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By: Mason Arnold

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Vibrelli mini bike pump
Pro Bike Tool Pump with Gauge
Pro Bike Tool CO2 Inflator

Tired of getting flat tires every time you’re in the middle of nowhere?

Then it’s time for you to treat yourself to a portable pump.

I have reviewed loads of different types of portable pumps from hand pumps to single-use canister pumps and other variations to find the best portable bike pumps out there.

We’ve all been there, stuck miles away from help, in the rain with a flat tire and the universe against us. “Never again” we vowed, but the search for a trusty mini pump can still be a challenge.

So, I have some good news.

To make things easier and as a fellow biker, I have checked through every mini pump on this list so they have everything you need when stuck out in the woods. I’ve factored in key points such as durability, practicality, size, and air capacity to find only the best portable bike pumps for you.

Don’t forget- when checking out portable bike pumps; make sure you know the air pressure capacity of your wheels and whether you have a Schrader valve or a Presta valve, so you get a bike pump that is compatible with your bike tires.

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The Best Portable Bike Pumps That Made The Cut

Vibrelli mini bike pump and Glueless puncture repair kit

You’ll get what I mean when I say that the Vibrelli portable pump is my number 1 on this list.

This puncture repair kit really is the full package. Made from sleek, durable aluminium alloy and is designed to fit onto any type of valve. The telescopic mechanism and air capacity are great for pumping to higher air pressures even on road or MTB bikes.

I love the versatility of the Vibrelli portable bike pump. You don’t even need to fiddle with valve adapters; this mini pump automatically locks onto both Schrader and Presta valves making it hassle-free.

But there’s more.

The Vibrelli portable bike pump also comes with a mounting bracket which means you never have to forget your pump again, as you can attack it with the Velcro straps straight onto your bike. As someone who likes to travel light, I love this feature.

This portable bike pump really is ideal. It can fit onto any valve; it has a large air capacity which means you can pump your tire to high air pressure too, and even comes with a glue-less puncture repair kit.

I’d say it was a lifesaver.

  • Durable aluminium alloy
  • It fits into all valves
  • Can also pump higher air pressures
  • Comes with puncture repair kit
  • It might take a few minutes to pump
Latest deal: Vibrelli mini bike pump

Pro Bike Tool Pump with Gauge

The Pro bike tool pump doesn’t disappoint in performance.

This is your classic but better emergency bike pump. Also made from durable aluminium alloy, it is lightweight and has a compact flexible air hose that is stored in the handle. It boasts quick pumping power even for higher-pressure tires.

One feature that is awesome about the Pro bike pump is the integrated pressure gauge so you can pump your tires to the right air pressure. That makes it very easy to use, and with the quick pump time required, you’ll be out on your bike again in no time.

And that’s not all.

Not only is the Pro bike pump built to last, but it’s also compatible with both Presta valves and Schrader valves, so you can even use it on your friend’s bike. The flexible, weightless air hose is also very practical at pumping awkward or tight valve placements.

I really think this is a must-have for any cyclist, it’s durable, compact, and lightweight and even comes with a pressure gauge and mounting bracket so you can take it with you wherever you go.

Check out what the reviews are saying!

  • Quick pump time
  • Durable aluminium alloy
  • Pressure gauge with mount bracket attached
  • Compatible with Presta and Schrader
  • It is not compatible with non-threaded valve extenders
Latest deal: Pro Bike Pump

Pro Bike Tool CO2 Inflator

If you like CO2 inflator pumps, this one is for you.

The Pro bike tool CO2 inflator, not to be confused with the previous pump by the same brand, works by releasing pressurized CO2 rather than manually pumping air. Insulated and made from durable aluminium alloy, it has replaceable or refillable CO2 cartridges so you can use it time and time again.

It is perfect for cyclists who need a quick instant pump for their flat tire, and a small and compact inflator to carry around. This one works for Presta and Schrader valves too and is fully insulated so you won’t get frozen fingers from the CO2.

But here’s the best part.

Unlike other CO2 inflators, this Pro bike tool inflator pump regulates how much CO2 is pumped into the tire, so you don’t risk overfilling it or wasting a whole cartridge unnecessarily.  With precise parts, there is a secure connection too so you won’t get leaks.

This inflator is built to last and provides an instant pump so you can get back to cycling. I love the regulated release of CO2 so you don’t even need to monitor air pressure or anything.

It’s a best seller for a reason!

  • Controlled release/no overfilling
  • Very small and attaches onto bike
  • Supports Schrader and Presta valves
  • Durable aluminium alloy
  • CO2 cartridge not included
Latest deal: Pro Bike Tool CO2 Inflator

Bontrager Air Rush Pro Mini Pump

Looking for a pro mini pump that does it all?

This one right here. The Bontrager air rush pro mini pump is a two in one designe combining CO2 inflator and mini pump. It has a flexible rubber hose that is stored in a compact way, and comes with a mount bracket so you can carry it with you anywhere.

The Bontrager is truly one for the pros, a reliable pump that will last a lifetime designed by professionals. The pump head securely threads onto Presta and Schrader valves, and you can choose to pump it manually or quick CO2 inflation. Whatever your preferred method of pump, this one has it all.

Now listen to this.

Made to be very practical, it has folding handle locks into place so you can inflate the tires easily. It comes with a mounting bracket so you can store it under your water bottle carrier if you wish too.

The Bontrager is easy to use for beginners too, with a flexible rubber hose that quickly connects to the pump body with magnetic attachment. It’s designed so you can use it for higher pressure tires too.

Honestly, what more could you want?

  • Integrated pressure gauge
  • Concealed CO2 inflator
  • Compact hidden hose and mount bracket
  • Compatible with Schrader and Presta valves
  • Slightly pricey
Latest deal: Bontrager Air Rush Pro Mini Pump

Park Tool PMP-3.2 Micro Pump

Want a budget-friendly mini pump that gets you through every puncture?

You’ll want to have a look at the Park tool PMP 3.2 micro pump. This tool is compact and lightweight, perfect for carrying around and mounting on your bike. It’s compatible with both Schrader and Presta valve.

I love this mini pump as you can carry it with you in a jersey pocket, a seat bag or even mounted onto your water bottle carrier. That way you don’t ever have to forget it. At 200mm long and 3.7 ounces, it won’t add any extra weight either.

As if that’s not enough.

With the Park tool micro pump you don’t need an adaptor and can use it on both Schrader and Presta valves. You can pump up to 100psi, making this an ideal tool to have around.

For all of my fellow cyclists looking for a value for money, reliable micro pump, the Park tool is a great option.

Grab one today!

  • Micro compact size
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Compatible with Schrader and Presta
  • Mounting bracket included
  • Doesn’t have a pressure gauge
Latest deal: Park Tool PMP-3.2 Micro Pump

Lezyne Control Drive CO-2 Inflator

You know when you have a CO2 inflator but it breaks down on you when you need it?

You won’t have that problem with this one. The Lezyne Control Drive CO2 inflator is built to last and designed for those quick fixes on the side of the road. It is compatible with any kind of valve without needing an adaptor either.

What I love most about this inflator is the twist-valve for on/off operation which gives you full control of how much air you want to put into your tire. This inflator even comes with a slip-fit mechanism which means it’s easy as pie to fit onto your valve.

That’s not all.

The Lezyne also comes with the cartridge included, making this great value for money. You can choose to buy 16g or 25g so you can have an ultra-light one or a more heavy-duty one for bigger punctures.

With an insulated glove around the cartridge, it’s also much more convenient to handle without getting cold fingers. The Lezyne brand is known for high quality, and this Lezyne Control Drive is no exception as a compact, durable 100% machined aluminum CO2 inflator.

Have you got one?

  • Cartridge included
  • 100% machined aluminum
  • Compatible with Schrader and Presta
  • Larger capacity available
  • Doesn’t have a mounting bracket
Latest deal: Lezyne Control Drive CO-2 Inflator

Topeak Mountain TT_G Handpump

If you want a versatile mini hand pump that is perfect for mountain bike tires too, this one wins.

The Topeak Mountain TT_G Hand pump is a twin-turbo with a large integrated analog gauge. It is powerful enough to fill large volume tires easily but is also a light easy to carry around pump.

This hand pump comes with a side mount bracket so you can take it with you on every ride, and also has an integrated dust cap to keep the pump head clean. No need to worry about air leaks either as this one has a thumb lock lever to ensure an air-tight seal.

Now here comes the best bit.

The Twin Turbo technology used in the Topeak Mountain Hand pump uses both strokes to compress air, so you get a high pressure output that saves time and effort. You can pull to compress a large volume of air and push to inflate so you don’t waste any energy.

Not only that, but the large integrated analog gauge helps you to determine how much to inflate it by. The great thing about this pump is, you can even use it on your mountain bike with higher air pressure.

Worth the investment!

  • Twin turbo power
  • Integrated analog gauge
  • Compatible with Schrader and Presta
  • Can be used on large volume tires or high air pressure
  • Slightly pricey
Latest deal: Topeak Mountain TT_G Handpump

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Best Portable Bike Pumps Buyers Guide

A portable min pump or inflator is one of those essential things every cyclist should own. Once you’ve experienced your first flat tire when cycling, you realize what a lifesaver these small pumps are.

There are so many different types of pumps on the market that finding the best pump for you can be annoying. From CO2 inflators to manual hand pumps and mini pumps, we’ve picked out the top-performing pumps you can add to your emergency kit.

Having a floor pump is all well and good until you have a flat somewhere far from home. This is why we’ve spent hours researching and reviewing the best pumps in terms of quality and durability, practicality, size, and ease of use so you can cycle with peace of mind.

Easy right?

That’s why we love our first choice the Vibrelli kit which not only is a pump, but also has a glueless puncture repair kit to patch up your tire on the spot.

If you’re more of a CO2 inflator person, we’ve included our favorite inflators such as the Lezyne Control Drive which you can take with you anywhere and is made of quality aluminum. Although eventually, you’ll need to change the cartridge, it’s perfect for super-fast, effortless inflation.

Whatever your preferences, these top picks are all compatible with Schrader and Presta valves, are durable and lightweight so you can take them with you when you ride.

There’s no excuse not to have one in our pocket!

Choosing the best portable bike pump

Valve compatibility– You have to look out for the compatibility of your pump with the valve of the tire that it is intended for. While some other pumps require adapters, go for one that needs no adapter and can be used on both.

Foot pumps– Not everyone likes portable foot pumps, but if you need one choose a large base for stability. Be on the lookout for a pump that can stand on its own to make it easier to use.

Know your tire pressure– Check your tires for air pressure. Usually larger thicker tires have a lower air pressure but may require more effort to pump. Some pumps provide high pressure while others provide a high volume

If you have thin tires such as mountain bikes or road bike tires, check your pump is compatible with higher air pressures. Pumps that come with gauges are better as they regulate the pressure to give you optimum air pressure.

CO2 inflator or Mini pumps– Entirely your preference. CO2 inflators are very quick and effortless but need to have the cartridge replaced when you run out. Mini pumps are great but can take longer to pump and more effort too, especially with high volume, thick tires.

Reliability – Since you will be carrying the pump every time you are cycling, it is important you invest in quality. It should be resilient enough to withstand any weather conditions such as cold and sun. Aluminum is a good choice as it is light but durable.

Design – Some portable bike pumps are poorly designed which means that they are not easy to use. The best portable bike pumps are those that come with a flexible hose.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PSI?

This refers to the amount of air provided by the pump. Pumps with a low PSI rating can inflate most tires. However, road and mountain bikes require a pump with a higher PSI rating.

Do I need a pressure gauge?

Pressure indicator – The best bike pumps should come with an indicator or a pressure gauge. This will allow you to know if the tire is properly inflated

Who needs a portable bike tire?

If you are a cyclist, a pump is one of the most important tools you must have especially for long rides or daily rides. A floor pump at home is good for proper inflation, but when you’re out with a flat tire, you need a quick fix to get you home. That’s where portable pumps come in handy.

Are bike pumps universal?

Bike tires use Schrader or Presta valve systems. The good thing about portable bike pumps is that most of them are compatible with both systems. However, you need to check the pump’s specifications to confirm this when buying.

Final thoughts

There are so many different types of pumps, mini pumps, inflators ect that it can be confusing to choose the best one for you, especially for beginner cyclists. You can find some good pumps by checking for factors such as material durability, ease of use, weight, and type to suit your needs.

Having the right pump for you can give you peace of mind when you’re out cycling, and even encourage you to go further from home or into rural areas without the fear of breaking down.

Although pump some air into your tires won’t fix your puncture, it is very useful to get you back home. Opt for a puncture repair kit so you can have that extra protection when out cycling.

Every one of these pumps is a good choice, and there is one to suit every cyclist and every budget. Which one will you buy?