Best Oakley Lenses For Road Cycling

By: Mason Arnold

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Oakley men’s radar pitch sunglasses
Oakley mens Flight Jacket sunglasses
Oakley men’s Jawbreaker

If you’re looking for quality cycling sunglasses, then Oakley is the brand.

Cycling sunglasses lenses are an integral part of a complete and wholesome cycling experience. Not only because they are protection for your eyes and tint the sun for you, but also because they look really good and complement your cycling gear.

Oakley has been at the forefront of cycling sunglasses ever since they started, and have since put out some high quality, modish and remarkable cycling eye wear. They have been the go-to choice by very well-known athletes in the game, for a very long time period now.

How do you choose?

With so many available, Oakley continue to stop at nothing and keep pushing forward with new technology like exclusive material and quality lenses, to bring the best to the table when it comes to protecting your eyes on your favorite cycling journeys.

That’s where I come in. I’ve decided to put together my favorite Oakley glasses so you can find the best Oakley sunglasses for cycling. With this brand, you know you have quality guaranteed, so its all about finding the best one to suit your head shape and personal style.

Here’s a tip- if you have smaller face, go for teen sunglasses or narrow glasses that aren’t oversized, as this will help to fit your face better.

Check out the sunglasses on this list for your next pair of Oakleys.

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Best Oakley lenses for road cycling

Oakley men’s radar pitch sunglasses

If you want the best Oakley sunglasses for cycling, then stop here.

The Oakley Radar EV sunglasses are designed to have a taller frame to widen your field of vision. For all those who don’t like dark sunglasses, these provide protection and light color so you can still enjoy the sunshine.

The Oakley sunglasses have a 20% light transmission and are perfect for medium light conditions, making them ideal for your everyday bike ride. The contrast on these glasses is increased for better visibility.

That’s not all.

For ultimate comfort and nonslip factor, the Oakley Radar has an O Matter frame so you won’t even feel they’re there. These premium glasses also have Unobtanium components for ease of use.

My favorite is that these have a magenta tone, which makes them stand out from other sunglasses and makes it more fun to use whether you’re a man or a woman.

Click on the link to check out the product.

  • Plutonite lens blocks UV and blue light
  • PRIZM lens technology for enhanced contrast
  • Optical clarity
  • Ear socks and nosepads for comfort
  • Nose piece is soft and squishy
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Oakley mens OO9290 jawbreaker

Looking for a stunner? You’ll love this one.

Oakley brings another eye catching frame with a thicker bezel which looks absolutely stunning. The sunglasses come in many different colors you can choose from and has different finishes on them also.

The lens used is plutonite once again which improves contrast and color. The lens also increases your resolving ability and optical clarity, hence allowing you to spot road blocks or bumps in the road more quickly and ahead of time.

Not only that.

The style of these sunglasses is modern and chic, complementing your bike and cycling gear perfectly. The PRIZM tech used blocks all UV and blue light, keeping your eye sight healthy. O-matter stress resistant lens also helps in reducing eye fatigue, and the flexible frame improves durability of the sunglasses.

Nosepads and ear socks come with the package and the lens is interchangeable. They give a very bold look for people who like it that way. The price is nice and this one is a steal.

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  • Plutonite lens improves contrast and color
  • Better optical clarity
  • Durable and flexible frame
  • O-matter lens reduces eye fatigue
  • Adhesive connection on the side arms is not good
Latest deal: Oakley mens OO9290 jawbreaker

Oakley men’s flight jacket sunglasses

Best Oakley sunglasses for large heads, hands down.

Another one of Oakley’s finest pair of cycling sunglasses, this time with a twist. The lens has a larger and broader surface area and hence the coverage around your eyes is much more improved. This also eliminates light bleeds into your eyes from the sides.

The lenses have a very ergonomic shape for the frame as well which makes it unique and different from other offerings. The glasses come in many different colors you can choose from.

It gets better.

These glasses have PRIZM tech for increased contrast in color and reduced eye fatigue with o-matter tech. Of course, the glasses have a good flex in the frame and come standard with ear socks and nose pads for ultimate comfort.

This pair of cycling sunglasses are perfect for people who are looking for a slightly different take on sunglasses. The price is amazing for the features you are provided with and this one is a major go.

Worth a look I’d say.

  • O-matter tech for reduced eye fatigue
  • PRIZM tech for better contrast and color
  • Optical clarity
  • Flexible frame with cleaning and storage bag included
  • Do not fit well with BD helmet
Latest deal: Oakley men’s OO9418 wind jacket sunglasses

Oakley radar EV path OO9208

If you love a colorful pair of sunnies, check these out.

Ever wanted an inexpensive pair of cycling sunglasses which comes with an accessory leash kit? Say no more as Oakley brings a lightweight frame for cycling with many colors and finishes to choose from.

The price is kept low by using high quality plastic and non-polarized lens. But the glasses perform just as good, if not better than the sunglasses you would get at a higher price tag. The glasses are tinted to block sun rays and allow you to focus on the road.

I love these.

It helps you figure out bumps and blocks on the terrain, and is resistant to falls and rough rides. The glasses also come with a designer iWear care kit. It includes 1 ounce spray bottle, mirror, screw driver which doubles as a key chain.

Not only that but is also has a folded microfiber cleaning cloth to protect and clean your glasses whenever needed. It also comes with a 2 year warranty which is always good to have. You can take these anywhere you want.

Find out why others love them by clicking on the orange button.

  • Durable and high quality plastic
  • Leash kit
  • Designer care kit with microfiber cloth and screwdriver/key chain
  • 2 year warranty
  • Less flexible
Latest deal: Oakley radar EV path OO9208

Oakley men’s OO9343 M2 frame XL

You’re not going to miss out on these.

Oakley brings a new modern take at cycling sunglasses which look stylish, stunning and chic. The frame has a very ergonomic shape and the lens itself has cool curves to it. The glasses come installed with plutonic lens to block UV and blue light.

Protects your eye sight and helps with contrast and color as well with its PRIZM tech. it also has patented high definition optics which improve optical clarity and help you better distinguish bumps and potholes.

But that’s not all.

 O-matter tech makes the glasses stress-free for long term use. Helps make it comfortable for extended sessions of bike riding. It also has ear socks and nosepads installed for comfort. Interchangeable lense gives you options and the price is great for the features included in the package.

These really are a win for me, nice and discreet so you can wear them all year round on all your bike rides. Will you be getting these?

Click on the link to find out the latest prices.

  • Patented high definition optics
  • PRIZM tech for contrast boost
  • Plutonite lens for UV and blue light filter
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Do not come with a hard case
Latest deal: Oakley men’s OO9343 M2 frame XL

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Best Oakley Lenses For Road Cycling – A Buyer’s Guide

We all love some sunshine, but when we’re out cycling and the sun just hits us, it can be unpleasant and even obstruct our visibility.

That’s why I love Oakley sunglasses, made specifically for cyclists out there, they have an array of styles of colors so no matter if you have a wide face or a small face, man or woman, you can find the right pair for you.

Oakley’s are known for providing quality, so focus on what you love best- cycling. That’s why I’m confident you will find your next favorite pair of sunglasses.

Which one will you buy?

Types of cycling sunglasses:

Cycling sunglasses have many types. Some of these are frameless sunglasses that have a lower weight and do not obscure your vision, pivlock arena glasses, sportstyle glasses, Oakley jawbreaker, sunwise, and BBB select cycling glasses.

All of these glasses have one thing in common and that is proper protection from UV and blue light. These glasses also have reduced weight and stress index which helps to keep them on for long. But today we focused on offerings specifically from Oakley.

Why Buy Cycling Sunglasses?

If you’re a beginner in the cycling game, you might think buying cycling sunglasses is just another marketing ploy. Whilst it depends on your own preferences, here are a few reasons why I personally prefer to buy cycling glasses such as Oakleys.

Visibility: cycling-specific sunglasses can help to block out that harsh light and give a wider angle of view than regular glasses. Especially if you buy Oakley wide frame glasses. Strong winds can cause watery eyes which is not a good experience while riding, rain can also affect your vision

Interchangeable lenses: Some sunnies have the option to change lenses, and even you get the pro benefit that if you find a favorite frame you can get them in different lens colors for sunnier or darker days.

Anti-fog: A lot of sports sunglasses have venting in them to have air circulate in them, so even on tough rides you won’t have your vision obstructed by your breathing.

Weather-proof: I love wearing sports sunglasses as they are great to wear for protection from wind, dust, and bugs, so even without much sun you can wear lightly tinted sunglasses to help protect your eyes.

Cycling sunglasses protect you from bugs and road dirt. Bugs can irritate your eyes if you get into contact with them during a cycling ride. Dirt also has the same effect so it is important to shield your eyes with proper gear.

UV Protection and more durable: Another advantage of cycling sunglasses is that they are UV protected which helps keep out harmful rays from your eyes. They are also stress-free for extended use and have better contrast and color for proper optical viewing.

Cycling glasses have always been an important tool for cyclists and it has always helped in gaining high speeds without any obstruction.

These are the main reasons I love to wear cycling-specific sunnies, I also find it easier to get a good fit and better quality that can withstand my cycling, so I can keep my nicer sunglasses protected for less intense outings.

Why are Oakley lenses so unique?

The most outstanding thing about Oakley lenses is that they are built from a sturdy material known as the O-matter. This is a nylon-infused plastic that is flexible enough to allow the gasses to suit the shape of the user.

Unlike other lenses, Oakley lenses are very comfortable and are also resistant to impact. To ensure that the sunglasses will remain in place when you are cycling, Oakley uses Unobatinum material in most of its lenses.

This material is normally used on the contact points such as the arms and the nose of the sunglasses.  Another thing about them is that they use an advanced technology which enables you to adjust the sunglasses according to different riding environments.

What to look for in Oakley Sunglasses for road cycling

Here are a couple of things you can choose when buying Oakley sunglasses so that you find the best pair for you.

Lenses: Oakley does a variety of lenses, to provide sunglasses for every occasion. You can find some that are darker tinted for strong sunshine, and also lighter tinted sunglasses for UV protection and maximum visibility. You can also find discreet grey lenses, or magenta lenses, and other colors.

Materials: As we all know Oakley is of amazing quality, and that reflects directly in their sunglasses. They also use the most up-to-date technology and even the frame itself is made with strong comfortable materials so they don’t slip and feel comfortable on your face.

Coverage– Cycling sunglasses are very important because they protect your eyes from direct sunlight. Apart from that, they keep your eyes free from debris, insects and dirt. When buying, you need to consider those with large lenses. They should wrap around your face to provide maximum protection from different angles. Larger lenses also provide a better and wider field of view when cycling.

Scratch-resistant– The best Oakley lenses should be scratch-resistant. This is an important aspect because they are likely to fall off accidentally. The lenses should be able to eliminate flares and glare from reflected or direct light.

UV Protection– It is important you check the UV protection rating from the package to ensure that it will keep your eyes safe from UV light. Without this feature, you may not be able to enjoy cycling especially during the summer.

Hydrophobic coating– This coating ensures that raindrops do not stick on the lenses which might affect visibility. You may also need to consider sunglasses that come with interchangeable lenses. This will save you the cost of buying different lenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Oakley lenses worth it?
As compared to other types of lenses, Oakley lenses are made of tough and flexible materials. As a result, you can easily adjust them according to the cycling condition.

What color lens is the best for cycling?
Rose and amber lenses provide the best visibility.

How much are Oakley sunglasses?

Depending on which type of sunglasses you’re going for, expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $200. It is an investment, but well worth it for those who cycle a lot and need a reliable pair of sunglasses they can wear over and over again.

How much do Oakley prescription sunglasses cost?

At a very minimum, Oakley prescription sunglasses start at around $230 for single vision and an anti reflective coating. The most expensive can read around $930 for a special carbon fiber frame and polarized lenses or progressive lenses. It all depends on what you get.


When you are searching for the best sunglasses for cycling, Oakley Lenses are the most preferred.

The best thing about them is that they are specially built with special features that protects your from Ultra Violet rays from the sun. Apart from that, they boost your visibility during the hot sunny days.

Again, they protect your eyes from debris and dust to ensure that you are very comfortable when cycling.