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Best Phone Cases for Cyclists [Review] in 2020

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One of the most important items you should always carry when cycling is your phone. Apart from allowing you to make or receive calls, a phone can keep you entertained since it allows you to listen to your favourite songs. However, you need to ensure that it is well protected from damages in case it falls. The best way to do this is by investing in a quality phone case. These cases are so cheap and they also keep your phone free from dust. In this article, we have reviewed the top 4 cases for cyclists.

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4 Phone Cases for Cyclists - Reviews and Buyer’s Guide


i-Blason Magma Series Case for iPhone X/iPhone Xs

Top Choice Item

One of the things that makes this phone case popular is that it doesn’t interfere with the phone’s functions. It also protects your phone’s ports from dust and debris since it features port covers. Apart from that, it has a multi-layered TPU bumper which protects it from damage in case it falls. A screen protector is also added to allow touch sensitivity. Another thing is that it has a transparent backing shield which protects your phone from scratches. It works perfectly with Apple iPhone X/iPhone Xs. However, it is not suitable for iPhone 8/8 plus.

Scratch resistant back
Inbuilt screen protector
Allows wireless charging
Looks nice
Quite bulky

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Rokform Rugged [Galaxy Models] Military Grade Magnetic Protective Phone Case

Prime Picked Item

Rokform Rugged Phone Case is made of a sturdy polycarbonate shell which is resistant to impact. It also comes with magnets which does not harm your phone or credit cards. For easier mounting, it features an integrated magnet. Another thing is the twist lock system for optional bike, motorcycle and car accessories. In terms of design, you will find that it has a sleek shape which means that it is not too bulky. Again it is drop tested up to 6 feet which means you do not need to worry in case you drop your phone accidentally.

Easy to mount
Excellent magnet lock
2-year warranty
Doesn’t allow wireless charging

Latest deal: Rockform Rugged


PITAKS Protective Case MagEZ Case Pro

Best Value Item

If you are searching for the best phone case for cyclist, this one will give you the best value. Unlike others, it features 5 layers to enhance protection. It also has an inner micro fiber layer which protects your phone from scratches. Additionally, it has an airbag design which reduces impact when your phone falls. You will also find that it has raised front edges to boost screen protection. All the corners are reinforced with bumpers to provide exceptional impact absorption. Also note that it has a shock resistant back panel and non slip side grips which reduces chances of slipping.

5 layers of protection
Allows wireless charging
Back panel is shock resistant
Reinforced bumper corners
Buttons are hard to press

Latest deal: PITAKS MagEZ Phone Case


Heavy Duty Military Grade iPhone Case-Phone Armor – Shock/Shatterproof

This one is an excellent choice for those who are searching for the most affordable option. The good thing about it is that it is made of sturdy materials to protect your phone from damage and also scratches. Again, it keeps your phone free from external factors like dust. You will also find that it does not affect wireless charging which is also a great feature. The case is very comfortable to hold and does not slip off easily. Don’t forget that it has been tested for quality in U.S.A.

Sturdy materials
Affordable price
Supports wireless charging
Too slippery

Latest deal: Military Grade Phone Case

How we did our research

Today almost everyone owns a smartphone. As a result, the market for phone cases has really grown which means that these products are so many. When we were picking our top 4 products, these are some of the things we checked to ensure that we only picked the best products.

Materials – The materials used to make the phone case will determine whether the case will provide maximum protection to your phone or not. One of the most common things you will find in all the above products is that they are made of sturdy materials. This means that you do not need to worry even if your phone falls because they provide excellent protection. They are also durable as compared to others on the market

Features – Some of the important features a phone case should have is the ability to allow wireless charging. It should also have different features that will enable it to provide excellent protection to your phone. As compared to other products on the market, the products we have reviewed are very advanced.

Design – Phone cases for cyclists are available in different designs whereby some are more attractive than others. The best one should give your phone an attractive look and that is another feature you will find in all those phone cases we have reviewed.

Price – A phone case should not be too expensive. To save you from spending a lot of money, we have picked the most budget friendly phone cases that will give you excellent value for your money

Reviews – It may not be easy to determine the quality of a phone case by just checking its designs and features. The best way to determine the quality of any product is by checking customer reviews. You will find that all those products we have reviewed have awesome reviews on Amazon. You can confirm this by checking the product links we have included.

Frequently asked questions

Are phone cases for cyclists worth it?

Phone cases save you the money you would spend to replace or repair your phone if it falls. The good thing about these accessories is that they are very cheap. Again, they are made of sturdy materials which enables them to provide maximum protection to your phone.

Are hard cases good for phones?

The best phone case should have a soft liner and a hard cover. Such a phone will not only protect your phone from damages but it also keeps your phone free from scratches.

What material phone case is the best?

Polycarbonate cases are the best because they last longer and are also lightweight. 


If you have not yet purchased a phone case for your phone, you need to look for one immediately. Even if they are very cheap, they will save you a lot of money you would have spent to buy a new phone in case your phone drops and gets damaged. Besides that, these cases especially the ones we have reviewed are highly durable. Pick any of them today.

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