven climbs, and descents and absorbs all vibrations for a smooth ride. 

This one blends well with the bike, all in all, a good mountain bike saddle.

  • Allows for a perfect sitting posture and provides good grip.
  • The base has steel rails which are strong and provide durability.
  • The saddle grips the bike perfectly and does not move while riding.
  • Easy to clean and long lasting.
  • The saddle itself is only 369g
  • The angle might need a little adjustment, the first time.
Latest deal: WTB Speed Saddle

Pioneeryao Bicycle Bike Suspension Gel Seat

This design has a lot going for it. The ergonomic look is perfect for a wide base riding experience.

The colors that it comes with are black and red. The style and design look modern, unique, and futuristic. The pattern lines covering the seat look very stylish and are a definite eye-catcher. The saddle is also installable on the majority of bikes.

The hollow middle makes this bike seat super breathable which is super important on long rides, and if you live in a state where you get hot summers– it helps relieve heat and sweat during long-distance cycling. 

Pioneeryao provides comfort for both men and women; their comfortable seat is padded by high elasticity, high-density foam, and gel. The gel conforms to your body for ultimate comfort and shock absorption when cycling on rugged terrain.

Now, wait, here’s the best bit…

The saddle comes installed with a light at the back, too, for safe riding at night. It even comes with reflective patches that reflect surrounding lights, so not only is this saddle brilliant for hitting the trails, but it is safe to ride on roads at night. 

The price is phenomenal for the amount of quality you get. The company believes in good customer service and is willing to refund or replace the product if any problem arises within the first year of purchase, which is fantastic.

If you are on the lookout for a unique modern design that looks futuristic and comes in 2 amazing colors, this is the recommended buy.

  • Provides enhanced grip with its ergonomic shape and design.
  • Keep you from building sweat while riding
  • The cover is made out of microfiber artificial leather
  • The base of the saddle is made out of steel It will last you a long time.
  • The product is very well packaged.
  • The order time to arrive can be quite long.
Latest deal: Pioneeryao Bike Seat

Fabric S Pro Flat Saddle

This saddle speaks simplicity and elegance all throughout. The seat looks low profile, flush with perfect curves, and is downright simple. If you are a minimalist, this is the dream saddle for your mountain bike.

The matte black look is stunning. The looks on this one are ecstatic and blissful. The Fabric scoop pro also comes in an all-black look that looks amazing and will compliment your bike perfectly.

The saddle looks fantastic and stays out of the way of distraction at the same time.

This saddle takes performance-first ergonomics in its innovative design, which provides all-day trail comfort. With a shorter nose but broader rear section and a large cutout, you can maintain an aggressive riding position, no matter the trail. 

The elegant look is fantastic, and the color combinations are also very clean. The ergonomic design of the seat is also very nice as it helps you ride for extended periods of terrain. This is a definite eye-catcher.

It blends in well with the bike and is a straightforward recommendation. A little on the expensive side, though.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Rails are carbon fiber which makes it very durable
  • The light weight helps in gaining high velocities in little time
  • It doesn’t allow you to slip while riding
  • The flat shape lifts your pelvis slightly to keep minimum pressure while riding
  • This saddle is little on the pricier side
Latest deal: Fabric S Pro Flat Saddle

Selle SMP Stratos Saddle

Best leather mountain bike saddle

If you’re looking for a saddle that will express the bright side of your personality, then this is the one for you. The SMP saddle comes in various colors: red, light blue, black, green, white, and violet.

But that is not the main thing about this saddle. The main thing is the very curvy ergonomic design, which helps in extreme posture control and positional handle. Stratos is ideal for both intensive and recreational riding. 

The lightweight, comfortable foamed elastomer padding and smaller width make this saddle ideal for narrow or medium size pelvises; it is also covered in real leather, making it much more durable than other models. 

The beak of the saddle has been designed to provide a flat base for efforts while sitting, such as treacherous climbs or long uphill climbs; it offers greater control using the thighs, it also ensures sensitive areas are not pressed upwards and relieves pressure points. 

It keeps the ride comfortable for a long and helps you control the bike well, which is very important when shredding rough, technical trails.

But wait, let me tell you something…

It brings performance with an ergonomic design and also provides control while riding. The anti-sweat feature helps keep it dry and helps have a bacteria-free experience.

The slightly wider design gives maximum comfort without the necessary bulk. The extra-wide central channel eliminates pressure in sensitive areas, which prevents crotch numbness and makes longer rides more comfortable. 

The colors that come with it compliment the bike very well. The saddle is a definite eye-catcher and will turn a lot of heads. For me, this is an easy recommendation.

  • Strong hold and grip meaning It won’t come off easily
  • Ergonomic angular design which helps you conform to the seat
  • Looks stunning on the mountain bike.
  • The shell is nylon carbon reinforced which provides ultimate longevity and durability
  • Very easy to clean
  • A little pricy and can run you a good amount of money
Latest deal: Selle SMP Stratos Saddle

BioFlex OnGel Saddle

BioFlexOnGel Saddle has super-soft Bio flex OnGel. This saddle provides ease of painful pressure points as OnGel molds into your shape. It offers supreme fluid comfort in trail shocks and vibrations, increasing pressure relief because of the Ozone channel.

OnGel formulation makes it durable and long-lasting. At night or in low light conditions, the rear reflective design provides safety.

Here’s more!

This BioFlex OnGel saddle is brilliant for dampening road and trail shocks; despite it being slightly on the heavier side, it offers superb comfort thanks to the gel taking away most of the shock.

This saddle is available in 3 widths to suit different cycling styles. It is compatible with standard round rail camps.

  • Long-lasting
  • Increased pressure relief
  • Rear reflective design
  • Super-soft BioflexOnGel
  • Cheap saddle
Latest deal: BioFlex OnGel Saddle

Selle Italia Flite Flow Saddles with Titanium Rails

The Selle Italia Flite Flow Titanium Rail Saddle is the perfect saddle for you. The saddle has a broader setting platform and supportive yet minimal padding. It is ultra-slim, lightweight, and delivers excellent performance.

This saddle has an ergonomic cut, which is to increase airflow, remove weight, and relieve pressure on delicate areas. It is of carbon-reinforced, nylon composite shell, which makes it sturdy and lightweight.

This saddle has a lorica cover, which makes it breathe well and non-abrasive. The tubular rails provide outstanding strength.

  • Comfortable
  • Extra padding for durable ride positioning
  • 10% Carbon composite shell
  • Fibra-Tek microfiber cover
  • Shorter length
Latest deal: Selle Italia Flite Flow Saddles with Titanium Rails

Nukeproof Vector DH Comp Cro-Mo Saddle

Nukeproof Vector DH Comp Cro-Mo Saddle is one of the best saddles that has fantastic features. The saddle is stylish and inspired by the aerodynamic properties of fighter jets.

It has a vector design to provide comfort, dynamic style, and performance. This saddle enhances the performance of a top-level race bike because of the Vector’s distinctive lines.

This saddle offers a high level of performance, it is designed to with high-quality aerodynamic features. The saddle is slim, equipped for comfort while being extremely lightweight.

Comfort is key after all.. 

The saddle has a distinctly modern look and molded construction technique with Fabric’s futuristic Scoop, this saddle excels the trails in style and complete comfort. It comes with flatter rear and smooth tail to make it very easy to slide off the back.

All in all, this saddle works great, provides ultimate comfort and comes at an awesome price!

  • Distinctive look
  • Aerodynamic properties
  • Comfort
  • High performance
  • A few people don’t like its flatter rear
Latest deal: Nukeproof Vector DH Comp Cro-Mo Saddle

Fizik Antares R1 Carbon Bike Saddle

Fizik Antares R5 Saddle is great for both road and MTB use. It provides comfort and support while riding. If you like riding long distances, this saddle has tough micro tex cover construction, which makes it incredibly durable.

Fizik can handle multiple changes in your riding position. The carbon double shell and braided carbon rail for optimum blend of strength and support. The Wing Flex permits flexibility and the comfort you need when spending fun-packed days down the trails. 

This model provides maximum performance all day so you can ride easily. It delivers a fantastic strength to weight ratio as it is of manganese rail construction. It is lightweight and provides superior strength properties.

As if that was enough…

The degree of spinal flexibility this saddle offers helps you to a point before you need to rotate your pelvis to achieve fully the performance position. One thing I love about Fizik is that they understand not everyone is the same and they’ve catered to different levels of flexibility. 

You can delve deep into the world of trail riding and push the limits with every pedal stroke. 

  • High performance
  • Micro tex cover construction
  • Comfort
  • Manganese rail construction
  • Padding
Latest deal: Fizik Antares R1 Carbon Saddle

Selle Italia SLR Superflow Racing Saddle

Selle Italia SLR Superflow Racing Saddle is great and has a design that can provide comfort to the rider. The long, thine profile, flat support areas, and large center cut out to make this seat super comfortable and efficient for riding on long rides. 

It helps the rider to avoid struggling to find a riding position that they can sustain. The construction of the shell is of a nylon/carbon fiber composite that provides relief and delivers efficient power. 

Let me tell you this…

The unbeatable flexibility prevents perspiration buildup reduces pelvic zone pressure and adds comfort when riding technical terrain. 

There is a large central cut-out that reduces pressure on the sensitive perineum area and makes it more breathable. It offers consistent comfort so that you can enjoy your ride. The saddle comes with Selle Italia’s EVA padding and a Fibra-Tek leather cover.

  • Padding
  • Fibra-Tek leather cover
  • Comfortable
  • Nylon/carbon composite
  • Pricey
Latest deal: Selle Italia SLR Superflow Racing Saddle

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We’ve put an in-depth guide together for that.

We have looked over 21 road bike upgrades to make sure you’re getting the best for your money. We looked at racks, mirrors, sensors, tires, and much more to make sure we’ve found the greatest products available to buy when upgrading – you can see the full guide here which will be more relevant than the one you’re reading now.

Best Mountain Bike Saddles Buyers Guide

There is no more inseparable connection to your bike than the saddle, it is the main point of contact between you and the bike.

However, the saddle is maybe the most overlooked element on the bike. Everyone always boasts about their new handlebars, their new tires but no one brags about their brand new saddle.

A bike saddle is a very important bike component because it contributes to your comfort when cycling. It also allows you to achieve the correct balance when pedaling.

Apart from that, you also need to ensure that the saddle matches your weight. Heavy cyclists should choose a saddle with thick padding. It is also important to check the tilt to ensure that you will be able to ride in a comfortable position.

Whether you’re looking for a short ride or spending all day down the trails I’ve got you covered. I’ll get you going in no time.

There are many things you must look into before buying a saddle, I’ve broken it down into a list of the most important things to consider.

Key things to check when buying the best mountain bike saddles:

When searching for the best mountain bike saddles, your focus should be on the following;

Comfort: If the saddle is not comfortable, there is no way you will be able to enjoy your rides. This means that you should check various features such as the padding, cover, and material used to ensure that it will be comfortable even when cycling for long hours.

Comfort is the most important factor to consider when on any long ride. Many things come into play when it comes down to comfort, such as length, width, padding, shape, anatomical cutout. Comfort is down to personal preference. What might work for one person may not work for another. 

The fit is important as the right fit will mean it is suitable for you; I recommend trying out a couple of designs until you find your right fit. I would recommend going to a bike shop to get fitted as you’ll be sure to get the right measurement. 

Quality: The best saddles for mountain bikes contain three major parts, which are the seat, rails, and seat cover. When buying, you need to ensure that all these components are made of quality materials. You should also ensure that they are strong enough to withstand heavy use.

Versatility: Mountain bike saddles tend to have only one purpose, and that is for mountain biking, but nowadays, they have become more versatile than ever/ Certain models that are ideal for enduro, shuttles, or downhill riding are great for any road biking. 

Shock absorption is not only ideal for shredding the trails but also tackling rugged roads and pot-hole-filled cities. Mountain bike saddles offer high levels of overall comfort and all-around comfort. 

Durability: Durability is the most important factor to consider when buying any upgrade for a mountain bike. As any mountain biker will tell you, they tackle the most extreme conditions and rugged terrains, a saddle that is not the only shock-absorbing but durable is a must. 

Crashes tend to happen a lot more frequently on mountain trails; saddles need to accommodate that chance of impact; most mountain bike saddles are flexible and have abrasion-resistant materials sewn into place to protect them from damage. 

Shape: Some saddles may put pressure on your thighs due to friction. Therefore, you need to ensure that the shape allows your body to balance well when you are on the bike. Again, it should not be too narrow or too wide.

Airflow: This is another important feature most people overlook. You should ensure that the seat can keep you cool when cycling. It also helps to relieve pressure points and prevent muscle soreness around the crotch area while cycling. 

Padding: If you’re looking to be spending long periods down the trails or heading on especially rough terrains ensuring that the saddle has padding is so important.

Not only will it improve your overall experience of comfort, but it will also reduce stress on delicate parts, absorbing the shock when you come across a particularly uneven surface. This is so important, especially on a mountain bike saddle. 

Base: This is often made out of injected molded plastic. It is key for added comfort and alleviates pressure. It introduces greater flexibility and comfort.

Performance: The best mountain bike saddles have a build-in performance metric considered in the shape, padding, and level of comfort. Comfort has an important factor in performance as it allows you to push the limits for longer and harder it also allows the freedom to move and makes climbing descending much easier.

Some saddles even allow you to move from the front to back with ease actually perform better than others on the trail. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Mountain bike seats so hard?

Unlike other bike seats, MTB saddles are harder so they can support the soft tissues and the sit bones. As a result, they allow you to pedal comfortably. Apart from that, this design enhances circulation.

What causes saddle sores?

The main reason why you might experience this is when you have chosen the wrong saddle. You should also ensure that it is not too stiff or too narrow. To be on the safe side, you can pick any of those we have reviewed because they are the best.

Is a wider saddle better? 

The shape of the saddle decides its best use. Wider saddles tend to be more comfortable making them more suitable for long rides or leisurely riders where extra weight from more materials isn’t an issue.

How do I make my mountain bike seat more comfortable? 

Finding the right saddle in the first place can make your experience much better for you however there are ways you can make your seat more comfortable. For example, applying a thin layer of Padding, adjusting the saddle, or even using your saddle more often. Wearing down a saddle can make it mold therefore making it more comfortable. 

How do I choose a mountain bike saddle?

  • You should find the saddle with the right shape as different people need different sizes.
  • While searching, you should think of your flexibility and your position on the bike.
  • You should take measurements of the width of its bones.
  • For the best ride, you should set the saddle to the right height.
  • You should set the right saddle position.

Should my bike seat be higher than my handlebars?

The handlebars of your bike should be at least as high as your seat. You’ll place more stress on your neck, back, wrists, and arms if your handlebars are lower than your seat.


Today we saw how manufacturers did their absolute best to present their spell on the saddles for mountain bikes. And they impressed us in the most unique ways possible.

Some used gel for conformation while others used soft and plush foams for a comfortable experience. Some used rigid materials while others went with a more soft approach. We also saw how some saddles had openings in the middle to provide ultimate air flow and resist sweat build up.

They kept special care as to prevent bacterial growth while riding for long. Many also tried to provide funky colors and elegant designs to grab the attention of the audience.

Carbon fiber was also a material choice seen among the manufacturers as it helped a lot when it came to bringing durability and lightweight feature into play.

All the saddles we saw today were amazing in their own way and the manufacturers proved that they know how to make a good saddle. A saddle that will provide the best riding experience you are looking for.

So take care of yourselves and find that right fit and happy biking!