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Looking to get yourself some comfy yet practical cycling shorts to shred the trails in style? 

Well, you’re at the right place. 

As mountain bikers, we strive for comfort and practicality. There’s nothing worse than a pair of shorts that constantly ride up your ass; the constant de-wedgying and repositioning get quite tedious (plus, you’ll be sure to get some weird looks). 

This is also why finding mountain bike shorts can be quite a challenge; we switch positions a lot when shredding the trail, plus we tend to get quite sweaty down below. We all want shorts that are comfortable, not restrictive, breathable, and do the job. 

Trust me, my friend, I feel you. 

This is why I have spent hours trying and testing my selection of the very best cycling shorts; they’ll be sure to get you and your crotch through the summer months with ease– as well as looking stylish too. Whether your a downhill racer, serious trail shredder, or recreational trail rider, I’ve got your pretty bottom covered. 

Here’s a pro tip before we get started: It’s more than just the style you want to go for if you want that little extra portection the best material to go for is lycra. It is robust, durable, and comfortable; they’ll offer that little more protection you need for the trails. 

My top three picks are my favorite mountain bike shorts ever! 

We’ve spent the time so you don’t have to:

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Best Mountain Bike Shorts


Endura Hummvee II Shorts

Coming in at the top spot is the Endura Hummvee II Shorts; these shorts are all about comfort and durability.

The outer fabric of this Endura Hummvee II Shorts is of mini-ripstop nylon with a DWR finish. It includes a Click fast-detachable liner with a 200-series pad. These shorts provide you with benefits from a hard-wearing seamless seat panel.

You get a customized fit with it as it comes with an elasticized rear waistband with an adjustable belt. There are many pockets in these shorts where you can place your valuables, essentials, and maps.

Have trouble with getting too hot and sweaty down the trails?

No worries! These shorts provide that little extra ventilation through zipped thigh vents with mesh inserts; your crotch will feel cool and free. The material is also very heavy-duty and designed to prevent cuts and splits while shredding the rugged terrain. 

There are also zippers all over the shorts, making them brilliant for storing all the essentials such as keys, an energy bar, or whatever you’d like. I cannot recommend these shorts more; they’ll be sure to keep you cool on the trails.

High-quality material
Customize fit
Extra ventilation
Many pockets
Mini zip pockets at the knee can sometimes cause problems

Latest deal: Endura Hummvee II Shorts – with Liner


Zoic Ether Bike Shorts

best mens mountain bike shorts

If you’re looking for a pair of shorts that will not only see you through your trail adventures but also versatile enough to take on urban cruizes too. These bike shorts are packed with features such as a detachable liner; they’re ideal for all kinds of riding. 

The rugged, quick-drying ripstop nylon can endure a fair amount of heavy abuse and resist abrasion, making them perfect for those that love to delve deep into the mountainous terrain. The removable polyester stress liner helps wick away moisture and circulate airflow.

Plus, there’s a built-in chamois pad designed specifically for men– I’ve got you, my guys. 

These shorts have some pretty cool features, such as an elastic back waistband and hoop and loop side taps to get your perfect fit. The fusion inseam gusset also frees up motion and eliminates seat hang-ups, ideal for comfort and practicality. 

One thing I love about these shorts is the lining, as you don’t feel like you’re wearing a wet diaper when going into the pub for a pint after your ride with your pals– unless you’ve had a few too many… Note to self, don’t have too many.

These shorts will store everything you need with the 2 front hand pockets, 2 zip leg pockets, and the subtle rear zip pocket. Zoic even includes a tech pocket at the back thigh to safely store your smartphone or music player. 

The tapered seams, chamois pad, breathable and durable design allows you to have an ultra-smooth, non-chafing drive without the sweat. People go mad for these shorts, and you will too! 

Built in chamois pad designed specifically for men
Durable polyester lining and ripstop nylon
Free movement
Smartphone pocket
Could add reflective strip

Latest deal: Zoic Ether Bike Shorts


Cycorld Men's Mountain Biking Shorts

best waterproof mountain bike shorts

Coming in at number three are the Cyclord mountain bike shorts.

These shorts are all about comfort, with sweat-wicking, quick-dry, and elastic fabric with reflective strips to keep your move and shine through every move. You’ll feel safe and secure on your ride. 

We love these shorts because they don’t hinder your riding one iota. They provide a seamless riding experience which is what we all want in cycling shorts.

And that’s not all. 

They’re adjustable with extraordinary craftsmanship and custom design. Plus, the ideal fitting and inseams are designed to move with you as you pedal, providing a smooth experience.

One customer said that “They exceeded all expectations. Their craftsmanship is top-notch. Well placed zippers. Water repellent. But most important for me is that they are incredibly comfortable!”

You can’t go wrong with these, so try them out now.

Elastic waistbands
Durable fabric
Six pockets
Breathable and comfortable
Not properly contoured around the zipper area

Latest deal: Cycorld Men’s Mountain Biking Shorts


Men's Ascent Vector Bibs

best mountain bike bib shorts

If you’re looking for a bike bib that does it all down the trails, then look no further than Ascent

The Ascent Vector Bib is perfect for shorter and longer distances, regardless of weather conditions, made from Flash technology material that helps you stay cool from sweat and ensures top comfort with chamois padding.

This bib will fit like a glove with the MITI Vector & Shield fabrics, as well as Silhouette Articulation and contoured seaming for exceptional fit. As well as this, it includes flatlock stitching and breathable stretch mesh with a knit bridge, so you never have to fear the straps falling off your shoulders.

Now here’s the best bit.

Made with Flash technology fabric, this shorts bib regulates body temperature. Hence, you never overheat even on long rides or sunny days by pushing away perspiration to keep you always cool.

To top it all off, the Ascent Vector Bib has single-layer leg bands made from Silicone backing for extra grip on your legs to ensure they don’t ride up as you cycle. Complete with extra padding over the front with Elastic Interface Paris chamois and full coverage, you can ride in style and confidence.

No more thin worn-out cycling shorts that get soaked in the first ten minutes for wearing them or that slip and slide as you cycle; these will keep your shorts in place and are extremely comfortable. 

Flash technology that helps you stay cool
Elastic chamois padding
Silicone leg grippers
Contoured seaming
Slightly pricey

Latest deal: Men’s Ascent Vector Bibs


BERGRISAR Men's Cycling Shorts

My fourth pick is for those looking for my hot riders; let me introduce you to Bergrisar! Made from a breathable fabric that lets water vapor and perspiration move away from the body, these shorts are great for avoiding getting sweaty downstairs.

In addition to this, the 6 pockets provide convenient storage. However, some customers found that several of these pockets weren’t big enough to be useful, so this may be something worth considering.

But that’s not the only good thing about these shorts… 

The reflective logo adds visibility in low light, and the lightweight 4-way stretch fabric and gusseted crotch promote mobility so you won’t feel constrained while riding.

Now on to the reviews. One happy customer had this to say: “Very comfortable and light. Also, it may not be 100% waterproof, but it is definitely water-resistant from light rain. You can’t go wrong with the cost compared to more well-known name brands like FOX that you have to pay 3x more.”

You can’t go wrong with the quality and comfort you get for the price! 

Hook and Loop
Elastic waistbands
Metal buckle
Matching fabric
Cheap quality

Latest deal: BERGRISAR Men’s Cycling Shorts


Fox Racing Slambozo Shorts

Looking for some mountain bike shorts that are on the little more casual side? Not everyone wants spandex shorts or ugly cycling shorts; we all want some that we can wear down the pub without looking like the odd one out. 

These shorts are a hot weather favorite for both on and off the bike. 

FOX Sports is a renowned brand for offering excellent cycling shorts, and this is one of the best if you’re looking for comfort and flexibility. The Slambozo short comes with an updated design that offers a greater stretch level, making it ideal for down the trails. 

These shorts are created from a durable stretch canvas softened with enzyme wash to provide ultimate comfort and great freedom of movement while retaining long-lasting quality. 

But that’s not all…

Fox Racing Ranger Cargo Shorts provides a specific fit and free-flowing pedaling feel. These shorts are of a combination of durable two-way stretch fabric and Fox’s Rider Attack Position. It provides a superior fit and more precise adjustability.

You can keep your essentials close to your hand as there are two low-profile hand pockets, a zippered pocket for car keys and valuables, and two low-profile cargo pockets.

You’re guaranteed impressive comfort and protection while riding through mountain trails.

Highly comfortable
Many pockets
Two-way stretch fabric
Fitting issues

Latest deal: Fox Racing Slambozo Short


Assos TRAIL Cargo Shorts

best baggy mountain bike shorts

Now I know when we get to the last pick, we all assume it’s the worst out of the bunch but not for the case of these shorts. They’re slim and trim but wonderfully unrestrictive, making them ideal for any cycling adventure. 

These baggy shorts are super adaptable and ideal for freeriding mountain biking, serious trail-shredding, or long gravel adventures. Assos Trail shorts are the most versatile and supremely comfortable shorts for long mountain trails and off-road riding.

It offers greater flexibility with reduced bulk. The fabric of these shorts is highly abrasion-resistant. It gives fabulous freedom of movement while riding because of a bi-stretch woven construction. This allows you to have the freedom of movement you need while over technical terrain. 

But wait, here’s more…

Worried about getting sweaty while down the trails? Well, you won’t need to worry any more thanks to the breathable design and fast-drying properties. You can even wear these shorts out in the rain as they’re treated with a durable water repellent.

You also get a smooth and comfortable feel, lessening pressure across the waist as it has very elastic Abdom Zero Pressure. No buttons or faster and no more feeling like your shorts are falling down during your ride; they stay in place perfectly. 

You cannot beat these shorts!

Abdom Zero Pressure
Very comfortable
Freedom of movement
Fits perfectly
Nothing has been reported against this product yet

Latest deal: Assos TRAIL Cargo Shorts

Best Mountain Bike Shorts– A Buyer’s Guide

While looking and buying any product, there are different things one should look at. First and foremost, one should look at the product’s price to know whether the price is worth purchasing such a product at such a value.

Secondly, the quality of the product as the product should be of the best quality; otherwise, it would be just a waste of your money. Third is how much rating the product has, as the ratings come from the customers. These customers have experience with the product and share the experience on the website.

You should compare different products to determine which product will be right for you. If you buy the product without comparison, you may be lost as you can find a better outcome later. 

If you don’t get the right one, you’ve to go for the new one after a short time. For instance, if you are buying shorts for mountain bikers, then there are many different things you should look at, such as durability, comfort, ventilation, and, most importantly, pockets.

I’m here to break down everything you need to know so when you come to buy your mountain bike shorts; you’ll know you’re getting the very best product.

 Things To Consider When Buying Mountain Bike Shorts: 

The following are the best features that you would find in most of the products mentioned above:

Pockets: This is arguably one of the most important factors when buying mountain bike shorts for mountain biking; pockets are key for storing all your essentials. You need a place for your phone, keys, and something else in the pockets to take with you.

The location of the pocket also matters as if the pockets would be on the hip side, then it would tend to place gear on top of your thigh and are less susceptible to movement or crash damage.

The best mountain bike shorts mentioned above will provide you with many pockets to keep your essentials and valuables securely.

Fit: Fit is another important factor when it comes to mountain riding. If the shorts didn’t fit nicely, it would be challenging to ride on the mountain trails. The shorts targeted at XC riders are of lighter materials and slightly shorter in length.

The best mountain bike shorts provide elastic waistbands to offer the perfect fit. Most of the shorts for mountain bikers mentioned above in the article provide you with the best fit and come with elastic waistbands.

Inner vs. outer:  If you’re looking to get yourself a pair of baggy shorts, you’ll come across inner shorts or outer short term. It’s the same concept as wearing underwear under your pants; the inner liner will be made out of breathable, sweat-wicking material and feature a chamois. 

The outer shorts almost act as a BYO liner. Now you can buy yourself bibs, but they don’t tend to breathe as well, and we need breathability down the trails. However, be careful when buying shorts with inner shorts as the ones included tend to be of less quality. 

Adjustability: Adjustability is another significant factor to consider as any mountain biker will tell you there’s no such thing as ‘one size fits all. Most adjustable mountain bike shorts come with a velcro adjustment on the waistband on the inside. 

I personally prefer it to be on the outside as it’s less likely to irritate your skin, and it’s easy to adjust mid-ride. However, they can catch on your jacket or jersey, but when paired with webbing, it works well. Belt loops are also ideal as it allows you to wear any old pant belt, but this may get in the way of bum bags. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some questions relevant to mountain bike shorts that people often ask:

Are mountain bike shorts worth it?
Yes, mountain bike shorts are worth buying as with them, you can ride in a better way. These shorts are a bit expensive but are more durable, stretchy, and include MTB-specific features.

Why do mountain bikers wear baggy shorts?
Mountain bike riders like to wear baggy shorts because of the features. The shorts for mountain bike riders do have extra pockets. They are more comfortable, offer more range of motion, and are abrasion-resistant.

These shorts are part of mountain biking culture and fashion, are warmer, and look better.

Are mountain bike shorts padded?
The best mountain bike shorts are stretchy to provide easy leg movement and a padded crotch liner, which reduces wick moisture and friction like their road counterparts.

If you want, you can get the Padded liner shorts and shell shorts separately. There are plenty of pockets in most mountain biking shorts, and they are also of sturdy fabrics.


Mountain riders wear shorts for an easy ride on the trails. Shorts for mountain riders come with great features. These shorts are of great fabric that provides easy movement and comfort on the ride. Most of them are abrasive resistant and provide airflow to provide comfort.

There is extra ventilation on the front and rear that enhances the breathability. Mountain bike shorts for the mountain bikers have many pockets, some of which are zippers and also others. These pockets are there to keep his essentials and valuables in them while enjoying the ride.

Moreover, each mountain bike shorts have pros and cons, and it depends on user requirements. The comparison between different products will help you to find the right one. You can make the comparison through the summary and pros and cons of each product.

Happy pedaling! 

Alex Bristol

Content Manager at Pedallers


Alex is a cycling expert at Pedallers and focuses on reviewing bikes, accessories, and general cycling. He searches for the most up to date products that match the needs of cyclists across the world. Whether it's recent news or the best bike set-ups, Alex is a trusted source for anything around cycling.